Post Week 5 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings – These Hot Seat Coaches Are Hearing “Ring of Fire” in Their Sleep Mr. Cash But Keep Giving Them Hell Anyway Johnny!


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These Hot Seat Coaches Are Hearing “Ring of Fire” in Their Sleep Mr. Cash But Keep Giving Them Hell Anyway Johnny!

Post Week 5 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings


1.  Darrell Hazell, Purdue – After FIVE weeks of college football head coach Darrell Hazell and his Boilermakers have ONE win and FOUR losses on the board and that ONE win is over…

Indiana State!

Now in his third season at Purdue Darrell Hazell’s overall win/loss record is nothing to write home about….

5 – 24

….and things don’t get any easier with Minnesota coming to town although if you can almost beat Michigan State on the road you should be able to give the Gophers a Helluva game at home…right?


Darrell Hazell needs some wins….and quick….or the Darrell Hazell era at Purdue will come to an end before the ball drops in Times Square!


2.  George O’Leary, UCF – It has been our opinion here at Coaches Hot Seat for quite awhile that the last Damn thing a school would want to do is….

Have A Head Football Coach Who Is Also the Athletic Director

….and the 2015 UCF football season which has the Knights now sitting on a record of….

0 – 5

….with a head coach in George O’Leary who is also the interim athletic director our opinion has been proven TRUE because a head football coach of a FBS school has no Damn time to be the athletic director and that REALITY is hitting home IN SPADES for the Complete Fools running the University of Central Florida!

Here is what’s left on UCF schedule:

At Temple
At Cincinnati
At Tulsa
East Carolina

Hell, if you can’t beat Furman at home how in the Hell is UCF going to beat ANY of the teams left on its schedule?

Our recommendation:  The Administration at UCF should fire their Interim AD before the Bastard destroys the Knights football program!


3.  Mike London, Virginia – Mike London and the Cavs had a bye in Week 5 and get after it again in Week 6 with at game at Pitt which is a MUST Damn WIN Game with Virginia now sitting on a record of….

1 – 3

….and with ACC play just now getting underway.

In his SIXTH season at Virginia now is the time…Hell, it’s past the time…for Mike London to start winning football games and getting UVA to bowl game at least, but can the Cavs win FIVE of their last EIGHT games to get to 6 – 6 and that bowl game?

If not…then why in the Hell not….is our question!

PaulRhoads83883 (1)

4.  Paul Rhoads, Iowa State – Paul Rhoads and Iowa State got their MUST WIN over a Completely Hapless Kansas team on Saturday with the Jayhawks looking to be in a tailspin that is nowhere near the bottom BUT it’s back to REAL football in Week 6 with a game in Lubbock against Texas Tech that the Cyclones and Rhoads REALLY need to win….BUT….does Iowa State have any shot to win this game?

Not really in our opinion because the Cyclones have little chance to score the 35 or so points that it will take to beat Texas Tech in Lubbock so there’s your charge Paul Rhoads…

Get Your Football Team to Score 35 Points Plus This Coming Saturday!


5.  Charlie Strong, Texas – Forget the saying….


…because the saying of the moment deep in heart of Texas is…

What A Damn Mess Texas Football Is Right Now!

When your football team gets its ass whipped by a score of….

50 – 7

….in your second season and 18 th game as a head coach by another football team that man-for-man has LESS talent than your football team you clearly have a….

Complete Freaking Mess

…on your hands and that reality puts Charlie Strong’s immediate head coaching future in peril.

What’s wrong with Texas football right now you ask?

Well, it’s a combination of things in our opinion here at Coaches Hot Seat:

A.  The Country Club and Privileged Attitude that pervaded Texas football in Mack Brown’s last years in Austin

B.  Charlie Strong’s decision to go with more committed younger players over less committed and privileged older players which may have created a schism within the Texas football team

C.  The level of commitment that Charlie Strong is now getting from his football team as a whole which we would peg around the 80% mark when anything below 90% in major college football today can put a football team in mortal danger of having a Complete Freaking Disaster of a season

D.  The lingering effects of now departed former Texas AD Steve Patterson who as a Sorry Excuse of a Human Being created a miserable working environment for the employees, coaches and athletes within and around the University of Texas athletic department


One of the reasons Paul “Bear” Bryant was one of the greatest leaders of men in American history forget about being one of the greatest football coaches ever was that he had the uncanny ability to get very close to 100% from every member of his football and in our opinion Coach Bryant got that “maximum effort” because he got himself into a very specific part of the human brain that also happens to be a part of a growing child’s brain where successful parents are able to place themselves as well.

Just what in the Hell are we writing about here with Paul “Bear” Bryant, successful parents, and a child’s brain and what does that have to do with Charlie Strong’s problems at Texas right now?

Ask yourself….for those that played sports or even with your experiences in the workplace….when did you perform your best and what kind of feeling did you have towards your coach or boss when you performed at that high level?

More than likely when you performed your best you both respected your coach or boss AND more importantly you did not want to let them down which led to you playing or working very hard and giving….close to 100% of your effort to the assigned job.

Bottom-Line:  It’s not enough for a coach or boss to be respected by his players or workers which is fundamental to building a great team in any environment, but to truly be great the coach or boss must occupy in the minds of his/her players or workers the space in the brain where the players or workers do not want to let that coach or boss down because to do so would both negatively impact the self-image & well being of the player or worker and also disappoint the coach or boss.

All of the above may seem like psycho-babble but it’s not…and take that from people here at Coaches Hot Seat that studied, trained and were members of high-performing teams in the US Military while the Cold War which was really Hot War was still going on with the Soviet Union when it was paramount that the US build great teams that could go out on the battlefield of the world and take-on the USSR in the very direct way as tasked by Ronald Reagan with the ultimate goal being as President Reagan identified in 1981 to his then CIA Director as:

“We Win….They Lose.”


Getting back to the Charlie Strong and his problems at Texas…..Strong will have no chance to turn things around with the Longhorns in what is now an Uber-competitive Big 12 Conference unless he can get a LOT more from his players which ultimately comes down to increasing the maximum level of effort from the Horns players to above the 90% mark to at least have a chance to match the effort of the opposing Big 12 teams that are coming up on the Texas schedule.

How exactly can Charlie Strong get a higher level of effort from his Texas players? Well, since Strong has been at Texas for 2 seasons and 18 games now and it looks like the Horns are going in reverse instead of forward Charlie needs to look at what he and his coaches are doing and see if there is another way to approach his players to ultimately maneuver the members of the Texas football team to that spot that Coach Bryant used to occupy in his players’ minds…..which was the spot that Strong got to with his players at Louisville where he routinely got 97% to 100% effort from his Cardinals football team.

We are not at the Texas practices but it looks to us that Charlie Strong and his coaches have put so much pressure on the Texas football players that they are now more afraid of making a negative mistake than making a great positive play which is NO way to play winning football and almost always in situations like that the very worst Damn thing a coaching staff can do is to increase the pressure at the exact moment when the pressure should be decreased and an emphasis on having fun while playing the great game of football should be the focus. Hell, if you aren’t having fun playing football or anything else in life then you almost always will perform at a very mediocre level and guess what….

Texas football is now performing at a very mediocre level and the Texas players looking like they are scared to death to make a mistake

…and that is a Helluva bad place to have a football team Charlie Strong.

Next up for Texas…..Oklahoma in the Red River Shootout in Dallas on Saturday which doesn’t give Charlie Strong much time to change the mindset of his football team from playing like they are scared to make a mistake to having fun and playing like Hell all over the field against the Sooners.

Good Luck against the Sooners Charlie.


6.  Mark Richt, Georgia – Two Coaches Hot Seat members went to the Alabama – Georgia game on Saturday and sat a dozen or so rows up behind the Georgia bench at Sanford Stadium and before the 1 st quarter was over one of those CHS members called out to Palo Alto where a dozen of us were watching college football and gathered for the Arizona – Stanford game later that night and said:

CHS Member in Athens: “This game is over.”

CHS in Palo Alto: “What?”

CHS Member in Athens: “The Georgia offensive and defensive lines are being dominated and there are Alabama receivers running wide-open on every pass play. It looks like Bama is playing Middle Tennessee only Georgia is giving about half the effort that Middle Tennessee did and the Dawgs are getting their asses whipped all over the field.”

CHS in Palo Alto: “Crazy. Check in on that Saban thing with our buddy and give us a call after the game.”

Serious Question:  How is it that a head coach in Mark Richt who has known since Georgia won the Belk Bowl over Louisville on December 30, 2014 that his football team would be playing Alabama on October 3 NOT have his team ready to play AGAIN against the Crimson Tide when this was clearly the biggest game of the year and a game that the Georgia alums, boosters and fans have been pointing to for years now?

An Even More Serious Question:  As Mark Richt stood on the sideline with NO HUMAN EMOTION AT ALL as his football team was being taken apart by Alabama what was going through Mark Richt’s mind and why didn’t he do ANYTHING to try and rally his team on the field against Bama?

As we sat there in Palo Alto watching Alabama take apart Georgia which only got worse in the second half one CHS member said almost under his breath the beginning of the below quote which should be familiar to any Christian because it so exemplified early Christian thought:

“I am dying willingly for God’s sake, if only you do not prevent it. I beg you, do not do me an untimely kindness. Allow me to be eaten by the beasts, which are my way of reaching to God. I am God’s wheat, and I am to be ground by the teeth of wild beasts, so that I may become the pure bread of Christ.”

The above is from one of six famous letters written by St. Ignatius to Christians back in Syria as he was being transported to Rome to die at the Roman Coliseum by being fed to the beasts which happened in the year 107 or just over 1900 years ago.


What does a letter written by St. Ignatius over 1900 years ago have to do with Mark Richt not having his team ready to play Alabama and with Richt and his football team basically laying down on the field and quitting as Alabama mauled the Georgia football team on Saturday while Mark Richt did NOTHING besides make a change at quarterback?

We know the answer to that question but does Mark Richt?

No doubt….Mark Richt is a first-class guy and the Coaches Hot Seat members living in the Atlanta area know a lot about Richt now and admire him as a man and very good football coach BUT there is something beyond troubling when you are tasked as the head football coach at Georgia and are paid Millions of Dollars a year…with your coaching staff making Millions of Dollars a year also….to have your team ready to play BIG games like the one against Alabama and at the end of the Bama game after your team just got mauled you look like….

St. Ignatius on the way to his death with little concern or fight in him towards the Romans that are leading him to his demise and the reality….

That there is very little to NO fight in Mark Richt

…would scare the Hell out of us if we were fans of Georgia football.

Imagine for a moment if American Christians did not stand-up and fight the EVIL in the world over the past 200 years from the Nazis to the Japanese to the Soviets what an EVIL place the world would be today and what an EVIL place it will be in the future if the Fascists in China, Russia, Iran, among many other countries on the march forward get their way….but then American Christians did stand-up and did fight….and won…and Thank whatever God you worship for that because the Earth would be a very dark place today if Americans weren’t there to save it in the past century.


The Bottom-Line question for us here at Coaches Hot Seat is no matter what Mark Richt believes is waiting for him after death we have to ask the following question today:

Is Mark Richt willing to fight to win football games in THIS life in THIS Real World?

We may just find out on when Georgia travels to play Tennessee in Knoxville.

As for the Georgia football team itself a few observations:

If the best quarterback Georgia has is someone that couldn’t win the starting job at Virginia then Georgia football is in a Helluva tough spot and after watching Greyson Lambert against Alabama it is clear if you put pressure on the boy…he folds like the Tennessee football team in the second half!

The Georgia defense is a joke…..cotton candy as county fairs are tougher than the Georgia defense and if Alabama had wanted to they could have easily hung 60 points on the Dawgs D easy. Is Jeremy Pruitt coaching the Georgia defense or spending most of his time counting all that money he is being paid at Georgia because for Damn sure Jeremy Pruitt didn’t earn his BIG paycheck on Saturday against Alabama!

Was anyone else shocked how out-of-shape and slow Georgia looked compared to Alabama….even more shocking how totally unmotivated the Dawgs were after they got down a couple of touchdowns which translated into English means….

The Georgia Football Team Flat-Out QUIT against Alabama!

And this….Georgia beat South Carolina 52 – 20 so imagine how bad the Gamecocks are in 2015!

Last question:  Will Mark Richt and Georgia show no emotion and QUIT against Tennessee also or will they remember that Tennessee folds like a cheap suit in the second half even when up by a couple of touchdowns?

Luckily we will all get to find the answers to those questions and speaking of folding like a cheap suit….


7.  Butch Jones, Tennessee – In 2012 former Tennessee head coach Derek Dooley had coached 30 games with the Vols posting a record of…

14 – 16

…. and now Butch Jones after 30 games coaching the Vols has posted a record of…

14 – 16

…after yet another unexplainable loss at home to Arkansas and here comes a Georgia team to Knoxville that just….

Flat-Out QUIT Against Alabama!

So this weekend in Knoxville we have facing off against each other…

The Quitters = Georgia


The Unexplainables = Tennessee

…and as they say in contests like this…

Something Has To Freaking Give Folks!

Our guess = Butch Jones is now wound tighter than any person on Planet Earth and he knows now that bringing in a head coach that he worked for at Central Michigan as his new offensive coordinator in….

The 59 year old Mike DeBord

….who posted a win/loss record at Central Michigan of….

12 – 34

…has been nothing short of a Complete Freaking Disaster and who has turned in a short time the once promising quarterback Joshua Dobbs into nothing short of….

A Scared To Make A Mistake Complete Freaking Disaster of a Quarterback!

Look at how far the Tennessee football team has regressed since January in their bowl game win over Iowa when the Vols played with aggressiveness and passion which has been replaced with fear and indecisiveness:

Now at 2 – 3 on the season below is the rest of Tennessee’s schedule:

At Alabama
At Kentucky
South Carolina
North Texas
At Missouri

Can Butch Jones and Tennessee win at least 4 of their last 7 games and get back to a bowl game?

Not Very Likely if they lose to Georgia in Knoxville on Saturday.

Lastly, what a Helluva lesson that Butch Jones and the 2015 Tennessee Vols are to young football coaches on what NOT to do when you have the chance as Tennessee did against Oklahoma to put the Sooners away and launch yourself towards a great season which has now turned into a Complete Freaking Disaster and all because against Oklahoma Butch Jones in our opinion….

Coached Like A Coward….PERIOD.


8.  Randy Edsall, Maryland – No, it’s not a good look when in your…

55 th Game

….coaching at a school that loses to a team that was in disarray last season and has a new head coach in the….

Michigan Wolverines

….comes into your home stadium and lays a…

28 – 0

….whipping on YOUR football team!

Oh….Ohio State is up next for Randy Edsall and Maryland but then that may not be bad news since Urban Meyer’s football team is just going through the motions right now as they work their ways towards the Michigan State and Michigan games in late November.

In our opinion Randy Edsall better take Maryland to a bowl game in his FIFTH season coaching the Terps or Maryland will be looking for a new head football coach come December because MEDIOCRITY will no longer be accepted in College Park with Under Armour in town with LOTS of its money!

9.  Doug Martin, New Mexico State – In his third season at New Mexico State Doug Martin has posted a win/loss record of…

4 – 24

…and after the loss to cross-state rival New Mexico the Aggies have two trips to the South to play….

At Ole Miss
At Georgia Southern

…to which we can only say….

Good Luck with that Doug Martin!


10.  Al Golden, Miami – After the loss to Cincinnati Al Golden in his FIFTH season as head coach of the Miami Hurricanes is sitting on an overall win/loss record of….

31 – 23

….and an ACC Conference record of….

16 – 16

…and anyone that thinks that is good enough for Miami football is either an….

Ass Kisser of Head Coaches

….and there are a Helluva lot of those folks in the media that would take down the American Republic to not offend a head coach or someone that is….

Around the Bend and Mentally Not Stable Enough To Live in Normal Society!

Oh…up next for Al Golden and Miami….

FSU in Tallahassee

…which has posted a record of…

43 – 3

…the last three seasons under Jimbo Fisher.

Good Luck with that Al Golden!

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