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NFL Post Week 6 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings – Yes Mr. Cash….The BIGGEST Babies on the Earth Are NFL Head Coaches But Give These NFL Hot Seat Coaches Hell Anyway!

NFL Post Week 6 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

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Yes Mr. Cash….The BIGGEST Babies on the Earth Are NFL Head Coaches But Give These NFL Hot Seat Coaches Hell Anyway!

NFL Post Week 6 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings


1.  Gus Bradley, Jacksonville Jaguars – The HITS or rather the LOSSES keep coming for Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley who after a home loss to Houston Texas is now sitting on a record of….

8 – 30

….in his THIRD season coaching in Jacksonville and sooner or later…probably sooner…the number of losses will just be too much for Gus Bradley to overcome and the Jaguars will be looking for a new head coach to lead their club.

Up next for Gus Bradley and Jacksonville….

The Buffalo Bills in London

….which is surely a CANNOT DAMN LOSE Game for Gus Bradley.


2.  Ken Whisenhunt, Tennessee Titans – After an opening week win the Tennessee Titans have reeled off FOUR straight losses with the latest loss coming to the Miami Dolphins that had a first-game head coach on the opposing sideline which is something that really has to worry the Hell out of the folks making the decisions within the Titans organization because that Dolphins game was Ken Whisenhunt’s….

117 th Game

….as a head coach in the NFL and the Titans got beat by FOUR touchdowns by a team coached by a first-game head coach!

The REAL question as it pertains to the subject at hand h ere which is will Ken Whisenhunt survive to coach the Titans into 2016 is how many wins can the Titans get on the board this season and now at 1 – 4 and with these games left to play…..

Atlanta Falcons
At Houston Texans
At New Orleans Saints
Carolina Panthers
At Jacksonville Jaguars
Oakland Raiders
Jacksonville Jaguars
At New York Jets
At New England Patriots
Houston Texans
At Indianapolis Colts

…we only see…..TWO, THREE…maybe FOUR more wins left on the Titans schedule if they keep playing the way they are right now and can Ken Whisenhunt survive 2 – 14, 3 – 13, or 4 – 12 record in 2015 after posting a 2 – 14 record in 2014?

In our opinion….NO.


3.  Jason Garrett, Dallas Cowboys – The Dallas Cowboys get back at things this Sunday after a bye week with a game at the struggling New York Giants and if there is a head coach that needs a win badly in the NFL it’s Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett who is sitting on three straight losses and with a fourth loss to the Giants would find his rear-end on one of the Hottest Seats in recent NFL history. In our opinion here at Coaches Hot Seat even with Jerry Jones bending over backwards to accommodate Jason Garret with standards that Jones would accept with NO ONE ELSE that works for the Dallas Cowboys organization IF the Cowboys don’t make the Playoffs in 2015…especially considering the weakness of the NFL East this season….there is NOT a chance in Hell that Garrett coaches the Cowboys beyond January 1, 2016 thus this Saturday’s game against the Giants is…


…for Jason Garrett.


4.  Jay Gruden, Washington Redskins – Is it just us or has Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder almost completely disappeared from the public eye in recent years and probably has done so with the hope the attention would not be focused on the owner of the Redskins as what his team is doing on the field of play which we can is…

Not That Damn Good

…with current Washington head coach Jay Gruden sitting on a record of 2 -4 in 2015 and an overall TWO year record of….

6 – 16!

YES…this Saturday’s home game against a struggling Tampa Bay Bucs team is CRITICAL to the future of Jay Gruden’s head coaching career in Washington but beyond that this game against the Bucs is CRITICAL because who the Redskins play the next week….

At New England Patriots!

Oh….a 2 – 6 record to open the 2015 season and basically out of the running for the Playoffs….well this is the NFC East so maybe the Redskins wouldn’t be totally out of the Playoffs hunt…might be too much pressure Jay Gruden to handle and thus another collapse by Washington could be in the offing for what is one of the dysfunctional organizations in organized sports anywhere on the Earth.


5.  Tom Coughlin, New York Giants – We are easily old enough here at Coaches Hot Seat to have followed Giants head coach Tom Coughlin back to his days as the head coach at Boston College in the early 1990s and we remember well that BC 41 – 39 win over then No. 1 ranked Notre Dame in South Bend in 1993 like it was yesterday BUT being old enough to remember ALL of Tom Coughlin’s college and NFL coaching career after watching the Giants self-destruct with penalties, fumbles and just plain old Damn stupidity on Monday Night Football against the Eagles we cannot help but wonder…

Just what in the Hell is going on with the New York Giants and not just this year…but for YEARS…who have been playing Very Damn Average if not Disgraceful Football under Tom Coughlin?

How Very Damn Average and Disgraceful Football?

Well….over the past FOUR NFL seasons the New York Giants have posted a record of…

25 – 28

….and in at least ten of the above losses the Giants have looked like a team that is hardly Damn coached at all…..as in Monday night against the Eagles!

Up next for Tom Coughlin and the New York Giants….

A Better Damn NOT Lose Game against the Dallas Cowboys at home on Sunday


6.  Jim Tomsula, San Francisco 49ers – The San Francisco 49ers got a nice win against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday but then the Ravens are playing such bad football right now there are probably some college teams that could whip the quickly collapsing Ravens and that is why it’s so Damn important for head coach Jim Tomsula and the 49ers to follow up their win over the collapsing Ravens with a win over the collapsing Seahawks on Thursday night. The Seattle Seahawks are a classic example of a former TEAM that is now but a collection of egos that care more about their own personal asses than the TEAM they used to be a member of which gives the 49ers a GREAT opportunity to get…

A Second Straight Win

Raise Their Record to 3 – 4 on the season

Get back into the race for the NFC West

…with a win over the Seahawks.

Of course a loss to the quickly collapsing Seahawks would not only let a golden opportunity to do all of the above BUT it would also give Seattle an opportunity to get off the mat and gain some confidence which is why this game against the Seahawks is a….

CANNOT DAMN LOSE Game for Jim Tomsula.

Good Luck Jim!


7.  Jeff Fisher, St. Louis Rams – After starting the season at 2 – 3 Jeff Fisher and the St. Louis Rams have an opportunity to win their next two games at home against the…

Cleveland Browns
San Francisco 49ers

….which are two games the Rams SHOULD win considering the AVERAGE football that the Browns and 49ers have been playing in 2015 BUT if the Rams lose one or both of these next two home games then they will be in a Helluva situation when the travel to play at Minnesota on November 8.

Jeff Fisher is now in his FOURTH season as the head coach of the St. Louis Rams with an overall posted record of….

22 – 29 – 1

….and NO appearances in the NFL Playoffs and in our opinion if the Rams don’t make it to the Playoffs in 2015 the Rams will be looking for a new head coach come December as they move and become the old is new again Los Angeles Rams.

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