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George Orwell Was Right… – You Say Paul Johnson Can’t Call Out His Players? – It Seems To Us That the 18 – 22 Year Olds That Are Sitting Safely on College Campuses in America Should Be Able to Take A Little Public Criticism…Especially Since We Have Thousands of 18 – 22 Year Olds in the US Military in Afghanistan, Iraq and Elsewhere in the World Defending the Nation – No Doubt Though, Paul Johnson Is the Sole Person Responsible For Getting His Georgia Tech Football Team Ready To Play Each Week! – After All Tech Is Paying Him $2.5M A YEAR! – Jim Tressel Running Up the Score? Please, That Is An Outrageous Accusation! – Mr. “Style Points” Strikes Very Close to Home With His Nonsense! – Post Week 4 Coaches Hot Seat Power Playoff Poll and 16-Team Postseason Tournament – Almost Time for The Eagles in Reno, Nevada! – Take It Easy!

The Great novelist George Orwell (Orwell’s 1984 and Animal Farm books should be mandatory reading for all Americans) once said:


“To see what is front of one’s nose requires a constant struggle.”

Boy, isn’t that the Damn Truth because there is so much BS floating around in the world today that it is hard to keep up with it all!

Along that line of thinking what about this story from the Daily Press in Virginia….

Would Frank Beamer ever pull a Paul Johnson?

David Teel of the Daily Press is the columnist on this story and we have been reading David’s columns for years and he is a very good writer and reporter and he can run circles around the “Chicken Scratch” that we write here at Coaches Hot Seat but this column has really gotten our goat…..

“This question is posed with the understanding that teams and circumstances vary, but can you ever imagine Virginia Tech football coach Frank Beamer reacting to defeat like this?

“After watching the tape, I was more disappointed than I was after the game, if that is possible,” Georgia Tech’s Paul Johnson said of his Yellow Jackets’ 45-28 loss to North Carolina State. “I was really frustrated, and this is probably the second or third time this year that we have played with little emotion in the mental aspect. The physical aspect wasn’t great, but it was ok. The mental aspect of it was just out there.

“We have guys that have played for two or three years that are doing things that there is no explanation for. Concentration, paying attention to detail, all of those things, we just have to do a better job of getting through the basic fundamentals. With some of the stuff that we busted in the (N.C. State) game is really unexplainable. They can’t explain it when you show it to them on tape either. Take nothing away from North Carolina State, they played hard and their quarterback had a great game, but we didn’t need to help them as much as we did on both sides of the ball.”

Wow. Think life is a mite tense for the defending ACC champs (2-2, 1-1) after losses to Kansas and the Wolfpack?

I’ve been around these parts for all of Beamer’s 24 seasons as the Hokies’ coach, and I can not recall him going off like that, no matter how discouraging the defeat.”

Uhhhhhh, David, even if Frank Beamer has never criticized his Va. Tech players publicly do you think that 18 – 22 year old players can’t handle being called out publicly for their shoddy play?  If these college football players egos are so fragile that they cannot be called out by their head coach then the Candy Assification of American is well along on its way to taking over the country! 

Did anyone else catch 60 Minutes on Sunday night and what the 18 – 22 year olds in the US military are being asked to do in Afghanistan right now?  No you say?  Then here is a little taste of what our brave men and women in the US military are dealing with EVERYDAY on the frontlines against terrorism around the world:

A Relentless Enemy

Now that is one brave young woman!  Please, if after watching the above video anyone still believes that a college head coach sitting safely in the United States of America calling out his players, that also happen to be sitting safely in America on a college campus, in public for their lack of effort is somehow wrong then the United States of America IS FINISHED!

If what our troops are going through in Afghanistan aren’t enough to convince everyone that our 18 – 22 year old adults that are sitting safely here in the United States should be old enough to take a little public criticism then one only needs to pick up one of Rick Atkinson’s Liberation Trilogy books about World War II to see what the 18 years olds in that war had to deal with. (The below is from a Coaches Hot Seat Blog post, October 22, 2008, The Day of Battle and the Clemson Players)

The Day of Battle

The following is from Chapter 2, The Burning Shore, “Land of Cyclops” on the Allied Invasion of Sicily, July 1943:

Pg. 79

“The first Americans waded onto the beaches at 3:35 A.M. on Saturday, July 10, fifty minutes behind Patton’s schedule.  With a vicious pop, a mine tore open the chest of a Ranger company commander.  “I could see his heart beating,” said his first sergeant, Randall Harris.  “He turned to me and said, ‘I’ve had it, Harry,’ then collapsed and died.”  Harris dashed forward only to have another mine shred his abdomen and legs; after flicking grenades into a line of pillboxes, he sprinkled sulfa powder on his protruding intestines, cinched his web belt to keep his innards in, and wandered down to the beach to find a medic.  Harris would win a battlefield commission and the Distinguished Service Cross for gallantry.

If stunned by the Allied invasion, the defenders appeared unsurprised.  With a great roar and a shower of masonry, Italian demolitionists blew up a long segment of the thousand-foot Gela pier.  Italian gunners trained their fire on the Twenty-Sixth Infantry as the first wave closed to within a hundred yards of shore.  “The water jumped and heaved” under the lashing bullets.  Soldiers sheltered behind the LCT splinter plates and anchor winches, narrowing their shoulders and elbowing one another as rounds sang overhead or pinged off the hull.  A barrage balloon torn free in the storm abruptly drifted overhead, weird and stately.  “I’ve been wounded but there’s so much blood I can’t tell exactly where,” one soldier muttered.  As another boat dropped its ramp, a Sixteenth Infantry rifleman felt a weight slump against his leg.  “Somebody left his pack,” he called out, then saw that the inert bundle was a sergeant who had been shot in the head. 

Shouts and curses swept the beaches, swallowed by gunfire.  A shower of Italian grenades landed around a Sixteenth Infantry lieutenant, who escaped from the encounter with sixty-six small holes in his uniform shirt, a ruptured eardrum, and a pierced upper lip.  Sappers chopped at the barbed wire with long-handled snips, and soldiers fell flat as trip flares bathed the shingle in magnesium brilliance.  Searchlights swept the waterline, only to draw salvo after salvo from destroyers racing parallel to the shore like angry dogs along a fence.  An Italian soldier “crept from a pillbox on all fours and ran down the hill, screaming and sobbing.””

Pgs. 87-88 – The Day of Battle

“Landing craft ground ashore in the early light.  Voices sang out:  “Down door!”  Then:  “Sicily, everybody out!”  Fire from shore batteries proved modest, except of course for those it actually struck.  “The water had a sea of blood and limbs, remains of once grand fighting men who would never be identified,” wrote Able Seaman K. G. Oakley, who saw a landing craft shattered in the Fiftieth Division sector.  From the surf Oakley pulled “a man whose arm was hanging on by a few bits of cloth and flesh.  He cried, ‘My arm! Look, it’s hit me.’”  Like tens of thousands of others on that Saturday morning, Oakley reflected, “So this is war.”

Ashore they swarmed, scrambling through the dunes and across the coastal highway.  A Scots regiment entered Cassibile skirling, in defiance of orders that bagpipes remain on ships.  A pungent smell briefly triggered gas alarms and fumbling for masks, until more sophisticated noses realized the odor came from wild thyme churned by bombs.  While some troops built makeshift jetties with stones salvaged from a beachfront vineyard, other darted between doorways, shouting the Eighth Army challenge – “Desert Rats!” – and listening for the proper parole:  “Kill Italians.”  A Sicilian peasant charged from his house and fired an ancient shotgun at approaching Commandos, who killed him with return fire.  “Sorry we had to shoot that farmer,” a British soldier remarked.  “He had the right spirit.”

Eighth Army had prepared for up to ten thousand casualties during the first week of combat on Sicily; in the event, they would sustain only 1,517.  But even those who escaped without so much as a sunburn shared a Royal Engineer corporal’s view:

We had learned our first lesson, mainly that fate, not the Germans or Italians, was our undiscriminating enemy.  With the same callousness as Army orders, without fairness or judgment, “You and you – dead.  The rest of you, on the truck.””

End of that section, The Day of Battle

No, the young men on the Clemson football team are not “kids” and if our current US soldiers can be on the front lines around the world today and our soldiers can liberate Europe over 60 years now, both working under incredibly difficult circumstances, then the players on the Clemson football team can handle a head coaching change without falling to pieces.  If the Clemson football players cannot handle a coaching change without falling apart then we have a far different group of young people on our college campuses than are in our armed forces, and that is a damn scary thought.  People that claim some coaches are asking too much of their players, or that they are scrimmaging them to much, or that they are working them to hard, need to understand that our young people in the prime of their lives can do amazing things and in fact there is very little that a football coach or anyone else could ask of them along the lines of achievement, or excellence, or in getting difficult things done, that they couldn’t do.  No, these are not “kids” that are playing football, but rather men that need to be treated like men, because in the kind of world that we live in today it would be impossible for anyone to predict the kind of great challenges and important responsibilities that will be asked of these young men in the coming years.

On a more humorous note, below is another section from The Day of Battle in a scene that is also from the Invasion of Sicily that involves one of our favorite generals, George S. Patton.  If you have sensitive eyes or ears, we would recommend that you not read this passage:

The Day of Battle, Chapter 2, The Burning Shore

Pg.  104

“Patton returned to the beach late in the day, still in full throat and impeccable despite having been bombed, strafed, and shelled.  During the afternoon he had tracked down Ted Roosevelt in Gela – rebuking him for failing to seize Ponte Olivo airfield already – and later he smoked a victory cigar while visiting Allen’s command post.  He ate his K ration lunch with a portly, white-haired brigadier general named William J. Donovan, a millionaire Wall Street lawyer whose resume also included the Medal of Honor and three Purple Hearts in World War I and whose friend Franklin Roosevelt had appointed him director of Office of Strategic Services.  Donovan had come ashore from the Samuel Chase and spent the day shooting at Italians, “happy as a clam,” a First Division captain reported.  “You know, Bill,” Patton said, “there are two things in life that I love to do – fucking and fighting.”  Donovan nodded.  “Yes, George, and in that order, too.””

End of Day of Battle excerpt

Yes, General George S. Patton was quite a character as was William Donovan who ran the Office of Strategic Services, which of course was a precursor to the modern day CIA.

We wholeheartedly recommend both of Rick Atkinson’s books (with another one coming), on the liberation of Europe, An Army at Dawn and the book that we quoted from in this blog post, The Day of Battle.  Rick Atkinson is a great writer and a terrific storyteller and you can find more about his writing and books at http://www.liberationtrilogy.com/.  Thanks Mr. Atkinson for some great reading, and we look forward to your third and final book on the Allied liberation of Europe, which will no doubt begin with the preparations for D-Day and the invasion of Europe in France. 

End of Old Coaches Hot Seat Blog Post

Yes, our 18 – 22 year olds should be able take public criticism and if they can’t because their precious little Candy Ass egos will be bruised if someone calls them out then you might as well kiss the United States of America’s Ass goodbye!

There is a valid point of criticism that can be made about Paul Johnson though on his comments the past couple of weeks about his Georgia Tech players and again we quote from David Teel’s column:

Would Frank Beamer ever pull a Paul Johnson?

“A reporter asked Johnson if last season’s success made his players complacent.

“I think you have to have some leadership and you have to have some guys come forward and challenge other guys,” he said. “We have to do that as coaches as well but, I don’t know that I can get after them anymore than I have gotten after them in the last few weeks. You can’t make somebody want to play. Physically we are right there, it is just mentally that we aren’t into it.””

Uhhhhhhh, What the Hell?

Memo to Paul Johnson:  You are being paid $2,500,000 MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR to have your Georgia Tech players ready to play each and every game and if “getting after” your players is not doing the trick then you better Damn come up with something else because anything and everything that happens with your football team is…


Do we need to show the 60 Minutes clip again so everyone can see how hard US Army Captain John Hintz works to keep the men his unit alive?  Didn’t think so!

Paul Johnson can call out his 18 – 22 year old players in public and they should be old enough and mature enough to handle that criticism, but always it is Paul Johnson’s responsibility to find a way to get his team to the game each so that they are motivated to play winning football.  If they are not ready to play winning football then Paul Johnson has failed in his job as the head football coach at Georgia Tech!

Based upon what we saw of the Georgia Tech football team in the Kansas and NC State games this season any random person off the streets of downtown Atlanta could have had those teams better prepared face those two opponents so guess who’s fault those two losses were…

That’s right:  The man making $2,500,000 MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR…


Maybe these quotes from Paul “Bear” Bryant will help Coach Johnson out in his time of confusion:

“You must learn how to hold a team together.  You must lift some men up, calm others down, until finally they’ve got one heartbeat.  Then you’ve got yourself a team.”

“Find your own picture, your own self in anything that goes bad. It’s awfully easy to mouth off at your staff or chew out players, but if it’s bad, and you’re the head coach, you’re responsible. If we have an intercepted pass, I threw it. I’m the head coach. If we get a punt blocked, I caused it. A bad practice, a bad game, it’s up to the head coach to assume his responsibility.”

“If anything goes bad, I did it. If anything goes semi-good, we did it. If anything goes really good, then you did it. That’s all it takes to get people to win football games for you.”

Memo No. 2 to Paul Johnson:  If you can’t get your Georgia Tech football team ready to play each week we know a few high school football coaches that will be able to get their asses motivated and they will work for less than 10 percent of what you are now getting paid!  Hell, we could get the Georgia Tech football team motivated to play and we will do it for FREE!



Jim Tressel Running Up the Score?  Not a chance in Hell!

What about this Bogus headline and news story?

Jim Tressel isn’t worried about Ron English (Eastern Michigan HC) claims

Please, anyone that would claim that Jim Tressel would run up the score doesn’t have a clue.  Ohio State is massively more talented than Eastern Michigan and when a head coach like Jim Tressel that has his second, third and fourth stringers in the game is just running his team’s offense so they can evaluate those players and see what they can do in live action play and he is most certainly not…..


From the article on that point..

“Tressel explained Saturday was an opportunity for Bauserman to get in some throws and for his coaching staff to make some other decisions on the reserves. He did grant that the Buckeyes probably would have gotten more out of a nine-play drive rather than a 67-yard touchdown run from Berry.

“To me, it would be more insulting to take a knee at that point in time,” Tressel said. “Do I like the fact that the score ended up what it did? No. Am I disappointed that we let our second- and third-team guys go in there and try? No. I mean, that’s what they’re allowed to do.””

Amen to that Coach Tressel.

Of course, we have Mr. Style Points himself living there in Columbus, Ohio who actively promotes and encourages on National TV for college head coaches to RUN UP THE SCORE on their opponents so they can get “Style Points” and gain advantage in a human poll or in the polls run by the computer geeks.

Hey Mr. Style Points one of our older children here at CHS asked his father this week about “Style Points” and if Running up the Score was OK to do!  Where did he get the idea that “Style Points” and Running up the Score might be the right thing to do? 

You Got It!  From Mr. Style Points!

Yes, his father told him that “Style Points” or Running up the Score to gain advantage in a poll is not only wrong, it is immoral, it is unethical, it shows a lack of class and is most certainly Un-American.

Don’t you just love the irony that these Candy Ass college and university presidents that support the Bogus BCS are only celebrating a system that promotes and actually ENCOURAGES college football teams and coaches to run up the score on their opponents? 

Here’s a little factoid on every college and university president we have ever run into:  They are the Biggest Hypocrites on Planet Earth and all it takes to get them to support something is to butter up and kiss their asses and they will fall head over heels in love with any Bogus idea that comes down the pike.

Congratulations to the Candy Ass college and university presidents, including the Biggest Candy Ass in America today, The Ohio State University President Gordon Gee, because you folks are supporting a wrong, an immoral, an unethical system in the BCS that also happens to violate the principles of the American Republic.

The BCS is a system that only a college or university president could love, not that any of these folks have worked a day in their lives in the Real World where 99 percent of the rest of us have to work and live everyday of our lives!

PT Barnum was right…..  A college or university president is a sucker for any Bogus idea that comes down the pike!  OK, he didn’t quite say that….but it was close because the Suckers that buy into the Bogus BCS are right up Barnum’s ally!

Yes, those are our opinions…  More on the BCS Boys later this week…



Coaches Hot Seat Power Playoff Poll, Post-Week 4

After we put out our First Coaches Hot Seat Power Playoff Poll last week the “Red Phone” rang in CHS Central on Friday morning with someone calling from “That” area code which judging from the number of people that have the “Red Phone” CHS Central number had to be one of our contacts in the TV business.  Sure enough, it was one of our TV guys and he was calling to say that we needed to reconfigure our Postseason Playoff System so that more “Wildcard” teams got into the Playoffs and that the lower ranked conferences/conference champions from the previous year would have to play each other to get into the Postseason Tournament.  It took awhile for us to completely get what he was talking about, but the bottom line for him was that if television was going to pay 3.5 to 5 times more than what the BCS is now making for a Postseason Playoff then the Playoff should be a mix of the best teams in the country and a few “Wildcard” teams just as the NCAA Basketball Tournament is structured.  We went back and looked at our Final CHS Power Playoff Poll after the 2009 Regular Season and based on those Rankings the following conference champions would get into the Postseason Tournament, which conference champions would have to play each other on the current Championship Weekend to get into the Postseason Tournament and how many “Wildcard” teams there would be:

Conference Champions in the 2010 Postseason Tournament:  SEC, Big 12, WAC, Pac-10, Big East, MWC, Big Ten

Conference Champions that would have to play each other to get into the Postseason Tournament:  Sun Belt, C-USA, MAC, ACC

Wildcard Teams:  7 Wildcard Teams

Using the above new format below is the Second Coaches Hot Seat Power Playoff Poll of the 2010 College Football Season.  As you can see below we use the CHS Power Playoff Poll to seed a 16-Team Postseason Championship Tournament IF the season had ended after Week 4.  This Postseason Playoff Tournament is seeded with the 6 Conference Champions, the Winners of the Two Conference Play-In Games, along with 7 At-Large Teams that are selected via their ranking in the poll but would ideally in a postseason tournament be selected and seeded by a committee similar to the NCAA Basketball Tournament.

1.  Alabama*   (4-0)

2.  Ohio State*   (4-0)

3.  Nebraska*  (4-0)

4.  Boise State*   (3-0)

5.  Oregon*   (4-0)

6.  TCU*   (4-0)

7.  Oklahoma#  (4-0)

8.  Florida#   (4-0)

9.  Stanford#   (4-0)

10. Auburn#   (4-0)

11.  LSU#   (4-0)

12.  Wisconsin#   (4-0)

13.  Arizona#  (4-0)

14.  Utah   (4-0)

15.  Miami, FL*   (2-1)

16.  Iowa  (3-1)

17.   Michigan  (4-0)

18.   NC State  (4-0)

19.  Texas   (3-1)

20.  USC  (4-0)

*Conference Champs

#At-Large Teams

Big East Champion – West Virginia*

C-USA Champion – Houston*

Sun Belt Champion  – Middle Tennessee*

MAC Champion – Temple*

We now use the above Power Playoff Poll to seed a 16-team college football postseason playoff tournament, although we would prefer that a committee similar to the committee for the NCAA basketball tournament be used to pick the 7 wild card teams and then seed the 6 conference champions, the spots for the Winners of the Two Play-In Games and the 7 wild card teams in the postseason tournament.  Below are the First Round Games if the season had ended after Week 4.

First Round Games – Friday/Saturday December 17-18, 2010

Ohio State – Big Ten Champion

 TBD – MAC/Sun Belt Play-In Game Winner


 Oregon – Pac-10 Champion

 West Virginia – Big East Champion


Florida – #2 At-Large Team

Wisconsin – #6 At-Large Team


Nebraska – Big 12 Champion

Stanford – #3 At-Large Team


TCU – MWC Champion

Auburn – #4 At-Large Team


LSU – #5 At-Large Team

Boise State – WAC Champion


Arizona – # 7 At-Large Team

Oklahoma – #1 At-Large Team


TBD – ACC/C-USA Play-In Game Winner

Alabama – SEC Champion


Great 8 – Second Round Games – Thursday/Friday – December 23 – 24, 2010

Final 4 – Third Round Games – Saturday – January 1, 2011

National Championship Game – Saturday – January 8, 2011

Now that would settle a Legitimate National Champion in College Football but we would have to get the Candy Asses out of the game that rather like sitting around on their asses poolside instead of winning and earning the National Title on the field of play.  Meaningless Exhibition Games vs. the above 16-Team Postseason Playoff    Hmmmmmmm….. Yes, you would have to be a Real Candy Ass to choose the Meaningless Exhibition Games but never underestimate how Gutless some people can be, especially when it come to laying around a pool and going to theme parks!



The Eagles in Reno, Nevada

We are only a few days away from Coaches Hot Seat getting together on the night of Friday, October 1 to see The Eagles in Reno, Nevada!  We are looking forward to spending a few days in the Reno/Lake Tahoe area and we have several CHS members that live there so after the The Eagles concert on Friday night we will be watching all the college football games on Saturday and the Ryder Cup over the weekend at beautiful Lake Tahoe! 

It’s about time to Take It Easy!

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