Post Week 5 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings – Give these Coaches on the Hot Seat Hell Johnny! – Thank You Mr. Cash

Post Week 5 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

Give these Coaches on the Hot Seat Hell Johnny!

Thank You Mr. Cash

Post Week 5 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

1.  Jeff Scott, South Florida – In 3 seasons at South Florida Head Coach Jeff Scott now has 4 wins and his lone win in the 2022 season is against Howard and only one of his wins is against an American Athletic Conference foe so that all ain’t good and look at what the Bulls have left in 2022

At Cincinnati
At Houston
At Temple
At Tulsa

Will the Bulls win another game this season?

Not likely!

Instead of Jeff Scott asking for “Patience” how about this

Coach Your Damn Football Team Son!

2.  David Shaw, Stanford – The Worthless Candy Ass Tour by the Stanford Cardinal football team continues on under David Shaw with David not having a

Damn Clue of his Total Destruction of Stanford Football

not that Stanford plays the Game of Football anymore since they long ago gave up that game on The Farm!

In the last 4 seasons since David Shaw went Total Damn Pitiful Candy Ass his record is

12 – 22

and the Hits will keep coming because we have little doubt

David Shaw would take down Stanford Football and Stanford University on this

Cross of Idiot Candy Assness

and Laugh, Laugh, Laugh because in our humble opinion

David doesn’t give a Damn about anything but his own Damn Candy Ass!

Be Damn Proud David because few have Destroyed So Much with So Much Total Damn Candy Ass Idiocy!

The Cardinal is now 1 – 3 and has left in 2022

Oregon State
At Notre Dame
Arizona State
Washington State
At Utah
At Cal

Will Stanford win another game this season?

Maybe Not and that says everything about these Worthless Candy Asses on The Farm who are Total Disgrace to Everything that Stanford University claims to stand for or claims to stand for!

3.  Brent Venables, Oklahoma – After seeing Oklahoma get Totally Destroyed by TCU we are not sure what Brent Venables and the Sooners Coaches been doing the last 9 months but your asses either

Haven’t been doing much at all or your asses doing everything wrong Son!

Memo to Brent Venables: Football is a physical game Son and you unless you want to go the same way as David Shaw at Stanford = Worthless Candy Ass Losers you better start hitting in practice because the Game of Football

You actually hit, tackle, and whip other people to Win Football Games!

Oklahoma is now 3 – 2 on the season and has left

At Iowa State
At West Virginia
Oklahoma State
At Texas Tech

and this Whole Enchilada could go down and quick if Venables doesn’t right the ship soon starting with a Win over Texas on Saturday!

4.  Pat Fitzgerald, Northwestern – The Rising Candy Ass of the Midwest is Northwestern Head Coach Pat Fitzgerald who has the Softest Team in Any Sport in the Midwestern United States and before this is over Pat may takedown the Wildcats so much they won’t be able to make a splash jumping into Lake Michigan, they will just slide into the Lake softly, like the Total Candy Asses they are now!

The 1 – 4 Wildcats with a lone win over Pitiful Nebraska have left in 2022

At Maryland
At Iowa
Ohio State
At Minnesota
At Purdue

Will Candy Ass Pat and his Candy Ass Cats win another game in 2022?

Not Likely!

Memo to Pat Fitzgerald: Football is a CONTACT SPORT Son so maybe at practice today you can end the Pillow Fights and actually hold a Real Football Practice? Maybe Son?

The Lesson Here for ADs > Don’t Let Total Candy Asses Destroy Your Football Program with Candy Ass Damn Idiocy and at the first Hint of Candy Ass = Fire Their Candy Ass!

5.  Tim Albin, Ohio – With the loss to Kent State on Saturday Tim Albin’s records at Ohio in 2 seasons now sit at

Overall:  5 – 12
MAC:  3 – 6

and the Bobcats have left in 2022:

At Western Michigan
Northern Illinois
At Miami (OH)
At Ball State
Bowling Green

Maybe Ohio will get 4 wins in 2022. Maybe!

6.  Ken Niumatalolo, Navy – Navy played better against Air Force before losing by the score of 13 – 10 and now Kenny’s record the last 3 seasons since he went Total Damn Candy Ass with Navy Football is sitting at

8 – 18

and it may be too late for Kenny Boy to turn this thing about because just like at Stanford and Northwestern and it looks like Oklahoma when you go

Total Damn Candy Ass

it’s really hard to suddenly start playing the Game of Football again!

Navy now at 1 – 3 has left in 2022

At Cincinnati
Notre Dame

A Normal Navy Football Team actually playing the Game of Football would win at least HALF the above games but these Candy Ass Midshipman

Might win 3. Maybe!

7.  Bryan Harsin, Auburn – As we said when Bryan Harsin was hired at Auburn there was No Damn Reason for Auburn to hire Harsin or for Harsin to take the Auburn job but folks who don’t know Jack about Auburn for the Game of Football in America will do all kinds of Damn Idiocy and here we sit with

Damn Idiocy going on with Bryan Harsin at Auburn!

It’s almost like these folks at do things like hire Bryan Harsin at Auburn just landed from Mars and don’t have a Damn Clue about where they work of the Game of College Football in America! Why is that exactly when they are paid Millions of Dollars to actually know what the Hell they are doing?

Harsin is now 9 – 9 in his second season at Auburn and 3 – 2 on the 2022 season and the Tigers have left this season

At Georgia
At Ole Miss
At Mississippi State
Texas A&M
Western Kentucky
At Alabama

Auburn can win 2 or 3 more games in 2022, maybe even 4 more games, but none of that gonna save Harsin’s job and when they send Harsin packing the folks at Auburn will hire

Another Head Coach who doesn’t fit the Auburn Culture which they have not had since Pat Dye was the Head Coach of the Tigers so No Doubt More Damn Idiocy ahead on The Plains!

8.  Jimbo Fisher, Texas A&M – Ole Jimbo has just Totally Lost the Plot in Aggieland and this Whole Enchilada is very close to going over the edge from which there will be No Return!

Through 53 games at Texas A&M guess what were/are both Kevin Sumlin and Jimbo Fisher’s records?

37 – 16

Yep, both Sumlin and Fisher had the same records after 53 games and the Aggies folks were pushing to Run Sumlin’s ass out of Aggieland and if they aren’t now doing the same with Jimbo what exactly is going on in Aggieland now?

The Aggies in 2022 are now at 3 – 2 and have left this season

At Alabama
At South Carolina
Ole Miss
At Auburn

Geez, will the Aggies even get 6 wins this season? Probably Not!

9.  Steve Sarkisian, Texas – Since we now know that Oklahoma couldn’t whip a Wet Paper Bag this Saturday’s game against the Sooners is a MUST WIN for Sarkisian and the Longhorns because lose in this spot with these game left

Iowa State
At Oklahoma State
At Kansas State
At Kansas

Ole Sarkisian might not get 6 wins in 2022 and that would nothing short of a Total Freaking Disaster and Sark’s ass getting run right out of Austin right after Thanksgiving!

10.  Scott Satterfield, Louisville – With the loss to Boston College on Saturday Scott Satterfield’s records at Louisville now stand at

Overall:  20 – 22
ACC:  12 – 17

and either this thing will turn around soon or there will be a New Head Coach of the Cardinals in 2022!

Louisville is now 2 – 3 on the season and have left

At Virginia
Wake Forest
James Madison
At Clemson
NC State
At Kentucky

Damn that’s a Tough slate of games and it ain’t gonna be easy for Louisville to get to 6 Wins in 2022 and no way Satterfield can survive 3 straight losing seasons.

Just No Way!