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The Giants proved you have to play all the games and that the BCS will always be a fraud

The Giants beating the Patriots in the Super Bowl proved a truth that is as old as human beings playing competitive games against each other.  You must play all the games to determine a true champion and that is why the BCS is one of the greatest frauds in the history of mankind.  The NFL just wrapped up one of the great seasons in its history, but college football is stuck in the dark ages with a post-season system that not only is absurd, but is an embarrassment to such a great game.  Very simple the NFL/Super Bowl champion is legitimate and college football’s champion is…., well, a joke.  LSU won the BCS, but not a National Championship, and that fact is a disgrace to such a great game.  If college football now played a playoff and someone proposed a BCS type format in its place there is not a human on this earth that would support such an idea, and in fact the person proposing the idea of anything remotely like the BCS would be laughed out the door.  The BCS exists for one reason and one reason only, and that is for a very small group of people to keep a chokehold on the game of college football, and in fact they would destroy the game completely before they would willingly give up the power they so desperately hope to hold onto.  The key word in the last sentence is willingly, because whether BCS Boys like it or not, the BCS will be brought to an end, because a fraud as large as the BCS can never stand the scrutiny of a bright light and eternal truth of old fashioned common sense. 



The Super Bowl was a great demonstration of why it is impossible for even a league composed of 32 teams, forget 120 I-A programs, to pick 2 teams at the end of a 16-game season to play in a championship game.  The objective of a post-season in football is to determine a legitimate champion and the NFL uses the same system that has been used by man going back to the days of the Roman Coliseum.  Namely, a championship is determined on the field of battle, which in football’s case is on a football field.  True champions are not decided by elitists holed up in their fancy offices that choose which people and what computers will pick the participants in a championship game.  That is an outrageous way to determine a championship!  Real men, and in fact, real Americans decide championships on the field and BCS is a disgusting substitute for what should rightfully be one of the greatest spectacles in sports, a 16-team college football playoff that once put together would be the greatest spectacle in sports.  The NFL is nice, but there is nothing like college football, and you only have to look at the NCAA Basketball Tournament to imagine the excitement and interest that a playoff in college football would generate.  It would be the greatest event in sports in very short order.



You can always find out a lot about a system or plan by who is backing it, and the BCS is backed by the greatest collection of carney barkers since the Enron boys tried to convince everyone else that they were the “smartest guys in the room.”  Spend a few minutes with a BCS Boy and you will find out that he as well believes he is smarter and more versed in the world than you, but their arrogance is very misplaced, because it will be impossible to prop up the BCS fraud forever.  There is just no logical reason for any American to defend the BCS fraud, because as Americans we rightfully understand that championships are decided on the field of play, out in the open for all to see, and the BCS system is everything but that in so many ways.  The BCS robs college football of what should be a magnificent post-season, all in the name of “history,” which has by now all but sailed and is as irrelevant as Marx’s Communist Manifesto.  The world has come a long way since the West brought the Berlin Wall down, but college football is still run by a “Politburo” that dictates terms to college football teams, coaches, and fans everywhere, and very frankly we are not going to take it anymore.  The BCS is bullshit, the people running the BCS know it is bullshit, and we don’t do bullshit in America. 



Yes, the Giants proved a very fine thing with their terrific win over the Patriots.  That is that one must play the games to determine a champion, and that there is only one way to determine a legitimate National Champion in college football.  That is to play it off on the field of play to see who really the best team is, and that is exactly what college football is going to get.  The BCS Boys can play around with their latest fraud, “the plus-one,” but it matters little.  All of these TV contracts and all of the BCS Boys fretting over how they are going to keep these fraudulent BCS exhibition games going, “plus-on” or not, mean very little to the actual debate.  If the NCAA is awarded a college football tournament, all of these silly TV contracts with Fox, or whomever else the BCS elitists decide to televise their absurd little system will be “null and void.”  You see, those contracts are with the BCS, and since the BCS is going to go the way of witch burning, the BCS Boys are doing little more than tilting at windmills.  Don’t believe it BCS Boys?  Hello!  The fans pay the bills, and if the fans want a playoff, then a playoff is what they are going to get, even it means that the bowl games and the BCS have to be boycotted somewhere down the road.  Right now the BCS Boys believe they can cram any amount of bullshit they dream up in their fantasy world right down the fans throats, but those days are coming to an end as surely night follows day.  Face it BCS Boys.  The BCS is a fraud, you are destroying the game of college football by continuing to promote this fraud, and if you are not careful a lot of the BCS Boys might find themselves on the outside looking in.  Wouldn’t that be a shame, but it wouldn’t be the first time that a bunch of arrogant know-it-alls found themselves out of a job.



With the Super Bowl behind us and National Signing Days only 48 or so hours away, college football now moves back onto the center stage.  After the dreadful post-season, which the BCS continues to suck all of the life out of, the attention of college football fans will be squarely on the “Politburo” that is propping up the fraudulent BCS, and it will be the mission of Coaches Hot Seat to personally identify all of the BCS Boys that evidently missed out on their classes in World history.  You see, Americans do not support socialism, and the BCS is socialism through and through, where a very small group of elitists dictate to the masses.  We are onto you BCS Boys, and very soon American college football fans will be as well.  We have stocked up on torches and pitchforks and we are ready to come after the BCS, because we are not going to sit on the sidelines and allow the BCS Boys to destroy the great game of college football, all for the sake of their precious power.  “Not going to do it,” is what the first President Bush would say, and we are just not going to allow the BCS to continue the free ride it has gotten from the American press, because even a 4 year old child (one of ours) can ask the question, “Why doesn’t college football have a playoff like the NFL?”  Dad, “Because morons are running college football son!”



February 6, 2008 is National Signing Day.  We here at Coaches Hot Seat are not close followers of recruiting, except for the odd peek we take at the Rivals.com or Scout.com team recruiting rankings.  We are firm believers that you could hand 85 five-star recruits to some coaches and they still couldn’t win their conference, or that you could hand 85 one-star recruits to another coach and they would be battling for their conference championship every year.  Recruiting great players to a schools is only the first-step in building a championship football program, because the minute those kids step on a campus, a coach still has to make them into champions.  We do believe though that in many ways National Signing Day should be looked upon as a great example of how kids that dedicate themselves to something, a sport in this case, get the opportunity to not only play that sport at a higher level, but that they also are given the chance to get an education at one of our great colleges or universities.  Just enrolling and attending a college is a great thing for many kids, and the experience that these young men will have over their college careers is irreplaceable, and with a degree in hand they will have dozens of doors opened to them that they would not had otherwise.  National Signing Day is important because kids are recognized for their skills, and coaches are recognized for their hard work.  The amount of work that goes into putting together a top recruiting class is mind-boggling, and coaching staffs should be rightly credited when they bring a great class to their school.  That congratulations should also extend to kids that are not playing sports and that are achieving great things in academic or other fields, because whether anyone knows it or not, there is tremendous competition for the top high schools kids that have never thrown a football or caught a pass.  We recognize both groups of kids here at Coaches Hot Seat as important cogs to building a great college or university, so we should all rightly celebrate on National Signing Day, and the next time you hear about a kid with a perfect score on the SAT enrolling at your university, celebrate him or her as well.



Lastly, none of us should forget that yesterday’s Super Bowl was the first without Coach Bill Walsh.  It would be impossible for us to overemphasize Coach Walsh’s impact up on the game of football and for his importance to Stanford University through the years.  Gordon Forbes in today’s USA Today has written a great tribute to Coach Walsh, “Walsh, like his West Coast offense, was all out.”  We miss you Coach Walsh, and one can make damn sure that if the current 49ers coach, Mike Nolan, doesn’t turn this mess around in 2008, we are going to get someone in here that can (Pete Carroll, if we have our way you have 1 more year at USC, and then it is garnet and gold for you buddy!  Pete, if you are not the coach in January 2009, then the 49ers season tickets are cancelled!).  No doubt, Coach Walsh would have loved to have seen the Giants beat the Patriots, and maybe he just did! 



We will be back soon with our report from the NCAA Convention and our survey of college and university presidents/chancellors on the BCS or a College Football Playoff.  No, Gordon Gee, it is not 118 to 0 for the BCS.  In fact, you are way, way, way off!  This is going to be great fun bringing down this fraudulent Goliath!

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  3. Actually, I can draw the exact opposite conclusion from the Superbowl. Why is it that a team that did not win their division should be able to compete for a Superbowl? Why should a team that wins 18 games in a row and loses the final game be shot down as the second best team in football?

    Never mind that the Giants lost to the Cowboys twice and that the Patriots beat them the first time around. New York won the games that counted and that was that. It’s like a rematch in a conference championship game; it’s bogus.

    If you’re going to have a college football playoff, there shouldn’t be any at-large teams. People were complaining about Oklahoma and Nebraska not even winning their respective conferences and being able to compete for a national title. Well, why don’t they complain about the Giants?

  4. AT Large? You’ve got to be kidding. There’s a big difference between an At-large team and the WIld Card teams. Wild Cards are actually the teams with the next best records after the division champions.

  5. Eric, you are off base. Upsets are what make tournaments exciting.

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