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Post Week 3 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings – Give These Hot Seat Coaches Hell Johnny!

The College Football Season is Really Roaring now as we moved right through Week 3 like a knife through warm butter and that’s the nature of life when you get past 50 years old

It just goes Rip Roaring along so make Damn sure you living Every Damn Day!

Let’s bring out the Great Johnny Cash to give these Hot Seat Coaches Hell!

Thanks Johnny!

Before we get to the Post Week 3 Coaches Hot Seat Ranking a word or two on the firing of Herm Edwards at Arizona State

Ole Herm is a Great Guy but come on now

Why was Herm Edwards ever hired at Arizona State?

When you find the answer to the above question please let us know…would you now?

Post Week 3 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

1.  Jeff Scott, South Florida – Jeff Scott and this USF Bulls almost got a win over the Florida Gators in The Swamp who played like they were hardly coached at all Billy Napier and with another loss Scott’s records at USF now stand at

Overall:  4 – 20
AAC:  1 – 14

Now the Bulls have left

At Louisville
East Carolina
At Cincinnati
At Houston
At Temple
At Tulsa

Geez…maybe the Bulls can win 2 or 3 of those games…if they play better than they played against Florida that is!

2.  David Shaw, Stanford – There’s just no explaining Stanford Head Coach David Shaw deciding to turn the Cardinal Football Program from one of the

Toughest Programs in College Football to the Biggest Bunch of Pillow Fight Loving Candy Asses in America

but David has done it and now there really is no longer a Football Program on the Stanford campus and there’s little doubt the

Stanford Chess Club could Whip the Hell out of the Stanford Football Team and…Make Them Like It!

Over the last 4 seasons David Shaw’s record now stands at

12 – 20

and most of those 12 Wins over Sub-.500 teams and now the 1 – 1 Cardinal gets a trip to Husky Stadium in Seattle who are coached by new Head Coach Kalen DeBoer and talk about an Ass Kicking…

The Cardinal are about to….Get Their Asses Kicked by Washington = A Real Football Team!

What’s left for Stanford >

At Washington
At Oregon
Oregon State
At Notre Dame
Arizona State
Washington State
At Utah
At California

Probably 3 – 9….Maybe 4 – 8 for Stanford in 2022 and it would take Major Miracle for the Cardinal to get 6 wins which is

Just A Total Damn Disgrace on Every Level Imaginable!

3.  Karl Dorrell, Colorado – Karl Dorrell’s Buffs got their asses handed to them on Saturday by Minnesota by the score of

49 – 7

which drops Colorado’s 2022 record to 0 – 3 with games still left against

At Arizona
At Oregon State
Arizona State
At Washington

Now in his 3 rd season at Colorado Karl Dorrell should win 7+ games with the above schedule but reality is

The Buffs might not win a game in 2022!

4.  Ken Niumatalolo, Navy – Navy had Week 3 off and Thank Goodness for that because the Midshipmen no doubt needed to have lots of Pillow Fights and High Tea to get ready for the rest of the 2022 season and 0 – 2 Navy has left under Kenny Boy games against

At East Carolina
At Air Force
At Cincinnati
Notre Dame

Will Navy win even 1 game in 2022?

Probably Not!

Back to the Pillow Fights Boys and don’t forget High Team you Damn Candy Asses!

15+ US Navy Combat Vets at Coaches Hot Seat Totally Ashamed of what Navy Football has become!

5.  Butch Jones, Arkansas State – We didn’t give Arkansas State much chance to win at Memphis on Saturday but they kinda made it a game and with that loss the Red Wolves are now 1 – 2 on the season and Butch Jones records at Arkansas State now stand at

Overall:  3 – 12

Sun Belt:  1 – 7

Arkansas State has left in 2022

At Old Dominion
La. Monroe
James Madison
At Southern Miss
At Louisiana
South Alabama
At Texas State

There’s a few winnable games left on the Arkansas State schedule but will they get to 6 wins in 2022?

Not A Damn Chance in Hell or Highwater or even Low Water!

6.  Geoff Collins,. Georgia Tech – Getting whipped 42 – 0 by Ole Miss isn’t a recommendation when you looking to hang onto a job but Geoff Collins Georgia Tech team did get whipped by the Rebels 42 – 0 and Collins records in 4 seasons at Tech now stand at

Overall:  10 – 27

ACC:  7 – 19

The Yellowjackets have left in 2022

At Pitt
At Florida State
At Virginia Tech
At North Carolina
At Georgia

Turn out the Lights

7.  Jimbo Fisher, Texas A&M – We finally found an offense more inept than Jimbo Fisher’s Aggies offense

The Miami Offense = What A Total Disaster It Is Mario!

and luckily for Jimbo Ole Mario Cristobal has his hands in the Canes offense just like he did at Oregon which F-Up the Ducks offense totally and it looks like that’s continuing in Miami!

Back to Jimbo who got a Total Gift from the Canes on Saturday to move the Aggies record to 2 – 1 on the season with these games left

Arkansas in Dallas
At Mississippi State
At Alabama
At South Carolina
Ole Miss
At Auburn

Geez…the Aggies loses to the Razorbacks on Sunday they might not win another game until they host UMass on November 19!

Our guess is the Aggies win 4 or 5 of their remaining games to finish at 6 – 6 or 7 – 5 and that would be $38 Million Dollars paid to Jimbo Fisher to do something that

Bozo the Clown coulda done for $100K a year = $500K Total!

8.  Scott Satterfield, Louisville – With the loss to Florida State on Saturday to drop the Louisville record to 1 – 2 on the season that leaves Satterfield’s record at Louisville now at

Overall:  19 – 21

ACC:  12 – 16

That’s Pitiful…Damn Pitiful and Louisville has left in 2022

South Florida
At Boston College
Wake Forest
James Madison
At Clemson
NC State
At Kentucky

Maybe Louisville can get to 6 wins in 2022 but should Satterfield’s 4 th season at Louisville be about Maybe getting to 6 wins?


9.  Pat Fitzgerald, Northwestern – A couple of weeks ago we thought that Northwestern beating Nebraska was something but now we know

A Wet Paper Sack could be the Huskers

and now Pat Fitzgerald team loses at home in back-to-back games to

Southern Illinois

Whatever they are paying Pat Fitzgerald at Northwestern if it’s over 10 cents per game it’s way Damn too much because this is just a

Total Damn Disgrace

and couldn’t have happened to a Bigger Ass who believes his ass spun up the entire Universe when his ass hasn’t worked a day in his Pitiful Life off the Northwestern campus and he couldn’t run a lemonade stand in downtown Evanston on the best Damn day of his Damn life!

If you are going to be a Total Damn Arrogant Ass Patty Boy

Win some Damn Football Games Son and don’t lose…wait for it…to

Southern Illinois at home Son!

10.  Tim Albin, Ohio – Since taking over a Pretty, Pretty Good football program from Frank Solich at Ohio Ole Tim Albin has now posted records of

Overall:  4 – 11

MAC:  3 – 5

and now at 1 – 2 on the year the Bobcats have left in 2022

At Kent State
At Western Michigan
Northern Illinois
At Miami (Ohio)
At Ball State
Bowling Green

What…3 or 4 more wins tops for Ohio in 2022?

Whatever…it ain’t good!