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Rick Neuheisel, UCLA and Stanford Football and What Really Changed at Stanford in the Last Few Years…..WORK! – Big East Conference…”Houston, we have a problem” – President Reagan Said It First….”There You Go Again”….and Here Goes the “It’s About the Money” Crowd Crying About…..Oh, No!….Change! – Please, Get A Clue….Change IS THE Law of Life – Trying To Explain the Bogus BCS To A Chinese Businessman Who Walks Away From Dinner Thinking America Is Finished…and China’s Takeover of the World Want Be That Hard With So Many Candy Asses Running Around in America These Days!

Rick Neuheisel and the difference between UCLA and Stanford football

One of the reasons we always have liked Rick Neuheisel here at Coaches Hot Seat is that he will actually tell you what he is thinking instead of the normal head coach BS-speak that turns most I-A head coaches into borderline robots and certainly not breathing and functioning human beings and in Rick’s latest he addresses the differences between UCLA and Stanford football:

Neuheisel hints at difference between UCLA, Stanford, Adam Maya, Orange County Register

“Stanford won nine games the two seasons before quarterback Andrew Luck arrived. It’s won 23 games in the two-plus seasons since. It enters Saturday’s game with UCLA sporting the nation’s longest winning streak — 11 — and a No. 6 ranking.

Coach Rick Neuheisel said its Heisman candidate is the primary reason the football program has turned around so quickly and so dramatically.

“It’s a proven formula over the years that if you get a great quarterback, you can usually do some good things around him,” Neuheisel said. “That’s not to take away from the other terrific players in the program, but that quarterback allows them to really tee off because there’s very few mistakes made on the offensive side.””

We would agree with the above statement by Rick Neuheisel that Andrew Luck is a big part of the turnaround of Stanford football but the Cardinal’s success goes much deeper than just a quarterback or even a collection of football players that have been recruited to Stanford since Jim Harbaugh arrived on The Farm before the 2007 season.

One player does not make a football team great but a few great players and a lot of good players that are committed to a style of football and a philosophy of life that stresses the importance of getting the most of out of one’s life both on and off the athletic fields can make a huge difference in the win/loss column and that is the REAL story of Stanford football’s resurgence.

The Rivals.com recruiting rankings reveal a TRUTH that the folks in Westwood including Rick Neuheisel probably don’t want to face. According to Rivals.com over the past six recruiting periods Stanford has finished ahead in UCLA in recruiting in only…


That year was 2011 when Stanford’s recruiting class was 4 th in the Pac-12 compared to UCLA’s 7 th ranked Pac-12 class. In the 5 years preceding 2011 UCLA had higher ranked recruiting classes by small margins in 2 years and by large margins in the other 3 years.

The Bottom-Line is that even including Andrew Luck UCLA has much more talent on its roster than Stanford football does right now and yet there seems to be a difference between these two football teams. Why is that?

We have told this story many times before but a couple of us here at Coaches Hot Seat were on the Stanford campus walking near the athletics complex in then Stanford head coach Walt Harris’ last season on The Farm and we noticed a few Cardinal football players walking towards and then past us and our two CHS members looked at each other and said:

“There are high school teams in the Bay area with bigger players that are stronger, in better shape and tougher than those guys.”

“Geez, the Coaches Hot Seat flag-football team could whip these guys and not work up a sweat. No wonder Harris and Stanford were so pitiful this year.”

What changed after that 2006 Stanford football season?

Jim Harbaugh arrived on campus with his assistant coaches including current Stanford head coach David Shaw and for the first time in recent Stanford football history Stanford decided to do something different…


Yes, the Candy Ass glorified Harvard on the West Coast football program was out and….


What an idea!

Two years later those same two Coaches Hot Seat members were walking near the Stanford athletic complex and here comes some Cardinal football players and after watching them walk by the two CHS members said to each other:

“Hell, I would go to war with those guys.”

“Hell, Attila the Hun would go to war with those guys.”

Really now…How did Stanford football get so good so fast at a school with some of the highest if the not the highest academic requirements in I-A college football?

The Stanford football team WENT TO WORK.

Notice the above poster is the preseason 2009 Stanford football season poster after the Cardinal was coming off of a 5 – 7 record in ’08 and also notice that Andrew Luck is no where in sight…..yet.

Several of us are already in the San Francisco Bay area for business meetings and we are playing golf on Friday before the Stanford – UCLA game on Saturday on The Farm and we are going to be interested to see if David Shaw and Stanford can keep things rolling and if Neuheisel can take all that talent he has recruited and find a way for his talented team to beat a decent amount of young men on the Cardinal football team that would have no chance of playing at most BCS conference schools. If Neuheisel and the Bruins do come into Stanford Stadium and beat the Cardinal we will be the first to congratulate him and take him off the Top 10 List on Coaches Hot Seat. Now that has to motivate Rick! If UCLA loses to Stanford…..well…we all know….

Does it get any better than an entire day of watching college football this coming Saturday and then walking over to Stanford Stadium to watch the Cardinal take on the Bruins?

No, it doesn’t!

What about these games on Saturday to sit in front of a BIG flat-screen and watch?

Alabama vs. Florida

Nebraska vs. Wisconsin

Auburn vs. South Carolina

Clemson vs. Virginia Tech

Texas A&M vs. Arkansas

Texas vs. Iowa State

Baylor vs. Kansas State

Would we somehow not be interested in watching and attending the above games if college football had a Postseason 16-Team Tournament that include ALL Conference Champions to determine the NCAA National Champion on the Field of Play as is much pushed by the Candy Asses behind the Bogus and Un-American BCS?

Please, if you are STUPID enough to believe the Absolute Nonsense that comes out the BCS Candy Asses that really do care about one thing only…..$$$$$$$$$$….then you need to turn in your driver license immediately and start walking everywhere because you are Too Stupid to drive a car on public roads.

Let’s play football.



The Big East Conference….”Houston, we have a problem.”

Back on May 25 th of this year we wrote a blog here at Coaches Hot Seat that was titled….

The Big East Conference Meets In Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida….and Puts Conference Expansion Plans On Hold? – No, With the Amount of Dollars That Would Be Available To A 12-Team, Two Division Big East “Super” Conference That Can’t Be Right! – If We Were Big East Commish John Marinatto We Would Be Looking To Add 3 More of the “Right” Teams To Join TCU to the Big East Conference With An Eye Towards Having A Very Strong Hand When TV Negotiations Roll Around in 2012 – A 12 Team Big East Football Conference With the 12 “Right” Teams Would Include A WHOLE LOT of TVs and Command A WHOLE Lot of $$$$$$$$$$$$! – Get on the Phone John….and Keep Brian Roberts’ Phone Number At Comcast Handy!

…and one of the reasons we wrote that blog was that it was our opinion then that conference realignment was far from over and that if the leader(s) of the Big East were smart they would move aggressively to add more quality teams and in the end we recommended that they add those teams in Calendar year 2011 by adding:

Temple or Villanova

…which would have created a two Big East divisions that would have looked like this:

Villanova or Temple

West Virginia

What did the leader(s) of the Big East do so far in 2011?


And because the leader(s) of the Big East Conference did NOTHING they have seen Syracuse and Pitt fly the coop to the ACC Conference and now they are still doing…


…and there are more schools…like UConn…that would leave for the ACC in a nanosecond if offered and the Big East leader(s) are doing….


It seems the Big East has the same Damn problem the Big 12 had….

The Big East needs a new commissioner that can actually lead and do…


Hell, if the Big East had moved aggressively in May after their annual conference meeting they might have held onto Syracuse and Pitt but now that those two teams are gone what should the Big East do now?

Well, for one the Big East needs a new commissioner…..like RIGHT NOW…and then they could do something with real common sense behind it like what was just proposed by the Boston Globe’s Mark Blaudschun:

A big plan for Big East

“Here’s our plan for the Big East, which would expand it to 12 teams in football and 20 in basketball.

Gavitt Division
West Virginia
Central Florida
Villanova (or Massachusetts, if Villanova chooses not to move to the FBS level)

Tranghese Division
TCU (could join Big 12)
South Florida

Yes, Blaudschun’s plan is actually…


…and we would even add to the plant a bit by going not to 12 teams in football but 14 by adding Villanova and East Carolina as well.

Now a 14-Team Big East would actually be something that could be called the….

Big East.

By the way when adding East Carolina to the Big East a good move would be to hire the current East Carolina AD Terry Holland to be the commissioner of the Big East which Terry would be great at and since Terry is a long-time basketball man that would make the b-ball Big East folks very happy.

Just a thought.


Here we go again….It’s about the…”Money?”

We only wish that the media columnists that cover college football could have spent one nanosecond working in the REAL WORLD where one actually has to MAKE MONEY and a PROFIT to pay the bills and stay in business because if any of these columnists that cover college football had run a business for one day and hired at least one person in their lives they would understand a basic fact about the REAL WORLD.

Without the money from these TV deals there are NO college athletic departments fielding 20 or more men’s and women’s sports teams that collectively lose millions of dollars every year!

Oh, the one thing you should be careful of doing is confusing anyone with the FACTS….but let’s give it a try.

The State columnist Ron Morris says that conference realignment is…..you got it….

“It’s about the money”

“THE SOUTHEASTERN Conference blew it. Yes, the SEC missed a chance to elevate itself to elite status in college athletics. It could have separated itself from the pack and become the NCAA’s model league.

Instead, by accepting Texas A&M as its 13th member this week, the SEC remains mired in the muck with the rest of the money-mongering, leather-headed, hypocritical NCAA members.

With the decision to accept Texas A&M, SEC presidents and athletics directors removed any doubt about the league’s mission, and it has not one iota to do with the well-being of student-athletes. It has everything to do with money and what most benefits football, without consideration for other sports.”

We looked on The State’s website to see what Ron Morris wrote about the SEC Conference expanding in 1992 to add….

Arkansas and South Carolina

…to see if Ron Morris thought then it was…

“About the money.”

…then and if Ron Morris didn’t write in 1992 that the SEC Conference expanding to add Arkansas and South Carolina was really “about the money” then we all know…and Ron Morris knows….what Ron Morris really is…

A BIG hypocrite.

Please, Ron. If you wrote AGAINST South Carolina joining the SEC in 1992 because it was all “about the money” please contact us here at Coaches Hot Seat and we will set the record straight.

Hell, maybe Ron Morris thought that South Carolina staying independent in football which they were from 1971 to 1991 was the best way to go for all we know…which if that was Ron Morris’ opinion in 1992 then Ron Morris would have been a BIG Idiot.

Let’s see here….South Carolina should stay independent or join the SEC?

Only a Complete Moron would have chosen staying independent so which is it Ron Morris?

Were you an Idiot in 1992 or are you Big Hypocrite today?

IT IS one or the other.

But then we digress….because the point here is as Ron Morris claims that all of this conference realignment is “about the money” which if the SEC followed the “Ron Morris” plan and just sits tight would leave the SEC Conference and its teams with its’ current TV contract which according to Kristi Dosh over at the Business of College Sports leaves SEC schools about…


…short per team compared to the Big Ten and Pac-12.

What the Hell?

The BEST college football conference in America (the SEC) is making $7 Million Dollars PER TEAM less than the Pac-12 and Big Ten?

Yes…and “Ron Morris” is ready to freeze things because of course…

“It’s about the money.”

No Ron, it’s about the SEC Conference and its schools getting ROYALLY ripped-off because the TV rights for college football have exploded in recent years and sitting on your hands like it seems many Americans are thrilled to do these days (Note the Chinese are dancing in the streets and thinking how Damn easy it is going to be to blow past America if OUR country is filled up with lots of Ron Morris-types) will only put the SEC Conference and its schools at a competitive disadvantage to the schools in the Pac-12 and the Big Ten.

We have some news for Ron Morris and others that are saying idiotic things like….

“It’s all about the money.”

It costs a whole Helluva lot of money to run a big Division I-A athletic department and just looking over the Revenues and Expenses for the University of South Carolina athletic department at the Department of Education’s Equity in Athletics website we find that South Carolina athletics’ expenses for the last year reported (2009 – 2010) was…

South Carolina Athletics Expenses

$78.3 Million Dollars

Since Eric Hyman runs a very good athletic department there at South Carolina the Revenues for South Carolina athletics exceeded expenses by…

$1.7 Million Dollars

…but the above number is somewhat misleading because in the athletics’ budget for South Carolina and other public universities and colleges there is a line for…

Athletically Related Student Aid

…which at South Carolina in the above period was reported at:

$8.4 Million Dollars

The above $8.4 Million Dollars that it cost to enroll and pay for the 520 student-athletes to attend school at the University of South Carolina works out to about…

$16,000 per student-athlete

….which according to the University of South Carolina website works out to roughly the in-state Student Expenses for South Carolina residents to attend USC.

What is the non-resident Student Expenses to attend the University of South Carolina?


Please, someone there in South Carolina tell Ron Morris that the University of South Carolina athletics department is fielding over 20 men’s and women’s sports teams and the athletics department is showing about a $1.5 million dollar profit on a budget of almost $80 million dollars and that the additional $7 million dollars plus that South Carolina athletics would receive from a renegotiated TV contract that will include 2 or more additional teams….

(Yes, Ron Morris, you remember that thing called “conference expansion” from 1992 when Arkansas and South Carolina were added to the SEC and of course Ron Morris was leading the charge against the Gamecocks joining the SEC right? Because it would have been “all about the money”….right Ron?)

….will ADD $7 plus million dollars to the University of South Carolina’s athletics’ budget and guess where 99 percent of that money will go?

To pay for the expenses of fielding 20 plus athletic teams at the University of South Carolina and just more money for academics at USC.

Yes, “it’s all about the money,” except it isn’t because the “money” that so many people in the media decry because it is MONEY THAT makes things get up and go in our country and we are guessing that since Ron Morris hates money so much that he will be turning down his salary for the next year just to prove a point to those money grubbers in conference offices and athletic departments that they are wrong, wrong, wrong….to expand these conferences!

So what was it Ron Morris?

Were you against the University of South Carolina joining the SEC in 1992?

If not then you need to retract your “It’s about the money” column and just for good measure why don’t you leave that ivory tower you work in and head down to the BMW plant in Spartanburg a work a week on an assembly line and talk to the managers of that plant about THE THING that makes all of those jobs possible.

“It’s the DAMN MONEY!”

Please, can we get a two-pronged “REALITY-CHECK” program for ALL sports columnists that will include:

1.  A 3 month stint in Afghanistan with the US military to see what our brave US service members go through to keep the American People safe in OUR country

2.  A 3 month stint working in a for-profit company in America where the columnist would have to actively manage something and hire and fire people while competing with companies in China that are paying wages 80 percent less than your company.

Yes, that would do it and it would end all of these stories in the media about….

“It’s about the money.”

Hell, NCAA president Mark Emmert could use a stint in the same “REALITY-CHECK” program as well!


If you think the BCS makes no sense to Americans try to explain it to someone from China!

Last night at dinner we had dinner with a Chinese businessman who happens to love American college and NFL football and since he has numerous degrees from elite American universities he speaks perfect English and has spent almost half his life attending school or working in America and when talk turned to the Bogus BCS this Chinese businessman says:

“What are these coaches and schools scared of?”

CHS Member: “You mean why are there some coaches and schools scared of deciding the national champion in college football on the field of play?”

Chinese Businessman (with a smile on his face): “Yes…explain this BCS thing please.”

CHS Member: “There is no explaining the Bogus BCS.”

Chinese Businessman: “This is going to be easier than we thought.”

CHS Members look at each other and can only shake their heads at some of the Candy Asses out their disguised as American citizens that support the Bogus and Un-American BCS which runs directly counter to what OUR country was founded and build upon.

Keep playing your Stupid, Bogus and Un-American games if you like….but the world is a-changing and Americans better start getting prepared and Buck-Up for what is coming and that means from the youth playing fields to college football where in America sports championships are earned and won on the Field of Play.

As we say way too often these days:  The only REAL Capitalistic Economy in the world today is in Communist China!


Meanwhile in Candy Ass Land they are marching us right into this….

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