16 College Football Head Coaches Facing CANNOT LOSE Games In Week ELEVEN – “They got a name for the winners in the world….I want a name when I lose…they call Alabama the Crimson Tide….call me Deacon Blues…Deacon Blues.”


“They got a name for the winners in the world….I want a name when I lose…they call Alabama the Crimson Tide….call me Deacon Blues…Deacon Blues.”

Enjoy the GREAT Steely Dan performing Deacon Blues!


1.  Mark Richt, Georgia vs. Auburn – To understand the very MEDIOCRE state of Georgia football in Mark Richt’s 15 th season in Athens consider that the Bulldogs were out of the SEC East race before the month of October was over and Richt now needs to win his last three games just to get to…

9 Wins

…in 2015 in a season when Anyone and Everyone was predicting that Georgia would be the SEC East Champs and playing someone from the SEC West in Atlanta in early December for the SEC Title!

Since Georgia last won the SEC Title under Mark Richt in 2005 the Bulldogs have averaged…

Almost 4 LOSSES a season…3.89 LOSSES per season to be exact

…..and over the last 7 seasons Nick Saban has lost an average of….

1.43 LOSSES per season


….and in college football the difference between…

3.89 LOSSES per season


1.43 LOSSES per season

…..is the difference between SEC Championships and National Titles and over the past 10 college football seasons Mark Richt will have…

NEITHER of the above!

Our opinion….Mark Richt would love to remain the head football coach at Georgia making $4 Million Dollars a year being Very Damn Mediocre…

Hell..who wouldn’t want that job?

….and more than likely if Richt wins out and posts a 9 – 3 record he will be back for 2016…BUT….if Georgia loses one more game to any of the teams below…

At Auburn
Georgia Southern
Georgia Tech

…the Mark Richt era at Georgia comes to an end in December and it will be up to the folks at Georgia to hire a coach that can take the Bulldogs to another level and take on the powers in the SEC and college football in a very direct way.


2.  Gus Malzahn, Auburn vs. Georgia –Even with the win over the Falling to Pieces Texas A&M Aggies which have serious “Prima Donna QB” problems in College Station Gus Malzahn and the Auburn Tigers are still sitting on records of…

5 – 4 overall

2 – 4 in SEC play

….with these games still left on the schedule:


Hell…Auburn has to beat Georgia and Alabama just to get to…

.500 in SEC Play in 2015

….and Auburn was picked by many to be playing in the College Football Playoff this season!

Maybe Gus Malzahn won’t be fired if his football team loses to Georgia and Alabama to end the season with records of…

6 – 6 overall

2 – 6 in SEC play

….BUT Gus Malzahn will be sitting on the No. 1 Hot Seat in America until the 2016 college football season kicks-off if that does happen….COUNT ON IT!


3.  Mike Riley, Nebraska vs. Rutgers – For all the people crying in the media and elsewhere things like…

“Poor Mike Riley nor any coach can win BIG at Nebraska anymore”

….we here at Coaches Hot Seat took a hard look at the talent on Nebraska’s 2015 roster and it’s our opinion that….

Only Ohio State has MORE talent than Nebraska on its roster in the Big Ten in 2015

….and looking at the Huskers 2015 schedule….

Nebraska has MORE talent than EVERY team on its schedule

….and if you don’t believe that the Huskers are only….

23 Points

…from being 10 – 0 right now which is the amount of points they lost by in their 6 losses in 2015 or…

3.83 points per loss!


The 2015 Nebraska football team IF Bo Pelini was still the head coach would in our opinion right now be…

9 – 1 at worst and 10 – 0 at best

….because the TRUTH is there is…

Plenty of Damn Talent on this Nebraska roster

…and there will ALWAYS be plenty of talent on the Nebraska roster….unless Mike Riley does what he did at Oregon State where in our opinion…

Mike Riley did less and less work over the years

…and left behind a Complete Freaking Disaster in Corvallis where the Oregon State Beavers are now…

2 – 7 overall

0 – 6 in Pac-12 play

…and headed for a 2 – 10 season!

Getting back to Nebraska the Huskers travel to New Jersey this week to play a Rutgers team that Nebraska has FOUR to FIVE more talent than as evidenced by a barely motivated Ohio State team blasting Rutgers 49 – 7 earlier this year.

Nebraska should DESTROY Rutgers by 3 or more touchdowns….so we cannot but wonder what will happen because there’s a coach on the opposite sideline that needs this win BADLY as well!


4.  Kyle Flood, Rutgers – In our opinion ANYTHING less than 6 wins and Kyle Flood is done at Rutgers and the Scarlett Knights are now 3 – 6 on the season and still have to play….

At Army

Our recommendation to Rutgers HC Kyle Flood:  BEAT Nebraska on Saturday son!


5.  Charlie Strong, Texas vs. West Virginia – Whatever is going on with Charlie Strong at Texas and if Charlie is interested in some other head coaching jobs that are now open or might open up in the next month or so we are still talking about TEXAS here and in his SECOND season coaching the Longhorns Charlie Strong is sitting on records of…

4 – 5 overall

3 – 3 in the Big 12 play

…..and the Horns still have to play games against…

At West Virginia
Texas Tech
At Baylor

Damn…that’s a pretty tough finishing stretch for the Longhorns and if things don’t go just right TEXAS could be looking at a record of…

4 – 8

….in 2015 and TEXAS has not lost 8 games in the regular season since…

1956 or almost 60 years ago!

YES…if TEXAS loses 8 games in 2015 there is a Very Damn Good chance Charlie Strong is fired in early December by the folks in Austin so keep that in the back of your head Charlie….and remember you were warned by the good folks at Coaches Hot Seat!


6.  Dana Holgorsen, West Virginia vs. Texas – Crazy Boy Dana Holgorsen REALLY needs to take his Mountaineers to a bowl game this season and with WVU sitting on records of…

4 – 4 overall

1 – 4 in Big 12 play

….with these games still on the schedule…

At Kansas
Iowa State
At Kansas State

…IF Dana Holgorsen can’t get TWO more wins out of the above FOUR games Crazy Boy should be fired shortly after the Kansas State game on December 5 preferably at the airport in Manhattan, Kansas!

Memo to Crazy Boy Dana Holgorsen:  Beat TEXAS son….Beat TEXAS!


7.  Kliff Kingsbury, Texas Tech vs. Kansas State – When looking at Kliff Kingsbury’s win/loss records at Texas Tech…

Overall:  17 – 18

Big 12:  8 – 17

…the most STUNNING number is the second one because an 8 – 17 record in Big 12 Conference play is NOT a good look and thus why the….

5 – 5 overall

….Red Raiders REALLY need to get to 6 wins in 2015 and with these games left to play….

Kansas State
At Texas

…..things could get really UGLY in Lubbock for Kingsbury if Texas Tech loses its last two games….Very Damn Ugly because that would leave Kingsbury’s records in THREE years on the job at….

Overall:  17 – 20

Big 12:  8 – 19

….and those are FIRING numbers son….those are FIRING numbers!


8.  Todd Graham, Arizona State vs. Washington – We have a working theory here at Coaches Hot Seat after four decades of playing and watching the Great Game of Football that….

A Head Football Coach that spends LOTS of time yelling at his players instead of Coaching-Them-Up, Motivating, and Leading his football team eventually loses his football team

….and that might be happening at Arizona State right now with Todd Graham who is a loss to Washington on Saturday to falling into the Burning Ring of Fire Hot Seat and putting his future as the head coach at ASU in REAL jeopardy!

Sitting with records of…

4 – 5 overall

2 – 4 in Pac-12 play

…makes the below last THREE game CRITICAL to Todd Graham’s future and Hot Seat status:

At California

We would recommend that Todd Graham NOT lose these last three games to finish at…

4 – 8

…on the season….REALLY recommend to Todd Graham that he not do that!

PaulRhoads83883 (1)

9.  Paul Rhoads, Iowa State vs. Oklahoma State – YES..it really was only four years ago in 2011 that Iowa State beat No. 2 ranked Oklahoma State to knock the Cowboys out a shot to play in the Bogus BCS Title Game against LSU and four years later where is the Iowa State football program at now?

Since Iowa State beat Oklahoma State on Friday, November 18, 2011 the Cyclones under head coach Paul Rhoads have posted records of…

Overall:  14 – 34

Big 12:  7 – 27

….and thus you now know why Paul Rhoads is sitting on one of the Hottest Seats in college football.

Can the…

3 – 6 overall

2 – 4 in Big 12 play

…Cyclones get even ONE win against the teams left on their schedule?

Oklahoma State
At Kansas State
At West Virginia

Who the Hell knows because to us TEXAS looks like a Below Average football team so beating TEXAS is No Big Whoop….so maybe Iowa State can beat Kansas State and West Virginia…BUT…we give the Cyclones NO chance to beat Oklahoma State in this spot!


10.  Kevin Wilson, Indiana vs. Michigan – Now in his FIFTH season as the head coach at Indiana Kevin Wilson has…

No .500 or better records or bowl game trips

….and thus why it’s so important for the…

4 – 5 overall

0 – 5 in Big Ten play

….Hoosiers to get to 6 wins in 2015 and with these games remaining….

At Maryland
At Purdue

….beating Michigan this Saturday would be HUGE and you know what….Indiana CAN beat Michigan on Saturday in our opinion!


11.  Mark Stoops, Kentucky vs. Vanderbilt – There are LOTS of Fundamental Rules to life but ONE of the Fundamental Rules of life is…

If you are going to talk BIG you better Damn deliver BIG

….and Mark Stoops has done a Helluva lot of talking since he got to Lexington THREE seasons ago and as of right now with these records on the board…

Overall:  11 – 22

SEC:  4 – 19

….that ain’t BIG Mark Stoops….not even Freaking Close to being BIG!

Here’s the problem for Mark Stoops…his Kentucky team has 4 wins on the board this season and still has to play….

At Vanderbilt

….and Mark Stoops really needs 6 wins on the board when UK’s season ends on November 28 which leads to the undeniable FACT that….

Mark Stoops football team better Damn beat Vanderbilt on Saturday

….just saying….in our humble opinion of course!


12.  Bret Bielema, Arkansas vs. LSU – Almost 30 years ago academic Allan Bloom wrote the book…

The Closing of the American Mind


….that postulated that American college students both arriving on campus and even after leaving with their degree were…

Complete Freaking Idiots

….as it pertained to World History, US History, Religious History, and pretty much about EVERYTHING else and almost 30 years later we have LOTS of crybabies on college campuses …

Crying Like Babies

….every time someone offends their Precious Asses which brings us to Arkansas football where it’s clear to us that…

The Closing of the Arkansas Football Fan’s Mind

….is on full display now in Razorback-land with Hog fans GOING WILD because…..

Arkansas in 2015 has records on the board of….

5 – 4 overall

3 – 2 in SEC play

….and still has to play games against…

Mississippi State

Hell….will Arkansas fans storm the field on Friday November 27 after they beat Missouri and get bowl eligible?

More than likely…YES…and thus …

The Closing of the Arkansas Football Fan’s Mind

….is terrible for the future of Arkansas Football but is a GREAT thing for Bret Bielema because where the Hell else can a Fat Pig Farmer make $4 Million Dollars a year being…

Totally Damn Average?

No Damn where is in the answer to that question!


13.  Les Miles, LSU vs. Arkansas – No one here at Coaches Hot Seat was surprised that Alabama DESTROYED LSU last Saturday night since the Tigers are led by….

Les “All Hat and No Damn Cattle” Miles


….which is Les Miles very apt nickname here at Coaches Hot Seat because after all…

Has ANY college football coach EVER done so Damn little with so Damn much as Les Miles in the history of college football in America as Les “All Hat and No Damn Cattle” Miles?

NO is the obvious answer to that question and after getting DESTROYED by Alabama while running an offensive gameplan that went out of Pee-Wee football a decade-plus ago….

Memo to Les Miles:  The Alabama defensive coaches were LAUGHING at your Idiotic offense son in the run-up to the LSU – Alabama game…at least that is what a buddy of ours in Tuscaloosa told us which is his and now our opinion of course!

…..the Tigers get to host Arkansas and the Fat Pig Farmer who has a fan base that are THRILLED the Hogs have 5 wins on the board so will LSU show-up for this game or will Les Miles nickname at Coaches Hot Seat…

Les “All Hat and No Damn Cattle” Miles

….be confirmed yet AGAIN?

The latter and for those slow on the uptake “the latter” means…

Les “All Hat and No Damn Cattle” Miles

….will do lots of Damn talking AGAIN and his football team will do LOTS of No Damn Playing AGAIN!

Bob Stoops

14.  Bob Stoops, Oklahoma vs. Baylor – Let the following sink in for minute or two….

The Baylor Bears…the Freaking Baylor Bears are going for their FOURTH win over the Mighty Oklahoma Sooners and Bob Stops in FIVE seasons on Saturday

…..and you were wondering why Bob Stoops was on the Hot Seat earlier this season and was a late game collapse by Butch Jones and the Tennessee Vols from having his ass launched towards the Sun you now know why and thus it’s time for Bob Stoops and his Sooners to face FACTS:

There’s a new Sheriff in town and his names are…

Art Briles and the Baylor Bears

….and we fully expect Baylor to DESTROY Oklahoma on Saturday and for the room where the defensive coordinator of the Sooners sits during this game to not look so Damn hot when the game is over!

Yes…Oklahoma is 8 – 1 right now…BUT…OU still has to play games against…

At Baylor
At Oklahoma State

….and if the Past is the Prologue then we fully expect for..

OU to get whipped by Baylor

TCU to beat OU

Oklahoma State to whip the OU

…and for Bob Stoops’ Precious Ass to be on the Hot Seat in late November after posting a record of…

8 – 4 in 2015!

Hey…Bob Stoops Precious Ass back on the Hot Seat…the Past is the Prologue…and the Future also it seems in Oklahoma!


15.  Rich Rodriguez, Arizona vs. Utah – If Rich Rodriguez’s agent is talking to teams with head coaching opens right now the last Damn thing RichRod wants to do is to ride out of Tucson with a losing record in his last season with the Wildcats which is why it’s so Damn important for 5 – 5 Arizona to win at least ONE of this last TWO games against…

At Arizona State

…..and we have a feeling that Arizona will rise up and beat Utah on Saturday and set-up a great game against ASU in Tempe on November 21 with possibly Rich Rodriguez flying from the Phoenix airport right after the game to somewhere in the Eastern United States to be introduced as the next head coach at….



16.  Mike London, Virginia vs. Louisville – Bottom-Line: Mike London needs his Virginia football team to win…

6 Games in 2015

…and right now the Cavs are 3 – 6 and need to win their last THREE games to get to 6 wins in 2015 and those games are against:

At Louisville
At Virginia Tech

One game at time Mike London…one game at a time son!

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