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#9 Hot Seat – Billy Napier – Florida


Please step up on the stage and give these Hot Seat Coaches Hell Johnny!

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#9 Hot Seat – Billy Napier – Florida

Coming off a 6 – 7 record in 2022 in his first season as the Head Coach at Florida we have reminded ourselves that Nick Saban went 7 – 6 in his first season at Alabama but Billy isn’t Nick and Alabama in 2007 isn’t Florida in 2022 and this ain’t gonna be easy righting this ship in Gainesville mainly because the SEC is much more of a Bear in every way today than it was when Saban took over at Alabama.

The Biggest Issue facing Napier is that the Florida Gators Roster is about the 7 th or 8 th Best Roster in the SEC Conference right now and that’s why the Gators 2023 schedule is going to be Tough to Navigate…Very Tough!

At Utah
At Kentucky
At South Carolina
Georgia in Jacksonville
At Missouri
Florida State

We don’t see the Gators winning in Salt Lake City and they will beat McNeese which makes that Tennessee game in Week 3 the Pivotal Game on Florida’s 2023 schedule because a win over the Vols in this spot and they should be…

3 – 1

…heading to Lexington on September 30 and Kentucky always has a tough time beating the Gators at home or on the road.

Overall, this looks like another 6 Win Season for Florida in 2023 to us and can Billy Napier post back-to-back 6 Wins Seasons in Gainesville and keep his job?

The folks in Gainesville may have no choice but to swallow 2 straight .500 seasons because to buyout Billy it would probably be $10M+ and you then head to 2024 with your Head Coach still on the Hot Seat and how exactly do you get out of this Mediocrity?

You Gotta Take A Jump = Leapfrog Ahead of where you should be and to date we just haven’t seen Billy Napier doing anything at Florida like what Nick Saban did at Alabama to Leapfrog anyone else in the SEC and that reality has got to scare the Hell outta the folks in Gainesville with the SEC only getting Tougher in 2024 with Texas and Oklahoma coming into the Conference!

Let’s Play Football!

#10 Hot Seat – Mike Bloomgren – Rice


We never tire of hearing from the Great Johnny Cash!

Thank You Johnny!

#10 Hot Seat – Mike Bloomgren – Rice

Mike Blooomgren has now been the Head Coach at Rice for 5 seasons posting records of…

2018:  2 – 11
2019:  3 – 9
2020:  2 – 3
2021:  4 – 8
2022:  5 – 8

…which shows improvement but still Bloomgren’s Overall Records at Rice stand at >

Overall:  16 – 39
Conference:  12 – 25

Hardly inspiring and now going into his 6 th season and Rice entering the American Athletic Conference this is going to be a challenging year indeed for the Owls with this schedule >

At Texas
Texas Southern
At South Florida
East Carolina
At Tulsa
At Charlotte
Florida Atlantic

That looks like 4 Wins to us and the real question here is >

Can Mike Bloomgren survive another losing season which would make 6 for 6 losing seasons at Rice?

We haven’t a clue if Bloomgren can survive that or not because we haven’t a clue what Rice’s goals are with its football program!

Just Existence?
Nothing Really?

No idea but…

Let’s Play Football!

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