Post Week 11 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings – 1 – 10 Hot Seat Head Coaches – Hell Johnny…We NEVER Get Tired of Hearing You Sing Ring of Fire So Sing It Mr. Cash….Sing Ring of Fire for These Coaches on the Hot Seat!


A chair on fire... metaphor "In The Hot Seat"

Hell Johnny…We NEVER Get Tired of Hearing You Sing Ring of Fire So Sing It Mr. Cash….Sing Ring of Fire for These Coaches on the Hot Seat!

Post Week 11 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings


1.  Kevin Wilson, Indiana – Say it Ain’t Freaking So….Oh….It Be So….

Indiana football with the loss to Michigan in overtime has now lost SIX straight games to fall to 4 – 6 on the season with games still left against…

At Maryland
At Purdue

….and head coach Kevin Wilson BADLY needing to post a .500-plus record and take the Hoosiers to a bowl game this season is now in his FIFTH season in Bloomington with these records on the board:

Overall:  18 – 40

Big Ten:  6 – 32

Damn….Kevin Wilson has won SIX Big Ten Games in FIVE seasons at Indiana….and that…

Ain’t Good as they say in the South!

Can Indiana win its last two games against Maryland and Purdue which are woefully PITIFUL teams and get to 6 – 6 on the season?

We don’t see why the Hell not!


2.  Darrell Hazell, Purdue – Clearly these are BAD times for football in the state of Indiana with the two head football coaches of the two largest schools in the state…

Kevin Wilson, Indiana
Darrell Hazell, Purdue

….sitting No. 1 and No. 2 in the 2015 Post Week 11 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings and when one looks at Darrell Hazell’s records at Purdue after the Boilermakers’ loss to Northwestern on Saturday one can easily see why Hazell is on the Hot Seat in his THIRD season at Purdue:

Overall:  6 – 28

Big Ten:  2 – 20

Damn…TWO Big Ten wins in THREE seasons and Purdue still has to play this season….

At Iowa

…which to us looks like TWO more losses which would leave Hazell’s record at Purdue over THREE seasons at:

Overall:  6 – 30

Big Ten:  2 – 22

Damn…the above is exactly why if we were a sitting athletic director at a school like Purdue we would make Damn sure we had a clause in the contracts of the head football and basketball coaches that we have a…

Reasonable Buyout Clause

…so that poor performance could be remedied by FIRING that wouldn’t harm the bottom-line of the athletic department in the process and yet….

Darrell Hazell has a $6.6 Million Dollar buyout at Purdue!


Memo to Purdue President Mitch Daniels:  You need a new AD Mitch that knows his Ass from the Side of a Barn and who knows how to negotiate contracts with coaches and their agents that will not do damage to the Purdue athletic department if and when a coach NEEDS to be fired for non-performance on the field of play

PaulRhoads83883 (1)

3.  Paul Rhoads, Iowa State – Iowa State played what looks like to us a Highly-Overrated Oklahoma State team on Saturday before losing 35 – 31 to the Pokes and with that less Rhoads records at ISU stand at…

Overall:  32 – 53

Big 12:  16 – 43

…..and over the past THREE seasons Rhoads has posted records of…

Overall:  8 – 26

Big 12:  4 – 21

…..which as everyone can see is…

FOUR Big 12 wins in the last THREE seasons

….and the Cyclones still have to play this season…

At Kansas State
At West Virginia

…and it will be interesting to see how Iowa State finishes out what looks to be Paul Rhoads last season on the job and if that is the case it will be doubly-fascinating to see who Iowa State hires to replace Paul Rhoads who is a pretty good football coach who if the TRUTH be known didn’t react quick enough to the quickly changing Big 12 which left his Cyclones football team lagging behind many other Big 12 football programs that are zooming ahead with offenses that must be matched score-for-score or you will just flat-out lose a Helluva lot of football games…i.e…Iowa State now under Paul Rhoads.


4.  Mike London, Virginia – With the 38 – 31 loss to Louisville on Saturday that is SEVEN losses for Virginia in 2015 and thus in…

SIX seasons at Virginia Mike London has posted ONE .500-plus record and taken UVA to ONE postseason bowl game

….and in our opinion there is just No Damn Reason for Virginia football to be that AVERAGE especially in the ACC Conference which is a place where even a Slightly Above Average team can win a Helluva lot of football games and thus why the Mike London-era in Charlottesville is coming to an end with only these games left on the Cavs schedule:

Virginia Tech

It will be very interesting to see who Virginia hires to replace Mike London because UVA is a pretty tough academic school but is also a place where many other Virginia athletic teams have been very competitive in the ACC and nationally in recent year….Yes….Virginia will be a fascinating head coaching search to watch.

Our advice to Virginia:  Hire a GREAT coach…if you can’t look at that coach and say he is GREAT…don’t hire him…it’s that simple.


5.  Kyle Flood, Rutgers – With the Rutgers loss to Nebraska at home on Saturday by the score of 31 – 14 the Scarlett Knights 2015 football season has turned from…

Complete Disaster

….into a….

Complete Freaking Disaster

….and with only games left against…

At Army

…..which SHOULD be TWO wins one has to wonder if Kyle Flood can survive both the “academic issue” with contacting and meeting with a Rutgers professor over a players’ classroom performance AND his football team not even posting a .500-plus record which leads us to….

Will Kyle Flood be fired in a couple of weeks?

We don’t have a clue BUT Rutgers is in the Big Ten Conference now and sits in a place where there is a Helluva lot of high school football talent within 200 miles of the school and that alone makes the Rutgers head coaching job one that a Helluva lot of people would love a shot at BUT as always….

Rutgers would need to hire the RIGHT coach which is not an easy thing to do it seems for MANY athletic directors these days for some reason.


6.  Mike MacIntyre, Colorado – Even though Colorado has noticeably improved over the past THREE seasons under head coach Mike MacIntyre there is no getting around MacIntyre’s Pac-12 record of…

2 – 23

…which obviously means that MacIntyre has won…

TWO Pac-12 Games in THREE seasons

…and the Buffs still have to play in 2015….

At Washington State
At Utah

Damn….that looks like to us that Mike MacIntyre will be sitting on a Pac-12 record of…

2 – 25

….in THREE seasons at Colorado which is beyond bad…it’s Outrageously BAD!

Maybe Mike MacIntyre is coming back to coach Colorado in 2016 but that for Damn sure doesn’t mean he has done his job well….not even close….in our humble opinion.

7.  Scott Shafer, Syracuse – Scott Shafer has been head coach at Syracuse for almost THREE seasons now and he has records on the board of…

Overall:  13 – 22

ACC:  6 – 16

…..which is Very Damn Average especially compared to the last head coach at Syracuse….Doug Marrone…who put up records of…

Overall:  25 – 25

ACC:  11 – 17

….in FOUR seasons which is still NOT great but a Helluva lot better than what Shafer has been able to do.

Here is what’s left on the Syracuse schedule:

At NC State
Boston College

In our opinion if Syracuse finishes at 3 – 9 this season the Orange will FOR SURE be looking for a new head football coach in a few weeks.


8.  Charlie Strong, Texas – How bad are things at Texas? Consider Charlie Strong’s record at TEXAS heading towards the end of his SECOND season on the job….

Overall:  10 – 13

Big 12:  8 – 8

Texas has TEN wins in the last TWO seasons under Charlie Strong and those wins are over…

North Texas
Iowa State
Texas Tech
West Virginia
Oklahoma State
Kansas State
Kansas – 2 times

In other words in his SECOND season at TEXAS Charlie Strong has beaten…

ONE Real Football Team

….which would be Oklahoma this season and the other NINE wins….

Not Very Damn Much At All

….and we are talking about TEXAS Football here….right?


Now at 4 – 6 on the season the Longhorns have left to play games against….

Texas Tech
At Baylor

….and we rather doubt TEXAS can beat either of the above teams which means Charlie Strong is looking at…

8 Losses in 2015

…and we cannot imagine how Charlie Strong survives 8 Regular Season losses at TEXAS….which hasn’t happened since 1956.


9.  Mark Stoops, Kentucky – With the loss to Vanderbilt Mark Stoops record at Kentucky after almost THREE seasons on the job stands at…

Overall:  11 – 23

SEC:  4 – 20

…and the last head coach at Kentucky….Joker Phillips….after THREE seasons on the job posted records of…

Overall:  13 – 24

SEC:  4  – 20

….which got Joker Phillips FIRED and the Wildcats have left on their schedule in 2015….


Judging by the way Louisville is playing right now it looks like Mark Stoops will finish with the following records after THREE years on the job at Kentucky:

Overall:  12 – 24

SEC:  4 – 20

…which is essentially THE SAME record that Joker Phillips posted so we would recommend that Mark Stoops and his coaching staff go to work on Louisville which has some MAJOR weaknesses….ALL Bobby Petrino coached teams have the same MAJOR weaknesses….and find a way to beat Louisville on November 28 or this upcoming offseason will not be very much fun at all for Mark Stoops…just no Damn fun!


10.  Gus Malzahn, AuburnOn October 10, 2014 the Auburn Tigers coached by Gus Malzahn arrived in Starkville, Mississippi undefeated and ranked No. 2 in the country to play Mississippi State and lost by a score of 38 – 23 and since that loss last season Gus Malzahn has posted records of…

Overall:  8 – 10

SEC:  4 – 9

….at Auburn so one has to wonder…what in the Hell has happened to Auburn football and Gus Malzahn since that loss to Mississippi State in October 2014?

In our opinion which has been backed-up by a former SEC coach we talked to from time-to-time…

Gus Malzahn’s offense has been neutralized to a great extent by everyone by moving playing into “specific areas of the field” and unless the Auburn offense runs VERY FAST it has no chance to counteract what SEC defenses are now doing and according to that former SEC coach Gus Malzahn’s now has TWO choices if he is going to save his job:

Change the Auburn offense to run more play-action –pass down the field and across the middle of the field to get defenders away from the line of scrimmage and out of position OR speed up the offense again to a level where SEC defensive coaches don’t have a chance to get their defenders into the right position to defend the offense.

Whatever the Hell is going on with Auburn’s offense and how SEC defenses have reacted to slow it down we do know that Gus Malzahn is…

5 – 5 overall

2 – 5 in SEC play

….in 2015 with a team that has enough talent on its roster to win not only the SEC but the National Championship and that REALITY must either Numb or Piss-Off fans of Auburn Football….

It would Piss-Us-Off Royally..…but that’s just us!

With games left against….


…and both at home we would hope Auburn can find a way to beat a very Damn below average Idaho team and then hopefully find a way to give Alabama a game BECAUSE if Alabama comes into Jordan-Hare Stadium and blows away Auburn by FOUR or more touchdowns….

Gus Malzahn may shortly thereafter be out of a job….PERIOD.

NO….if Alabama blows-out Auburn in the Iron Bowl this year….Gus Malzahn might as well go straight to his office and start packing because…

IT WILL BE OVER for Gus Malzahn at Auburn….PERIOD.

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