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Post Week 4 NFL Coaches Hot Seat Rankings – Give Those NFL Head Coaches Hell Johnny Cash!

Post Week 4 NFL Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

Give those NFL Head Coaches Hell Johnny Cash!

A chair on fire... metaphor "In The Hot Seat"

Post Week 4 NFL Coaches Hot Seat Rankings



1.  Dennis Allen, Oakland Raiders – Dennis Allen and the Oakland Raiders had a great chance on Sunday to get off to a 2 – 2 start on the 2013 season with a home game against the reeling Washington Redskins but in a game that was close for a time the Redskins scored the last 24 points of the game to get the win 24 – 14.

Dennis Allen’s record in his second season at Oakland is now…

5 – 15  (.250)

….and it is paramount that the Raiders at least challenge for a playoff spot in 2013 or Dennis Allen’s tenure as a head coach in the NFL will be a short one indeed.

Allen and the Raiders will face the following teams in their next five games…

San Diego Chargers
At Kansas CityChiefs
Pittsburgh Steelers
Philadelphia Eagles
At New York Giants

….and if Oakland plays just average football they SHOULD have a chance to win at least 3 of those games so a…

5 – 5

…record after 10 games is not out of the question….BUT….a loss to San Diego at home this coming Sunday which has a first-year head coach could prove to be a disaster for Dennis Allen’s job security.



2.  Greg Schiano, Tampa Bay Buccaneers – With now former Tampa Bay Bucs QB Josh Freeman hinting at a smear campaign by his football team…

Freeman hints at Buccaneer smear campaign, Mike Florio, Pro Football Talk

….the rolling soap opera that is Greg Schiano’s tenure with the Bucs is getting to be old especially with Schiano’s team losing on Sunday to the Arizona Cardinals which puts the Bucs record in 2013 at…

0 – 4

Even worse is that going back to the 2012 season the Bucs under Schiano have lost…

9 of their last 10 games

….and that is the kind of streak in the NFL that gets a head football coach fired.

The Tampa Bay Bucs have a bye in Week 5 BUT they have to face these teams in their next 8 games…

Philadelphia Eagles
At Atlanta Falcons
Carolina Panthers
At Seattle Seahawks
Miami Dolphins
Atlanta Falcons
At Detroit Lions
At Carolina Panthers

Ouch! Do you think that Philadelphia is an important game for Greg Schiano and the Bucs to get a WIN?




3.  Tom Coughlin, New York Giants – Like everyone else we aren’t sure exactly why Tom Coughlin’s New York Giants are now…

0 – 4

….on the 2013 season BUT it seems as if there was a LOSING trend developing with the Giants at the end of the 2012 season because in New York’s last 12 games the Giants are….

3 – 9

….which is a Helluva win/loss record when you have a future NFL Hall of Famer as the head coach, Tom Coughlin, and you have a future NFL Hall of Famer at QB, Eli Manning!

The New York Giants are paying Tom Coughlin almost…

$7 Million Dollars a year

….and they are not paying him that enormous amount of money to lose football games and even with…

2 Super Bowl Championships


…on the board there is no way in Hell that Tom Coughlin is going to be able to survive a Complete and Total Freefall of this Giants football team in 2013 and right now….

The New York Giants are in a Complete and Total Freefall!

The New York Giants are now 0 – 4 and they have these 5 games coming up next…

Philadelphia Eagles
At Chicago Bears
Minnesota Vikings
At Philadelphia Eagles
Oakland Raiders

….and if Coughlin and the Giants want to get the 2013 season turned around we would recommend they beat the Eagles on Sunday because going 0 – 5 and then having to turn around and play the Chicago Bears in Chicago looks a Helluva lot like to us an..

0 – 6

…start to the 2013 season which would be a Complete and Total Freaking Disaster!



4.  Jason Garrett, Dallas Cowboys – There is a Helluva storm brewing in Dallas, Texas right now with the Cowboys and their head coach Jason Garrett off to a…

2 – 2

…start on the 2013 season which is a season where either Garrett gets the Cowboys into the playoffs and wins at least one playoff game or there will be yet another head coaching change for “America’s Team.”

Jason Garrett is now…

23 – 21

…in his fourth season as the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys and after that 2 – 2 start look who is coming to Dallas this Sunday….

Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos

….and why do we get the feeling that a loss at home in the Jerry Dome which would drop the Cowboys record to 2 – 3 would really piss Jerry Jones off?

Because it would!

With the NFL East Division shaping up to be a division that any team that reaches…


…on the season will win IF Jason Garrett can’t win the NFC East in 2013 then we have to wonder when in the Hell is he going to win it and with these games up next after the Broncos come to town…

Washington Redskins
At Philadelphia Eagles
At Detroit Lions
Minnesota Vikings
At New Orleans Saints

….there is a decent chance that the Cowboys could have a record as bad as…

4 – 5

…when they travel to play the New York Giants on November 24 in what will probably be a MUST WIN Game and does Jason Garrett strike anyone as the kind of head coach that wins a lot of MUST WIN Games?

Didn’t think so!

YES, beating the Denver Broncos is a MUST for Jason Garrett and the Cowboys on Sunday!



5.  Rex Ryan, New York Jets – In a season where there is a bright sign flashing above Rex Ryan’s head all the time that says…


….the Jets loss to the Tennessee Titans on Sunday which dropped the Jets record to…

2 – 2

…on the 2013 season was yet another setback and there are only so many more setbacks that Ryan can take before he gets the dreaded…

Emergency Meeting Text

….from the New York Jets ownership which will NOT be meeting to discuss what the uniforms for the Jets in 2014 will look like!

The problem for Rex Ryan and the New York Jets is that as desperate as they are for wins in 2013 they are playing a team on Sunday that was one play from the Super Bowl last season, the Atlanta Falcons, who are now at 1 – 3 themselves and will be desperate to lay a beating down and get a win over the Jets.

Yes, it looks as if the Rex Ryan and the Jets are headed to a…

2 – 3

…start on the season and Ryan’s rear-end will just heat up that much more!

Be positive Rex….after the Atlanta game the Pittsburgh Steelers are coming to New York in two weeks and there are dozens of college teams that could beat the Steelers so that is a sure win…OR better Damn be!



6.  Gus Bradley, Jacksonville Jaguars – First year Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley did a Helluva job as the defensive coordinator with the Seattle Seahawks under Pete Carroll who is one of the best defensive assistant and head coaches in recent NFL history BUT in four games as the head coach of the Jaguars he is…

0 – 4

…and even worse the Jaguars have looked like they are hardly, barely and badly coached and ALL of that can’t be blamed on the Jags not having any talent….right?

This is very simple….

The Jacksonville Jaguars are a Complete Disaster as an NFL football team and have been a Complete Disaster since something went terribly wrong in Jack Del Rio’s last year in Jacksonville in 2011 and in Mike Mularkey’s one year as the head coach of the Jags in 2012 which when combined with Bradley’s 0 – 4 start in 2013 adds up to a record…

5 – 26

…over the past three seasons and with these games left to play this season…

At St. Louis Rams
At Denver Broncos
San Diego Chargers
San Francisco 49ers
At Tennessee Titans
Arizona Cardinals
At Houston Texans
At Cleveland Browns
Houston Texans
Buffalo Bills
Tennessee Titans
At Indianapolis Colts

….we rather doubt that the Jags will win even ONE GAME in 2013 so Gus Bradley better get Damn used to being on the Hot Seat!



7.  Ron Rivera, Carolina Panthers – Although the Carolina Panthers record right now is…

1 – 2

…they could easily be sitting on a record of..

3 – 0

…right now after close losses to Seattle and Buffalo in Weeks 1 and 2 of the season and after their destruction of the suddenly pitiful and unmotivated New York Giants BUT if head coach Ron Rivera and the Panthers are going to make something of the 2013 season then they better come to play the remaining of their games this season which is a brutal run of contests…

At Arizona Cardinals
At Minnesota Vikings
St. Louis Rams
At Tampa Bay Bucs
Atlanta Falcons
At San Francisco 49ers
New England Patriots
At Miami Dolphins
At Tampa Bay Bucs
At New Orleans
New York Jets
New Orleans Saints
At Atlanta Falcons

Wow! That is one tough schedule!

With the New Orleans Saints looking almost unbeatable in the NFC South the Carolina Panthers should be shooting for a NFC Wild Card spot and with the way the NFC is shaping up in 2013 they are going to need every win they can get starting with a win at Arizona on Sunday which COULD get Ron Rivera off the Hot Seat….or send him back up the Coaches Hot Seat Rankings again!

Coach Hard Ron Rivera!

Coaches Hot Seat NFL Quotes of the Day – Tuesday, October 1, 2013 – Paul Newman

Coaches Hot Seat NFL Quotes of the Day – Tuesday, October 1, 2013 – Paul Newman

“I had no natural gift to be anything — not an athlete, not an actor, not a writer, not a director, a painter of garden porches — not anything. So I’ve worked really hard, because nothing ever came easily to me.”


“Study your craft and know who you are and what’s special about you. Find out what everyone does on a film set, ask questions and listen. Make sure you live life, which means don’t do things where you court celebrity, and give something positive back to our society.”


“A man with no enemies is a man with no character.”


“Money won is twice as sweet as money earned.”


“Newman’s first law: It is useless to put on your brakes when you’re upside down.”


“Newman’s second law: Just when things look darkest, they go black.”


“If you’re playing a poker game and you look around the table and and can’t tell who the sucker is, it’s you.”


“Every time I get a script it’s a matter of trying to know what I could do with it. I see colors, imagery. It has to have a smell. It’s like falling in love. You can’t give a reason why.”


“The embarrassing thing is that the salad dressing is outgrossing my films.”


“You gotta have two things to win.  You gotta have brains and you gotta have balls.  Now, you got too much of one and not enough of the other.”  Paul Newman as Eddie Felson, The Color of Money, 1986

Wikipedia Page:  Paul Newman

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