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5 Questions as College Football Saturday Dawns – Keep Whipping that Euro Hiney!

Coaches Hot Seat is up early and stirring on the West Coast on this fine September morning, anticipating some early Ryder Cup golf on NBC before ESPN GameDay cranks up and the football games get underway.  Just an INCREDBILE day by the US Ryder Cup team by whipping up on the Europeans on Friday with the US taking an important and bigger than it looks 3 point lead after Day 1.  Coaches Hot Seat’s recommendation for Day 2 for the American golfers is to follow the advice of the great college football player and coach, John Heisman:


“When you find your opponent’s weak spot, hammer it.”


Translation for the American Ryder Cup team for John Heisman’s fine words:  When you are kicking European hiney, KEEP KICKING IT!  Nothing like watching Americans whip up on the weenie Euros, and it has been a long time coming for the Americans to start playing some serious golf!  Keep it up!


Getting back to the point of Coaches Hot Seat, the 5 things we are looking at in Week 4 are:


Can Ohio State bounce back? – This is the most interesting issue to us, because the last two times the Buckeyes got whipped like a red-headed step-child they had 8 months to recover, but now they have to run onto their own stadium today in front of their own fans and try to keep their heads up, when everyone knows they got whipped like a sled dog by USC.  This Troy – Ohio State game is just one of the most interesting games on the board and we will be watching it very closely for signs of more cracks in the Buckeye Empire.  Ohio State loses to Troy, means that the Buckeyes have flat-out QUIT.


Can Auburn’s offense get off the dime? – Whatever the hell Auburn was trying to do on offense against Mississippi State, IT DIDN’T WORK!  Now the LSU Tigers come rolling into Jordan-Hare Stadium and if Tony Franklin’s Auburn offense can bounce back after last week’s debacle it will be one of the great pressure turnarounds in recent college football history.  The Auburn offense issue is almost as interesting as the Ohio State bounce back.


What is really going on at Tennessee?  Tennessee’s loss to UCLA looked bad, but then BYU blasted the Bruins and the Vols’ loss didn’t look bad, it looked like an unmitigated disaster.  Phil Fulmer is in trouble.  Phil Fulmer knows he is in trouble.  Phil Fulmer is coaching for the first time in years with a sense of urgency and he seems determined to go down fighting.  The only problem with all of this, this MUST WIN game is against the Florida Gators.  The one thing that Fulmer has going for him is that Urban Meyer is very conservative on offense on the road, and often plays for the other team to lose, so an attacking Tennessee team might just shock the Gators and get all those Vols’ fans at Neyland Stadium whipped into a frenzy.  Can Phil Fulmer and his Vols face down the Gators and get a big win?  That is a great question!


Are the Irish for real?  After two wins over average to below average teams, Charlie Weis takes his Notre Dame to East Lansing to play a rising Big Ten team in the Michigan State Spartans.  Beating Michigan State on the road would be a huge step up from beating that butterfingers team that Rodriguez brought to South Bend, and it would make believers out of us.  Can Charlie Weis take the Irish to 3-0?  We will be shocked if he can, but less shocked than we would have been a week ago.


Is Florida State back or are they just a pretender?  Trying to figure out the Rubik’s Cube that has been Florida State for the last few seasons is next to impossible, and we all keep waiting for Jimbo Fisher’s offense to break out, but break out against a legitimate team.  Wake Forest is a legitimate team, and if FSU can beat the Deacons we will be believers again, but to us it looks like Jim Grobe has put together another very good team at Wake.  Is FSU for real?  If they beat Wake Forest they are! 


Well, there are five things that we are looking at as College Football Saturday dawns.  With only a little awhile until the Ryder Cup tee’s off, we can only repeat our refrain:


Keep whipping that European ass!  Don’t let up!  Beat the Europeans by as many points as possible, because we want to see Sergio Garcia crying on Sunday afternoon. 

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