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The Miami Dolphins Firing of Joe Philbin and What NFL General Managers and Owners Should Be Looking For In A New Head Football Coach – Post Week 4 NFL Coaches Hot Seat Rankings – Give These Overpaid NFL Head Coaches On The Hot Seat Hell Johnny Cash!

Before we get to the Post Week 4 NFL Coaches Hot Seat Rankings Analysis first a few words about the Miami Dolphins firing of head coach Joe Philbin on Monday.


There are lots of things broken in the NFL these days….

The Out-Of-Touch With Real World NFL Owners

The Out-Of-Control NFL Refs Who Are Throwing Flags On Almost Every Damn Play It Seems

The “Other Teams in the NFL Do It So It Must Be Right” Philosophy in the NFL Which Is GroupThink At Its Worst

….but perhaps the thing that is broken most is how very average football coaches get hired by NFL teams and work their way up through one or more NFL staffs often doing next to Damn nothing to distinguish themselves and then Wa-Freaking-La one of those very average football coaches is suddenly the head coach of an NFL franchise!

Joe Philbin is a great example of a very average football coach getting hired by the Green Bay Packers in 2003 as an assistant offensive line coach and then working his way up to offensive coordinator by 2007 and then being hired by the Miami Dolphins to be their head coach in 2012. Please, is there anyone on Planet Earth that can tell us what Joe Philbin did with the Green Bay Packers that actually qualified him to be a head coach in the NFL besides being on a team with a very good head coach and two of the best quarterbacks in NFL history? We didn’t think anyone had a good answer to that question and Joe Philbin being handed the keys to the Miami Dolphins after doing next to nothing to deserve such a lofty job has happened a DOZEN-PLUS TIMES in the last two decades across the NFL and no doubt will continue to happen as…

Clueless General Managers across the NFL

Totally Clueless NFL Team Owners

….sit down to together to make a decision on their next head football coach that is obviously…

Completely Damn Freaking Clueless!

Here’s a few thought that NFL General Managers and Team Owners should keep in mind when hiring head football coaches:

People that know the game of football can spot a very good or great head football coach from a mile away and it took everyone here at Coaches Hot Seat to watch less than a few minutes of HBO’s Hard Knocks series on the Miami Dolphins to understand that…

Joe Philbin was not going to be a great or even a very good head football coach!

First and foremost an NFL head coach MUST BE a leader of men and we say that because we assume that someone being considered for any NFL head coaching job is already incredibly proficient at being a football coach whether his specialty is on the offensive or defensive side of the ball.

First what NFL general managers and owners should be looking for in a head football coach is a…

Leader of Men


….and secondly what NFL general managers and owners should be looking for in a head coach is someone that is…

Tough As Hell and Can Handle the Pressure of Coaching in the NFL


Lastly what NFL general managers and owners should be looking for in a NFL head coach is someone that is able to…

Relate To, Motivate and Coach Up a Broad Range of People With Different Backgrounds and Personalities


Although we do not remember the exact quote one of the best things that former Dallas Cowboys head coach Jimmy Johnson said about the difference in coaching in college and the NFL is that….

In college you coach a team made up of young men

In the NFL you coach men that together make up a team


What the above statement by Jimmy Johnson means to us is that a NFL head coach must be able to handle the men that are making a living playing the game of football that will each have to be handled in a slightly different way to get the most out of each of them so that each player will be able to contribute as much as possible to build the very best Damn team possible, while in college a head coach focuses more on the team overall and dealing with any problem players on an individual basis to get them to conform to the norm expected of all the other college age players.

An NFL head coach must understand the importance of managing the personalities and egos on his football team and take the time to not only know something about what is going on with each of his players, but also to understand the general feeling and direction within the team’s locker room while still giving the players plenty of space and room to be what they should be which is professionals.

Finally, a great head coach on any level of sports sets very clear expectations for everyone on his or her team and in the NFL that means making it clear to each member of the roster that they are being paid to play the game of football which makes them professionals and a professional in the game of football is expected to act and prepare himself in such a way that he is ready to play when the whistle blows before each game….PERIOD.

Joe Philbin was NEVER qualified to be the head coach of a NFL franchise….PERIOD…..and his eventual firing was as predictable as the Sun coming up in the East in the morning.

The good news for the NFL is that in the aftermath of the Joe Philbin firing in Miami we only count….TWO…MAYBE THREE…current NFL head coaches that are clearly NOT NFL head coaching material and we have no doubt that at least….TWO…if not all THREE…of those current NFL head coaches will no longer be NFL head coaches in the next couple of years.

As for who the Miami Dolphins should hire to their next head coach if interim head coach Dan Campbell doesn’t work out and we don’t know enough about Dan Campbell to make a prediction on whether he is up to being the head coach of the Dolphins or not if we were making the decisions in Miami we would look for THREE things in hiring a new head coach assuming anyone we would consider would be very Damn proficient in the basics of being a football coach first and foremost:

A Coach That Is A Leader of Men

A Coach That Is Tough As Hell and Can Handle the Pressure of Coaching in the NFL

A Coach That Can Relate To, Motivate and Coach Up a Broad Range of People With Different Backgrounds and Personalities

A first glance interim Dolphins head coach Dan Campbell seems to have some of the traits described above that are important in a head coach in the NFL but only time will tell if he can motivate, coach-up and lead the Dolphins team to victories and victories on the field is what the NFL is all about!

Good Luck to the Dolphins management and ownership in finding their next head football coach and with that let’s get to the….

Post Week 4 NFL Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

A chair on fire... metaphor "In The Hot Seat"

Give These Overpaid NFL Head Coaches On The Hot Seat Hell Johnny Cash!

Post Week 4 NFL Coaches Hot Seat Rankings


1.  Gus Bradley, Jacksonville Jaguars – The Bottom-Line TRUTH about the NFL is that sooner or later and often sooner as a head coach you have to start winning some football games and after four games into the 2015 NFL season the TRUTH is that Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley has posted the following overall record now in his third season on the job:

8 – 20

On Sunday the struggling Jacksonville Jaguars play the equally struggling Tampa Bay Bucs with both teams coming into this game at 1 – 3 so the loser of this game will put one of these teams in a Helluva bad spot and the losing head coach onto a Helluva Hot Seat!

After the Bucs the Jaguars play two very winnable games at home against….

Houston Texans
Buffalo Bills

…so a win over the Bucs could lead to THREE straight wins and a 4 – 3 record so to say that this game against the Bucs is HUGE for both head coach Gus Bradley and his Jaguars football team is a MASSIVE understatement!


2.  Ken Whisenhunt, Tennessee Titans – The Tennessee Titans had a bye in Week 4 and get back to it in Week 5 with a game at home against the Buffalo Bills and based upon the piss-poor the way the Bills played against the New York Giants this is a very winnable game for the Titans and that puts the pressure on Titans head coach Ken Whisenhunt to both beat the Bills this week and the stumbling Dolphins in Week 6 before the Atlanta Falcons show up in Nashville in Week 7.

In his second season as head coach of the Tennessee Titans Ken Whisenhunt is sitting on an overall record of…

3 – 16

…and with Marcus Mariota under center and plenty of talent on the field a .500 record at least in 2015 is the expectation and that means the pressure is really on Whisenhunt to show some improvement in 2015 because in our opinion another 2, 3, or 4 win season by the Titans in ’15 and Ken Whisenhunt is out of the job before the calendar turns to 2016.


3.  Lovie Smith, Tampa Bay Bucs – Unlike Titans coach Ken Whisenhunt Tampa Bay Bucs head coach Lovie Smith had a winning record with the last team he coached in the Chicago Bears where Lovie posted a record of…

84 – 64

…in NINE seasons on the job so we fully expect Smith to get things turned around in Tampa BUT sooner or later Lovie Smith is going to have to start winning some football games and beating the struggling Jacksonville Jaguars in Tampa on Sunday would be a good place to start.

As for right now in his second season as head coach of the Bucs Lovie Smith has posted an overall record of….

3 – 17

….and although we believe Smith has more leeway to lose a few more games than Ken Whisenhunt does with the Titans the Bucs cannot afford another 2 win season like they had in 2014 and thus why it is important for the Bucs to get the Winning Ball rolling…and soon!

After the Jaguars the Bucs play at the Washington Redskins in Week 6 which is a game that could go either way before playing at the Atlanta Falcons in Week 7 which is more than likely a loss and thus why this game with the Jags had better Damn be a WIN for the Bucs!


4.  Chip Kelly, Philadelphia Eagles – As we look at the team statistics for the Philadelphia Eagles since Chip Kelly has been the coach from 2013 to 2015 the thing that jumps out at us the most here at Coaches Hot Seat that follow college football very closely and thus followed Chip Kelly at Oregon very closely is the Eagles’ rushing yards per game:

Rushing Yard Per Game – Philadelphia Eagles

2013 – 160.4 yards per game

2014 – 124.5 yards per game

2015 – 70 yards per game

So the Eagles this season are rushing for less than HALF the yards they rushed for in 2013 and if one goes back to Chip Kelly’s last season at Oregon the Ducks rushed for an average of…

315 yards per game!

Yes, the NFL game is much different than the college game and the speed of NFL defensive players limits how much a team can rush the ball effectively BUT Chip Kelly’s offense as we watched it, analyzed it, and understand it depends upon a successful running game to open up opportunities in the passing game and in our opinion unless the Eagles find a way to successfully run the ball for 100-plus yards per game Chip Kelly’s time in the NFL will be coming to an end a lot sooner than anyone realizes….not that we doubt Chip Kelly has already given some thought to returning to the college game or heading back to New Hampshire to coach his alma mater or even a high school team if this NFL gig doesn’t work out!

The Eagles are now 1 – 3 on the season and they face TWO critical home football games against the New Orleans Saints this Sunday and then the New York Giants on October 19 with both of those games very Damn winnable IF the Eagles can run the Damn football!


5.  Jason Garrett, Dallas Cowboys – No doubt the Dallas Cowboys have a lot of injuries especially on the offensive side of the ball that are severely limiting what they can do to put points on the board BUT even with Romo and Bryant out the Cowboys…


…have won their last two games against the Falcons and Saints and…


…be 4 – 0 right now instead of 2 – 2 and at worst 3 – 1 and therein lies our problem with Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett who is not enough of a difference maker as a head coach to be the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys IF owner Jerry Jones is really interested in winning some more Super Bowl trophies.

Up next for the Cowboys before a bye week in Week 6 is the New England Patriots at home in Dallas and this is the exact kind of game where a very good or great head coach could have a MASSIVE impact on the final score of the game and who ends up being the winner and since Belichick is on the Patriots sideline we give the clear advantage to the Pats and of course with a loss in this spot the Cowboys drop to…

2 – 3

….on the season with the next game at the suddenly motivated and surging New York Giants in Week 7.


6.  Jim Tomsula, San Francisco 49ers – Anyone that has read the Coaches Hot Seat Blog in the past knows that the several dozen former San Francisco 49ers fans here at Coaches Hot Seat that were raised in the San Francisco Bay area and started attending 49ers game at Candlestick Park in the 1970s ALL believe that current 49ers owner….

Trust Fund Boy Jed York

….has been nothing less than a…

Complete Freaking Disaster

…for the San Francisco 49ers football team starting with the beyond Idiotic decision to build the 49ers new stadium in Santa Clara instead of the Hunter’s Point section of San Francisco.


As for current 49ers head coach Jim Tomsula he is a very nice man but is very simply….

Not Anywhere Near Qualified To Be A Head Coach of An NFL Team

….and we fully expect the 49ers to continue to implode both in 2015 and into the future and no doubt Trust Fund Boy Jed York who in our opinion would be lucky to be shoveling shit in West Texas if he was not born into money will hire someone to follow Tomsula that is also not qualified to be a head coach in the NFL just as his Daddy did for years with the 49ers.

Jim Tomsula will be on the Hot Seat until he is fired by the 49ers in our opinion and the 1 – 3 49ers play at the New York Giants on Sunday which means the 49ers are about to be 1 – 4!


7.  Jim Caldwell, Detroit Lions – Jim Caldwell did a nice job with the Detroit Lions in his first year on the job last season posting a record of 11 – 5 and taking the Lions to the Playoffs where they should have beat the Cowboys in Dallas BUT 2014 has seen the Lions get off to a slow start including a crazy game in Seattle which now leaves the Lions at….

0 – 4

….and desperately needing a win over the very tough Arizona Cardinals at home on Sunday.

With three straight home games against the Arizona Cardinals, Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings on the slate if the Lions come out and play like Hell they could be 3 – 4 in a few weeks after three straight wins BUT the first thing the Lions MUST DO is beat the Cardinals at home on Sunday.

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