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Post Week 6 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings – Tuberville & Franklin go to Cracker Barrel

Week 6 was another great week of college football and it looks we are now set-up for some great games this coming Saturday (and Thursday).  With the American and even world economies on the brink we here at Coaches Hot Seat have our eyes in a lot of places besides college football, but the great thing is that if want to get our mind off of the Greedy Bastards on Wall Street or the exchange rate of the US dollar, we can always pull out a tape of a college football game, pop open a cold beer, get out some chips & nuts and forget our troubles at least for awhile.  Alas, only for awhile though! 


As far as the bogus $700 BILLION DOLLAR Wall Street bailout that passed both houses of Congress last week, we only hope that everyone got to see the report by Steve Kroft of 60 Minutes last night on just what those Greedy Bastards on Wall Street have been up to.  If you missed the report, here it is:


Watch CBS Videos Online

Yes, they are Greedy Bastards and that $700 BILLION DOLLLARS that Congress sent to Wall Street last week would have been unnecessary if the Greedy Bastards on Wall Street had acted in the best interests of their companies, and more importantly their country.  Yes, these BUFFOONS on Wall Street had no idea what they were doing when they were trading in all of these Credit Default Swaps and Derivative security instruments, and what made it even worse they were often trading with borrowed money.  Yes, not only are these Greedy Bastards on Wall Street greedy as hell, not only are they evil, but they are stupid as shit as well.  We will give them one thing though, even though they are stupid as shit, they are smarter then members of Congress, because they just fleeced the American people out of $700 BILLION DOLLARS and that is not a damn easy thing to do.  This is all very simple, if the Greedy Bastards on Wall Street, including the current Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson who was the CEO of Goldman Sachs before he left, very conventionally we might add, for the Treasury Department, had acted in an appropriate, fiduciary, and moral way towards the TRILLIONS of DOLLARS of securities that they were trading, we would not be in the current mess that our country is in.  Too bad we have such a group of absolute morons on Capitol Hill who were tripping over themselves to send HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS to the same people on Wall Street that caused the entire damn problem in the first place.  Can you say:  Stupid is, as stupid does?  Yes, these are very stupid people.  If these bastards would actually just let our free markets work and let companies that are worthless go into bankruptcy we would be able to really find out what all these financial companies are worth, but with the current US government policy of bailing everyone’s ass out, this entire mess is only going to be stretched out over months if not years, and all of us, our children, and our grandchildren will pay for the actions of these fools.  We add to Mark Twain’s very accurate quote:  “Suppose you were an idiot.  And suppose you were a member of Congress (or worked on Wall Street).  But I repeat myself.”  Mark Twain, A Biography 


Now let’s leave the world of fools, idiots, and stupidity for awhile and get to the Post Week 6 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings, and the Top 10 Coaches on the latest Rankings:


1.  Ty Willingham, Washington – There isn’t a whole lot that can be said about Washington’s 48-17 loss to Arizona that hasn’t already been said or written, but that it was just another chapter in Ty Willingham’s tenure at Washington, a tenure that in another parallel universe would have never happened.  In that parallel universe Ty Willingham while still at Stanford gets a call from Notre Dame in 2001 asking him to consider the Irish head coaching job and he quickly realizes that there is only one way that the Notre Dame job could end (by getting his ass fired!), and decides to stay on as Stanford’s head football coach.  If Willingham had stayed at Stanford in ’01 he would probably still be the head coach there, or he might have taken another opportunity like at his alma mater Michigan State or at one of the schools in his home state of North Carolina, but alas that is all water under the bridge now.  The reality now is that Willingham and his Washington team is 0-5 in 2008 and he does not have his star QB under center and this whole thing is a damn mess.  With all that being said, we agree with new Washington AD Scott Woodward that Willingham should not be fired during the season for many reasons, but mainly because his football team is still playing hard (not very well, but hard!) and also because there are some very interesting games on the upcoming UW schedule that should be very entertaining for everyone involved.  Notre Dame is due in Seattle on October 25, and the Washington players will surely be fired up to “Win one of the Willinghammer” over Weis and the hated Irish, and don’t forget that game on November 15 when the also hated Rick Neuheisel returns to Husky Stadium with his UCLA Bruins.  Throw in a game at USC, at Washington State, and at California to end the season, and there is no way that Willingham should be fired right now nor should Ty resign.  Ty will keep his Huskies fighting and moving ahead towards their bachelor’s degrees and the rest of this season, whether it is filled with wins or losses will be like a Shakespearean tragedy and/or comedy come to life.  Keep playing hard Huskies!


2.  Kirk Ferentz, Iowa – Kirk Ferentz’s Hawkeyes played hard against Michigan State, but they are still not playing anywhere near the kind of football that Iowa played only 3 to 4 years ago and that has got to concern the people that care about Iowa football.  Now at 3-3, Ferentz and the Hawkeyes face a MUST WIN game on the road at Indiana, because Wisconsin, at Illinois, and Penn State follow the Hoosiers on the Iowa schedule.  Is Kirk Ferentz coaching for his job now?  You bet your ass he is, because we don’t believe that mediocrity will be accepted at Iowa any more, no matter how large the contract buyout number actually is.


3.  Greg Robinson, Syracuse – You know you are struggling as a head coach when you have a bye week and move up a spot in the Coaches Hot Seat Rankings!  Now at 1-4 and road trips to West Virginia and South Florida up next, things are not looking good for Greg Robinson at Syracuse, but with Jim Brown calling out Robinson a few weeks back we really doubt if it could get much worse.  Robinson and the Orangemen still have 7 games left on the schedule and they should be the underdog in all 7 so play hard boys!


4.  Joe Glenn, Wyoming – When you are on the Hot Seat it is not recommended that you lose to a conference foe 24-0, but that is exactly how much that Glenn’s Cowboys lost to the New Mexico Lobos on Saturday.  Now at 2-4 in 2008 and 17-24 (.415) in his last 41 games, Joe Glenn is squarely on a very Hot Seat and Utah is due in Laramie this week!  Wow, talk about bad timing, because in 2007 Joe Glenn “gave the bird” to Utah and Kyle Whittingham after a second half on-side kickoff and Wyoming ended up losing to the Utes 50-0!  With Utah, TCU, and a trip to Knoxville to play Tennessee still on the schedule we are getting ready to dial Dandy Don Meredith and tell him to warm up, “Turn out he lights, the party’s over” for the Glenn era at Wyoming.  Get that fishing gear ready Joe!


5.  Mike Sherman, Texas A&M – Mike Sherman is learning very quickly that when you are the head football coach at Texas A&M that the Aggie fans live in a very simple world where results are important, but how the A&M football team plays is also very important as well, and up to this point Sherman and his coaches are failing miserably on both fronts.  Mike Sherman just cannot take an A&M to anywhere in the Big 12 conference and get beat 56-28, and now with a record of 2-3 Sherman is facing a very critical game this coming Saturday at home against Kansas State that may well define the 2008 Aggie season.  With Texas Tech, Colorado, Oklahoma, Baylor, and Texas left on the ’08 schedule, A&M cannot afford to fall to 2-4 at this point in the season, because that would almost certainly insure a losing season in ’08, and a losing season would not only be a terrible disappointment to Aggie fans, it would also put Mike Sherman on a very Hot Seat entering the 2009 season in College Station.


6.  Tommy Tuberville, Auburn – After watching the Auburn offense not perform for what seems like about the tenth time in 2008, if we were doing the hiring and firing of football coaches at Auburn we would have done the following after the Vanderbilt game.  We would have had Tommy Tuberville and Tony Franklin meet us outside Vanderbilt’s stadium and said the following:


“I really don’t know what in the Hell you two men are trying to do, but if it is coaching football, both of you have been an abject failure in 2008.  The players on the Auburn football team are playing their hearts out, but you two are failing them miserably and either you two are going to figure out the problem with Auburn offense or we are going to get some coaches in here that can figure it out instead you two.  Now, Tubbs, Tony, instead of flying back with the football team, I have rented this Chevy Geo for the two of you, and I want you two to drive back to Auburn and figure out on the drive what you are going to do to turn around the Auburn offense.  It is about 350 miles from Nashville to Auburn, so it should take you about 5 hours to get home, and I want the both of you to come to my office and tell me what you talked about during your drive and what the Hell you two are going to do to turn this offense around.  If the plan that you present to me sounds good to turn around the Auburn offense, I will let you implement it.  If the plan is more of the same bullshit, I am going to fire both of your sorry asses on the spot.  Just an observation Tubbs.  You opened up the game against Vandy with the QB under center, two tight-ends, and ran the ball down their throat.  Tubbs, you made the comment after the game that Vandy was putting 8 men near the line of scrimmage so you and Tony went to more spread offense plays, but I would like to say that Vandy could have put all 11 of their players on the line of scrimmage and I don’t think they could have stopped our team.  Just an observation, and a damn accurate observation, so take it for what it is worth.  Here are the keys Tubbs so why don’t you two get on the road and I will make sure the team gets back to Auburn and that everyone gets home.  Hey, why don’t you two just go ahead and stop at a Cracker Barrel along the interstate and have a good ole’ country breakfast of eggs, biscuits, gravy, bacon, grits, hash browns and coffee and figure out how you got this Auburn football team into such a damn mess.  A stop at Cracker Barrel will add another hour or so to your trip so I will see you two back in Auburn in about 6 hours.  Hey, Tubbs, here is 30 dollars. Would you pick me up one of those Peg Games that has the golf tees on it, a box of peanut brittle, and also a copy of that new Kenny Rogers CD that you can only get at Cracker Barrel, Kenny Rogers – 50 Years?  You can.  Great.  Hey, don’t forget my change either Tubbs.  See you two boys in about 6 hours.  Don’t eat too many of those biscuits.”


Yes, it is a damn mess at Auburn, and Tuberville and Franklin better figure this mess out or a .500 type record in 2008 is real possibility.


7.  Tommy Bowden, Clemson – After a bye week at Clemson, Tommy Bowden and his Tigers have a HUGE game this coming Thursday night at Wake Forest, because a loss to Wake would leave Clemson with a 3-3 record and that kind of start to the ’08 season would be a disaster of epic proportions for this Clemson team.  With Georgia Tech, at Boston College, at Florida State, Duke, at Virginia, and South Carolina left on Clemson’s schedule after the Wake game, this season is starting to look like a 6 or 7 win outing and a 6 or 7 win outing by a team with the kind of talent that Clemson has on its roster would almost certainly send Tommy Bowden to the beaches of the Gulf Coast for an early retirement.  Of course, Clemson has plenty of talent and they could very easily run the table against their remaining opponents which would add up to 10-2 and would be about where this season should have ended up in the first place.  Where does the firing line for Tommy Bowden in the amount of wins he needs to return for 2009?  We would say anything less than 8 wins and the Tommy Bowden era at Clemson is over, which means Tommy and his Tigers have two more losses to give away and still be pretty confident that there would not be an uprising of Clemson fans in the offseason.  No, Tiger fans would not be happy with 8 wins, but they wouldn’t be rioting either.  Play hard Tigers!


8.  Phillip Fulmer, Tennessee  Whew!  Now that was a close one!  If anyone still doesn’t believe that the Tennessee football program hasn’t slipped in recent years, we offer a 13-9 Tennessee win over Northern Illinois at home in Neyland Stadium against a NIU team that won 2 games in 2007 and has a first year coach in Jerry Kill in 2008.  Yes, the Tennessee football program has been either going backwards or standing still for about 5 years now and if Phil Fulmer hopes to turn this thing around he will not only have to hang on this season and somehow find a way to win at least 7 games, he must then start bringing more talent, especially at the skill positions, to Knoxville.  A normal Tennessee team would probably be favored in 6 of its last 7 games (only an underdog to Georgia in Athens) so there is no reason that Fulmer should not be able to get this Vols team to at least 7 wins in ’08, but there must be much better play on the offensive side of the ball, and to that point there must be much better play calling by David Clawson.  After watching most of the Northern Illinois game on Sunday it looks to us as if Clawson is pressing a good bit to try and make something happen, and he is missing opportunities to get the UT running game going and then to capitalize on that established running game with play action and attacks down the field.  Another thing that we noticed is that the Tennessee players need to go out on every play, because we have noticed that on some plays that some players are not giving it all, especially on offense.  Overall, Tennessee’s defense is playing better in ’08 than it has played in the last couple of years and that good defensive play is the only reason we give the Vols a chance to win some more games this year.  Play hard Vols, and we mean really play hard Vols until the play is over.


9.  Al Groh, Virginia – The 31-0 Virginia win over Maryland is impossible to explain and this blowout actually raises as many questions as answers for Groh’s Cavaliers.  Yes, we give credit to Al Groh for getting his team back up after a devastating loss to Duke (31-3), but the question must be asked if Virginia can keep this up when East Carolina comes to town this Saturday.  East Carolina started out like a house on fire, but they have come back to earth with 2 losses and after a bye week one would have to think that the Pirates will show up in Charlottesville in a bad mood and looking to get back on the winning track.  UVA and Al Groh really need to beat ECU, because North Carolina, Georgia Tech, Miami, Wake Forest, Clemson, and Wake Forest follow the Pirates and all of those games are as much potential losses as potential wins for the Cavs.  Now at 2-3 Al Groh and UVA are facing 7 very tough games to end the season and all we can say to that is:  Play hard Cavaliers!


10.  Sylvester Croom, Mississippi State – After a bye week Sly Croom and the Bulldogs get to see if they have improved on their performance against LSU with the very hot Vanderbilt Commodores coming to Starkville.  Now at 1-4, Sly Croom and the ‘Dogs really need this win over Vandy, because a road trip to what will probably be a desperate Tennessee is up next, and Kentucky, Alabama, and Mississippi are still out there lurking on the schedule.  The goal now for the Bulldogs has to be to get to 6-6 and try to get a bowl invite, and the only way to start moving in a positive direction for that goal is to beat Vanderbilt.  Play hard Bulldogs!


Well, there you have the Post Week 6 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings.  Week 6 was a very interesting one and we are still digesting all that happened as all of us here at Coaches Hot Seat go back and look at tapes of the games that we did not get to see in person or live.  It is hard to imagine the amount of college football that is on TV today, because many of us here at Coaches Hot Seat remember the days of 1, YES ONE, college football game on Saturday on the ABC network, with Jim Lampley doing the highlights of all the other games from around the country.  Just amazing how the world has changed, but it seems those Greedy Bastards on Wall Street never go away!  Now that is just damn odd….


Let’s have a great Week 7 of the great game of college football!

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  2. […] Where does Auburn turn now that they have lost to Vandy? Maybe it’s time for a trip to Cracker Barrel. […]

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