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The Great Discriminators Issue a Statement…and We All Fall to the Ground to Worship….NOT – What the BCS is Costing Collegiate Athletics = Hundreds of Millions of $$$$$ – The US Open Teeing Off and the Great Payne Stewart

The Bogus and Incredibly Discriminatory BCS


The Great Discriminators, otherwise known here at Coaches Hot Seat as the BCS Boys, took some time away from their incredibly elaborate meetings at the 5-Star Broadmoor Resort…(while universities and colleges are tightening their belts and cutting expenses anywhere and everywhere)




…. to issue a statement on the Mountain West Conference proposal to change the BCS so that it is line with the principles (and laws) of the United States of America.  Yes, we here at Coaches Hot Seat do not believe that the BCS is right, or legal for that matter, for college football teams and conferences that represent publicly-funded institutions to discriminate against a group of our fellow citizens, but then we actually give a damn about the principles that our nation is founded upon.  As opposed to the people, the Great Discriminators that seem to enjoy running what is nothing less than a cartel that openly discriminates against teams that are not in the major football conferences and thus American citizens.


Getting to the statement put out by the Great Discriminators, Natalie Meisler of the Denver Post reported that John Swofford said in a statement that:


“”While some conference reports indicated possible interest in a future evaluation of elements of the proposal, specifically governance structure and revenue, there was no overall support for the proposal,””


Well, how nice.  The Great Discriminators, who are having a great time at a 5-Star Resort (The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, CO) while universities and university athletic departments are reigning in budgets and cutting expenses, put out a statement that “there was no overall support for the proposal (Mountain West proposal by MWC commish Craig Thompson).  Yes, that statement makes perfect sense, because it has been very clear to us here at Coaches Hot Seat for a long time now that there was only one way that George Wallace was going to be removed from the schoolhouse door at the University of Alabama, forcefully by the US government, and that the same method will have to be used to get the Great Discriminators to understand that it is not right, it is not fair, and in our minds, it is not legal to discriminate against our fellow citizens just to keep a bogus postseason propped up that is nothing more, and will never be anything more, than a series of meaningless and bogus exhibition games.  As for the argument that the bowls have been around for a long-time and that they must stay in the game of college football, we can only say that slavery was around for a long time and it took a Civil War to settle that issue, and it we are convinced that it will take US governmental action to get the Great Discriminators to understand their evil and very unfair ways with this Bogus BCS. 


Yes, evil ways, because we cannot imagine that any of the Great Discriminators would allow their children to be discriminated against in the way the BCS Boys do against a group of student-athletes just because they play in the “wrong” conference.  In every other I-A sport in collegiate athletics, every team and/or individual has the opportunity at the beginning of the season to play for the national title, except for college football, and that is very simply something that will be changed, Great Discriminators or not.  As for the major bowl executives that in our opinion care nothing about the game of college football, the players, the coaches, or even the institutions involved, except at how they can continue the bowls so they can continue to haul down big salaries and perks, we are going to give all of you a very good piece of free advice.  You had better bring the rest of your BCS Boys to their senses, or all of the major bowl executives might just very well find yourselves out of a bowl, and thus a job.  There is a window of opportunity to implement a postseason playoff system in college football that would include the major bowl games, but that window of opportunity is closing and if it closes college football will see a postseason tournament like very other tournament in collegiate athletics, and if the bowls do not get the BCS Boys to move soon, that new system will not include the major bowl games.


As for the minor bowls, they have nothing to fear from an 8 or 16 team playoff, because there will always be plenty of teams, coaches, players and fans that will get a thrill out of being rewarded for mediocrity.  Certainly any team that wins 6 games, or wins 7 games with a I-AA team on the schedule cannot be by definition be anything more than mediocre, but if bowl executives and others want to claim these mediocre teams have actually done something, go for it.  Just don’t come crying to us when the players on those teams enter the workforce and do mediocre work and wonder why no one is telling them how great they are.  No, don’t talk to us about the issue of rewarding mediocrity, because we see it every day in our lives and it is flat-out killing the United States of America.  Keep your bowls if you like, because the real action in America, as it should be, is about crowning a champion, something that the BCS cannot do in a legitimate way, because the BCS actually makes a mockery out of the game of college football by continue with this BCS foolishness.  Meaningless bowl games filled with 6 and 7 win teams is not what the United States of America should be about, but the Chinese are kicking our ass across the board right now, so maybe it is appropriate that we continue to reward mediocrity as Rome burns through the night. 


Later in Natalie Meisler’s Denver Post article on the Great Discriminators she writes:


“Western Athletic Conference commissioner Karl Benson declined to comment other than to say “the WAC supports the need for greater access and greater revenue distribution.””


Now, none of us have ever met Karl Benson, unlike almost all of the other BCS Boys, but if we were a member of football team in the WAC Conference, Karl Benson is not a man we would want representing us.  That also goes for every other “non-BCS” conference commissioner as well (save Craig Thompson), because all of them have been rolled by the BCS Boys to such a point that it is obvious to any real American that a group of student-athletes are being treated like “second-class” citizens by the Great Discriminators, but what can one really make of Karl Benson.  The WAC has been playing some very good to great football for a number of years now, and these undefeated WAC teams cannot get a shot at playing for the national championship.  Shameful, that is what Karl Benson and every other “non-BCS” conference commissioner should be feeling right now, because the student-athletes on the teams in their conferences have every right and opportunity to play for a national championship every year, but they do not have that chance right now, and that fact can be laid right at the feet of these commissioners.  As for Karl Benson, how can he possibly look at himself in the mirror in the morning?  Frankly, in our opinion, his lack of guts to stand up against the Great Discriminators is disgraceful.


Luckily for the game of college football, there is a commissioner that is actually representing the student-athletes on the football teams in his conference in an appropriate and strong way, and that is Craig Thompson of the Mountain West.  No, we do not agree with everything in Craig Thompson’s proposal to reform the BCS, but at least he is Man enough to stand up for the schools in his conference, something that Karl Benson is not willing to do, but Boise State (WAC member) president Bob Kustra will proudly do for all to see.  Here’s the kicker about Bob Kustra, he not only is willing to stand up for the Boise State student athletes (BCS system is fundamentally flawed, unfair), he is also doing a hellava job of running BSU and turning it into a world-class university.  Several of us here at Coaches Hot Seat get to Boise, Idaho on a regular basis for business and football games in the fall, and not only is Boise a great town, Boise State is quickly becoming a great place to send one’s kids to college, and that is not something that can be said by a whole lot of universities anymore.  (Bob Kustra does a radio show for the NPR station, New Horizons, so if you ever want to find out more about the man just check out one of the podcasts from a previous show)


We here at Coaches Hot Seat, because we have children that will be going off to college in the near and long-term future, appreciate people like Craig Thompson and Bob Kustra standing up for what is right and for the principles of the United States of America.


As for the Great Discriminators, all of you should be ashamed of yourselves and be assured that the BCS will fortunately be brought to an end, TV contracts or not.  As for the college presidents that are scheduled to meet to look over the recomendations of the BCS Boys, we only hope that you realize that if you continue to discriminate against a group of student-athletes and American citizens because they are not members of a certain group of conferences, we can only say, join the George Wallace bandwagon and how proud that must make all of you!



What the BCS is costing college football and collegiate athletics


Speaking of TV contracts, in 2007 and 2009 we here at Coaches Hot Seat did an analysis of what the BCS is costing college athletics instead of having a postseason playoff system like very other sport in collegiate athletics uses to determine their national champion and after consulting with some friends of our in New York that purchase media on networks and cable and with friends of our that work in the TV business, below are the real numbers of just what the BCS is costing collegiate athletics.  Yes, the current economy has lowered the numbers a bit over what we came up with a year ago, but still a postseason college football tournament that ran from the second week in December to the first week in January would very simply be the biggest sporting event in the United States of America, even surpassing the NFL, NBA, MLB and the NCAA Basketball Tournament.


We will work with the numbers for the next BCS contract and Rose Bowl games, which run from 2011 – 2014 (The below college football postseason tournament numbers are based upon on what we estimate would be the winning bid for the TV rights for a 16 and 8 team college football tournament):



2011 – 2014


ESPN BCS TV Contract:  $125 million per year

ESPN Rose Bowl TV Contract:  $37.5 million per year


Total Value BCS TV Contract 2011 – 2014:  $162.5


Total Value BCS TV Contract 2011 – 2014:  $650 million


Now let’s look at what a 16 and 8 team postseason college football tournament would generate from a TV contract:


16-Team College Football Postseason Tournament

2011 – 2014


16-Team Tournament TV Contract:  $450 million average per year


8 Total Value of 16-Team TV Contract 2011 – 2014:  $1.8 billion


8-Team College Football Postseason Tournament

2011 – 2014


8-Team Tournament TV Contract:  $300 million average per year


Total Value of 8-Team TV Contract 2011 – 2014:  $1.2 billion


So let’s see here.  On top of the Great Discriminators and college football use of the Bogus BCS that doesn’t even crown a legitimate national champion and treats a group of student-athletes like “second-class” citizens, the Bogus BCS COSTS collegiate athletics:


16-Team Tournament


$287.5 MILLION DOLLARS per year

$1.15 BILLION DOLLARS over a 4-year contract


8-Team Tournament


$137.5 MILLION DOLLARS per year

$550 MILLION DOLLARS over a 4-year contract


Throw in another $100 million per year or so in title, naming and marketing rights that a college football postseason tournament would generate that the Bogus BCS cannot and we are talking about some real money that the Bogus BCS is costing collegiate athletics.


Another great accomplishment by the Great Discriminators!  Way to go!  You are costing collegiate athletics something between HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS up to OVER A BILLION DOLLARS just over the life of an upcoming 4-year TV contract.  How proud all of you must be.


Add to the above numbers that the BCS has cost collegiate athletics somewhere north of $4 BILLION DOLLARS since its inception in 1998, and one wonders just what in hell the GREAT DISCRIMINATORS are thinking. 


How proud the GREAT DISCRIMINATORS must be that they are costing collegiate athletics all of this money, especially when athletic departments are cutting their budgets deeply just to keep their sports teams going.  And what are the Great Discriminators against?  A championship system that is used by every other sport in collegiate athletics.  We would call the Great Discriminators crazy, but we know them to be arrogant, greedy, and really only interested in holding power and the control of the money that comes with that power.  This has nothing to do with what is best for the game of college football or what is best for the student-athletes, this is about $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and POWER!


And for that, the Great Discriminators should be very ashamed.



The US Open Begins and the Great Payne Stewart


As we are writing this blog the first group is poised to tee off in the US Open at Bethpage Black Golf Course on Long Island in New York.  The first group is off at 4:00 AM Pacific Coast Time and the TV coverage on ESPN starts at 7:00 AM our time.  Most of us here at Coaches Hot Seat will have the tournament turned on at work the next couple of days and there really is nothing like the challenge that is the US Open Golf Championship.  Those of us that have DirecTV have the expanded coverage of the US Open on 4 different channels, so all we can say let’s tee this baby up!   Let’s just hope the weather turns out better than the forecast this week! 


Who do we like to win the US Open?  Since it is boring picking Tiger Woods, we are pulling for Phil Michelson to win the ’09 in a thriller!  Give ‘em Hell Phil!


Of course, when we here at Coaches Hot Seat think about the US Open one of the first people that comes to our mind was the Great Payne Stewart.  It was 10 years ago at the US Open at Pinehurst that we all watched Payne beat Phil Michelson on the last green and then only a few months later when his plane took off on that doomed flight.  Most of us remember where we were on that terrible October day in 1999 and for the lucky few of us that got to run into Payne during our lives, we can only say that he was a great golfer and a hellava guy.  In early 1999 Payne Stewart won the AT&T golf tournament at Pebble Beach and watching him win that tournament was both a joy and a great motivator to us, because Payne Stewart loved to win and he loved life.  The things that stand out when those of us here at Coaches Hot Seat think of Payne Stewart was his competiveness and will to win, his passion for life, and his love for his family and friends.


A Hell of a Man, Payne Stewart 1957 – 1999