After the Latest Bullshit Story Out of Waco, Texas It’s Time…It’s Past Time…For Either Art Briles To Clean-Up HIS Baylor Football Program OR Art Briles Ass Will Be Sent Packing Down the Road and HIS Head Coaching Career ANYWHERE Will Be OVER! – In the Middle of This Damn Mess In Waco, Texas Is That Sorry Bastard and President of Baylor University Ken Starr – Memo To Art Briles…Clean It Up NOW Son Or It’s OVER! – The Great Tom Clancy Surprises Us Again!


After the latest Bullshit story out Waco, Texas….

Waco police arrest former Baylor football player Oakman on sexual assault charge, Waco Tribune

…. which is home to the Baylor football program and which is quickly becoming…

The Most Out-of-Control College Football Program in the Last 25 Years


….we are FED UP and we have some news for Bears head coach Art Briles from a few Baylor alumni we have talked to in the last week:

You are VERY DAMN CLOSE to losing your head coaching job

…and you either will LAY DOWN THE LAW with YOUR Baylor football players since after all you have been the head coach at Baylor since…

2008 or EIGHT seasons now

….or your Ass Art Briles…

Will Be Run Out of Waco on a Rail!

NCAA FOOTBALL: OCT 30 Baylor at Texas

The good folks at College Football did what we have been trying to do for the last week or so which is to compile a laundry list of sorts to show just what a…

Completely Out-of-Control Football Program Art Briles is running at Baylor

…and here is that list….YES….this is what Art Briles has created and wrought on the good folks in Waco and students at Baylor University:


For the Love of God…just what in the Hell kind of football program are you running at Baylor Art Briles?


Uhhhh…we have some news for Art Briles…not only is your Ass now on the Hot Seat at Coaches Hot Seat…but you have some influential Baylor-alum folks undivided attention and we are talking about….

Top Executives at BIG Companies
A Surgeon
An Oil Executive

….and that’s just the folks that we have talked to who tell us the “Baylor alums are none too happy what is going on in Waco and if there is ONE more incident then not only will Art Briles be gone but Ken Starr will be sent packing down the road as well!”


Speaker of Baylor University President Ken Starr, there are several members of Coaches Hot Seat that worked in the President Reagan’s Administration in the 1980s and a couple of them met Ken Starr either when he was Solicitor General of the United States between 1989 – 1993 or during the early years of President Bill Clinton’s Administration, and their judgment then on Ken Starr, their opinion during the Idiocy of the Whitewater Investigation which led to the Monica Lewinsky – Brother Bill Clinton Affair which led to the Moronic Republicans impeaching Horn Dog Clinton over something 90% plus of those Bastards in Washington DC do on a regular basis, and their opinion today of Ken Starr is….

Ken Starr is a Sorry Bastard they would not hire to Shovel Shit or run a University in West Texas

….which means they have no more Damn confidence in Ken Starr to do the right thing than they have in Art Briles to do the right thing and in FACT it is now the unanimous opinion of the 147 members of Coaches Hot Seat that…

Art Briles would do ANYTHING to win football games

…and that also in our opinion puts Baylor University and its students along with the population of Waco, Texas in great danger….very Damn great danger!

Oh…we are very Damn serious about this and in FACT it’s also our opinion that at this moment in time…

Art Briles football program at Baylor Poses A Clear and Present Danger to the Women that live within a 1 Hour Drive of the Baylor University campus



Memo to Art Briles:  Either read YOUR football team the RIOT ACT today and tell them that the bad behavior is OVER or your head coaching career will not only be OVER at Baylor it will DONE FOREVER at any school…PERIOD.

Is that clear Art Briles?

It better Damn be Son because your career and reputation are now hanging on a knife’s edge and if ONE more bad thing happens involving YOUR football players at Baylor….


Now Art Briles if you are not MAN enough to tell your players that bad behavior will no longer be accepted by members of the Baylor football team there are some former veterans of the US Military at Coaches Hot Seat that will be more than happy to come to Waco and deliver a message to YOUR players that will put the Freaking Fear of God in them!

We recommend you do that Art Briles…like TODAY….or it may indeed be over for you Son TOMORROW.


Speaking of the Great Tom Clancy who we lost in October 2013, several Coaches Hot Seat members were serving in the US Navy in the late 1980s when the Berlin Wall was still up and the U.S. was still in a Cold War with the Soviet Union, which was the time when Tom Clancy was working on and had his first book published, The Hunt for Red October, which was turned into a big screen movie in 1990. Many of us went to see The Hunt for Red October while still in the US Navy, and we marveled at how accurate the movie was in relation to the never-ending battle the U.S. waged against the Soviet Navy at sea, but we also saw genius in both Tom Clancy’s book and with the folks that turned that book into a big screen hit.


Many of those now former US Navy sailors have a copy of the original run of books for The Hunt for Red October and one of us was reading it earlier this year and noticed the following in the first chapter of the book that none of us had ever noticed before:

“So, my Captain, again we go to sea to serve and protect the Rodina!” Captain Second Rank Ivan Yurievich Putin poked his head through the hatch – without permission, as usual – and clambered up the ladder with the awkwardness of a landsman. The tiny control station was already crowded enough with the captain, the navigator, and a mute lookout. Putin was the ship’s zampolit (political officer). Everything he did was to serve the Rodina (Motherland), a word that had mystical connotations to a Russian and, along with V. I. Lenin, was the Communist party’s substitute for godhead.”

Captain Second Rank Ivan Yurievich Putin!

Think about this for a second….Tom Clancy….who was amazing at not only telling fictional stories, which those of us that served in the US Navy know were TRUE AS HELL to what it was like to take on the Soviet Navy around the world, in his first book being written in the early 1980s named the Red October’s zampolit or political officer….



In the early 1980s Vladimir Putin current President of Russia who is commonly referred to at Coaches Hot Seat as…

Fascist Thug Vladimir Putin

…was working for the KGB in East Germany helping one of the most corrupt and evil regimes in the world, East Germany, terrorize their own people which thankfully came to an end in the Fall of 1989 when the Berlin Wall came down with Putin burning KGB files in Berlin to make sure the Absolute Terror that he and his KGB Bastard friends inflicted on the people of East Germany did not make it into the public domain.


Tom Clancy was a Helluva writer and storyteller who had more FACTS in his books than most non-fiction books have that now sit in libraries and bookstores across our country, but more than that Tom Clancy was a visionary who had a razor sharp mind and left behind an amazing amount of great work that like with this “Putin” thing never ceases to surprise us!

If you have the time this appearance by Tom Clancy on C-Span’s Book TV in 2002 is a fascinating listen and reveals all of Tom Clancy’s genius, flaws, and sense of humor in one program:

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