Mark Richt’s Georgia Football Is NOW Going To FIGHT? Georgia Does NOTHING Against Alabama and Florida BUT Now They Are Going To FIGHT? Where Have We Seen This In World History Before? Oh…That’s Right…And It Has EVERYTHING To Do With What Is Going On With the Georgia Football Program Right Now! – Post Week 9 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings – 21 – 30 Hot Seat Head Coaches – Keep It Rolling Mr. Cash….Just Keep the Heat Rolling!


Before we get to the Post Week 9 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings – 21 – 30 Hot Seat Head Coaches we must first address the below comments made by Mark Richt at his Tuesday press conference as reported by Edward Aschoff of

“We’re gonna fight. We’re gonna fight together. We’ll do the things we think we need to do to get better as we go. But the Georgia people can count on us fighting our tails off and doing it in a way that everybody would be proud of in our young men, to get better. So that’s where we’re at right now.”

What the Hell?


So after getting run by Alabama in your home stadium, losing to Tennessee, and losing to Florida AGAIN with the Gators having a first-year head coach on the sidelines that took over a Dumpster Fire in Gainesville and now the Georgia Bulldogs according to Mark Richt are going to…

Start fighting?

Yes…Glory be to God Mark Richt BUT what in the Hell are you talking about son?

Your team laid-down and QUIT against Alabama!

Your team gave away a game to Tennessee!

Your team laid-down and QUIT against Florida!

Oh…maybe we should say in this spot for both the Alabama game in Athens and the Florida game in Jacksonville two Coaches Hot Seat members sat right behind the Georgia sideline and they reported that they have seen in their lifetimes…

Chess Club Teams that were more fired up for a Freaking Chess Competition!

…than the Georgia football team was fired-up to play Alabama and Florida!

Here’s the TRUTH: Mark Richt as the head football coach at Georgia is making…

$4 Million Dollars A Year

….and thus is responsible for getting his teams ready to play football games against opponents like Alabama and Florida and the TRUTH is…

Mark Richt football team got DESTROYED by both Alabama and Florida

…and Mark Richt stood on the sidelines of both games and did NOTHING!

And now Mark Richt says Georgia is going to “fight?”

Please….in our opinion there is NO FIGHT left in Mark Richt or his football team and the close loss to Missouri at home says as much as the losses to Alabama, Tennessee, and Florida do because Georgia was also asleep against a very mediocre Missouri football team and it took at last minute field goal to even win that game!

Whatever is REALLY going on with Mark Richt and the folks in and around the Georgia football program…

Changes are likely coming at Georgia, Seth Emerson and Chip Towers, Journal-Constitution

….from where we sit it’s our opinion here at Coaches Hot Seat that Mark Richt REALLY believes that…

Whatever happens in life which would include the outcome of a football game is “God’s will” and that far be it for Mark Richt to question why his Georgia football team has floundered in 2015 in hardly showing up against Alabama and Florida because after all that is just “God’s plan” and why should Mark Richt question “God’s will” and “God’s plan” if those two things include the Georgia football NOT showing up ready to play against Alabama and Florida?

Where does that “It’s God’s Will” and “It’s God’s Plan” come from anyway because we hear it being said all the time?

Well of course anyone that knows the New Testament knows it flows straight from Jesus Christ’s last week of being alive on the planet Earth in the late 20s AD when after a week of rabble-rousing and pissing off anyone and everyone he could find in Jerusalem who was not following God’s word as defined by Christ including his infamous Cleansing of the Temple….


….as detailed best in our opinion by Matthew:

“And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves, And said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.” Matthew 21:12–13

Yes…after that week of rabble-rousing in Jerusalem Jesus Christ was betrayed by Judas and taken to the Jewish elders and then the Roman courts of Pilate and Herod and let’s let Wikipedia take the story from here which in our humble opinion goes right to the heart of the problem with Georgia Football team some 1990 years after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ (Jesus Christ,

“After his arrest, Jesus is taken to the Sanhedrin, a Jewish judicial body. The gospel accounts differ on the details of the trials. In Matthew 26:57, Mark 14:53 and Luke 22:54, Jesus is taken to the house of the high priest, Caiaphas, where he is mocked and beaten that night. Early the next morning, the chief priests and scribes lead Jesus away into their council. John 18:12–14 states that Jesus is first taken to Annas, Caiaphas’ father-in-law, and then to the high priest.

During the trials Jesus speaks very little, mounts no defense, and gives very infrequent and indirect answers to the priests’ questions, prompting an officer to slap him. In Matthew 26:62 Jesus’ unresponsiveness leads Caiaphas to ask him, “Have you no answer?” In Mark 14:61 the high priest then asks Jesus, “Are you the Messiah, the Son of the Blessed One?” Jesus replies, “I am”, and then predicts the coming of the Son of Man. This provokes Caiaphas to tear his own robe in anger and to accuse Jesus of blasphemy. In Matthew and Luke, Jesus’ answer is more ambiguous: in Matthew 26:64 he responds, “You have said so”, and in Luke 22:70 he says, “You say that I am”.

They take Jesus to Pilate’s Court, but Pilate proves extremely reluctant to condemn Jesus, so it is the Jewish elders who are to blame for Jesus’ crucifixion. The Jewish elders ask the Roman governor Pontius Pilate to judge and condemn Jesus, accusing him of claiming to be the King of the Jews. The use of the word “king” is central to the discussion between Jesus and Pilate. In John 18:36 Jesus states, “My kingdom is not from this world”, but he does not unequivocally deny being the King of the Jews. In Luke 23:7–15 Pilate realizes that Jesus is a Galilean, and thus comes under the jurisdiction of Herod Antipas. Pilate sends Jesus to Herod to be tried, but Jesus says almost nothing in response to Herod’s questions. Herod and his soldiers mock Jesus, put an expensive robe on him to make him look like a king, and return him to Pilate, who then calls together the Jewish elders and announces that he has “not found this man guilty”.

Observing a Passover custom of the time, Pilate allows one prisoner chosen by the crowd to be released. He gives the people a choice between Jesus and a murderer called Barabbas. Persuaded by the elders (Matthew 27:20), the mob chooses to release Barabbas and crucify Jesus. Pilate writes a sign in Hebrew, Latin, and Greek that reads “Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews” (abbreviated as INRI in depictions) to be affixed to Jesus’ cross (John 19:19–20), then scourges Jesus and sends him to be crucified. The soldiers place a Crown of Thorns on Jesus’ head and ridicule him as the King of the Jews. They beat and taunt him before taking him to Calvary, also called Golgotha, for crucifixion.”

Jesus Chris was a brave man not doubt BUT if he did exactly what he did in Jerusalem in the late 20s AD in the state of Georgia he would no doubt be branded a NUT and tossed into jail by many of the folks that proclaim him to be the Son of God BUT that’s not the point here…is it?

Jesus Christ before the Jewish elders and the two Roman leaders Pilate and Herod refused to FIGHT and to make a STAND for what he believed were some serious issues relative to the way people of Christ’s faith…Judaism….were going about their daily lives and in choosing not to FIGHT he was sentenced to death which of course Hundreds of Millions of Christians have been told over the past almost 2000 years was….

“God’s Will” and “God’s Plan.”

As you ponder and think about that for a second what would the world would like today IF the American People….many of them of the Christian faith…had decided in December 1941 to NOT fight the Japanese and then later the Germans after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor….


Would Jesus Christ or his Father in Heaven….God….have wanted America to NOT fight the Unbelievable EVIL that was Hirohito in Japan and Hitler in Germany and leave to them the world to enslave which would have included ALL of us now living today in a world controlled by the descendents of two of the most EVIL men in human history?



NO…Americans stood up and FOUGHT and didn’t give two seconds thought to what happened in Jerusalem a couple of thousand years before because Jesus Christ being condemned to death by the Romans had NOTHING to do with the America and its allies ridding the world of EVIL and guess what…

Jesus Christ has NOTHING to do with Mark Richt getting his football ready to Play and Fight and to Work Hard to beat teams like Alabama and Florida and it would take an Idiot of a High Order to believe that it was “God’s Will” or “God’s Plan” for Georgia to lose those two football games BUT the FACT is Mark Richt stood on the sidelines of both of those games and did…


….just like his Savior Jesus Christ.

Sorry…history has proven that Human Beings can BEND history towards Good or Evil or with a lot of FIGHT alter the outcome of a football game with their own courageous play during that game and college football is filled with glorious stories of football players and football coaches doing just that….Bending History and thus Victories towards them… the sheer will of their humanity in action on this Earth that had NOTHING to do with Jesus Christ being crucified almost 2000 years ago now.

Please…why would anyone with a working brain believe that Mark Richt will get his football team to FIGHT now when they basically didn’t show up at all in the TWO biggest games of the year against Alabama and Florida?

An even better question will be if Georgia does come out and play hard against Kentucky for the entire game and then hard against Auburn, Georgia Southern and Georgia Tech….why now and not against Alabama and Florida?

In our opinion read the above again and you will KNOW the answer to that question.

Everyone here at Coaches Hot Seat will tell you that they really like Mark Richt….a good man….a good football coach….a good Christian whatever the Hell that means since it’s irrelevant to whether he should be the head football coach at Georgia…BUT…sometimes we here at Coaches Hot Seat cannot help but wonder…would Mark Richt FIGHT to defend the American Republic if a REAL shooting war broke out again and we had to go kill other human beings in order for our country to survive and for the world to not be under the thumb of the Fascist Russians or Chinese who are the TWO main forces of EVIL in the world today?

Who the Hell knows and that says a Helluva lot.

We will leave the following quote right here….because it seems appropriate:

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”  Edmund Burke

A chair on fire... metaphor "In The Hot Seat"

Post Week 9 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings – 21 – 30 Hot Seat Head Coaches

Keep It Rolling Mr. Cash….Just Keep the Heat Rolling!

Post Week 9 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

21.  Scott Shafer, Syracuse – With the Syracuse loss to Florida State on Saturday Orange head coach Scott Shafer is venturing into some dangerous territory because that was his team’s FIFTH straight loss and leaves Syracuse at…

3 – 5 overall

1 – 3 in ACC play

….and Shafer’s overall records at in his THIRD season at the school…

Overall:  13 – 20

ACC:  6 – 14

Damn…SIX ACC Conference wins in THREE seasons is NOT good and the Orange still have to play this season…

At Louisville
At NC State
Boston College

Damn….if Scott Shafer can find THREE more wins that will be a Helluva coaching job but to us this looks something like a record of…

4 – 8

…for Syracuse in 2015 and that kind of result will put Shafer’s ass on a Helluva Hot Seat come December!


22.  Tim DeRuyter, Fresno State – Fresno State had a bye in Week 9 and gets back to football in Week 10 with a CRITICAL game against Nevada because the Bulldogs are now sitting on records of…

3 – 6 overall

1 – 4 in MWC play

…..and after Nevada head coach Tim DeRuyter’s team still have to play these games…

At Hawaii
Colorado State

YES….Tim DeRuyter’s team better Damn beat Nevada at home on Thursday night if they are going to get to SIX wins in 2015 and in the process get DeRuyter off the Hot Seat!


23.  Kyle Flood, Rutgers – The Rutgers athletic department has been a Damn mess for what seems like a decade-plus now and Kyle Flood’s latest academic-related issues have only made Rutgers look even more like a clown show that badly needs to get its act cleaned-up BUT then the matter at hand here is can Kyle Flood survive to coach Scarlet Knights into the 2016 season? With Rutgers sitting on a record of….

3 – 5

….and even though Kyle Flood is only responsible for 3 of those 5 losses that anything short of Rutgers going to a bowl game this season that one would have to think the “powers that be” at Rutgers….such as they are….would look to make a clean-break with Kyle Flood and start 2016 fresh with a new head coach in place.

Here is what’s left on Rutgers schedule this season:

At Michigan
At Army

Damn….Rutgers COULD very easily beat Nebraska at home, Army at West Point and Maryland at home to finish the season at…

6 – 6

….and Kyle Flood could then say to anyone that would listen that he will make Damn sure things are done right going forward BUT Hell….maybe Greg Schiano might want to come back to Rutgers and coach if he can’t get the Miami job which seems like an odd fit to us because Miami needs a “Happy Warrior” in the worst way right now and Greg Schiano is most definitely NOT that!

Whatever is going to happen at Rutgers what’s next is that the Scarlett Knights travel to Ann Arbor to play Michigan on Saturday….and after that…who the Hell knows!


24.  Ron Caragher, San Jose State – San Jose State had a bye in Week 9 after getting a nice win over New Mexico in Week 8 and the Spartans get back after things this coming Saturday with a home game against BYU which is an important game for head coach Ron Caragher because he really, really, really need to take his football team to a bowl game in 2015 and with the Spartans now at 4 – 4 and having these games left on the schedule….

At Nevada
At Hawaii
Boise State

….Caragher REALLY needs to get to 6 wins before they head to Boise on Friday November 27.

Come on Ron Caragher…you have enough talent to beat this BYU football team…well…probably not…but beat BYU anyway!

25.  Paul Petrino, Idaho – Talk about letting a CRITICAL win slip away that was what Paul Petrino and his Idaho Vandals did against New Mexico State on Saturday because with a win Idaho could have moved to….

4 – 4

…on the season BUT instead they are now….

3 – 5

…and back to fighting like Hell to get to 6 wins to show at least some progress in the Idaho football program.

At 3 – 5 here is what’s left on Idaho’s schedule:

At South Alabama
Appalachian State
At Auburn
Texas State

Hmmm….NOT an easy game left on Idaho’s schedule and with Paul Petrino’s record at Idaho now standing at…

5 – 26

….Paul Petrino REALLY needs a few more wins before the curtain is brought down on 2015!

26.  Ron Turner, Florida International – With a loss in the Shula Bowl to Florida Atlantic head coach Ron Turner and his Florida International football team fell to…

4 – 5 overall

2 – 3 in CUSA play

….and they still having to play these games:

At Marshall
Western Kentucky

Damn….without an upset of Marshall or Western Kentucky that will be THREE seasons at FIU for Ron Turner and THREE sub-.500 records and if that is what the AD at FIU was looking for when he fired Mario Cristobal then they have a Helluva mess on their hands at FIU!


27.  Mark Stoops, Kentucky – Mark Stoops is in his THIRD season as the head coach at Kentucky and he followed Joker Phillips who also coached THREE seasons at Kentucky which makes for an easy comparison between the two coaches so let’s do just that:

Joker Phillips – 2010 – 2012

Overall: 13 – 24 (.351)

SEC: 4 – 20 (.167)

Mark Stoops – 2013 – 2015

Overall: 11 – 21 (.344)

SEC: 4 – 18 (.182)

No…NOT that much difference between Joker Phillips and Mark Stoops and the Wildcats still have to play games this season against…

At Georgia
At Vanderbilt

Our guess…Mark Stoops and Joker Phillips records after THREE seasons at Kentucky will look almost identical in a few weeks and that raises the obvious question:

With all the Sound and Fury from Mark Stoops in the last THREE seasons has anything really changed at Kentucky?

Not Really….unless of course Kentucky can finish strong with THREE or FOUR wins down the stretch and then for Damn sure there would be a discernible difference between Stoops and Phillips BUT if the Wildcats stumble down the finish by losing to Georgia and Vanderbilt on the road, beat Charlotte at home, and then lose to Louisville at home…..

Mark Stoops rear-end will be lit-up like the Fourth of July come the end of November!

Oh…just for comparison’s sake Rick Brooks coached for SEVEN seasons at Kentucky and posted records of…

Overall: 39 – 47 (.453)

SEC: 16 – 39 (.291)

….which is noticeably better than Stoops or Phillips BUT after THREE seasons Rich Brooks records at UK stood at…

Overall: 9 – 25 (.265)

SEC: 4 – 20 (.167)

Can Mark Stoops get things rolling like Rich Brooks did in his FOURTH season at Kentucky taking the Wildcats to FOUR straight bowl games before he retired after the 2009 season?

Maybe….Maybe Not….BUT the last FOUR games of this season will set a tone and a great tone setter in this spot would be for Kentucky to roll into Athens on Saturday and whip the very fragile Georgia Bulldogs….Oh Hell that would be a Helluva tone setter for sure!


28.  Willie Taggart, South Florida – After THREE straight wins over Syracuse, UConn, and SMU Willie Taggart’s South Florida team got beat by a very good Navy team on Saturday and that drops the Bulls records this season to…

4 – 4 overall

2 – 2 in the AAC

….with these games still left on the board:

At East Carolina

Hell Willie…you need TWO more wins son to get to SIX wins on the season and our recommendation to achieve that goal is….

Beat East Carolina on Saturday and beat UCF on Thursday November 26!


29.  Todd Graham, Arizona State – We couldn’t help but laugh at the “stealing signals” Brouhaha this past week over Oregon accusing Todd Graham and Arizona State of doing just that….stealing signals….

Todd Graham says it’s up to teams to safeguard against signal theft, Kevin Gemmell, ESPN

….because in case the Candy Asses in Eugene, Oregon know it or not if your signals are so Damn pitiful that they can be stolen by the opposing team then..

They WILL BE Stolen

….but that’s not the reason Todd Graham is on the Hot Seat which is actually attributed to the records that ASU are sitting on this season after that PITIFUL loss to the Ducks…

4 – 3 overall

2 – 3 in Pac-12 play

….AND the Complete Idiocy that we saw on the display at the end of the Oregon game when after making one Damn mistake after another Damn mistake throughout the game against the Ducks Arizona State actually had the ball and a chance to put away Oregon late in the 4 th quarter and what happened…

Another Damn Stupid Mistake which just flat-out GAVE the game away to Oregon!

Let us explain….

Arizona State went ahead in the game against Oregon in the 4 th quarter by the score of 41 – 34 with just a little over 7 minutes left on the clock and then kicked-off to the Ducks which was followed by a three-and-out by Oregon and a punt back to Arizona State which left the following situation in the game:

Arizona State has the ball with a 7-point lead with 6:15 left in the game.

Arizona State runs the ball twice for a first down at the ASU 39-yard line and there is 6:00 left in the game.

Now here is where the Complete Idiocy STARTS that leads us to the obvious conclusion that Todd Graham is a Complete Freaking Moron!

Arizona State PASSES the ball with 6:00 left in the game which is complete for a first down to the Oregon 48-yard line and there is 5:15 left in the game.

YES…there is 5:15 left in the game and you have the ball first-down at Oregon’s 48-yard line and what would ANYONE but a Complete Moron as a Head Coach do in this spot?


What did Arizona State do with a quarterback under center…mind you in Mike Bercovici….who in our opinion is way Damn too careless with the football in most situations?


Oregon takes over at their own 40-yard line with 4:00 left in the game and of course goes down the field and scores a touchdown to tie the score at 41 which Arizona State then lost in triple overtime!

Now let’s assume that any coach besides Todd Graham….A Freaking Moron….is on the Arizona State sideline and he knows he has a quarterback in Mike Bercovici under center who is very Damn careless with the football what would that coach….NOT A Freaking Moron….do when he had the ball….

1 st down at the Oregon 48 yard line with 5:15 left in the game with a 7-point lead


And if Arizona State had not gotten a first down the Sun Devils would have punted with around 2:00 left on the clock BUT NO that didn’t happen because….

Todd Graham STUPIDLY snatched a loss from the jaws of victory and his team is now…

4 – 4 on the season

2 – 3 in Pac-12 play

…and still has to play these games:

At Washington State
At California

Hell….Arizona State might not go to a bowl game in 2015 because of the STUPIDITY of their head football coach BUT then maybe Arizona State can beat Arizona which in our opinion has…

QUIT on Rich Rodriguez

…and if the Wildcats continue to spiral down Rodriguez will find his ass on the Hot Seat with Todd Graham and does anyone doubt that USC will RUN Arizona out of the Coliseum on Saturday night?

Didn’t think so!

Oh…things are about to get REAL DAMN UGLY in the state of Arizona with what looks like TWO teams going down on Saturday and BOTH head coaches Todd Graham and Rich Rodriguez finding their Precious Asses on the Hot Seat when they wake-up next Monday morning!


30.  Kliff Kingsbury, Texas Tech – Kliff Kingsbury got his ass off the Hot Seat with a 5 – 2 record after a win over Kansas BUT after TWO straight losses to Oklahoma and Oklahoma State in back-to-back weeks the Red Raiders are now at…

5 – 4 overall

2 – 4 in Big 12 play

…..and have a HUGE game against Crazy Boy Dana Holgorsen and West Virginia in Morgantown on Saturday!

Kliff Kingsbury REALLY needs to take his football team to a bowl game in 2015 and with 5 wins on the board and these games left to be played…

At West Virginia
Kansas State
At Texas

…we see No Damn Reason at all why Texas Tech can’t win at least one of their last three game and Hell the way Texas is playing right now if you lay 40 points on the Longhorns that is a SURE FIRE Victory all day and all night long!

Good Luck against Crazy Boy Kliff!

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