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Frank Beamer Said What?….Please Frank….GET A CLUE! – Friend From Nebraska Calls Worried About Cornhusker Football…and Puts His Finger on the REAL Problem with Nebraska Football…It Has Something To Do With the Coaches Hot Seat Flag Football Team Popping the Huskers In the Mouth and Huskers Reaction To Getting Popped In the Mouth! – Post Week 5 Coaches Hot Seat Post Ranking

Before we get to the Post Week 5 Coaches Hot Seat Ranking we first must comment on a few things that caught our attention over the weekend:

On ESPN’s College GameDay on Saturday morning an ESPN reporter interviewed Virginia Tech HC Frank Beamer before the Clemson game and Coach Beamer said:

“We have played 4 pretty good football teams.”

What the Hell?

Before getting their butts’ whipped by Clemson the Hokies had played:

Appalachian State
East Carolina
Arkansas State

“4 pretty good football teams” Frank?

Maybe if Virginia Tech had played even an AVERAGE football team before the Clemson Tigers came into Blacksburg and whipped the Hokies’ rear-ends then Virginia Tech might have been prepared to play a “good” football team….but then scheduling in major college football is really only about one thing isn’t it….Getting to 6 wins and getting to a bowl game which is nothing more than embracing mediocrity and the ADs and coaches that schedule these I-AA teams and don’t force their football teams to take on BIG challenges before conference play are nothing more than part of the millions of Americans that are now embracing mediocrity and marching the American Republic straight into becoming a 2 nd rate power with college football head coaches leading the way saying idiotic things like…

“We have played 4 pretty good football teams.”

…when they haven’t played Crapola!

Uhhhh, by the way Frank the overall record of those “4 pretty good football teams” that Va. Tech played before Clemson are now 9 – 10 overall and that I-AA cupcake Appalachian State team you beat in Week 1….they just lost to Wofford on Saturday!

Please, can a college head football coach just tell the truth and instead of Frank Beamer saying…

“We have played 4 pretty good football teams.”

…why the Hell can’t he just be honest and say:

“Our team hasn’t been tested yet and we expect to be tested by Clemson.”

That’s right Frank…your football team just got its’ ASS whipped by Clemson and if you and your AD had scheduled a significant test to start the 2011 season your football team would have been lot better prepared to play against Clemson on Saturday.

Meanwhile in China some Communist government hack was watching ESPN College GameDay on Saturday morning and started laughing uncontrollably when he heard Frank Beamer say…

“We have played 4 pretty good football teams.”

Frank…how about getting a Damn Clue!

The Nebraska football team under Bo Pelini

The red phone doesn’t ring very often at Coaches Hot Seat Central….

…..and it rarely rings on a call from one our friends in Nebraska but late last week we got a call from one of our fellow Berkshire Hathaway shareholders and Nebraska alum that was one of the most revealing things we have heard in 2011 and goes a long way in explaining that Husker-debacle in Madison on Saturday night.

Phone rings in Coaches Hot Seat Central on Thursday night of last week

CHS Central: “Bruce Wayne how can I help you?”

Nebraska friend: “Oh, that’s funny. Is that some kind of code?”

CHS Central: “No, that’s just to throw off the BCS Bastards in case they call.”

Nebraska friend: “That should do it because if it doesn’t include stuffing more money into their pockets none of these bowl folks could care less about it.”

CHS Central: “Now that’s funny. Let me get Bruce.”

Nebraska friend: “Now I know that’s a code.”

CHS Member Bruce Wayne: “How are things in Omaha?”

Nebraska friend: “Same old same old. Warren Buffett is going off the deep end buying Berkshire stock but then Warren is getting old.”

CHS Member: “I think that Warren is just scared to death that the stock market is about to start spiraling down and he is just trying to head things off at the pass and if he has to lose a few billion buying back his stock then he will do it.”

Nebraska friend: “Maybe Warren should be paying out dividends on Berkshire stock if he can’t find anything to invest the money he has in he bank especially instead of chasing the price of the Berkshire stock down but don’t try to tell that to Warren.”

CHS Member: “No, don’t tell Warren he needs to start paying a dividend from that $40 Billion he has in the bank because he wouldn’t be able to eat for days…Dairy Queen food or not….at the thought of sending money to Berkshire shareholders!”

Nebraska friend: “Well, we have all done well. Hey, I didn’t call to talk about Buffett.”

CHS Member: “I didn’t think so. Nebraska football?”

Nebraska friend: “Yes. I am very worried about this Wisconsin game.”

CHS Member: “Why is that….because you don’t have a QB?”

Nebraska friend: “Well…partly….but I am more concerned with something else I have been hearing about and that is how soft Nebraska has become and how they now practice like a NFL team. Hell, one guy told me that Nebraska’s practices under Bill Callahan were more physical than they are under Pelini now.”

CHS Member: “That Callahan thing is hard to believe, but something we noticed more this year than last is that the Nebraska defense doesn’t seem to enjoy tackling the opposing offensive players which can’t be a good thing when playing tackle football!”

Nebraska friend: “You got that right! That is exactly what some other alums and I were talking about at lunch this week. These guys just don’t seem to have an interest in hitting or tackling anybody and this looks like the least physical Nebraska team…especially on defense…since Callahan was fired.”

CHS Member: “Now that you have brought it up…..I think you and your friends are right. This Nebraska team is soft and while watching the Wyoming – Nebraska game last week one of our folks here said during the game…”This sure doesn’t look like Nebraska football and it sure the Hell doesn’t look like a Bo Pelini coached team.”

Nebraska friend: “That’s not a good thing to hear.”

CHS Member: “So what do you think about the game on Saturday (Nebraska vs. Wisconsin)?”

Nebraska friend: “If they play like they have played this season so far they will get creamed. If they start playing Nebraska football again…they have a chance.”

CHS Member: “Now that comment would have to scare the Hell out of Bo Pelini if he heard it and also not make him very happy.”

Nebraska friend: “Well, if my granddaughter’s high school soccer team is has more physical practice than Nebraska football then why would anyone believe they could go to Madison and beat the Badgers?”

CHS Member: “Great point…but then very few college or pro teams practice football anymore which is just crazy whether you are worrying about injuries or not. Hey, we will see you and your family over the New Year in Colorado. Don’t wait so long to call the next time.

Nebraska friend: “You betcha. Wouldn’t miss that New Year’s party for all the corn in Nebraska.”

Relative to the Nebraska defense we noticed the following column by Sam McKewon in the Omaha World-Herald:

Finding fix for ailing defense Bo’s No. 1 priority

“We interrupt your Monday flogging of Nebraska offensive coordinator Tim Beck and quarterback Taylor Martinez with a message from coach Bo Pelini.

“It’s more defensively than offensively,” Pelini said of his team’s problems after Wisconsin throttled NU’s defense for 486 yards in a 48-17 win.

Believe Bo on this one. Nebraska’s pass defense is flailing. The run defense is weakening. And the soul of these Huskers — the foundation on which the Bo era is built — is slumping.”

Bo Pelini is right….the problem is the Nebraska defense but the problem is not the defensive scheme that Nebraska is running but in our opinion the REAL problem is very simple..

Nebraska practices SOFT and Nebraska…especially on defense….plays SOFT

Here’s a FACT: The Coaches Hot Seat Flag-Football team (especially the 2011 version which has added some great new talent) could come to Lincoln and whip the Huskers in a scrimmage right now and we would whip the Huskers because we would do the same thing that Wisconsin did on Saturday night:

We would pop the Nebraska football players in the mouth and the Nebraska football players would lie down and quit because they are….


How did Nebraska get so soft under the Pelini brothers you ask?

Because the Pelinis have forgotten (as so most coaches) that the scheme, the call, the alignment is worth NOTHING when you are coaching a football team that plays like they are in pillow fight at the local sorority house…but then Nebraska is so SOFT now that comparing the 2011 Huskers to a pillow fight at a sorority house just insult those involved in sorority house pillow fights everywhere because they actually have real contact between the participants…unlike the Candy Ass practices that Nebraska is now running and the lack of hitting or tackling in the actual Nebraska games.

Here’s a thought for the Pelinis: If they want to see what a football practice is supposed to look like they should fly out to Stanford and watch the Cardinal practice under David Shaw because Stanford is practicing football instead of running a Candy Ass football exhibition that is now going on in Lincoln.

Of course, even a team that practices like Candy Asses could beat the Ohio State Buckeyes who the Huskers play on Saturday in Lincoln which a loss to might just land Bo Pelini on the Hot Seat.

Now the above should get a few people fired up in Lincoln and put a smile on the face of our friend in Omaha which is the real reason he called….right? Yes, our friend is one man that loves the University of Nebraska and is very concerned with the direction of the Husker football program right now…and he should be concerned as long as the Pelinis continue to run Candy Ass practices which just leads to SOFT play on Saturdays.

Maybe someone needs to pop Bo and Carl Pelini in the mouth and get them fired up again because since that loss to Texas A&M last season they have been walking around like a couple of Candy Asses that are worried about everything but putting a physical and winning football team on the field.

Hell, it’s been years since most of us here at Coaches Hot Seat have been in a good fight….maybe back to that fight with the Marines outside the casino in Monaco……and a good fistfight with Pelinis might get both of us fired up…the Pelinis fired up for the rest of the season and us fired up to take on those Chinese Bastards…and with Frank Beamer and other college head coaches waving the flag and championing MEDIOCRITY….the more Americans primed for a fight to win the 21 st century the better!

The stage is yours Mr. Cash…

Thank you Johnny…now on to the Coaches falling into the Ring of Fire!

Post Week 5 Coaches Hot Seat Ranking

1. Rick Neuheisel, UCLA – Several of us here at Coaches Hot Seat got to see Rick Neuheisel’s Bruins up close and personal on Saturday night against the Stanford Cardinal on The Farm and as pointed out by the UCLA players after the game…

UCLA says execution, not talent, was difference against Stanford, Los Angeles Times

….we don’t think there is any talent difference between UCLA and most of the other 11 Pac-12 schools and in fact we would put the Bruins in the upper half of the Pac-12 just on talent on their roster alone.

The two biggest differences between UCLA and Stanford right now are mistakes and QB play and there is no excuse for any well-coached football team to make lots of mistakes and there is no excuse for a guy that played QB in college to have bad QB play and that reality adds up to Rick Neuheisel being on the Hot Seat.

Here’s the biggest thing now working against Rick Neuheisel….his record compared against the man that preceded him as the head coach at UCLA Karl Dorrell:

Karl Dorrell, UCLA coaching record

2003 – 6 – 7 – Lost bowl game
2004 – 6 – 6 – Lost bowl game
2005 – 10 – 2 – Won bowl game
2006 – 7 – 6 – Lost bowl game
2007 – 6 – 6 – Didn’t coach in bowl game because of firing

Overall – 35 – 27 – 5 bowl game trips

Rick Neuheisel, UCLA coaching record

2008 – 4 – 8 – No bowl game
2009 – 7 – 6 – Won bowl game
2010 – 4 – 8 – No bowl game
2011 – 2 – 3

Overall – 17 – 25 – 1 bowl game trip

Clearly, if Karl Dorrell’s win/loss record at UCLA wasn’t good enough for AD Dan Guerrero then Rick Neuheisel will be out of a job come December unless things change in Westwood and quick and relative to that the Bruins have left in 2011:

Washington State
at Arizona
Arizona State
at Utah
at USC

Of UCLA’s remaining 7 games the Bruins have more talent than all those teams but Arizona State and USC and there is no reason the Bruins cannot finish the season with at least 6 wins and if UCLA doesn’t finish with 6 wins then what we consider to be a college head coaching job that could be one of the most prominent in the country if the Bruins were winning will come open and with all the new money that UCLA AD Dan Guerrero will have at his disposal due to the new Pac-12 TV contracts there is no reason for UCLA to not pay a market rate to get a top coach….if indeed Rick is sent packing…to probably a career in TV.

2. Neil Callaway, UAB – Neil Callaway is now 15 – 37 in his 4 th season at UAB and has not taken the Blazers to a bowl game which means barring a major miracle of being able to find 6 wins out of the next 8 games UAB will be looking for a new head football coach come December. Even as lowly as UAB football is right now we can think of a few very good head coaches on the I-AA level (and lower levels) and top assistant coaches in I-A college football that would love to have a shot at coaching a team in Conference USA.

3. Mike Riley, Oregon State – We only got to see a replay of the Oregon State game against Arizona State and it looked as if the Beavers played their best game of the year but that still added up to a 35 – 20 loss to the Sun Devils and that sets-up a big Hot Seat game in Corvallis on Saturday with Mike Stoops bringing his Arizona football team to the great Northwest. With these games coming up after Arizona…

at Washington State
at Utah
at California
at Oregon

….the Arizona game may be Oregon State’s best chance for getting a win from the teams left on the Beavers’ schedule. After Mike Riley put up 4 straight seasons of at least 8 wins between 2006 – 2009 how did things get so bad where the Beavers are now looking at two straight losing seasons and possibly a complete debacle in 2011?

Two things:

A. Oregon State has very little margin for error in its recruiting and if they miss on just a few recruits they will be in a lot of trouble and realizing that OSU has finished in the bottom 1/4 th in recruiting in the Pac-12 over the past 5 years means any misses in recruiting are magnified and just from eyeballing the Beavers it looks to us that they are a step slower than most other teams in the conference and that there have been lots of misses in recruiting.

B. We don’t see the same type of urgency at Oregon State under Mike Riley and his coaching staff today that we saw only a few years ago and maybe Mike Riley and his staff believe they can put up any kind records and hang onto their jobs and if that is the case then Oregon State football is finished as is any company or organization that doesn’t wake-up everyday with the understanding that if one doesn’t bring passion, fire and commitment to their job that they could be out of work in a hurry. That reality is what makes the greatest companies and organizations on Earth get up and go and maybe it is appropriate that Mike Riley finds himself on the Hot Seat right now because it looks to us that he needs someone or something to turn up the heat before Oregon State turns back into the doormat football program of the Pac-12 that there were before Riley/Erickson revived the program only a decade or so ago.

4. Mike Stoops, Arizona – We get no joy from putting Mike Stoops on the Hot Seat but FACTS can be stubborn things and now in his 8 th season at Arizona with a record of….

Overall – 41 – 48 (.461)
Pac-12 – 27 – 36 (.429)

…on the board and from what we hear from our friends in Tucson there is going to be a big push to make Arizona football again relevant as a championship contender in the Pac-12 Conference with Mike Stoops if possible but certainly with a new head coach if necessary. Arizona has remaining on its schedule after the Hot Seat Coach vs. Hot Seat Coach game in Corvallis on Saturday…

at Washington
at Colorado
at Arizona State
La. Lafayette

…and with the Wildcats now at 1 – 4 and Mike Stoops probably needing 7 or probably 8 wins in 2011 to return for the 2012 season there is now very little margin for Arizona for Mike Stoops and his Arizona football team and that makes Saturday’s game in Corvallis a MUST, MUST, MUST WIN football game.

5. Frank Spaziani, Boston College – The biggest thing working against Frank Spaziani is the record of the two coaches that preceded him at Boston College…

Jeff Jagodzinski (2 seasons) – 20 – 8 (.714)

Tom O’Brien (10 seasons) – 75 – 45 (.625)

(and Tom O’Brien did not take over a winning program at BC like Jagodzinski and Spaziani did)

…and Frank Spaziani’s record at BC:

Frank Spaziani (In 3 rd season) – 17 – 14 (.548)

Clearly the standard at Boston College since Tom O’Brien arrived on campus is now winning football and with Spaziani at 17 – 14 overall in his 3 rd season the Eagles are 1 – 4 in 2011 and that they are not even to the toughest part of their schedule which looks like this for the rest of the year this could very ugly at BC:

at Clemson
at Virginia Tech
at Maryland
Florida State
NC State
at Notre Dame
at Miami

Ouch! There has got to be at least a 50 – 50 chance that BC will not win another game in 2011 and if that happens BC will be looking for a new head coach come December and BC will probably be looking for a new head coach unless Spaziani and the Eagles can find at least 5 wins out of the next 7 games…..that is if Boston College football still has playing winning football as one of its’ primary goals.

6. Jeff Tedford, California – Talk about an interesting football game….that is what we have on tap for this coming Thursday night when the Cal Bears visit Eugene to play the Oregon Ducks on ESPN. Jeff Tedford was the offensive coordinator at Oregon for 3 seasons so he knows what Cal will be facing on what will surely be a whipped up crowd at Autzen Stadium and with Jeff Tedford and his Cal football teams having put up a record of…

10 – 10

…over their last 20 games this is a spot where a win over Oregon on national TV would be BIG. After Oregon the Cal Bears have….

Washington State
Oregon State
at Stanford
at Arizona State

….and our Cal-Berkeley alum friends tell us that in a time when they are writing bigger and bigger checks for their kids to attend Cal (with tuition and fees being up about 30 percent in the last 4 years) it makes little sense to pay a football coach over $2.5 million dollars a year to put up average numbers and by any measure winning 7 games with Presbyterian on the schedule will not be acceptable in the crazy-land of Berkeley anymore. Let’s face FACTS….any drunken stumblebum could coach California to 6 wins in 2011 with Presbyterian on the schedule and one would think that someone making $2.8 million dollars would be able to do 1 game better than the average drunken stumblebum and that puts Jeff Tedford squarely on the Hot Seat. Yes, a loss to Oregon would not be surprising….but what if Cal lost to Utah, UCLA, Washington State or don’t say it….to Stanford again….Oh, these are not happy times in Berkeley.

7. Houston Nutt, Ole Miss – Houston Nutt and his Mississippi football team got a much needed win over Fresno State in what is a very tough place to play in especially for team that traveled over 2000 miles to play in the central valley of California and now the Rebels must build off that win and go forward….hold it a second….the next game for Mississippi?

Alabama in Tuscaloosa

Ouch! We give Mississippi very little chance to beat Alabama at Bryant-Denny Stadium and with the following games after the Tide…

at Auburn
at Kentucky
La. Tech
at Mississippi State

…the REAL and ONLY question is how many games does Houston Nutt have to win in 2011 to return for the 2012 season? We believe that Houston Nutt needs 6 wins in 2011 minimum to return for the 2012 season at Mississippi especially with one of the wins on the board being against I-AA Southern Illinois and are there 4 more wins left out of Ole Miss’ last 6 games? Maybe….and if Nutt can get 4 wins out of these next 6 games then he probably deserves to return for one more season but talking about that and doing it are two different things entirely….and the Ole Miss fans being happy with 6 wins in 2011….we rather doubt that…but then who is going to write that $6 million dollar check to buy out Nutt’s contract if he is fired? Damn good question.

8. Tom O’Brien, NC State – Tom O’Brien is a former Marine and Naval Academy graduate and we can understand why he wanted his QB to be committed to football but Tom…..did it really make any sense to not accommodate a talent like Russell Wilson and his desire to play baseball as well as football and let him play his final season for the Wolfpack? Do we really need to answer that question after what Russell Wilson has done at Wisconsin in 2011? Didn’t think so. In his 5 th season at NC State Tom O
Brien has again fallen below the .500 mark…

27 – 28

….overall and the fans of Wolfpack football have to be getting tired of inconsistent and the up and down play of their football team and unless mediocrity is going to be accepted with NC State football then either things need to get better or someone is going to start calling for changes at the top. Just in time NC State has MAC conference team Central Michigan on tap for Saturday but playing CMU in this spot is very dangerous as well because a loss in this game to a MAC team that comes in with a losing record would light a fire under Tom O’Brien that he may not be able to put out. After Central Michigan the Wolfpack play…

at Virginia
at FSU
North Carolina
at Boston College

…and somewhere along the way O’Brien and NC State better find at least 4 more wins especially since one of their wins in 2011 is against I-AA Liberty (Just pitiful these I-A schools playing I-AA schools but then mediocrity is now what major college football is all about with ADs and head coaches being rewarded for their college football team “getting” to a bowl game when any random zoo animal could take a major college football team to a bowl game when more than half the teams are playing in bowls. Yes, the Chinese just love major college football in the United States because it proves their belief that America is getting soft and that they will dominate the 21 st century and who can argue with them on their belief that Americans are getting soft when we have college head coaches running around claiming they have accomplished something by taking their team to a bowl game?)

9. Mark Richt, Georgia – Mark Richt and his Bulldogs got their MUST WIN game over Mississippi State on Saturday which means they get to move on to the next MUST WIN game which is at Tennessee on Saturday. If Georgia beats Tennessee on Saturday the 2011 college football season for Georgia will begin to brighten up because if they can beat Tennessee on the road then can beat Vandy on the road and with Florida suddenly without their starting QB that game against the Gators looks winnable…..but Georgia MUST beat Tennessee in Knoxville on Saturday.

Maybe the following will provide some inspiration to the folks in Athens….

God Bless you Larry Munson.

10. Paul Wulff, Washington State – Clearly Washington State is playing better in 2011 than they have in Paul Wulff’s first three seasons in Pullman and the win on the road against Colorado sets the Cougs up for their remaining Pac-12 games and to keep this ball rolling they really need to go to the Rose Bowl this Saturday and beat what is a reeling UCLA football team. After UCLA the Cougs must face…

Oregon State
at Oregon
at California
Arizona State
at Washington

….and we would imagine that Paul Wulff understands he really needs 6 wins in 2011 to return for the 2012 season which when on looks over the above remaining WSU schedule really makes the UCLA game a MUST WIN. We certainly would not want to be in the position of having to beat Washington in the Apple Cup in Seattle to get to 6 wins so that means the Cougs needs wins and fast and UCLA is up next so they might as well start there and forget about the rest.

Here is another one of our favorites from Johnny Cash…

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