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12 Coaches Facing MUST WIN Games on Saturday – Happy Halloween and Cold Beer

Several of us here at Coaches Hot Seat are on our third Halloween party of the day as we are gathered together with our wives and children in the home of a neighborhood that a half of a dozen of live in.  This is one of those neighborhoods that seems to have two young kids in every house, which is great for our kids because they have lots of other kids to play with, but on Halloween it is damn near almost impossible to buy a enough candy at the local Safeway to what will be the incredible demand tonight.  Two of us just got back from Safeway with lots of candy, and plenty of cold beer as well!  Luckily for us, we have understanding wives that allows us to retire to watch replays of old football games, drink cold beer, and talk about the big games on Saturday (as long as one of us answers the door and dispenses the candy!).


Looking ahead to Saturday, there are just some great football games on tap tomorrow and for the Coaches Hot Seat members that will not be out at the games, the rest of us are going to have great fun settling in at Coaches Hot Seat Central and take in all great football games.


Taking a quick look at the Coaches that are facing MUST WIN games on Saturday we believe that the following coaches will really be under the gun.


Coaches facing MUST WIN Games on Saturday, November 1, 2008:


Bill Lynch, Indiana – Lynch needs to win to try and get his Hoosiers back to a bowl in ‘08.  Besides, Big Ten teams should beat MAC teams, ALWAYS.


Bret Bielema, Wisconsin – Bielema really needs this win to get his team back on track, because a loss drops the Badgers to 4-5.  This team was supposed to compete for the Big Ten title in ’08!  Ouch!


Tommy Tuberville, Auburn – This is a MUST, MUST WIN for Tuberville, no matter what Tommy or anyone else says.  The pressure will go up by a factor of 10 from the current level at Auburn if the Tigers should lose to Nutt and his Rebels tomorrow. 


Rich Rodriguez, Michigan – One would think that any Michigan team could always handle a 2-6 Purdue team……..but, maybe not this Michigan team.  Rich really needs a win in this game, if only to quiet the people that are wondering what in the hell Michigan got themselves into.  Play hard Wolverines!


Joe Tiller, Purdue – Of course, Joe Tiller needs a win over Michigan as well.  Will Joe Tiller really end his very good career with a 2-10 record?  Say it isn’t so Joe!


Bobby Petrino, Arkansas – Bobby Petrino really needs to win this game over Tulsa, because Arkansas should always beat Tulsa…….but, it would be a shocker if the Hogs could beat Tulsa if they played them 100 times this year.  If Arkansas does lose to Arkansas they drop to 3-6.  OUCH!


Ron Prince, Kansas State – Ron Prince really needs a win over cross-rival Kansas to quiet the critics among the Kansas State fan base.  Still, it will be hard for KSU to beat KU in Lawrence, especially because the Jayhawks should be fired up for this game after the way they have played recently


Joe Glenn, Wyoming – Joe Glenn really needs to win this game but so does….


Chuck Long, San Diego State – Lose to Wyoming and the Aztecs drop to 1-8.  OUCH!


Dan Hawkins, Colorado – After getting blasted by Missouri, Hawkins and the Buffs really don’t want to lose to a 3-5 Texas A&M team.  Yes, this is a MUST, MUST WIN for Dan Hawkins and CU.


Sylvester Croom, Mississippi State – Now at 3-5, Sly Croom and his Bulldogs really need a win over Kentucky to have any hope for a bowl game in ’08.


Phil Fulmer, Tennessee – A win over South Carolina and the Vols would have some new life and Fulmer would live to fight another day.  Yes, this is a MUST WIN/CANNOT LOSE Game for Phil Fulmer and we hope to see his Tennessee team playing like their backs are really up against the wall.  If Tennessee comes out flat against the Gamecocks…….well, it is over for Fulmer.


Well, there you have the 12 Coaches that we feel are facing MUST WIN Games on Saturday.


Coaches Hot Seat members will be watching some football games from days past tonight, handing out candy to the witches, goblins, superheroes, cowboys & cowgirls and anyone else that shows up at the door under the age of 16.


Have a great Happy Halloween and let’s have a great and safe Saturday of college football!

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