Post Week 12 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings – The Season Is Almost Over Johnny Cash…It’s Almost Over…But That Doesn’t Mean You Should Stop Giving These Hot Seat Coaches Hell Johnny!


Post Week 12 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

A chair on fire... metaphor "In The Hot Seat"

The Season Is Almost Over Johnny Cash…It’s Almost Over…But That Doesn’t Mean You Should Stop Giving These Hot Seat Coaches Hell Johnny!

Post Week 12 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings


1.  Charlie Strong, Texas – Whatever is going on at the University of Texas right now with the status of their head football coach Charlie Strong there is something that just happened that ended any chance that Charlie Strong had of coaching the Texas Longhorns in 2017…

Even playing a close game against Kansas in your 36 th game as the head coach at Texas forget about losing to Kansas which is unacceptable on ANY level we can imagine when you are talking about the University of Texas Football Program

We have some good buddies in the Austin area that happen to be University of Texas alums who often take us fishing when we are down there way and one of those UT-alums said something very interesting about Charlie Strong before Strong had even finished his first season at Texas which was said to a few of us sometime in 2014 at a BBQ joint in Austin:

“Charlie is acting like he has years to get Texas winning again which is most certainly not the case!”

Clearly, what that Texas-alum meant by the above statement was the Texas Football is a Cadillac, Mercedes, BMW, Ferrari…you pick the blue-chip model of car you think is the best…and blue-chip cars are not slowly driven around for a few years until you get the feel of things but rather must be driven at full-throttle from the word go and all you do as the driver…or head coach in this situation…in hang on with all your might until it eventually tosses you aside or you find a way to slow it down and get successfully out yourself.

Let’s face FACTS….there are FIVE Blue-Chip College Football Programs in America that stand above everyone else…

Notre Dame
Ohio State

….and if you are the head football coach at ANY of the above schools and you are winning less than 10 games a year on a consistent basis your ass is…

Headed to the Hot Seat!

The reason for that is simple…ANY Average Football Coach can Average winning 8 games a year at….

Notre Dame
Ohio State

….and thus of course Charlie Strong who has records on the board at TEXAS of…

Overall:  16 – 20

Big 12:  12 – 14

….is going to be on the Hot Seat whether we or anyone else like and respects Charlie Strong or not because after we are talking about…


We love college football history here at Coaches Hot Seat and looking at the head football coaches at Texas since just before World War is a fascinating look indeed and much needed with the Charlie Strong situation at Texas and thus below are the winning percentage of those head coaches starting with Coach Bible in 1937:

Dana Bible (1937 – 1946) – .665

Blair Cherry (1947 – 1950) – .756

Ed Price (1951 – 1956) – .549

Darrell Royal (1957 – 1976) – .774

Fred Akers (1977 – 1986) – .731

David McWilliams (1987 – 1991) – .544

John Mackovic (1992 – 1997) – .592

Mack Brown (1998 – 2013) – .767

Charlie Strong (2014 – 2016) – .444

Any questions why Charlie Strong is getting fired at Texas?

Didn’t think so.

Great Luck to Charlie Strong who we know did his best, who worked his ass off, but who just fell short as millions of others have fallen short in jobs and who later gone on to do great things….lick your wounds Charlie…learn your lessons…and come back and do something great somewhere else!

Great Luck to you Charlie Strong and go out and beat TCU to end on a winning note at Texas!


2.  Brian Kelly, Notre Dame – It just so happens that another head coach that is at one of those FIVE Blue-Chip College Football Programs in America…

Notre Dame
Ohio State

….is on the Hot Seat with that coach being Brian Kelly at Notre Dame who in our humble opinion…

Has Done A Piss Poor and Below Mediocre Job Coaching Notre Dame the Last FOUR Seasons

…which has seen the Irish post the following record against Teams From Power 5 Conferences that had .500+ records in the year that Notre Dame played them:

19 – 18

Yes….Notre Dame has posted a record of…


….winning percentage against Teams From Power 5 Conferences that had .500 records over the past FOUR seasons and could someone please explain to us how this can happen at NOTRE DAME and the head coach can keep his Damn job?


Oh….that’s right…Notre Dame Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick must love….

Average As Hell

…because that is what you have Jack Swarbrick in Brian Kelly….

An Average as Hell Football Coach

….who in our opinion seems to believe he invested the game of football and yet….

Is looking right at a 4 – 8 season in his SEVENTH season as the head coach at Notre Dame!

Remember well folks…ANY Average Football Coach could Average winning…

8 Games A Year at Notre Dame

…and how many games will Brian Kelly have averaged winning after the Irish get the Hell beat of them by USC this coming Saturday:

8.43 Wins A Season = Slightly Better Than Average As Hell!

Average Wins Per Season of Recent Notre Dame Head Football Coaches:

Charlie Weis – 7 wins per season

Tyrone Willingham – 7 wins per season

Bob Davie – 5 wins per season

Lou Holtz – 10 wins per season

Of course as a Stanford alum here at Coaches Hot Seat said recently….

“Why in the Hell do we have Brian Kelly on the Hot Seat….Hell we need him to stay at Notre Dame for as long as possible to keep the football program down!”

That’s A Damn Good Point!

Memo to Notre Dame AD Jack Swarbrick:  Forget everything negative we have written about the Notre Dame head football coach Brian Kelly who is doing a Helluva job coaching the Notre Dame Fighting Irish!

Oh….in the last 10 seasons Notre Dame’s record against Stanford is..

4 – 6

Keep Brian Kelly as the Head Coach at Notre Dame….PLEASE Jack Swarbrick!


Go Stanford!


3.  Rich Rodriguez, Arizona – How far has the Arizona football program fallen under Rich Rodriguez you ask?

Arizona just got beat by the score of…

42 – 17

….by Oregon State which has won FOUR Pac-12 Conference Games in the last THREE seasons!

We don’t exactly what has gone wrong for Rich Rodriguez at Arizona but over the past TWO seasons the Wildcats have a record in Pac-12 play of…

3 – 14

….and just from the outside looking in it looks like the Arizona players have QUIT on RichRod who is having some epic meltdowns on the sidelines this season….


Since we don’t know our guess for what is wrong with Arizona football goes something like this…which is of course our humble opinion:

Rich Rodriguez criticizes too much instead of taking full responsibility for the failures of HIS football team and the assistant coaches and players are tired of being told it’s their fault when they are getting Damn Little leadership from their head coach!

Just our opinion mind you but we have seen teams QUIT on their head coaches before and a few at Coaches Hot Seat saw the Arizona players QUIT in person against Stanford in Tucson and in our opinion the Arizona players QUIT in their last three games against…

Washington State
Oregon State

Will the Arizona players QUIT against Arizona State on Friday or Hell maybe the Arizona State players will QUIT against Arizona will make for one Helluva game but at least when it’s over…

Arizona State head coach Todd Graham will have all of Arizona’s signals!


4.  Kliff Kingsbury, Texas Tech – When your ass and your team’s asses gets BOAT-RACED by Iowa State by the score of…

66 – 10

….when the Cyclones just gave up 24 points to Kansas last week you have a Helluva problem on your hands and…

Texas Tech Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury

…has a Helluva problem on his hands in Lubbock!

Kliff Kingsbury is now in his FOURTH year at Texas Tech and has records on the board of…

Overall:  23 – 26

Big 12:  12 – 23

….and a 4 – 7 record in 2016 with only Baylor left on the schedule and if those records are acceptable to the folks in West Texas and alums + boosters of Texas Tech Football…

Then Bless Their Hearts in West Texas!

What a Damn Mess at Texas Tech and is there anyone with a working brain that thinks it will get any better in 2017 under Kliff Kingsbury at Tech?

Didn’t think so!


5.  Tommy Tuberville, Cincinnati – Tubs has some respectable records in FOUR seasons at Cincinnati of…

Overall:  29 – 21

AAC:  18 – 13

….but watching Cincinnati play Memphis on Friday night while we were having the Pre-Big Game Party near San Francisco all of us here at Coaches Hot Seat were thinking….

Hell…this Cincinnati team has QUIT on Tubs!

Oh…Memphis with a first year head coach beat Cincinnati by the score of…

34 – 7

Guess what…Cincinnati plays at Tulsa this coming Friday and will probably get beat by more than…

40 points

…and probably QUIT again….in our humble opinion of course!


6.  Mark Helfrich, Oregon – From where we sit the Oregon game against Utah which saw the Ducks beat the Utes in Salt Lake City was a vindication that…

Oregon should fire Mark Helfrich’s Ass

…because if you can play like that against Utah where in the Hell was that the rest of the year before the Ducks gave away the entire 2016 season?

The realty of Utah’s loss to Oregon which must have Utes head coach Kyle Whittingham kicking himself right now since the Ducks defense gave up the following points to teams in 2016…

UC Davis – 28
Virginia – 26
Nebraska – 35
Colorado – 41
Washington St – 51
Washington – 70
California – 42
USC – 45
Stanford – 52
Utah – 28

Hell….Utah should have scored 50 points on Oregon and won easily but alas Kyle Whittingham forgot to keep the pedal down and it cost him a shot at Pac-12 South Division Title!

What’s next for the Oregon Ducks and Mark Helfrich who only have the Civil War game left at Oregon State this coming Saturday?

There are many across the Pac-12 Conference that are now saying in their prayers each night…


“Please, in closing could you tell Phil Knight to keep Mark Helfrich as the head coach at Oregon….Thank You….Amen.”


7.  Steve Addazio, Boston College – Boston College has won FIVE games in 2016 over…

NC State

….and the combined record of the FOUR FBS teams that the Eagles have beaten is…

11 – 32

Oh…over the past TWO seasons Boston College’s record in ACC Conference play stands at…

1 – 14

…with only a game left at Wake Forest to play this coming Saturday.

Is this what fans of Boston College football expect out of their football team?

Then keep Steve Addazio who has at BC records of…

Overall:  22 – 27

ACC:  9 – 22

….when only a few years ago Tom O’Brien was posting records of…

Overall:  40 – 35

ACC:  22 – 26

…and Jeff Jagodzinski was posting records of…

Overall:  20 – 8

ACC:  11 – 5

In our opinion an AVERAGE coach would have at least .500 records in Overall and ACC play at Boston College and Addazio’s winning percentages now stand at….

Overall:  .449

ACC: . 290


Pitiful…Just Damn Pitiful!


8.  Todd Graham, Arizona State – We have always been working under the impression that a head football coach should be getting better or at least holding his own at school the longer he is at the school and yet in Years 4 and 5 at Arizona State Todd Graham has posted records of…

2015:  6 – 7

2016:  5 – 6

….and has a record in Pac-12 Conference play over the last two seasons of…

6 – 11

….which strikes us as Odd….Very Damn Odd Indeed!

So exactly what has changed in Tempe to cause such a large drop-off of Arizona State football the last TWO years?

We haven’t a Damn Clue to the answer to that question but let’s start with this….

Todd Graham is a defensive coach and yet Arizona State is now giving up an average of…

38.4 points per game

…which is 119 out of 128 teams that play FBS football and the Sun Devils are only scoring…

33.2 points per game

…which equals Average As Hell Football and that is what Arizona State is right now…just…

Average As Hell Football!

Luckily for Arizona State they get to play Arizona this coming Friday which has an even worse defense giving up…

38.6 points per game

…while only scoring…

21.9 points per game!

Geez…Arizona at Arizona State on Friday is truly…

Just Damn Awful Football (Wildcats) vs. Average As Hell Football (Sun Devils)

But at least when the game is over…..Arizona State head coach Todd Graham will have all of Arizona’s signals!


9.  Kevin Sumlim, Texas A&M – We got the following straight from the “Big Aggie Alum’s” mouth in Houston, Texas this past weekend…which is of course only his opinion as an Texas A&M alum and Houston BigWig…

“If Kevin Sumlin loses to LSU at Kyle Field to end the season he’s done at A&M.”

CHS:  “Really?”

Houston A&M BigWig:  “Yep….four or more losses the last four seasons with the kind of money we are spending on that football program is too much especially with Sumlin’s home record in Kyle Field.”

CHS:  “Which would be 7 – 10 against FBS schools over the past four seasons at Kyle Field if the Aggies lose to LSU to end the season.”

Houston A&M BigWig:  “Yep…that’s unacceptable on any level at Kyle Field.”

CHS:  “Not to mention Sumlin’s 21 – 18 record in SEC Conference play which is average at best.”

Houston A&M BigWig:  “Geez…I haven’t looked at Kevin’s SEC record lately…that’s Damn awful!”

CHS:  “So who would A&M hire to replace Sumlin?”

Houston A&M BigWig:  “Oh…don’t worry about that.”

CHS:  “What the Hell does that mean?”

Houston A&M BigWig: “It means don’t worry about that!”

Geez….what the Hell does that mean…is there already a backchannel open to a top coach to come to Texas A&M if LSU beats the Aggies on Thanksgiving Day?

A couple of years ago a Coaches Hot Seat member was talking to an agent to several college coaches and that agent said something to the effect….

“I know who A&M is going to go after if they ever fire Kevin Sumlin….it will be “X” at “X” place.”

Hmmmm….that “X” coach at “X” place seems like a Helluva stretch to us but if it did happen it would be a…

Blockbuster Hire That Would Shake-Up the Entire SEC Conference and College Football!

Memo to Kevin Sumlin:  Beat LSU Son….Beat LSU!


10.  Charlie Partdrige, Florida Atlantic – With the loss to Old Dominion on Saturday Charlie Partridge’s records at FAU now stand at….

Overall:  9 – 26

CUSA:  7 – 16

….and with the Owls now sitting on a 3 – 8 record in 2016 with a game left at Middle Tennessee left on the schedule which to us looks like another…

3 – 9

…record in 2016 we cannot help but say…

That Is Below Average Football Charlie…Just Below Average Football Son!

Will FAU replace Charlie Partridge after the game against Middle Tennessee on Saturday?

We haven’t a Damn Clue but if we were the AD at Florida Atlantic we sure the Hell would!

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