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World Series Gets Underway – Missouri Finally Ready To Move to the SEC?….Well, Big Tex Still Reigns Over the Big 12! – Yes, Missouri Is A Good Fit For the SEC – What Should the Big 12 Do If Missouri “Goes Country?” – The Big East Debacle…What Would Coaches Hot Seat Have Done? – MWC Commish Has Another 16-Team Postseason Playoff Proposal Which Means He Is For the AMERICAN WAY To Decide Championships In OUR Country – Quick…What Teams Are in the Big Ten’s Leaders and Legends Divisions?….You Don’t Know Do You?…..We Don’t Either! – The ACC Should Go To North and South Divisions – US Senate Hearing On Concussions

World Series Gets Underway in St. Louis and the Missouri Curators Are Meeting This Week in KC

Watching the great game of baseball last night in Game 1 of the 2011 World Series from the Great American city of St. Louis which is a town and stadium that is one of our favorite places to watch baseball in this country we could not help but be reminded that the University of Missouri curators are getting together this week in Kansas City this week to “maybe” talk about moving the University of Missouri to the SEC and we would be remiss if we didn’t remind the UM curators and Missouri fans everywhere of what the folks in Austin said after the Pac-12 decided not to expand a few weeks back and when Big Tex stood and up and pounded his chest….although the Longhorn football team in the meantime forgot how to tackle and win…but that is just an afterthought as long as you can tell the schools left in the Big 12 when they can go to the bathroom!

Missouri vote regarding SEC expected soon, Vahe Gregorian, Post-Dispatch

Two recent columns from the most-connected man in Austin, Texas, Austin American-Statesman columnist Kirk Bohls says it all and should be required reading for the Missouri curators as they consider or not to stay in a conference with a school who in our opinion would sacrifice the future lives of every student-athlete in the Missouri athletic department put $5 Bucks in their pockets.

Picking college football realignment’s winners and losers

“Now that college realignment has thankfully hit the pause button, it’s time to recap and evaluate the fallout.

Here are the winners, losers and ties — not to be confused with bowties:



Don’t the Longhorns always win? As athletic director DeLoss Dodds said when I asked him about how his trip to Los Angeles went last week, “I like winning.” By preserving the Big 12 for the time being, the Longhorns get to keep their network, keep the status quo, remain the moving force in the league with the most clout and the most money, and basically get to have their cake and eat it, too — and then belch in Oklahoma’s face.

DeLoss Dodds.

If Larry Scott isn’t the smartest man in the room, Dodds is. He’s the most powerful athletic director in the country, if not the most powerful college sports figure in the nation.

Any Big 12 team not named Oklahoma.

Baylor lives to fight again. So does Missouri, Kansas, Kansas State and Iowa State. The small private school in Waco has no one beating down its door for conference membership, but it has so far successfully held up Texas A&M’s departure for the Southeastern Conference and put pressure on the four Big 12 schools to stay put. And Texas figures to let Baylor keep thinking it did all this.”

Yes, Kirk Bohls is a very good and entertaining writer!

The next column by Kirk Bohls was written 3 days later….

9 things and 1 crazy prediction for this week

“Missouri should be ashamed of itself for saying at its first press conference after the Big 12 was saved that it couldn’t positively state it wouldn’t leave for another conference. Come again? Missouri, you started this, so end it. Missouri was the first to have its hand up in 2010 when the Big Ten entered the room and the Tigers said, “Pick me, pick me.””

Yes, it makes PERFECT sense for the University of Missouri to stay in the Big 12 Conference……


Now that Missouri knows where it stands in the mind of Big Tex…via someone that would know in Kirk Bohls what about this very important question:

Is the University of Missouri a good fit for the SEC Conference?


Well, Missouri has better academics than most of the current SEC schools and its’ athletic department is very good overall with its football and basketball programs falling into the top half of the SEC right now, but if Missouri is going to move to the SEC they will have to step-up the performance of their other sports teams because the SEC is very competitive when one gets beyond the football field and basketball court.

Check out where Missouri athletics would have ranked in the SEC if it had been in the conference in the last school year according to the 2010 – 11 Learfield Sports Directors’ Cup (Texas A&M also added which has really taken a step-up under AD Bill Byrne in the overall athletic rankings):

Learfield Sports Directors Cup Final Standings – 2010 – 2011

SEC Conference Rankings (Overall National Rankings)

#4 – Florida
#8 – Texas A&M
#19 – LSU
#20 – Georgia
#22 – Tennessee
#24 – Arkansas
#25 – Alabama
#31 – Auburn
#36 – Kentucky
#39 – South Carolina
#41 – Missouri
#56 – Vanderbilt
#65 – Mississippi
#79 – Mississippi State

Adding Texas A&M and now possibly Missouri to the SEC would make it one of the strongest athletic conferences overall in the country and it would be hard to argue that the SEC has the best football in the country and does anyone not think Missouri would only get better in football by playing in the SEC.

Yes, it is time for Missouri to…..Go Country!  Pack Those Bags!



If Missouri Goes To the SEC What Would We Do If Were Running the Big 12?

Yes, a move by the University of Missouri to the SEC would make for TWO strong 14-team college conferences in the Eastern-half of the United States with the SEC and ACC and if the Big 12 was smart if Missouri does decide to depart would be not to not add just 1 team, but 3 teams to create a REAL Big 12 Conference.

Which 3 teams would we add to the Big 12 if Missouri left for the SEC and it was left with 9 teams?


How would a 12-team Big 12 breakdown into two divisions if it added the above 3 teams?

Kansas State
Oklahoma State
Iowa State

Texas Tech

Now that would be a BIG 12 and it would stretch across most of the Southwest and part of the US Western States, but would the Big 12 move to add 3 more teams if Missouri heads to the SEC?

Not as long as Big Tex is in charge and that is exactly why Missouri is looking to make a move to the SEC!


Big East Debacle – What Would Have Coaches Hot Seat Done?

One of the main interests for many members of Coaches Hot Seat is business strategy and how businesses interact and gain advantage in the marketplace…

(The issue of business strategy especially interests us right now because it is our belief that the United States of America is now in involved in an all-out economic war with China and that it is only people in business that understand the full nature of this economic war because all of the politicians we have talked to in America don’t really understand the short and long-term goals of China and how aggressive China is in everything they do and when we say or write China that means business and government both because in China they are one and the same)

….and over the past 18 months the Big East Conference has made a number of missteps and mistakes and the biggest mistake the Big East made was in the summer of 2010 when they did not move to expand the number of football teams in the Big East both during and in the aftermath of the almost Pac-16 formation and the move of Nebraska and Colorado out of the Big 12.

If we had been the commissioner of the Big East in the summer of 2010 we would have drawn up a list of schools that could have been added by the spring of 2011 to grow Big East football to 12, 14 or even 16 schools (the Big East already has 20 basketball teams!) and the football schools on that potential expansion list would have been (in no order):

East Carolina

We would have then met with the presidents of the Big East schools in the summer of 2010 and started approaching schools before the 2010 football season began and we would have targeted an announcement of the addition of the new Big East football schools by around the time of the other conference championship games in early December 2010.

What did the Big East do instead? It added TCU and did nothing else and now the Big East conference is teetering on oblivion at least as it applies to their football schools and if the basketball schools in the Big East had a lick of common sense they would form a new conference, call it the Eastern Conference or something similar, and move on from these folks that have allowed the Big East to reach its current pitiful state.


MWC Conference Proposes 16-Team College Football Playoff

MWC Conference commish Craig Thompson is out with another 16-Team Postseason Playoff proposal for Major College Football for the second time in the last few years and this time around there are a lot more college presidents that have caught on to the fraud (our opinion) that is the Bogus and Un-American BCS and just how much money these BCS Bastards that have hijacked the I-A college football postseason have cost intercollegiate athletics as they stage their Meaningless Exhibition Games while at the same time costing intercollegiate athletics Billions of Dollars in lost revenue just so a few bowl executives can bank lots of money on the backs of OUR student-athletes and OUR universities.

Craig Harris of the Arizona Republic has the story…

Mountain West Conference proposes 16-team college football playoff

..and the most interesting and eye-popping section of the story is this:

“Mountain West Commissioner Craig Thompson, in an interview with The Arizona Republic, estimated a playoff would generate $700 million annually for college football, more than three times the nearly $182 million the BCS generated last year.”

Did everyone catch that?

A 16-Team College Football Playoff would generate THREE TIMES what the Bogus and Un-American BCS does right now and the Bogus and Un-American BCS does not crown a legitimate national champion in Major College Football and which was so well described by Jeff Jacobs in the Hartford Courant…

“The whole thing is based on a system where a finite number of schools, 65 or so, hoard the booty and, in turn, are plundered by bowl pirates who operate under nonprofit status, stage golf outings, hold lavish parties, hire strippers yet give minuscule percentages to charities.”

The above IS the Bogus and Un-American BCS and those that support both not deciding the national champion on the field of play and that believe it is OK for intercollegiate athletics to toss Hundreds of Millions of Dollars every year into the ocean so bowl executives can throw lavish parties and go to strip clubs need to look at themselves in the mirror and ask just why they are supporting the…

Bogus and Un-American BCS.

Has someone BOUGHT you off if you are in the media because there is NO LOGICAL reason to support the Bogus and Un-American BCS unless someone is paying you to do so because the FACTS ARE that since its inception the BCS has cost intercollegiate athletics BILLIONS of Dollars and for what exactly…

For NOTHING is the answer to that question other than providing lots of money to some Very Sorry People to have $$$$$$ that should have been going to universities and student-athletes but was used to throw lavish parties, to spend at strip clubs, to NOT give money to charities and on top it all off we have one of these Sorry Bastards that runs the bowls sticking his nose into and lobbying for the eligibility of players on the Ohio State football team and the real tragedy in that event was that in our opinion the NCAA bowed to pressure from that bowl executive and were proved to be very stupid indeed for doing that because a proper investigation by the NCAA last December would have led to the FACT that Jim Tressel was nothing but a BIG liar that would LIE and in our opinion CHEAT to win a football game. Yes, you have to be pretty pitiful to LIE to win a football game.

The Bottom-Line is that the Bogus and Un-American BCS will cost intercollegiate athletics THIS YEAR…

Several Hundred Millions Dollars and still NOT crown a Legitimate National Champion

And….Oh by the Way for those out there that claim to know something about the game of college football…and that COULD NOT be anyone that supports the Bogus and Un-American BCS….take a look at the days between the last game of the college football regular season/conference championship games and the Bogus and Un-American BCS bowl games when the teams will play NO football games at all:

December 3, 2011 – Last games/conference championship games

January 2, 2011 – Rose Bowl – 30 Days
January 2, 2011 – Tostitos Fiesta – 30 Days
January 3, 2011 – Allstate Sugar – 31 Days
January 4, 2011 – Discover Orange – 32 Days
January 9, 2011 – Allstate BCS – 37 Days

Yes, you read that right….37 Days between the last game of the college football regular season and the Bogus BCS title game which makes about as much sense as any REAL American supporting the Bogus and Un-American BCS.

Meanwhile in the land of REAL America we have MWC commish Craig Thompson with his 16-Team Playoff Proposal that would create Hundreds of Millions of Dollars more than the Bogus and Un-American BCS and Coaches Hot Seat which laid out in this blog yesterday what the 16-Team Postseason Playoff in Major College Football could look like:

What Would A 16-Team Postseason Playoff In Major College Football Actually Look Like You Ask? – Start With 16 Teams and Eight First Round Games Being Held On College Campuses That Would Generate Tens of Millions of Dollars for Those Schools and Their Communities and Untold Exposure For The Schools Hosting the Games and the Teams in the Games – The Second Round or Great Eight Would Be Even….Bigger! – Final Four In Major College Football….HUGE! – Yes, Let’s Make the Major College Football Postseason Actually Look Like EVERY Other Sport in America and More Importantly.….AMERICAN!

Please, explain to us again why anyone would support the Bogus and Un-American BCS?

Didn’t think you had a legitimate reason…unless of course someone is stuffing your money with pockets which is very commonplace in America today when most of the US Congress is bought and paid for by corporate lobbyists and we get to see that reality up close and personal when we visit Washington DC where we find that most of OUR “Elected Leaders” make no attempt to even hide their partying down with all kinds of fat cats that are spending big money to influence YOUR “Elected Leaders” and what are those “Elected Leaders” doing in the restaurants, nightclubs and drinking halls of DC?

Laughing about what Idiots the American People are for believing anything that comes out of the mouths of any of these folks in DC in both political parties.

Kind of sounds like the Bogus and Un-American BCS which Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports nailed completely this spring after the Fiesta Bowl debacle broke in the public:

BCS conducts shallow probe as party rages on, Dan Wetzel, Yahoo! Sports, March 30, 2011

“The Bowl Championship Series is so troubled by the graft exposed in Tuesday’s Fiesta Bowl corruption report that it appointed a special “task force.” Among the members is an athletics director who accepted a free Caribbean cruise from the Orange Bowl just last summer.

Yes, there’s nothing like having a guy – in this case, Southern Mississippi’s Richard Giannini – who takes lavish gifts from one bowl game to judge another bowl game for giving out lavish gifts.

The obvious news from Tuesday’s 276-page Fiesta Bowl report is that longtime CEO John Junker was fired and is in major legal trouble, in part because of the eye-popping way his bowl game was run – $1,200 strip-joint bills tend to generate news interest. The real issue is that the BCS is doing what the Fiesta Bowl originally tried to do: conduct a shallow investigation and hope the party is allowed to rage on.”

Please, could someone explain to us how ANY college or university president could stand up and support the BCS after what Dan Wetzel and many others have revealed about the Bogus and Un-American BCS in the last few years and when the BCS runs directly counter to what college and university presidents tell us in person what they stand for when it comes to academics, their university, their school’s athletic teams with integrity and honesty being right at the top of what many of those very same presidents are demanding from their faculty, coaches, students and student-athletes?

The only answer to the above question is that it is impossible for a college or university president to stand-up for and support the Bogus and Un-American BCS and also stand for honesty and integrity at the institutions they run without being a Massive Hypocrite and therein lies the reason why the BCS is going to be tossed onto the dustbin of history and the Principles of the American Republic which begin and end with Americans having the opportunity to pursue their own happiness and achieve things in life without Sorry Bastards like these BCS SOBs standing in their way and hijacking something like the game of college football for their own greedy reasons.

Yes, it really is move to a 16-Team College Football Postseason Playoff in Major College Football that would give a shot to win the National Championship to all conference champions as is the case with EVERY other sport on EVERY college campus in America which we will call the…. EASY WAY

Or we will have to go what we will call the HARD WAY which like the taking down of Communism in the 1980s took an entire decade….but Communism and the evil Soviet Union came down as will the Bogus and Un-American BCS and the BCS will come down and in the end for the very same reason the Soviet Union did…

In our both opinion both were/are corrupt to the core that existed only to serve a very small group of very greedy insiders that didn’t give a Damn about their People or in the case of the Bogus BCS the coaches, student-athletes that play the game of college football and the fans that so fervently cheer for and follow their teams.

Yes, get ready for December Delirium (Yes, someone can probably do better than that) in your future and what a glorious future that will be as Major College Football moves to a system to settle its National Champion on the Field of Play and the Sorry SOBs that are behind and support the Bogus BCS will be sent into history just like those Bastards Soviets were with their heads between their legs and no doubt crying as they are led out the back door.


Big Ten – Now which Big Ten teams are in the Leaders and Legends divisions?

Quick…without looking recite which teams are in the Big Ten’s Leaders and Legends divisions?
Don’t have a clue?

Don’t feel bad, we don’t either which really drives home the point that the Big Ten dividing up their teams in something other than in a geographic way, East and West Divisions, was as foolish of a move as the ACC not dividing its conference into a North and South Divisions because to this day we don’t know which teams are which division in the ACC.
Here’s a request to the ACC from Coaches Hot Seat: Commish Swofford how about dividing the ACC into North and South divisions? Here is what that would look like after the addition of Pitt and Syracuse:

Boston College
Virginia Tech

Florida State
Georgia Tech
North Carolina
NC State
Wake Forest

Why put Duke in the ACC North division? Because Duke is the most different of the North Carolina schools and could fit easily in either division and also because Duke attracts a lot of non-athletic students from the Northeastern United States that have parents that can afford to pick up the cost of attending a high-quality school like Duke and the Blue Devils playing football in Boston, Pittsburgh, the New York area and near Washington DC every year would make a lot of Damn sense to the folks in the Duke admissions department (Not to mention that Duke head football coach David Cutcliffe would probably love to have Duke football in an ACC North division).

Well, just a thought and certainly much better than the Big Ten Leaders and Legends Divisions which break down like this…

Penn State
Ohio State

Michigan State

But should have looked like this…

Penn State
Ohio State
Michigan State


Please, can someone explain to us why the Big Ten did not divide geographically? Because the Big Ten didn’t want Michigan and Ohio State in the same division? Please, that is just dumb especially when Florida and Georgia and Alabama and Auburn…not even saying anything about Alabama and LSU being in the same divisions in the SEC Conference and we don’t notice the SEC suffering because of any those teams sharing divisions!

Damn, the mysteries and stupidity of Major College Football never cease!


US Senate Commerce Committee Concussion Hearing

The Senate Commerce Committee held a hearing on concussions in football on Wednesday that a few of us caught on C-Span and we have believed for awhile now that solving the problems of concussions in football will be a big issue in the coming years and could pose a threat to the game as youth, high school, college and NFL players continue to suffer concussions and leaders in intercollegiate athletics and the NCAA should be paying very close attention to and developing plans to address concussions and get ahead of this very important issue that is a concern to parents like us here at Coaches Hot Seat.
You can read about and watch this US Senate hearing on concussions at this C-Span webpage:

Senators Look Into Concussions in Sports, C-Span.org

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