David Beaty Fired At Kansas – Post Week 10 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings – Thank You Johnny Cash!

David Beaty Fired At Kansas

That David Beaty was fired at Kansas on Sunday was as predictable as the Sun coming up in the East when Beaty was hired after the 2014 season by KU and no surprise Beaty barely moved the needle in Lawrence which has been a non-existent needle for Kansas football since the firing of Mark Mangino in 2009.

Kansas has now hired three straight football coaches that did not have a ice cube’s chance in Hell of succeeding at KU with the following records put up by those three coaches, Turner Gill, Charlie Weis, and David Beaty over the past 9 seasons:

Overall:  17 – 80

Big 12:  4 – 65

The above is bad…really bad…and could have easily been avoided if Kansas had employed an athletic director that knew how to hire a coach for the KU job which is a very unique one where…

6 Wins A Year

…is Pretty, Pretty Good Work by a head coach and 8 wins a year is borderline a Lombardi-level of coaching. In Mark Mangino’s last five years at Kansas he averaged…

7.6 Wins A Year

….which in our opinion is doable…not easy….but doable at Kansas IF the school hires the right coach and we could not help but laugh out loud reading columnist Sam Mellinger of the Kansas City Star about current Kansas AD Jeff Long:

“Long is the new guy, hired just five months ago, with a reputation for football competence that far exceeds anything his current school has seen in nearly a decade.

There’s that phrase again. Long is better qualified than the men he follows. He is widely respected for his connections and ability to identify and hire football coaches.”


Now that is a bit of Fake News if we have ever seen it because based upon what Jeff Long has actually done in his life when it comes to hiring football coaches and what the media THINKS he has done are two totally different things and it actually takes 5 minutes of checking the Internet to realize this which is something they must not have in the Kansas City area!

Jeff Long’s “football competence” folks as an AD hiring football coaches:

2005 – Dave Wannstedt, Pitt – FIRED
2008 – Bobby Petrino, Arkansas – FIRED
2009 – John L. Smith, Interim Arkansas – CRAZY AS HELL!
2013 – Bret Bielema – FIRED

Would anyone here at Coaches Hot Seat hired ANY of the above coaches in ANY of the situations that Jeff Long was in?

No….but then we actually know something about the game of football and in both Sam Mellinger’s column and mentioned by others across the Internet on Sunday there’s some thought that Les Miles will be hired by Kansas to which we can only say….


So Kansas is going to hire a coach that got fired at LSU where Bozo the Clown, Mister Rogers, or Captain Kangaroo could win 8 games a year if they just rolled the footballs out on the practice field?

Yes….that makes sense if you are Complete Freaking Idiot and have never played a down of football and as far we can tell the people advocating for Les Miles to be hired at Kansas…

Have Never Played A Down Of Football!

Kansas should hire the kind of coach that should be hired for ANY job in this world and that should be someone that is…

Actually Freaking Qualified For The Job

….and it will be interesting to see who Jeff Long hires at KU….very Damn interesting since Long has hired Shady Characters and the Wrong Coaches for the Wrong Situations in the past which just what happens to be what Kansas has done in its last three head coaching hires!

Our guess…there is Complete Freaking Stupidity coming down the pike in Lawrence which will be Hilarious as Hell but sad for anyone that gives a Damn about Kansas football but come on now…these folks have no one to blame but themselves because you GUTTED yourself by literally taking a large sword and driving it into your GUT with the last three head coaching hires and from where we sit you are about to take the sword down from above the fireplace again and…

Drive it into your GUT…..AGAIN!

Let’s get to the Post Week 10 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings and to do that we would like to bring out the Late Great Johnny Cash who we miss a lot and love very much!

Thank You Johnny!

Post Week 10 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

1.  Chris Ash, Rutgers – On Saturday with the Rutgers loss to a very Average if now downright Weak Wisconsin team by the score of 31 – 17 Chris Ash’s record at Rutgers in three years on the job now stand at…

Overall:  7 – 26

Big Ten:  3 – 21

….and if that looks a Helluva Lot like David Beaty’s record at Kansas only Beaty now in five seasons at KU only has 6 wins on the board!

If you actually know anything about the game of football OR even can read the written word here is what your know about Rutgers football and that is Chris Ash took over Rutgers in 2016 from the fired Kyle Flood who coached Rutgers from 2012 to 2015 putting up records of…

Overall:  27 – 24

Conference:  12 – 19

…and his last two seasons at Rutgers the Scarlet Knights were playing in the Big Ten Conference and put up records of…

8 – 5
4 – 8

…which totals up to….

Overall:  12 – 13

Big Ten:  4 – 12

Now let’s do some simple math here since there seems to be some folks that don’t know simple football analyzing the situation at Rutgers:

Is Rutgers a better football program today under Chris Ash than it was when Ash took over the program before the 2016 season?

No…of course not…but then your ass actually has to be able to READ to know that and there are plenty of folks in America…especially ones making Hundreds of Thousands or even Millions of Dollars a year in Athletic Director positions who cannot……READ!

The 1 – 8 Scarlet Knights whose only win is over Texas State and wait for it….lost to Kansas 55 – 14 earlier this year…have left on their schedule games against….

Penn State
At Michigan State

Got 1 – 11 in Chris Ash’s THIRD year as the head coach at Rutgers?


2.  Randy Edsall, UConn – On Saturday the UConn football team coached by Randy Edsall traveled to play 2 – 7 Tulsa on the road and lost by the score of 49 – 19 and we cannot find a person that is surprised by that result which drops the Huskies record to…

1 – 8

…on the season with only 56 – 49 win over FCS Rhode Island between UConn and no wins at all in 2018!

UConn has the following games left to play this season…

At East Carolina

…and we fully expect UConn to lose all three of those games to finish at 1 – 11 after going 3 – 9 last season and again we ask…

Why is Randy Edsall the head coach at UConn?

The reason we ask that is Randy Edsall left UConn in the dead of the night not even saying goodbye to his UConn players after the 2010 Fiesta Bowl to take the Maryland job and Edsall at Maryland put up records of….

Overall:  22 – 34

Big Ten:  10 – 24

….so again we ask….

Why is Randy Edsall the Head Football coach at UConn?

There is NO logical answer to that question….NONE!

3.  Larry Fedora, North Carolina – With the loss at home to Georgia Tech on Saturday the Total Collapse of North Carolina football under Larry Fedora the last two seasons continues with Fedora now posting since the beginning of 2017 records of…

Overall:  4 – 16

ACC:  2 – 12

…and those 4 wins have been over:

Old Dominion
Western Carolina

…and luckily for Larry Fedora UNC has…

Western Carolina on the schedule in 2 weeks!

…so maybe the Tar Heels can get 2 wins in 2018!


What’s the problem exactly with North Carolina Football the last two seasons?

It’s simple really…North Carolina no longer plays any Defense and their defensive rankings for the 2018 season now stand at…

97 th in Total Defense in FBS giving up 432 yards per game

107 th in Scoring Defense in FBS giving up 34.8 points per game

There’s a Simple Rule in Football:

If you are not going to play Defense you are not going to win many football games and North Carolina has won…

4 Football Games the last two seasons

…and we see UNC winning only one of their remaining three games against…

At Duke
Western Carolina
NC State

…and if the Tar Heels are not planning on playing any defense in 2019 if Larry Fedora is brought back they will win 2 or 3 games next year as well which includes an opening game against South Carolina in Charlotte and Appalachian State in Chapel Hill which be just a GREAT spot for UNC to get its ass beat by its little-little brother!

If we were the AD at North Carolina we would call Larry Fedora into the office and ask him…

“Larry….this is your 7 th season at North Carolina and I would love to know why your team is not playing any defense Son?”

Don’t expect any kind of legitimate answer to that question because the right answer is…

Defense is no longer coached at North Carolina…PERIOD!

4.  Bobby Petrino, Louisville – No one here at Coaches Hot Seat can understand why then Arkansas AD Jeff Long hired Bobby Petrino in 2007 or why Western Kentucky hired Petrino in 2012 and we certainly cannot understand why Louisville brought Bobby Petrino back in 2013….unless of course those Athletic Directors…

Only cared about winning football games

…which let’s face it…that is all many athletic directors care about and if the person they are hiring is someone that Coaches Hot Seat would NOT hire to…

Shovel Shit in West Texas

….like Bobby Petrino there will always be an AD that will hire that coach because…he might just win some football games and at Louisville Petrino has won some games winning an average of…

8.5 games a season

…in his latest stint at UofL…but at what cost to the school we ask?

An Enormous Cost in our opinion because Bobby Petrino is someone that treats other human beings like Total Shit and if you are say….Jeff Long who is now the Athletic Director at Kansas where another AD hired Charlie Weis a few years ago who also treats other human beings like Total Shit in our opinion then anyone with an IQ over room temperature would have a concern about these folks ethics…but come now…

Bobby Petrino can win you some football games!

We have some news for the folks out there in the world making a Helluva Lot of $$$ in Athletic Director positions…

There are plenty of coaches that can win football games that are actually…Decent Human Beings as well!

2 – 7 Louisville has games left this season against…

At Syracuse
NC State

….and we fully expect the Cardinals to get SMASHED in all those games…not just beat but SMASHED and then we will find out if the folks at the University of Louisville have…

Questionable Ethics and Integrity

…and will keep Bobby Petrino employed or if they will actually act like Real Americans with Common Decency and fire Petrino before he totally GUTS Louisville Football on the cross of treating other human beings like Total Shit!

5.  Kalani Sitake, BYU – Watching BYU play and lose to Boise State on Saturday night by the score of 21 – 16 with the Cougars having a great chance to score at touchdown at the end of the game we could not help but wonder….

How did BYU only score 6 points against Northern Illinois at home the previous week?

There is NO logical answer to that question which raises the question:

Just what in the Hell is going on at BYU?

2018 BYU Offense Scoring:

28 Points on Arizona
18 Points on California
24 Points on Wisconsin
30 Points on McNeese
7 Points on Washington
20 Points on Utah State
49 Points on Hawaii
7 Points on Northern Illinois
16 Points on Boise State


We went back and looked at all of BYU’s games this season and frankly…

We don’t have a Damn Clue what BYU is trying to accomplish on offense nor do we think the BYU coaches have a Damn Clue what BYU is trying to accomplish on offense which is a Helluva situation for a place like BYU that made its name on…

Scoring A Lot of Points on Offense!

Kalani Sitake is now in this third year at BYU and has posted a record of…

17 – 18

…overall and at 4 – 5 in 2018 with these games left to be played…

At UMass
New Mexico State
At Utah

….and if BYU loses at UMass on Saturday there’s a decent chance the Cougars will not go to a bowl game for a second straight season and we cannot imagine how Sitake can survive that if they are actually still serious about playing football in Provo that is!

While we have you here on the issue of the head football coach at BYU some may be wondering why Bronco Mendenhall is now the head coach at Virginia instead of still at BYU and in our opinion the main reason is that…

Bronco Mendenhall was paid very little money at BYU

…and Mendenhall is making $3.5M+ a year at UVA and has a contract that guarantees to pay him $18M+ no matter what he does in the future which is the kind of money that Bronco would NEVER make at BYU and that is because…

Brigham Young University is CHEAP….REALLY CHEAP!

A few years ago the Athletic Director at BYU Tom Holmoe made a comment that was something along the lines of…

“Some of the websites out there that say Bronco Mendenhall makes “X” amount of money are just way off base because he doesn’t make anywhere close to the kind of money they are reporting.”

Since BYU is a private school and does not report what it pays its head football coach it’s not easy to know or even guess what Kalani Sitake makes as the head football coach at BYU but we do know what the head football coach at BYU should be making…

$3M+ a year easy!

….that is BYU actually paid a Market Wage but come now…maybe you forgot…

Brigham Young University is CHEAP….REALLY CHEAP!

Oh…BYU’s current endowment is something around $1.5 Billion Dollars and the Mormon Church is easily in our opinion worth north of $30 Billion Dollars and yet when it comes to paying the head football coach at BYU….

Brigham Young University is CHEAP….REALLY CHEAP!

We have lots of Mormon friends in the state of Utah and elsewhere around America and to a person they are two things….they are NOT…

Arrogant or Cheap

…and we cannot help but wonder why AD Tom Holmoe and we are guessing the folks that run BYU are not willing to pay their head football coach a Market Wage?


Brigham Young University is CHEAP….REALLY CHEAP!

Until BYU quits being so Damn CHEAP don’t tell us that Tom Holmoe or anyone else at BYU gives two rips about winning football games because they don’t…they just don’t!

6.  Willie Taggart, Florida State – We are not quiet sure what Willie Taggart is doing at Florida State but we do know this…

Jimbo Fisher won an average of 10.375 games a season at FSU over the past 8 seasons

…and the now 4 – 5 Seminole after they got destroyed by NC State on Saturday have beat in 2018:

Northern Illinois
Wake Forest

…and FSU still has to play this season:

At Notre Dame
Boston College

Now…we haven’t a Damn Clue what is going on at Florida (see more below on the Gators) but does anyone else think that FSU is headed for a record of…

4 – 8

…in 2018 and Willie Taggart possibly sitting on the #1 Hot Seat in America entering the 2019 season?

Thought So!

FSU’s Goal for Notre Dame game this coming Saturday:

Don’t get their asses blown out by the Irish!

7.  Mike MacIntyre, Colorado – Some of the more interesting numbers about Mike MacIntyre are his records at both Colorado and Overall which look like this…

Overall Winning Percentage at San Jose State and Colorado = .422%

Winning Percentage at Colorado = .417%

….which says a Helluva Lot and when one looks at MacIntyre’s record at Colorado one finds that against FBS schools with .500 or better records he is at…

10 – 40

…in those games and MacIntyre’s Overall Record at CU now stands at:

30 – 42

If you are thinking that Mike MacIntyre has fattened up his record at Colorado with lots of wins over very average or worse teams then you would be right and it’s not like MacIntyre’s record in Pac-12 play is that great at…

14 – 37

The CU Buffs are now 4 – 5 on the 2018 season and have games left against…

Washington State
At California

…and if Colorado plays like they played last couple of weeks in losses to Oregon State and Arizona they will finish the season at 5 – 7 which would be for MacIntyre…

5 Losing Records in 6 Seasons at Colorado!

Even if Colorado won one of their remaining games and got to 6 – 6 on the season is that good enough at Colorado in his sixth season on the job?

Not in our opinion but then we are old enough to remember when Colorado actually played the game of football!

8.  Lovie Smith, Illinois – We have been alarmed about the amount of points that Minnesota has been giving up this season but the Gophers giving up 55 points to Illinois was quite the eye-opener and has moved P. J. Fleck towards the Hot Seat as he fires his defensive coordinator but with that win the Illini moved to 4 – 5 on the season with games left against….

At Nebraska
At Northwestern

…and it will be interesting to see if Illinois can win any of their remaining three games or if they will collapse down the stretch as they have done in the first two seasons under Lovie Smith.

Scott Frost and Nebraska really need to beat Illinois on Saturday to get to 3 wins on the season with Michigan State and at Iowa left so this will be a very interesting game….a very interesting game indeed!

9.  Mike Gundy, Oklahoma State – We are not quite sure what $5 Million Dollars A Year is supposed to get you but we are guessing it’s not a record of…

5 – 4

…that Oklahoma State is now sitting on with games left against…

At Oklahoma
West Virginia

…with Mike Gundy banking that $5M a year and a real chance now that the Cowboys will miss a bowl game in 2018 which would take a…

Charlie Weis Level of Incompetence

….for Mike Gundy because Gundy could have gone hunting and fishing away from Stillwater and let an Oklahoma State sorority coach the Cowboys in 2018 and they would have gotten at least…

6 Wins In 2018!

Will Mike Gundy hit at least the mark that an OSU sorority coaching the Cowboys football team in 2018 or will he fall short?

Let’s see!

10.  Dan Mullen, Florida – We gotta call on Sunday from a Florida alum buddy of ours from Jacksonville we first rented a house from out near the beaches in Jacksonville about 30 years go and this UF alum was a student at Florida when Steve Spurrier was playing quarterback for the Gators so he goes way back and here is what he said about the current state of Florida football based upon what he saw at The Swamp on Saturday in the Mizzou – Florida game:

“I am not quite sure what Dan Mullen is doing but for Damn sure he is not coaching the Florida football team right now. I went over behind the Florida bench in both the first and second half and the Gators players just could have cared less that they were playing and losing to Missouri and the fans at the game perfectly reflected the amount of energy the players and coaches brought to the game which was almost no energy at all.”

It was interesting after the Mizzou game when Dan Mullen’s football team…

Did Not Show Up To Play and Looked Totally Un-Coached

…then Mullen said to Gators fans:

“That’s how it works,” a frustrated Mullen said. “I’m gonna be honest with you, this is how it works too, when we sell out the stadium, we win a championship. It doesn’t go the other way. It’s not we win, you sell out. You sell out, you win. Go watch teams that have built programs. That’s how it works.”

Really Dan?

This is FLORIDA Son where…

Any Random Stumblebum off the beaches of Jacksonville Beach can win 8 games a season

…and the Gators now after losing to Mizzou at home on Saturday in a game where the Gators….

Did Not Show Up To Play and Looked Totally Un-Coached

….are now 6 – 3 and have games left against…

South Carolina
At Florida State

Now Dan Mullen could turn over the Gators to Mike Gundy and they could beat Idaho but will the Gators actually show-up to play against South Carolina like….

They give two rips about winning the game or not?

…or will they show up how they looked against Mizzou?

Did Not Show Up To Play and Looked Totally Un-Coached

Our long-time Florida alum buddy also said to us on Sunday:

“If Dan Mullen thinks we are going to tolerate a lot of average football at Florida then will just see about that and if the Gators look like they did against Mizzou in 2019 then Mullen will not make it past year 2 in Gainesville and AD Scott Stricklin will be gone as well because those two are attached at the hip. Maybe Mullen and Stricklin think this is just a fun game and they can just coast along being average, but one thing McElwain showed is that even a Damn Idiot can take the Gators to the SEC Championship and if the Gators aren’t competitive against Georgia next season and winning 9+ games then Dan Mullen and his buddy Scott will be unemployed next Christmas so I hope they enjoy this Christmas with their families!”

This is not a game Dan Mullen and you better Damn not lose to South Carolina on Saturday and if you somehow fooled around and lost to South Carolina and the Total Train Wreck that is Florida State football in the last game of the season…

Your trips to the Gators clubs in the coming offseason will be the most miserable experience of your life on Earth!

Don’t lose to South Carolina and Will Muschamp on Saturday Dan because it might just be a Zook-like beginning of the end of your coaching career with the Gators!

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