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Week 5 NFL MUST WIN Games for Head Coaches and Teams – 11 Head Coaches and Teams Facing MUST WIN Games in Week 5

Week 5 NFL MUST WIN Games for Head Coaches and Teams

A chair on fire... metaphor "In The Hot Seat"



Marvin Lewis, Cincinnati Bengals vs. New England Patriots – It doesn’t look like any team is going to run away with the AFC North Division this season but that doesn’t mean the Bengals want to fall a game behind the surging Cleveland Browns and certainly Cincinnati head coach Marvin Lewis has NO interest in his rear-end landing on the Hot Seat in 2013 and all of the above makes this Sunday’s game at home against the…

New England Patriots

….and MUST WIN Game for Lewis and the Bengals.

With games at Buffalo and at Detroit in the next two weeks a loss to the Patriots could put the Bengals on a roll of four-straight losses which is something that Cincinnati might not recover from which again makes New England a MUST WIN Game.

Coach Hard Marvin Lewis….OR….Got Hot Seat?



Jim Schwartz, Detroit Lions vs. Green Bay Packers – Jim Schwartz has the Detroit Lions on top of the NFC North Division tied with the Chicago Bears who they just beat in Detroit last Sunday and the 3 – 1 start to the 2013 season has also gotten Schwartz off the Hot Seat BUT losses…

At Green Bay Packers


At Cleveland

….in the next two weeks would drop the Lions back and send Schwartz right back to the HOT SEAT which makes this week’s game at Green Bay very Damn important.



Mike Munchak, Tennessee Titans vs. Kansas City Chiefs – Mike Munchak and his Tennessee Titans are off to a roaring start to the 2013 season with a 3 – 1 record but in a division like the AFC South that includes the Indianapolis Colts and the Houston Texas (and the hapless Jacksonville Jaguars) each and every win will be very Damn important including a win at home on Sunday against the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs.

Oh…and up next for Tennessee really makes this Kansas City game very Damn important are the Titans next two games…

At Seattle Seahawks
San Francisco 49ers

If Mike Munchak and the Titans lose to Kansas City, Seattle and San Francisco Mike Munchak will no doubt wake-up on October 21 or so and find himself right back on the…




Gus Bradley, Jacksonville Jaguars vs. St. Louis Rams – Now let’s see here….head coach Gus Bradley and his Jacksonville Jaguars are….

0 – 4

…on the season and they have left in 2013…

At St. Louis Rams
At Denver Broncos
San Diego Chargers
San Francisco 49ers
At Tennessee Titans
Arizona Cardinals
AT Houston Texans
At Cleveland Browns
Houston Texans
Buffalo Bills
Tennessee Titans
At Indianapolis Colts

…..and we have to think that unless the Jaguars DRAMATICALLY improve their play in the coming weeks the odds are very Damn good that the Jags finish at…

0 – 16

…on the 2013 season and that is the kind of record that will get a head coach fired….first year on the job or not!

Coach Hard Gus Bradley!


Jeff Fisher, St. Louis Rams vs. Jacksonville Jaguars – Maybe it is just us but watching the St. Louis Rams play last Thursday night against the San Francisco 49ers it looks to us that the Rams have…

Taken A BIG Step Backwards

…from their play in the latter-half of the 2012 season and IF the Rams keep playing such uninspired and just flat-out awful football then Jeff Fisher might want to think about taking the USC job because he is going to find himself on the a very Damn…


….in St. Louis.

The St. Louis Rams play the Seattle Seahawks at home on Sunday and if the Rams can’t even give the SF 49ers a game….

Then the Seahawks will run the Rams out of their home stadium

…and Jeff Fisher will be on the Hot Seat come Tuesday morning!

Here’s a thought for Jeff Fisher to consider:  IF you current QB…Sam Bradford…is afraid to get hit and mess up his pretty face and hair then find a QB that has some Guts and Courage because it looks to us and no doubt to everyone else coming up on the Rams schedule that if you blitz Bradford you can easily beat the Rams….PERIOD.

Blitz Sam Bradford = BEAT the St. Louis Rams….PERIOD!


Chip Kelly, Philadelphia Eagles vs. New York Giants – The Chip Kelly experiment in the NFL enters its fifth week with a game at the bumbling and hapless….

New York Giants

…on Sunday and if Kelly and the Eagles can’t whip this pitiful Giants team then Chip Kelly is going to find his team in a world of hurt and his rear-end on the Hot Seat come early next week.

Luckily for Chip Kelly the Philadelphia Eagles are in the NFC East Division which will probably be won by a team with a .500 record in 2013 so some early mistakes and missteps by the Kelly regime will not be fatal….BUT….the NFL defensive coordinators now have a very good idea how they are going to defeat Kelly’s spread-option attack and unless Michael Vick can throw the ball for completions 30-plus yards down the field the Eagles will have little chance to win more than 8 games in 2013….if that….and a sub-.500 record will and Chip Kelly on the…


YES….the New York Giants is a MUST WIN Game for Chip Kelly and the Eagles.



Tom Coughlin, New York Giants vs. Philadelphia Eagles – Someone wake Tom Coughlin and the New York Giants players up because evidently they still think the Bogus NFL Preseason is still going on with the way that Coughlin is coaching and the Giants are playing and if Coughlin is under the impression he can sleepwalk through the 2013 NFL season because he has a couple of Lombardi trophies on display out in the lobby of the Giants’ team complex then Coughlin is going to be in for a Helluva surprise when he wakes up in late December and finds himself out of a job!

The New York Giants are now 0 – 4 on the season and they have left in 2013…

Philadelphia Eagles
At Chicago Bears
Minnesota Vikings
At Philadelphia Eagles
Oakland Raiders
Green Bay Packers
Dallas Cowboys
At Washington Redskins
At San Diego Chargers
Seattle Seahawks
At Detroit Lions
Washington Redskins

…and if the Giants play the teams remaining on their schedule like they have played in their first 4 games then Tom Coughlin and the New York Giants are going to be looking at very Damn scary set of numbers on the evening of December 29:

0 – 16.

Coach ‘em up Tom Coughlin and if your team loses to Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles expect the HEAT to be turned up even more!



Ron Rivera, Carolina Panthers vs. Arizona Cardinals – The Carolina Panthers are now 1 – 2 on the season with closes losses to Seattle and Buffalo and a big win over the hapless and confused New York Giants and everyone is about to find out if this Carolina team is for real or not with these next eight games coming up on the schedule:

At Arizona Cardinals
At Minnesota Vikings
St. Louis Rams
At Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Atlanta Falcons
At San Francisco 49ers
New England Patriots
At Miami Dolphins

Ron Rivera and the Panthers would probably be happy winning 5 of their next 8 games BUT if the Panthers only win 4 or even 3 of those games then Ron Rivera will be back on the…


…and coaching for his job for the rest of the 2013 season.



Jason Garrett, Dallas Cowboys vs. Denver Broncos – As scary as the thought might be for Dallas Cowboys fans there is a good chance that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones will be hiring yet another head football coach come December after he fires Jason Garrett and from our perspective here at Coaches Hot Seat Jerry Jones hiring head football coaches is like asking a….

Drunk to choose which Kentucky bourbon he is going to drink next


…..and that reality means that Dallas head coach Jason Garrett hanging on after yet another mediocre season might actually be better than Jerry Jones hiring yet another pitiful head coach!

YES….it is that bad in Dallas!

Of course, we are getting ahead of ourselves because the Dallas Cowboys are now…

2 – 2

…on the season and they play the Denver Broncos on Sunday which is a MUST WIN Game for Jason Garrett and the Cowboys but even if Dallas loses this game as weak as the NFC East is in 2013 even the average Cowboys will have margin for error as the season plays out.

More than likely the next SIX football games will determine Jason Garrett’s future and those games are…

Denver Broncos
Washington Redskins
At Philadelphia Eagles
At Detroit Lions
Minnesota Vikings
At New Orleans Saints

…and if Garrett and the Cowboys can at least split the above games they would be…

5 – 5

….on November 10 heading into their bye week and probably at worst tied for first in the NFC East.

On the other hand if Garrett and Cowboys only win 1 or 2 of their next SIX games the folks in Dallas can call-up a former Cowboy great from the past and put the Garrett-era in Dallas out of its misery!

Tell ‘em like it is Dandy Don!



Dennis Allen, Oakland Raiders vs. San Diego Chargers – We don’t have to say it but these Oakland Raiders are not the “Autumn Wind” Raiders of NFL Films lore…

…and with Dennis Allen now in his second year with the Raiders and after the loss to the Washington Redskins last Sunday Allen’s win/loss record is…

5 – 15

…and if Dennis Allen or anyone thinks that kind of record is going to keep Allen employed in Oakland then there are Crazy People walking the streets in Berkeley AND Oakland, California!

Dennis Allen and the Oakland Raiders are 1 – 3 on the season and their next five games are critical….

San Diego Chargers
At Kansas City Chiefs
Pittsburgh Steelers
Philadelphia Eagles
At New York Giants

…..because anything less than 3 wins in those next 5 games and Allen might want to start thinking about what he is going to be doing in 2014 because it WILL NOT BE coaching the Oakland Raiders.

Hey…Lane Kiffin is available for the Oakland Raiders to hire!



Rex Ryan, New York Jets vs. Atlanta Falcons – Not only is Rex Ryan on the Hot Seat his overall win/loss record with the New York Jets is heading towards the “Norv Turner Line” which is a losing record as a NFL head coach and with Ryan’s current record at….

36 – 32

…and with the Jets are 2 – 2 on the 2013 season they have a MUST WIN Game on Monday night at the…

Atlanta Falcons

….who are now 1 – 3 themselves and will be ready, willing and able to put a Country Boy Ass Whipping on the Jets in front of the lights on Monday Night!

The TASK for Rex Ryan in 2013 is very easy to comprehend…

It is PLAYOFFS OR BUST for Rex Ryan and the Jets in 2013

…and with the Patriots already opening up a 2 game advantage on the Jets in the AFC East Division it won’t be long before Ryan and Jets will be shooting for a Wild Card spot and if they can’t get the Wild Card spot then it will be…

Donald Trump Time

…..at the New York Jets team facility come December.

The good news for the New York Jets is that they have the…

Pittsburgh Steelers

…at home in Week 6 before they match-up with the New England Patriots at home in Week 7 so at worst the Jets should be…

3 – 3

…when the Pats come to MetLife Stadium in what could be a critical game for the future of Rex Ryan’s head coaching career in the NFL.

Coach Hard Rex Ryan!

Coaches Hot Seat NFL Quotes of the Day – Friday, October 4, 2013 – Paul Brown

Coaches Hot Seat NFL Quotes of the Day – Friday, October 4, 2013 – Paul Brown

“A winner never whines.”


“Football is a game of errors. The team that makes the fewest errors in a game usually wins.”


“The key to winning is poise under stress.”


“What we have currently available is what we have available.”


“When you win, say nothing. When you lose, say less.”


“You can learn a line from a win and a book from a defeat.”

Wikipedia:  Paul Brown

[