2018 Post Week 2 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings – Thank You Johnny Cash!

We are off to a great start to the 2018 college football season which has about fifty good storylines going including football coaches suddenly finding their ass on the Hot Seat for the first time in their coaching careers and with that in mind let’s bring out the Great Johnny Cash to get to this weeks Top 10 College Head Coaches on the Hot Seat after Week 2!

Thank You As Always Johnny Cash!

2018 Post Week 2 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

1.  Urban Meyer, Ohio State – Ohio State had looked great in destroying Oregon State and Rutgers to open the 2018 season….2 Cupcakes for sure but still the Buckeyes are playing some very efficient football even with their head coach on the sideline. Urban Meyer will miss a third game this week in Ft. Worth against TCU in a match-up that has not only attracted College Gameday but also the Vegas Boys have made OSU 13-point favorites on the road against the Horned Frogs.

Ohio State easily has double the talent of TCU and should easily win this game…if they play turnover free football and that is where Gary Patterson and his football team comes in which should be ready to give the Buckeyes a good football game that will no doubt be killing Urban Meyer wherever he will be watching it…if he will be able to watch it that is!

Knowing how much missing on coaching in the OSU – TCU game is appropriate penance for Meyer and should be a tremendous less for Urban and other coaches to remind them that they should pay close attention to the make-up of their coaching staffs and support personnel and when they spot a Self-Consumed Punk they should think hard and long about the inherent risks in keeping that Self-Consumed Punk around their football program and university!

We will go Ohio State beats TCU by ten points in a great football game!

2.  Larry Fedora, North Carolina – Counting the loss to end the 2016 regular season to NC State and the Sun Bowl of the same year that a few at Coaches Hot Seat were at to see the Tar Heels lose to Stanford Larry Fedora is sitting on a record of….

3 – 13

…in UNC’s last 16 games and now coming on the heels of a 22 point loss to an East Carolina team that has been as bad as UNC the last few seasons we have a full-bodied Code Red Total Disaster on our hands in Chapel Hill!

Now at 0 – 2 UNC has left to play in 2018…

At Miami
Virginia Tech
At Syracuse
At Virginia
Georgia Tech
At Duke
Western Carolina
NC State

Unless Larry Fedora can rally the Tar Heels that looks like a 3 or 4 win season coming off a 3 – 9 record in 2017 and that record would lead to a Helluva coaching job that a Helluva Lot of football coaches would love to have opening up in early December!

3.  Willie Taggart, Florida State – We are not quite sure what Willie Taggart and his FSU coaching staff have been doing since they took over the Seminoles in January but for Damn sure….

They have not been coaching this football team

….because there is not a player on the Samford football team that could be on the 4-deep at FSU and yet….Samford had Florida State on the ropes into the 4 th quarter in Tallahassee which would have been the…

Beginning of the End of the Willie Taggart Regime at FSU

….and from talking to a few FSU alums on Sunday including one we have known since the late 1980s….

If Willie Taggart doesn’t get this Total Disaster turned around at FSU he will not be the head coach of the Seminoles in 2019!

The Florida State coaches could just roll the balls out on the field and go to a local bar in Tallahassee and let the players practice themselves and there’s plenty of talent to win….

6 Games A Year

…but when you look at the rest of the now 1 – 1 Florida State schedule we are beginning to wonder if the Seminoles will win another game in 2018!

At Syracuse
Northern Illinois
At Louisville
At Miami
Wake Forest
At NC State
At Notre Dame
Boston College

Geez….if FSU plays the way it did against Virginia Tech and Samford they will NOT win another game this season and when we asked our FSU-alum buddy what would happen if the Seminoles ended the season at 1 – 11 he says….

“They won’t sell 1,000 seasons tickets for the 2019 season if Taggart is still the coach. Hell…if they win less than 6 games I am done with FSU football until they fix that Damn mess in Tallahassee which includes ousting several people that hold tremendous power in the booster organization that are just worthless as Hell!”

Like Chapel Hill…we have a Code Red Total Disaster going on in Tallahassee and Willie Taggart just better Damn find a way to beat Syracuse on Saturday or there will be about 15,000 people at the Northern Illinois game the next Saturday in Tallahassee!

4.  Kalani Sitake, BYU – BYU played pretty good against a decent California team on Saturday losing 21 – 18 and now the 1 – 1 Cougars need to regroup quickly because they have a trip to play Wisconsin in Madison which looks like a Badgers team that can be beat if UW is not focused and what a win it would be if BYU could go on the road and beat the Badgers…but come now…that’s big IF!

Basically when you get right down to brass tacks this is about BYU getting to 6 wins in 2018 which would give head coach Sitake the ability to say that the team improved over the 4 – 9 record last season and with that in mind the 1 – 1 Cougars have left in 2018….

At Wisconsin
At Washington
Utah State
Northern Illinois
At Boise State
At UMass
New Mexico State
At Utah

We see 2 easy wins on that schedule….McNeese and New Mexico State at home….that’s 3 wins….which means BYU will need to beat…

Utah State
Northern Illinois

…at home and then to get to 7 wins beat UMass on the road and in our minds…that is very doable although an Utah State team that can score a lot of points will not be an easy win nor will Hawaii or Northern Illinois!

Good Luck in Madison Cougars!

5.  David Beaty, Kansas – Congrats to David Beaty and Kansas for getting a nice road win at Central Michigan on Saturday which is a Big 12 team beating a MAC team which should be a forgone conclusion….but come now…this is Kansas we are talking about here and it’s back to reality in Week 3 for the Jayhawks with Non-Big Ten Powerhouse Rutgers coming to Lawrence which is a….

Very Winnable Football Game

…since Rutgers just got blasted by 49 points by the Buckeyes!

How many games will Kansas win in 2018 with these games left to play?

At Baylor
Oklahoma State
At West Virginia
At Texas Tech
Iowa State
At Kansas State
At Oklahoma

Our guess….1 more game to finish at 2 – 10 on the season!

6.  Kevin Sumlin, Arizona – We originally put Kevin Sumlin on the Hot Seat this past offseason when he banned the media from covering Spring practice which is an uniquely Stupid Thing for a new head football coach to do and we fully expected after early wins over BYU at home and Houston the road Sumlin would be off the Hot Seat but now….BUT Arizona looks like a football team that has gotten….

No Coaching At All

…over the last 8 months and there’s a real chance that an Arizona team loaded with plenty of talent to win 8 games will not even get 6 wins in 2018 with these games still left to play on the schedule:

Southern Utah
At Oregon State
At Utah
At Washington State
Arizona State

Hell….Arizona will be LUCKY to win 4 games in 2018 if they play like they did against BYU and Houston to open the season which is…


…and in the end really….Un-Coached!

There’s an old rule of thumb about hiring someone for a challenging job:

Don’t hire someone to do a challenging job that just got run from their last job that saw them get paid Millions of Dollars because in our opinion that person is not going to be motivated to do that new challenging job because….they have Millions of Dollars in the bank!

Let’s see if that rule of thumb proves true and Arizona turns into a Code Red Total Disaster which it’s right on the brink of right now!

7.  Dan Mullen, Florida – In all his time at Mississippi State new Florida head coach Dan Mullen flirted with the Hot Seat a few times BUT he was able to stay off the Hot Seat because our expectations for Mississippi State are a Helluva Lot Lower than our expectations for Florida and our first expectation for Florida is….

Your Ass Better Not Lose To Kentucky Especially At Home!

That was just a Freaking Damn Embarrassment the way the Florida Gators played against Kentucky at home running out a quarterback that would not start for thousands of high school teams across the country and a football team that not only….

Did Not Look Prepared To Play Football

…they also…

Did Not Look Very Damn Motivated

…and when we see that at…


….your ass goes right on the Hot Seat!

Let’s see what the 1 – 1 Gators have left in 2018 to see just what kind of Damn Disaster we are dealing with here >

Colorado State
At Tennessee
At Mississippi State
At Vanderbilt
Georgia – Jacksonville
South Carolina
At Florida State

Geez…if the Gators beat Colorado State and Idaho that is 3 wins….and Hell Samford can also beat FSU in Tallahassee so that might be a win which makes 4 wins….but where in the Hell is Florida going to find even 2 more wins to get to 6 on the year?

Got Dan Mullen’s ass is now on the Hot Seat and may never get off until he gets fired at Florida?


Keep that potential next head coaches for the Gators list handy there Florida AD Scott Stricklin because you might need it Son!

8. Kliff Kingsbury, Texas Tech – Texas Tech destroyed Lamar on Saturday but come now….Lamar is a Damn Joke Cupcake and now it’s back to Big Boy Football with Houston coming to Lubbock in game that Kliff Kingsbury just…

Flat-Out Cannot Lose

…because a loss in this spot to drop to 1 – 2 with these games still left….

At Oklahoma State
West Virginia
At Iowa State
At Kansas State

….will be 4 or 5 wins tops and there’s not a chance in Hell Kingsbury can survive less than 6 wins in 2018 to return for 2019!

Our guess if Tech loses to Houston Saturday they finish with a record of…

3 – 9

….and Texas Tech which is a decent job will open up by December 1.

9.  Jim Harbaugh, Michigan – Michigan destroyed a mediocre Western Michigan team on Saturday and now comes another team in SMU that Blue should destroy in Ann Arbor to at least get this ball rolling a little and assuming Blue beats the Mustangs….

And They Better Damn Beat Em or Jim Harbaugh is Headed for a Code Red Total Disaster

…what is left on the schedule isn’t exactly easy…

At Northwestern
At Michigan State
Penn State
At Rutgers
At Ohio State

Michigan has plenty of talent and a good enough of a defense to be AT WORST….

9 – 2

…when they head to Columbus on November 24 to play Ohio State and that’s the standard we are setting for Jimmy Harbaugh this season….

1 more loss between now and the Buckeyes

…and that loss better Damn not be to SMU on Saturday Jimmy or your ass will be on…

Face of the Sun Hot Seat!

10.  Lovie Smith, Illinois – Lovie Smith’s Illini opened up the 2018 season with wins over Big-Time Cupcakes….

Kent State
Western Illinois

….and now it’s back to the Real World with USF coming to town on Saturday and then these games to finish the season:

Penn State
At Rutgers
At Wisconsin
At Maryland
At Nebraska
At Northwestern

Illinois is now 2 – 0 and our guess…they finish the season at…

4 – 8

…which would mean Lovie Smith has put up records of….

3 – 9
2 – 10
4 – 8

Overall:  9 – 27

Would that keep Lovie Smith employed for another year at Illinois?

How the Hell could it?

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