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Post Week 4 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings – Come On Out Johnny and Say Hello To June Carter From Us!


Goodness Gracious what a Hellacious Week 4 of College Football that was and God Bless America for allowing all of this CFB Madness to roll on down the track and with that let’s bring out the Great Johnny Cash to give these Hot Seat Coaches Hell!

Thank You Johnny and say Hello and Give Our Best to June Carter!

Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

1.  Jeff Hafley, Boston College – With the loss to Louisville at home Jeff Hafley’s record at BC now stand at…

Overall:  16 – 23
ACC:  9 – 19

…and this train is still going to the same place which is into the river at the next bridge unless someone on Chestnut Hill does something and quick!

BC now at 1 – 3 on the season has left…

At Army
At Georgia Tech
At Syracuse
Virgina Tech
At Pitt

…and if the Eagles are going to get another win this season it will against Virginia at home on Saturday and for Damn Sure….

Don’t Lose this game Son!

2.  Brent Pry, Virgina Tech – We are not quite sure what Brent Pry is doing at Virginia Tech but for Damn Sure his ass isn’t acting like the Head Coach of a proud Hokies football program and someone better tell Pry soon that…

Life Is Right Damn Now Son

…or his ass is going to get run right out of Blacksburg as a Total Failure and we talking sometime in the next few weeks!

So far in 2023 Virginia Tech looks like a…

Totally Un-Coached Football Team

…and Pry’s ass is making $4,000,000 a year to do what exactly because for Damn Sure his ass is not coaching the Hokies!

Pry’s records now stand at…

Overall:  4 – 11
ACC:  1 – 6

…and the Hokies are 1 – 3 in 2023 with games left that look like what….2 more wins…maybe?

At Florida State
Wake Forest
At Louisville
At Boston College
NC State
At Virginia

If Coaches Hot Seat was the AD at Virginia Tech right now we would call Pry in our office today and say >

“Son…either this Hokies team starts playing football or I am going to run your ass right out of this town starting with the Pitt game on Saturday. Right now you are a Total Embarrassment to Virginia Tech and Football in America and it’s time for you to start earning the over $6,000,000 we have already paid you! Beat Pitt or I am going to fire your ass on the field after the game and if you can’t handle this heat then resign right now and you got 30 minutes to get off this campus!”

3.  Ken Wilson, Nevada – Nevada gave an increasingly tough Texas State a good football game on Saturday but that’s another loss for Ken Wilson and his records in Reno now stand at…

Overall:  2 – 14
MWC:  0 – 8

…and things don’t get any easier with a road game at Fresno State on Saturday which more than likely gonna be a Loss which sets-up a…

Beat UNLV at Home on October 14 or This Party is Over!

4.  Dave Aranda, Baylor – Dave Aranda is a nice enough of a guy with a great back story to work his way up to where he is at today, but one would think that Dave would understand that you cannot just sit around and keep doing the same things over and over and again an expect the world to not adapt and change and take advantage of you…

Arrogantly Sitting On Your Ass Doing Damn Nothing!

Yep…right now Dave Aranda is a Massively Arrogant Coach that really does believe he has an advantage over others for lots of reasons but we got some news for you Dave Boy…

You Sitting Around On Your Ass Doing Damn Nothing is going to get your ass run right out of Waco!

Your ass has to actually WORK Dave Aranda and just sitting in your office or any amount of “X” hours is not work Son but rather you MUST…

Get Ahead of Your Opponents and your Offense and Defense at Baylor…

Both Easily Damn Defeated now because…Your Ass Is Lazy As Hell Son!

With the loss to Texas on Saturday Aranda and Baylor now…

3 – 7

…in their last 10 Games and without any changes in Waco what’s left on Baylor’s schedule is scary…very scary >

Texas Tech
At Cincinnati
Iowa State
At Kansas State
West Virginia

Can now 1 – 3 Baylor even get 6 wins in 2023?

Not Likely and but Very Likely come late November Dave Aranda will be sitting in his office still wondering why his football team only won 3 games in 2023…and that’s Pitiful….Mighty Damn Pitiful Son!

5.  Jimbo Fisher, Texas A&M – Jimbo and the Aggies got their Must Win over Auburn in Week 4 but here comes the Most Important 6 Game Stretch in Jimbo’s time in Aggieland starting with a game against Arkansas on Saturday in Dallas >

Arkansas – Dallas
At Tennessee
South Carolina
At Ole Miss
Mississippi State
Abilene Christian

Any other Texas A&M Head Coach with the amount of $$$ that Jimbo has been paid and has been invested in Aggies Football the last 6 years which easily exceeds….

$100M+ Dollars

…would have the Aggies rolling right now and if Jimbo isn’t able to put…

10 Wins Minimum

…up on the board in 2023 then please tell us now..

What in the Hell is the point of all this beyond just accepting Total Damn Mediocrity?

You given Bozo the Clown $100M and his ass won 10+ games in Season 6 in Aggieland so for Damn Sure Jimbo should be doing that as well!

6.  Danny Gonzales, New Mexico – The Lobos got a win over UMass in overtime on Saturday in a Hot Seat vs Hot Seat Coaching Match-Up but the…

Days of Cupcakes and Roses are over for New Mexico

….because Mountain West Conference play now begins and it ain’t an easy start with game at Wyoming on Saturday!

Danny Gonzales is now sitting on records of…

Overall:  9 – 26
MWC:  3 – 20

….and one has got to think that Danny will need 6 Wins Minimum to hang onto the New Mexico job so he’s gotta find at least 4 wins in these remaining 8 games and in your 4 th year on the job…that shouldn’t be that Damn hard!

At Wyoming
San Jose State
At Nevada
At Boise State
At Fresno State
Utah State

Geez…if you can’t beat New Mexico State at home how in the Hell you gonna win 4 of those games the Cowboy sitting on the fence with a Budweiser in his hand asks no one in particular?

7.  Butch Jones, Arkansas State – Ole Butch Jones Arkansas State team whipped Southern Miss at home on Saturday which has us wondering just what in the Hell is going on at Southern Miss and the now 2 – 2 Red Wolves have another winnable game at UMass on Saturday!

There’s just No Damn Reason Earth why Arkansas State shouldn’t roll UMass so don’t lose this one Butch!

8.  Mike Bloomgren, Rice – Just when you think Ole Mike might have something rolling at Rice after winning 2 straight games they go on the road to South Florida and the Owls got their asses whipped and now Rice is 2 – 2 on the season and really needing to beat East Carolina at home on Saturday or this train could again be headed to Loserville USA for 6 straight years which is exactly how many years Ole Mike been coaching at Rice!

No…don’t lose to East Carolina at home on Saturday Ole Mike Son!

9.  Neal Brown, West Virginia – Hey now West Virgnia has won 2 straight games and Head Coach Neal Brown is striking to get his ass off the Hot Seat but the now 3 – 1 Mountaineers have to go on the road in the Big 12 which can be a doozy at times and the next 2 weeks are games against…

At Houston

That ain’t gonna be easy!

A Birdie in West Virginia tells us Neal Brown needs 8 Wins in 2023 to return to coach WVU in 2024 so can the Mountaineers win 5 of their last games against…

At Houston
Oklahoma State
At Oklahoma
At Baylor

Doubtful…Mighty Damn Doubtful!

10.  Justin Wilcox, California – Justin Wilcox is now in his 7 th season as the Head Coach at Cal and these records….

Overall:  32 – 38
Pac-12:  17 – 33

….ain’t so good and in fact they are a Total Disaster!

After getting CRUSHED at Washington by the Huskies the now 2 – 2 Cal Bears continue on with Pac-12 play with games left against…

Arizona State
Oregon State
At Utah
At Oregon
Washington State
At Stanford

Damn…this is gonna be ugly now isn’t it?

We gotta think that Wilcox has gotta get 6 Wins in 2023 to return to coach the Bears in 2024 but how in the Hell is Cal gonna win 4 of their last 8 games with that schedule?

Well for Damn Sure to have any Damn chance to do that they gotta beat Arizona State on Saturday….they just gotta!

11.  Billy Napier, Florida – The Gators got a win over Cupcake Charlotte at home on Saturday so that’s…

2 Total Cupcake Wins for Gators in 2023

…and now the meat of the SEC Conference Schedule is coming right at Billy Boy and Florida with game….

At Kentucky

…on Saturday!

This is really a game that Florida should NEVER LOSE but why is it that everyone at Coaches Hot Seat thinks the Cats are gonna beat the Gators who will be 3 – 2 then with these games left to be played >

At South Carolina
Georgia in Jacksonville
At Missouri
Florida State

Anyone else thinking that the Gators will have to beat FSU to get bowl eligible this season?

Thought so!

12.  Brent Venables, Oklahoma – We said before the season that Brent Venables would need 8 Wins Minimum in the 2023 Regular Season to get off the Hot Seat and the Sooners are halfway there with a win over Cincinnati and now OU has left…

Iowa State
Texas in Dallas
At Kansas
At Oklahoma State
West Virginia

Clearly OU has gotta be no worse than…

6 – 1

…when they travel to play at Kanas on October 28 and that means the Sooners gotta hold serve at home against Iowa State and UCF in the coming weeks and if they beat Texas in the Red River Shootout then that’s just extra gravy on the mashed potatoes!

Don’t lose to Iowa State on Saturday Brent…just don’t do it Son!

Let’s Play Football!