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Post Week 5 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings – Come On Out Johnny and Bring Ring of Fire With You! – Thanks Mr. Cash!


Week 5 of College Football is in the books and Week 6 is already underway and we here at Coaches Hot Seat need to get off our Lazy Asses and get the Post Week 5 Coaches Hot Seat Ranking Analysis out and here it is so let’s bring out the Great Johnny Cash!

Thank You Johnny!

Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

1.  Ken Wilson, Nevada – Ken Wilson won his first 2 games at Nevada and he’s now lost 15 Straight Games and if that won’t put your ass in the #1 Hot Seat then nothing will and the #1 Hot Seat is where Wilson now finds his ass!

Now at 0 – 5 on the season Nevada-Reno things don’t get any easier and we are starting to wonder if UNR will win a game in 2023!

At San Diego State
New Mexico
At Utah State
At Colorado State

Well….UNR has a shot at beating New Mexico and Hawaii at home and it would be really great if they beat UNLV at home on October 14 but really now this looks like…

3 Wins Top for UNR in 2023 and that…ain’t very good in Year 2 on the job!

2.  Danny Gonzales, New Mexico – The Lobos Offense is a Helluva Lot Better in 2023 than it has been in recent years which gives New Mexico a chance to win some games but this Offensive Revival may have come too late for Danny Gonzales and the time is now to….

Attack, Attack, and Attack some more Danny!

Now at 2 – 3 on the season Gonzales and New Mexico really need 6 Wins in 2023 and they got left on the schedule…

San Jose State
At Nevada
At Boise State
At Fresno State
Utah State

Hell…if Gonzales can’t win 4 of these 7 games his ass should be fired after 4 years on the job!

3.  Billy Napier, Florida – Billy, Billy, Billy, Billy, Billy…what in the Hell exactly was that against Kentucky Son?

Can we get a Welfare Check on Billy Napier because after watching Billy Boy during and after the Kentucky game we are wondering if Billy Boy is still alive and amongst us the living! Billy looks barely awake and his ass is the…

The Head Coach of the Florida Gators! Wake the Hell Up Billy Boy!

Billy Napier is now 9 – 9 in 18 games in 2 years at Florida and with the loss to UK 3 – 2 on the season with these games left…

At South Carolina
Georgia – Jacksonville
At Missouri
Florida State

Well…if Billy Boy loses to Vandy on Saturday he will surely be fired on the field right after the game so that’s a Win we are assuming but how many Wins can the Gators really get in 2023?

5….maybe 6?

This is Freaking Florida Gators Football and in Year 2 we are talking…

5…maybe 6 Wins?

Hell…we the sure the Hell not going to tolerate that Crapola nor would Any Real Gator!

4.  Tom Allen, Indiana – Tommy, Tommy, Tommy, Tommy….Tommy…what in the Hell was that 44 – 17 loss to Maryland Son?

The Hoosiers after that Debacle against the Terps are now 2 – 3 on the season and things are not getting any easier for Indiana now!

At Michigan
At Penn State
At Illinois
Michigan State
At Purdue

Damn….how in Hell is Indiana going to get to 6 Wins in 2023 when Tommy really needs 6 Wins to keep this train rolling in Bloomington?

Ain’t gonna be easy at all!

5.  Dana Holgorsen, Houston – Now in his 5 th season at Houston Dana Holgorsen is sitting on records of…

Overall:  29 – 23
Conference:  18 – 14

….but most of that was before Houston got into the Big 12 Conference where there aren’t lots of Cupcakes you have more talent than like Dana faced in the AAC so this is about to get Interesting…Really Interesting in Houston!

Houston is now 2 – 3 on the season with these games left to be played…

West Virginia
At Kansas State
At Baylor
Oklahoma State

Boy…these next 2 games are just Freaking Everything for Holgorsen and West Virginia and the Cougs lose these 2 games then this season will have been lost and for Damn Sure Houston better not lose this game to West Virginia on Thursday – October 12 with Texas coming to town aright after WVU!

No…don’t lose this one to the Mountaineers Dana!

6.  Jeff Hafley, Boston College – Jeff Hafley and Boston College really needed a Win and luckily Hapless Virginia showed up in Week 5 to get the Eagles that Win but now it’s back to Real Football for BC and here is what the 2 – 3 Eagles have left in 2023 >

At Army
At Georgia Tech
At Syracuse
Virginia Tech
At Pitt

That looks like 3 to 4 Wins for Jeff Hafley in Year 4 on the job at Boston College and that ain’t good…that ain’t good at all!

7.  Brent Pry, Virginia Tech – It was nice to see the Hokies actually…

Play Football

…against Pitt on Saturday which they haven’t done much under Brent Pry the last 2 seasons and now we interested to see if Pry can keep this going…..

The Playing of the Game of Football that is!

The 2 – 3 Hokies still have to play in 2023…

At Florida State
Wake Forest
At Louisville
At Boston College
NC State
At Virginia

We guess Virginia Tech can find 4 more Wins in these last 7 Games but really now when you are talking about maybe getting to 6 Wins when you talking about Hokies Football you have already Lost the Plot Totally!

8.  Jimbo Fisher, Texas A&M – OK…this Alabama Game in College Station on Saturday is the chance for Jimbo Fisher to finally show his ass actually knows what he is doing with the Aggies and in the last 17 seasons Bama hasn’t been this vulnerable under Saban since Year 1 and we will be interested to see if…

The Aggies will show up and Play Football or continue the Mediocre Crapola that has dominated Jimbo’s time in Aggieland!

If the Aggies did lose this game to Bama to drop to 4 – 2 on the season with these games left…

At Tennessee
South Carolina
At Ole Miss
Mississippi State
Abilene Christian

….that could be 3, 4, or maybe 5 losses for A&M in 2023 and we been told if Jimbo loses more than 3 games his ass is done in Aggieland!

Beat Bama Jimbo….Just Beat Bama Son!

9.  Dave Aranda, Baylor – Dave Aranda and the Baylor Bears benefited from one of the Biggest Meltdowns in College Football History by Gus Malzahn and UCF on Saturday which was a Total Gift to Dave that he better Damn take advantage of now because even with the Win and now at 2 – 3 on the season what the Bears got left ain’t exactly easy >

Texas Tech
At Cincinnati
Iowa State
At Kansas State
West Virginia

We can see 2 more probable Wins for Baylor against Iowa State and Houston at home….but that only adds up to 4 Wins so Dave…

You better Damn beat Texas Tech at home on Saturday Son!

10.  Butch Jones, Arkansas State – Butch Jones and Arkansas State needed some Cupcakes to get a few Wins and Cupcakes they got in Spades the last 3 weeks against…

Stony Brook
Southern Miss

…but now it’s back to Big Boy Football for Butch and the Red Wolves with a game At Troy this week!

Arkansas State is 3 – 2 on the season and has left on the schedule…

At Troy
Coastal Carolina
At La. Monroe
At South Alabama
Texas State
At Marshall

Maybe Arkansas State can get to 6 Wins this season which Butch Jones SHOULD GET in Year 3 on the job but it’s just a Maybe!

11.  Justin Wilcox, California – Justin Wilcox has posted 3 Straight Losing Seasons at California and the 2023 season isn’t off to the greatest of starts with the Bears now at 3 – 2 on the year with some Tough games coming up and fast they are a coming!

Oregon State
At Utah
At Oregon
Washington State
At Stanford

Can Cal Win at least 3 of their last 7 games.

More than likely….NOT!

12.  Trent Difler, UAB – We been around Trent Dilfer plenty in San Francisco Bay Area from Palo Alto to Tiburon and Trent knows Sam’s Anchor Bar in Tiburon for sure just as we do well since many us grew up in Marin County and went to school and worked in San Francisco Bay area for decades but it’s not Trent’s…

1 – 4

…record in Year 1 at UAB that has landed his ass on the Hot Seat but rather Trent’s…

Freaking Outrageous Behavior on the sideline in the loss on Saturday to Tulane

Come on Trent…You Are the Freaking Head Coach at UAB so get yourself together Son!

Let’s Play Football