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Gary Pinkel Pulls A “Forrest Gump” in Columbia, Missouri – Geez, Now That Was STUPID! – Bob Davie Hired at New Mexico – Four Pieces of Advice For Bob Davie – The Mike Leach Conundrum – Would We Hire Mike Leach If We Were A Current Athletic Director At…..?

Missouri HC Gary Pinkel Gets DWI – “Stupid Is A Stupid Does”

Something we will never be able to reconcile here at Coaches Hot Seat is people that are in the public eye, that know they are in the public eye, that are tasked with teaching and/or coaching our young people…AND…are paid enormous amounts of money, $2.7 Million Dollars a year in Missouri head coach Gary Pinkel’s case, and they for some reason do not have the common sense after drinking ANY amount of alcohol to leave their car where it is parked and either call some or come pick them up or call a cab to take them home.

What would it have cost Gary Pinkel to catch a cab to take him almost anywhere in Columbia, Missouri?

Well, the Columbia Taxi Service charges $2.00 to get in the cab and $2.50 per mile so let’s say Pinkel would have ridden in the cab for 50 miles which has got to be the MAX distance for a cab ride in the city of Columbia, Missouri it would have cost Pinkel:

$127 Dollars

According to the Columbia Daily Tribune….

Pinkel suspended one week without pay, Dave Matter, Columbia Daily Tribune

…the DWI that Gary Pinkel got will cost him:



Pinkel is suspended from coaching Missouri’s home game this week against Texas Tech.

That is what one would call STUPID with a capital S!

For about the 5 th time in this Blog since Coaches Hot Seat cranked up in January 2007 we will go over some very simple rules for people in the public eye relative to drinking alcohol (If you are doing illegal drugs you are already beyond help and you deserve to be caught and fired from your job because only a REAL Moron does illegal drugs):

1. If you are going to drink….YOU DO NOT DRIVE…even if you only had ONE drink.

2. If you are a person that drinks alcohol from time-to-time then you need a couple of people that are close to you that you can call that will come and pick you up understanding that you are a person in the public eye and thus cannot afford to risk being caught drinking and driving. For a college head football coach that would ideally be a family member and member of the coaching staff, both of which should be able to pick you up without complaining and people that will keep your confidences.

3. If you have been drinking and for some reason the two people on your pick-up and take home list are not available then you should call a cab to take you home and if a cab is not available then do as we have done many times here at Coaches Hot Seat and pay someone at the restaurant or bar to take you home as long as they have not been drinking also….and make sure you tip that person well for their efforts.

Is the above simple enough?

If not, keep these two numbers in your head:





A tremendous amount of embarrassment for Gary Pinkel, his family, the Missouri athletics program, the University of Missouri and the Missouri fans and alumni.

Someone cue Forrest Gump: “Stupid Is As Stupid Does.”

That was “Stupid” Gary and this “Pinkel Fiasco” should be a great lesson for everyone in America that is in the public eye or not.

As for Coaches Hot Seat we have a very few simple rules when we get together:

1. When you enter Coaches Hot Seat Central or one of our houses for a party there is always a large bowl or basket that EVERYONE that is going to drink tosses their car keys into.

2. Any of us that has more than 2 drinks, remember we are not the head football coach at a major university, then has his keys placed into a locked drawer because he is not driving home and either his wife will come and pick him up (most of the time the wife will come and pick us up….but not always!) or the CHS Member will get a ride from a friend that has not been drinking or the CHS Member will call a cab.

There are a few of us here at Coaches Hot Seat that are under employment contracts that call for immediate firing if arrested for driving under the influence while driving under any circumstances and with that reality in mind some here might say that Gary Pinkel….

Got Off Easy.


Bob Davie Hired by New Mexico

We have been hearing for years from our contacts at ESPN that Bob Davie was looking to get back into coaching and since Davie has been living in the Phoenix area for a number of years it makes sense that the New Mexico job would be attractive to him and from the list of candidates that we heard that the Lobos were considering Bob Davie was probably the best hire they could have made….unless they chose Davie over Mike Leach….but we could never confirm is Leach was ever seriously considered by New Mexico or not so that may have been a non-issue (more on Mike Leach in a moment).

Everyone here at Coaches Hot Seat is old enough to remember Bob Davie’s head coaching stint at Notre Dame, 1997 – 2001, when Davie put up an overall record of…

35 – 25

..and yearly records of…

1997: 7 – 6
1998: 9 – 3
1999: 5 – 7
2000: 9 – 3
2001: 5 – 6

Of course, anyone that knows anything about Notre Dame football understands the above records are not acceptable in South Bend and they will only be marginally acceptable at New Mexico where the standard has been set by Rocky Long (1999 – 2008)….

SIX .500 or better seasons in his last 7 years at UNM

…and Dennis Franchione (1992 – 1997)

TWO winning seasons in his last 2 years at UNM

Which makes the standard that Bob Davie will have to meet at New Mexico somewhere in the neighborhood of…

.500 or better seasons in almost every year and a bowl game trip


Competitive in the Mountain West Conference which New Mexico was under both Franchione and Long.

Those don’t seem to us to be over-taxing standards that will have to be met by Bob Davie at New Mexico and if he can somehow win the conference title like Franchione did once and Long almost did four times then Davie will be considered a success by New Mexico fans and will be able to coach in Albuquerque for a decade or so if he wishes.

Bob Davie is a nice but confident…borderline cocky guy who has gotten much better over the years with his TV work at ESPN and if Davie has one Achilles Heel it would be his sometimes overbearing personality which to us comes off as someone that is confident in his own ability, but to some can come off to people as being a Pompous, Arrogant Ass. We are not saying that Bob Davie is a Pompous, Arrogant Ass, only that some people might perceive Davie to be a Pompous, Arrogant Ass and that is a reality that Bob Davie should keep in mind.

Anyway, someone with a career coaching record, at Notre Dame, of 35 – 25 over 5 seasons…7 wins a year…should not be blabbing to anyone about what great things they did at Notre Dame since the janitor that cleans the football building in South Bend could easily win 6 games a year coaching the Irish.

Since several of us here at Coaches Hot Seat have spent a decent amount of time in New Mexico, mainly in and around the cities of Albuquerque and Santa Fe, we rather like the people, the country, the landscapes, the culture and the food in The Land of Enchantment and the folks that follow University of New Mexico football deserve at least a decent team to cheer for and hopefully Bob Davie can get things done in Albuquerque…BUT….if he doesn’t Bob knows he will end up on something that did not exist in 2001, but something Bob would have been on during his last year at Notre Dame.

The Hot Seat!

We are certainly not going to recommend what kind of offense or defense Bob Davie should run at New Mexico or how he should coach his team….BUT…we will give Bob Davie FOUR pieces of advice:

1. As Plato once said: “The beginning is the most important part of the work.”

Applying Plato to taking over a college football program in the early 21 st century means…although it is a little different with Davie since he is not really the head coach yet so we mean when he fully takes over when the season ends….is that the “most important” time for a new head football coach is..

The First 10 Minutes
The First Hour
The First Day
The First Month
The First…

“The beginning is the most important part of the work,” because “the beginning” sets the tone for everything that follows.

2. Don’t make any unnecessary enemies at the University of New Mexico or in the news media: This one is very important for Bob Davie because it would be very easy for him to say things like, “We did or didn’t do it this way at Notre Dame or Texas A&M,” which is useless since Bob Davie is the head football coach at the University of New Mexico and not at Notre Dame or Texas A&M. Do it the way it should be done at the University of New Mexico and only use your time at Notre Dame and A&M as experiences that you can drawn upon which really means not making the same mistakes you made at those places again because making the same mistake twice is….Dumb.

On this not making enemies point we will put a special emphasis on not making any enemies with the news media in Albuquerque or New Mexico but rather in the early going Davie should do all he can to enlist the news media to be his partner to help build up the New Mexico football brand. If someone asks you (Davie) a stupid question about football or something you might do in the future just blow it off and answer their question in a polite way and make a point of building strong…but not too close….relationships with members of the news media, because down the road a year or two you made need these folks in your corner when times get tough…and you find yourself on the…..Hot Seat!

Most of all don’t make any unnecessary enemies in the news media over BS things that mean nothing at all and don’t trust anyone’s assessment of people in the media from folks that work at the University of New Mexico, because things have been on and off in recent years between UNM athletics and the local media folks and if you were employing us for PR advice right now we would recommend reaching out, getting to know and answering all the questions that come your way from the news media in the fullest and most polite way possible and generally kiss the news media’s ass for the next 6 months or so.

3. If you like barbeque in a great atmosphere visit the two locations of Rudy’s Barbeque and Country Store that are in the Albuquerque area where the eating is good, the people are friendly, the picnic tables and self-service drinks, napkins and utensils are ideal, and sports is always on the flat screens! You cannot beat Rudy’s Barbeque and Country Store which is our second home when we are down Albuquerque-way and when you are at Rudy’s by yourself or with your family or at any other public places talk the folks up on Lobos football.

4. A great and convenient place to get away is the Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort & Spa which is about 25 miles north of Albuquerque and is our home away from home when we are in the part of New Mexico. The resort is great, the restaurants are great, the golf is great, the pools are great, the views are great and the people are terrific and what our wives really like is that their spa is great. Yes, the place is great and a terrific destination for people besides Bob Davie and his family as well!

There you have it Bob (Davie) our humble advice as you take over the New Mexico football program and of course we again leave you with something that should provide that little extra amount of motivation for you…

Yes, you got it….If you don’t get the job done at New Mexico you know what awaits…

The Hot Seat!

Hell, that motivates us and we are not taking over the New Mexico head coaching job!

Good Luck to you Bob Davie!


The Mike Leach Conundrum

One of the more interesting debates here at Coaches Hot Seat is whether former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach will get a new head coaching job during this Firing – Hiring of college coaches cycle and the opinions of Coaches Hot Seat Members are all over the board on whether Leach will get another shot this year to lead a college football program but we are Unanimous on whether Mike Leach should get another shot as a head football coach and that opinion is….


First the FACTS as Joe Friday used to say:

Mike Leach

Age: 50

Assistant coach at several schools up until 1991 and then the offensive coordinator at Valdosta State, Kentucky (Under Hal Mumme at both schools) and then the OC at Oklahoma under Bob Stoops.

Head coach at Texas Tech (2000 – 2009) – 10 Seasons

2000: 7 – 6
2001: 7 – 5
2002: 9 – 5
2003: 8 – 5
2004: 8 – 4
2005: 9 – 3
2006: 8 – 5
2007: 9 – 4
2008: 11 – 2
2009: 8 – 4

Overall: 84 – 43  (.661)
Big 12: 47 – 33  (.588)

An average of 8.4 wins per year.

Yes, that is Pretty Damn Good coaching record at Texas Tech especially considering that the legendary head coach Spike Dykes’ overall record at Tech was….

82 – 67 – 1  (.547)

Clearly, Mike Leach can coach the game of football and he put on the field at Texas Tech one of the most innovative offenses in recent college football history so what gives with Mike Leach not already being hired to be the head coach at another school already?

First, there is the affliction that Mike Leach has which we will call the “Steve Spurrier Disease” which means there is no filter between Mike’s brain and his mouth which can be a GOOD and BAD thing. Steve Spurrier has sure won a lot of games even though he is the namesake for the “Steve Spurrier Disease,” and Mike Leach has won a lot so maybe having the “Steve Spurrier Disease” isn’t that bad after all. One note of caution though: There is NO cure for the “Steve Spurrier Disease” and thus when you hire Steve Spurrier or Mike Leach expect to hear lots of Damn things that pop into their heads and then come immediately out of their mouths and when something strange comes out of their mouths just shake your head and say….

“There’s that Damn “Steve Spurrier Disease” thing again.”

Then laugh and move on.

There is one sure-fire way to shut Steve Spurrier up though….

Beat his ass in golf. That shuts Steve up and often leaves him speechless in the clubhouse after the round!

Secondly, there is the messy break-up with Texas Tech which was caused in our opinion by an AD and President at Tech that didn’t like Leach because they were forced to give him a new contract after the 2008 season after Tech went 11 – 1 in the regular season which we believe led to some bad blood and then Leach’s firing a year later over some Bogus charges.

Is the entire Texas Tech – Mike Leach mess something the administrators at another school should consider when thinking about hiring Mike Leach?

Yes, for about 2 seconds. There are/were some Arrogant Asses at Texas Tech that didn’t understand they had a head coach that deserved a new contract after that great 2008 season and some good ole’ Texas boys that didn’t know their asses from the side of a barn and had nothing else to do rose up and fired Leach and what have they gotten for their Idiocy?

Tommy Tuberville now in his 2 nd year at Texas Tech

Overall Record: 13 – 10
Big 12 Record: 5 – 10

Yes, those are some Mighty Stupid People at Texas Tech.

OK, forget the Texas Tech – Mike Leach mess because it is pointless to consider.

What about the litigation against Texas Tech and ESPN?

If were going to offer a head coaching job to Mike Leach we would probably tell him that to get the job he would have to drop all litigation against Tech, ESPN or anyone else about his departure from Texas Tech. A school doesn’t need a head coach tied up in litigation and if Mike Leach wouldn’t drop the lawsuits we would probably move on to another candidate unless we could be convinced by OUR attorneys that the cases had merit and should go forward.

Now, we said that Mike Leach deserves an opportunity to be a head football coach again….BUT….would we hire Leach at EVERY job now that now has an opening which is and might be….

Penn State, Mississippi, Tulane, Arizona FAU, and probably Ohio State, North Carolina, UCLA, Colorado State, Washington State, UAB, Fresno State and maybe a few others it all of the above schools get into the head coaching market this year:


Would we hire Mike Leach if were the AD at….

Penn State? NO.

Penn State needs an entire new fresh start with a big name coach that can bring lots of change to the program and Mike Leach would not be the person for what is going to be a very tough Damn job.

Arizona? Probably Not

We know a few Arizona boosters personally and they are “iffy” on Mike Leach and Leach might not fit that well with Arizona AD Greg Byrne, but if the folks in Tucson were willing to take a chance on Leach we believe he would win big at Arizona.

Ohio State? NO.

Mike Leach in Columbus? Oh, that would be great fun to watch but that would be like oil on fire and in water! If Ohio State wants the next Woody Hayes they will hire Bo Pelini. If they want another Tressel like character they will hire Urban Meyer. An intriguing hire might be TCU’s Gary Patterson but Gary might have a better gig in Ft. Worth. No Mike Leach though.

North Carolina? NO.

Mike Leach in Chapel Hill? That is like Jimmy Buffett in Chapel Hill…Not a good match!


Mike Leach in Los Angeles at buttoned-down UCLA? A match made in Heaven in our opinion, that is if the Bruins fire Neuheisel, but we rather doubt that a man with a Massive Ego, UCLA AD Dan Guerrero, could co-exist with someone else in Westwood with a Big Ego, Mike Leach. But it would be great fun to watch though…and Mike Leach would win BIG at UCLA…and the Kiffin family would hate to see that hire! (Side Note: UCLA should have hired Mike Leach in 2008 when they hired Neuheisel and in our opinion Bruins football would be winning BIG right now!) (Side Note II: We are still pulling for you Rick so get of your ass and beat Colorado and those Damn Kiffins!)

Colorado State? YES.

Colorado State and Mike Leach are a perfect fit because Ft. Collins is a nice sized town where Leach could disappear if he wanted to and the Rams would win BIG under Leach.

Tulane? YES.

Mike Leach and New Orleans? Got Perfect? Talk about a place where what one says or does not matter New Orleans is that place! Mike Leach would win BIG at Tulane and everyone would have great fun in the process.


FAU has a new stadium, a growing fan base, is in South Florida which all adds up to PERFECT fit for Mike Leach and the Pirate ship! Got Pirate near water and only just up Highway 1 from where he now lives in Key West? Why yes FAU does!

Washington State? Probably Not.

Mike Leach would win BIG at Washington State but he would probably not like the weather and he would not fit in that great with the folks up there in Eastern Washington…in our humble opinion that is.

Mississippi? YES.

WE would hire Mike Leach at Ole Miss, but we rather doubt Archie Manning would recommend hiring Mike Leach in Oxford. A few of us here at Coaches Hot Seat have been around Archie a few times, without him knowing we were involved with CHS of course, and Archie Manning and Mike Leach just don’t go together….BUT…Arching Manning likes to WIN and Mike Leach would WIN at Ole Miss. Just a Note for the folks at Ole Miss: Nick Saban, Les Miles, Bobby Petrino, Dan Mullen and Gene Chizik would HATE to see Mike Leach hired at Ole Miss which is a good determining factor in who a school SHOULD hire!


If UAB could get Mike Leach they should have already fired Neil Callaway and hired Leach. Hell, we would have fired Neil Callaway AFTER the Southern Miss game last night and we would have said to him when firing him something like:

“So you can beat UCF and Southern Miss….BUT…you can’t beat Tulane, East Carolina, Troy and Marshall? Get your stuff together….YOU’RE FIRED!”

Fresno State? YES.

If Pat Hill is fired Fresno State would be very lucky to land Mike Leach, but we are not convinced that Pat Hill should be fired yet.

There has been some talk this week in various news media outlets that Dennis Erickson at Arizona State, Ron Zook at Illinois and Greg McMackin at Hawaii are on the Hot Seat.

Would we hire Mike Leach at Arizona State, Illinois or Hawaii?

YES to all of the above.

So judging by the above comments we would hire Mike Leach at most schools in America right now, save Penn State and Ohio State which are particular worlds unto their own and would be bad fits for the Pirate?

Yes, that is right.

For those college ADs and presidents that are considering hiring Mike Leach we would recommend two things written by the Great Michael Lewis who first profiled Mike Leach for the New York Times Magazine in 2005 and then followed up with an article in the NY Times in 2005.

Here are those Michael Lewis pieces which are great reading about the REAL Mike Leach:

Coach Leach Goes Deep, Very Deep, Michael Lewis, New York Times Magazine, December 4, 2005

Texas Tech at the Top? Michael Lewis Isn’t Surprised, Michael Lewis, New York Times, November 13, 2008

Guess what the first school that hires Mike Leach is going to get?

A WINNING Football Program….that graduates its players.

That’s enough for us…

YES, someone should hire Mike Leach

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