Chad Morris Fired At Arkansas – Post Week 11 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings – Give These Hot Seat Coaches Hell Johnny Cash!


Chad Morris Fired At Arkansas

It will almost be impossible to understand why Chad Morris was hired at Arkansas no matter what people say with things like “recruiting in Texas” or whatever the Hell else they can think of but there’s no getting around that Morris posted records in 3 years at SMU of…

Overall:  14 – 22

AAC:  8 – 16

….and those were the records the folks at Arkansas were looking at when they hired Chad Morris in late 2017 and we cannot help but ask even now >

Just what in the Hell were you folks in Fayetteville thinking?

They weren’t thinking and now Arkansas falling even further behind LSU, Alabama, and Auburn in the last two years under Morris after falling behind those and other SEC Western Division Schools over the last seven seasons has turned Arkansas into one of the tougher jobs in America where it will take a coach with a lot of Guts and Courage to just take the job because let’s face the truth that >

Arkansas is now a Career Ending Job for most football coaches!

YES…you will be paid a Helluva Lot of $$$ and will probably get a contract like Morris that will pay him $13M+ not to coach but your head coaching career might just be over in a couple of seasons UNLESS they are just One Helluva Football Coach!

Let’s bring out the Late Great Johnny Cash to give these Hot Seat Coaches Hell!

Thank Johnny!

Post Week 11 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

1.  Mark Dantonio, Michigan State – With the Total Collapse against a worse than average Illinois team on Saturday Mark Dantonio’s coaching career is now at a tipping point and up next for the Spartans is a game…

At Michigan!

It was only a few years ago when Dantonio stole a game against Michigan with a botched punt by Blue and now Jim Harbaugh and company in Ann Arbor can get back at Dantonio and the Spartans by destroying them in the Big House…but thinking about it….wouldn’t it better if Michigan State continued its freefall into oblivion so maybe Blue should take it easy on Ole Mark on Saturday so he is around another year at least!

The 4 – 5 Spartans have games left against…

At Michigan
At Rutgers

…and since most Every Powder Puff Football Team in America could beat Rutgers and Maryland one has to think Michigan State will win those two games….right? Well….if the Spartans lose those last two games then it truly would be over for Dantonio who got to this point by posting records over the past four seasons of…

Overall:  24 – 23

Big Ten:  15 – 18

…and if anyone thinks the above records are acceptable at Michigan State you must be related to Mark Dantonio or being paid by Mark Dantonio to think such Complete and Utter Horseshit because Bozo the Clown, Captain Kangaroo, and even Mr. Rogers could have done better over the last 4 years so cut the Complete and Utter Horseshit!

We would recommend that Mark Dantonio not lose by more than 20 points to Michigan this coming Saturday…unless of course Jimmy takes it easy on Ole Mark to try and keep him around for the 2020 season at least!

2.  Mike Bloomgren, Rice – Rice had a bye in Week 9 so nothing has changed….

Rice is 0 – 9 in 2019 and head coach Mike Bloomgren’s records in two seasons at Rice stand at…

Overall:  2 – 20

CUSA:  1 – 12

…and even worse than the above records Rice Football from where we stand is….

Going Backwards NOT Getting Better under Bloomgren

…and if the folks at Rice are fine with that then Hell we are fine with it as well since it they are willing to Accept Sub-Average Football that is Going Backwards then who are we to tell them they are wrong to be so accepting of Sub-Average Football that is Going Backwards?

Hell…the world needs Sub Average Folks which could be the new motto for Rice University >

Come to Rice where we accept Sub-Average and Our Asses Going Backwards!

3.  Scott Frost, Nebraska – With Nebraska Football having a bye in Week 11 we were able to check in with all our Nebraska-alum friends both in the Great State of Nebraska and around America and what we found from those Nebraska folks that don’t really know what is going on in Lincoln is…

A Helluva Lot of Frustration

….and from the folks that do know people in Lincoln and have been talking to them about what is going on inside the Nebraska program is….

A Nebraska Coaching Staff that is confused and bewildered why the Huskers players are not “getting” their coaching and even players that don’t seem interested in getting motivated to play football for Nebraska

…which is a fascinating situation and goes to what we have thought for awhile now about Nebraska Football and that is…

There is now a deeply ingrained Half-Ass and Losing Culture that has become such a large part of what Nebraska Football now it may just be impossible to turn this program around and start winning football games again without a radical approach by Scott Frost and his coaches.

No…we are not talking about a “Junction-like” event that Paul “Bear” Bryant undertook when he took over Texas A&M in the 1950s taking the Aggies football players to Junction, Texas and running off most of the team with brutal practices with an eye towards leaving only the “winners” in the mind of Bryant left to play football, BUT rather something like Pete Carroll pulled off at USC which was a combination of…

High Expectations of USC Players + Bringing Fun Back to USC Football

Right now it looks from the outside as if it is miserable as Hell to play football at Nebraska and with Scott Frost sitting on records of..

Overall:  8 – 13

Big Ten:  5 – 10

…and a record of 4 – 5 in 2019 with these games left…

At Maryland

….there’s a very good chance the Huskers will miss a bowl for a second-straight season and with the 2020 season looking like nothing less than a Looming Disaster just waiting to unfold again!

In the more immediate future there’s a chance the Huskers will get run right out of their own stadium on Saturday against Wisconsin which will empty out early and that would lead into the Maryland game…which is a game that Nebraska somehow fooled around and lost would have to lead to the immediate firing of Scott Frost…right?…since every Powder Puff Football Team in America could beat the Terps!

4.  Will Muschamp, South Carolina – Imagine for a moment if Kirby Smart didn’t in our opinion take it easy on his good buddy Will Muschamp and instead Georgia just whipped the Hell out of South Carolina a few weeks back and South Carolina was now sitting on a record of 3 – 7 instead of 4 – 6 after the loss to Appy State on Saturday….Oh that is something to consider and one can only wonder if Smart wants to keep Muschamp in Columbia since last thing he would want is South Carolina rolling again like it was under Spurrier a few years ago!

With that Totally Damn Unacceptable Loss to Appalachian State on Saturday Will Muschamp is now sitting on records of…

Overall:  26 – 23

SEC:  15 – 16

…and 4 – 6 in 2019 with games left against…wait for it…

At Texas A&M

Got 4 – 8 in Will Muschamp’s 4th season on the job at South Carolina?

Yep…and that’s a Total Damn Disaster for South Carolina Football!

We would like to see a show of hands please >

Does anyone think that South Carolina in 2020 under Will Muschamp will be any better than they were 2019?

No one….thought so!

5.  Joe Moorhead, Mississippi State – The Bulldogs had a bye in Week 11 and get back to things in Week 12 and after with games against…

Abilene Christian
Ole Miss

…and at 4 – 5 on the season one has to think that the Egg Bowl will go a long way in determining the future of Joe Moorhead in Starkville who is now sitting on records of….

Overall:  12 – 10

SEC:  6 – 8

….and if the Bulldogs did lose their last 2 SEC games and Moorhead’s record in SEC play after 2 seasons on the job was…

6 – 10

….could he possibly still be around to coach Mississippi State in 2020 since one would have to think things would keep going downwards…right?


6.  Barry Odom, Missouri – As expected Mizzou got whipped by Georgia on Saturday which dropped the Tigers record to 5 – 4 with games left against…

At Arkansas

….which looks like one for sure win against Hapless Arkansas to get to 6 wins but is 6 wins acceptable at Mizzou in Barry Odom’s 4th year on the job with these records on the board…

Overall:  24 – 23

SEC:  12 – 17

….which ain’t good…that ain’t good at all!

Now if Mizzou lost their last 3 games to finish at 5 – 7 Barry Odom would have to be fired…right?


7.  Pat Fitzgerald, Northwestern – With the loss to Purdue on Saturday that was Northwestern’s 8th loss on the season and its 7th straight loss with only a win over UNLV on the board in 2019 and with games left against…

At Illinois

….we could send a shuffleboard team from a West Palm Beach retirement community up to Evanston that could whip UMass so that should be a win but we don’t see any way that Northwestern beats Minnesota or Illinois so that adds up to…

2 – 10

….for Northwestern in 2019 and to that we can only say to that Pompous Arrogant Ass Jerk Pat Fitzgerald —->

8.  Derek Mason, Vanderbilt – This is Derek Mason’s 6th season at Vanderbilt and he’s sitting on records of…

Overall:  26 – 45

SEC:  10 – 36

….and 2 – 7 in 2019 with games left against…

East Tennessee State
At Tennessee

…..and that looks like a record of 3 – 9 in Mason’s…wait for it…6th year on the job!

Is a record of 3 – 9 acceptable in a Head Coach’s 6th year on the job?

We haven’t a Damn clue but it wouldn’t be acceptable to us!

9.  Clay Helton, USC – Clay Helton and USC is still hanging in with a win over Arizona State on Saturday to raise the Trojans record to 6 – 4 in 2019 with games left against…

At California

….and the potential to finish at 8 – 4 on the season but is 8 – 4 in your 5th year on the job acceptable to the folks at USC?

Of course not but that doesn’t mean that USC shouldn’t finish strong and why not since the Trojans have more talent than both California and UCLA and should beat both teams but will they?

We haven’t a Damn clue!

Keep It Rolling Clay!

10.  Kevin Sumlin, Arizona – Arizona was another team with a head coach on the Hot Seat that had a bye in Week 11 but it’s back to football for the Wildcats in Week 12 with a game…

At Arizona

…and then games against…

At Arizona State

…and our guess is that Arizona loses its last 3 games to finish at 4 – 8 on the season in Sumlin’s second year on the job and going nowhere at all heading into Year 3 and that just has to make the folks in Tucson just So Damn Happy!

We would have NEVER hired Kevin Sumlin at Arizona after he got run out of Texas A&M where Average As Hell can win 8 games a season but someone at Tucson hired Sumlin and that person should be fired…TODAY!