#11 Hot Seat Head Coach – Lovie Smith, Illinois – Illinois Football = “Whatever!”


#11 Hot Seat Head Coach – Lovie Smith, Illinois

When in March 2016 it was announced that Illini head football coach Bill Cubit had been fired to be replaced with Lovie Smith the reaction at Coaches Hot Seat was about as close as one can get to…


….without actually being “Whatever” and that is because if there is a school playing Power 5 Conference football that has won less with more resources that Illinois we certainly the Hell don’t know that school!

Consider this for a moment….

Since Ron Turner was hired as the Illinois head coach in 1997 the Illini have posted….

SIX .500 or better records in the last 19 seasons

….and we don’t have ANY reason at all to believe that Lovie Smith who before getting Illini job had posted a record of….

89 – 87

…in 11 seasons coaching the Chicago Bears and Tampa Bay Bucs in the NFL will do any better!

Would we have fired Bill Cubit at Illinois to replace him with Lovie Smith who got a six year contract paying him $21 million dollars from the Illini?

Not a chance in Hell!

Not that we don’t think a lot of Lovie Smith who did a decent job with a not always great roster with the Bears, but why would anyone think that Smith is going to bring winning ways to a college football program that has done so little winning in the last two decades?

There is no good answer to that question and that brings us to that Lovie Smith in his first year on the job coaching the Illini posted records of…

Overall:  3 – 9

Big Ten:  2 – 7

Who did Illinois beat in 2016?

Murray State
Michigan State

What was the combined record of the TWO legitimate football teams, Rutgers and Michigan State, that Illinois beat in 2016?

5 – 19

What then does the future hold for Lovie Smith and Illinois with a 3 – 9 record on the board in 2016?

We haven’t a Damn clue and there’s the problem! If Illinois had hired an experienced college head coach that has actually been a head coach on the college level we could make an educated guess on where Illini football is going but as for now….

No one has a Damn clue where Illini football is going in the future and don’t let anyone tell you they have a Damn clue where Illini football is going because they are lying to you!

Let’s take a look at the Illinois 2017 football schedule:

Ball State
Western Kentucky
At Iowa
At Minnesota
At Purdue
At Ohio State

Geez…that’s a pretty tough schedule with TWO out-of-conference games against Western Kentucky and at USF that should be pretty tough games for the Illini to win which leads us to GUESSING that Lovie Smith will finish with records of…

Overall:  3 – 9

Big Ten:  2 – 7

…which was the same record the Illini posted in 2016.

Can Lovie Smith post 3 – 9 records and hang onto his job with Illinois for the foreseeable future?

Probably so because let’s be honest here…does anyone really expect Illinois to do ANYTHING in football anymore?

Of course not!

And that’s the Damn problem!

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