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This Past Christmas From Young Baylor University Alum To Coaches Hot Seat > “The Baylor football program is out-of-control…..and in many ways it now runs Baylor University.” – Why Is Ken Starr Still Employed At Baylor University? – The Lessons That Can Be Learned From the Total Damn Disaster That Is Baylor Football – John Madden, the US Navy, Mike Slive, A Visiting Physicist And the FACT That Leaders MUST Lead!


It was truly a fall that defined the term “tragedy of Shakespearean proportions” for Art Briles to lose his job as the Baylor head football coach…

Baylor makes sweeping changes in leadership, releases some findings of Pepper Hamilton report, Waco Tribune

….after taking the Bears from a doormat in the Big 12 and in FBS College Football BUT if you have operated in and around the game of college football in America the last few years…Art Briles fall at Baylor is not as surprise at all.

Yes, there are plenty of coaches in the Big 12 and elsewhere in college football that could easily be classified as “jealous” toward Art Briles and what he was able to accomplish at Baylor, especially in the state of Texas, but we have a simple rule here at Coaches Hot Seat:

“If one person you trust says something that’s unproven it’s a rumor. If two people you trust say the same thing, that’s interesting. If three people you trust are saying the same thing, then that’s very Damn interesting. If four or more people you trust are saying the same thing, then it’s probably true.”

A few years ago we here at Coaches Hot Seat believing we have a network of contacts across college football that rivals and exceeds most members of the national media that covers CFB, started hearing “things” about the football program that Art Briles was running at Baylor and those “things” were that the Briles had a lot of shady characters on and around the Baylor football team, and that the ONLY thing that mattered to Art Briles was winning football games.

Now the above is what we were told by people who we don’t know well and who were just giving us their opinion, which admittedly could very well have been biased against Art Briles and his success at Baylor, but a few years ago….sometime in 2011 or 2012 since we cannot recall the exact date…a good friend of ours who lives in Texas and is related to Coaches Hot Seat member and has sent his two children to Baylor started saying some of the same things about the Baylor football program that we were hearing elsewhere. Where was our good friend and relative to a Coaches Hot Seat member getting his information from about the state of Baylor football program under Art Briles?

Answer: From his son who played high school football through the 12 th grade in Texas and who was a tough as Hell football player and who entered Baylor University as a regular student non-athlete in 2010.


Last Christmas our Texas friend and his family came up to Aspen, Colorado for Christmas and a handful of Coaches Hot Seat members had our friend and his family over to the house for dinner one night, and after a great dinner that included many laughs, we got the Dad and Son into a conversation about Baylor football and we point-blank asked the Son about the Baylor football program and here was his short and sweet response:

“The Baylor football program is out-of-control…..and in many ways it now runs Baylor University.”

PERIOD. Nothing else needed to be said but we pressed the young man and his response was as Texas as the day is long in the Republic of Texas:

“That’s all I’m going to say, now tell us about the Stanford football program which is something Yall must be mighty proud of.”


In our opinion based upon what we have been told by dozens of people across college football, in the state of Texas, and by the Son of a good friend and relative of a Coaches Hot Seat member:

The Baylor Football Program was Out-of-Control under Art Briles and Art Briles was nothing less than an enabler of predators that he unleashed on the women of Baylor University and Waco, Texas in the name of winning football games.


That’s our opinion as American Citizens and it’s also our opinion that Art Briles was allowed to run a rogue football program that was not controlled by the administration or athletic department at Baylor University and that today’s response by the regents of Baylor, although to-the-point, was still inadequate to the Total Damn Disaster that was allowed to happen at Baylor University over the past decade.


There’s not a chance in Hell…in our opinion…that Art Briles…who is smart as a whip and pays very close attention to EVERY detail when it comes to his football team…didn’t know what was going on at Baylor and thus there is no reason to write in this spot that Art Briles should have been doing what the Great John Madden recommended when talking about what a coach should be listening for in and around his team…

“Coaches have to watch for what they don’t want to see and listen to what they don’t want to hear.”

….since there is no doubt in our minds that Art Briles knew what the Hell was going on with his football team BUT as for former Baylor University president Ken Starr who is now the Chancellor at the school for some reason instead of having his…

Ass Run Off the Baylor University Campus Today

….it’s the job of a college president…as it is for any leader of any company, organization, or university….to make Damn sure they are listening and watching very closely so they can understand what is going on and by any measure we can think of…

Ken Starr FAILED miserably in overseeing what became a rogue football program at Baylor University under Art Briles

….and Ken Starr should have like Art Briles had been fired on Thursday as well.


We could go on for awhile about Art Briles and Ken Starr but needless to say it’s the unanimous opinion of the 147 members of Coaches Hot Seat that…

Art Briles and Ken Starr are Sorry Damn Excuses for Human Beings

…and it’s far better to talk about what we and others can learn about the Total Damn Disaster that was the Baylor Football program under Art Briles which was under the supervision of Ken Starr whether Candy Ass and Sorry Excuse for a Human Being Ken Starr is able to admit that FACT or not.

With the above in mind THREE quick stories for people that hope to learn something from the Debacle at Baylor which one can turn over in their minds as they consider what went wrong in Waco:


In the early 1980s a Coaches Hot Seat member was a scholarship player on college golf team on the West Coast and his team went on a trip to San Diego to play in a golf tournament during the Fall golf season. The coach of the college golf team was very lenient on his team discipline-wise letting the young men be young men when traveling for tournaments, but he did have one ironclad rule:

At golf tournaments away from home all golfers had a curfew of 10PM and had to be in their rooms by 10PM and were not to leave their rooms unless there was a fire or they were going to the soda or ice machine until they went down to the lobby for breakfast in the morning.

Well, one night about 11PM one of the golfers wanted to get a soda with ice in it from the 7-Eleven which was across the street from the hotel and he left his room and walked across the street returning to his room in less than 15 minutes. Little did that golfer know the coach who was sitting on his balcony watched the golfer leave the hotel, walk across the street to the 7-Eleven, and come back with a soda. The next morning the coach took the player who went out after curfew the night before aside and told him he was suspended from the team for the remainder of the Fall and the entire Spring term for breaking the curfew, and then later told the whole team the same thing at breakfast.

Needless to say the above was quite a shock to the rest of the college golf team, but everyone knew the rules and the player who lost more than a semester of playing golf knew the rules and didn’t follow them, and be assured not only did no golfers leave the hotel after curfew again, but they were perfect citizens as well on the golf course, in the classroom, and while out in public.

Many might say that expectations were set at a very high level by then and especially today’s standards by this college golf coach, but the critical point was that “Expectations for behavior” were set and if a member of the golf team didn’t live up to those expectations:

They were DONE…at least for awhile….and as far we can tell at Baylor University under Art Briles…there were NO expectations for proper behavior by Baylor football players…which is of course our opinion.

A Second and Third Quick Story….

Leaders MUST Lead and with that simple phrase in mind Leaders must also be able to look-up the road and figure out what is, could, might, or probably is going to happen and it’s often a Leader seeing something that might happen in the future and reacting in today’s world that staves off something bad happening in the future.


Case #1 in Point: A couple of Coaches Hot Seat members were serving in the US Navy on the same ship together in the Summer of 1990 when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, and the crewmembers of that ship shortly thereafter learned they were going to be deploying the Persian Gulf in support of what became Operation Desert Storm in the Winter of 1991 which ousted Saddam Hussein and Iraqi military forces from Kuwait.

During the Fall of 1990 when preparing the ship and its personnel for deployment to the Persian Gulf the officers of the ship were of course reading all the intelligence they could on what kind of capabilities and military strength that Iraqi military forces could bring to bear against an US Navy ship in the Persian Gulf. In one particular intelligence briefing message the following appeared…paraphrased since it was so long ago….

“Iraqi Navy assets are now dropping mines into the northern Persian Gulf that were provided by the Soviet Union many years ago. These mines are not tethered in one spot with a weight on the bottom of the Persian Gulf as they were designed to be used, but rather are now just floating around the Persian Gulf free with the prevailing current. Prepare your crews for spotting and handling all of the following types of Soviet mines X, Y, Z.”

Needless to say the above scared the Hell out of the officers of the US Navy ship which could be sunk by the type of Soviet-provided mines that the Iraqi Navy was dropping into the Persian Gulf and with that in mind the Commanding Officer and Executive Officer put into place a plan to deal with those mines when the ship got to the Gulf region by focusing on training lookouts to spot mines, how exactly the ship would destroy the mines when they found them, and what would the ship do if it hit a mine. To make a long story short the crew of the ship was incredibly well-prepared for handling any and all mine-related issues during Desert Storm in the Persian Gulf and ended up finding and destroying over a dozen Soviet-made mines that the Iraqis had dropped into the Gulf. We can also report that one of the scariest Damn things in the world is sailing in the Persian Gulf knowing there are hundreds of loose mines floating around at NIGHT when there was a very good chance that if the ship had hit one of those mines the ship would have been tremendously damaged causing many casualties in the process.

Leaders MUST Lead but they also must be able to look around corners and see what is or might be coming that could doo damage to an organization and once they begin to start anticipating that something might happen they put into place a plan to deal with that issue BEFORE IT HAPPENS so that the problem can be avoided and sometimes put the organization into a better spot going forward.

Case in Point #2 with the “sometimes put the organization into a better spot going forward” thought in mind….


A few years ago then SEC Commissioner Mike Slive was considering the idea of starting a network for the SEC Conference following the steps of the Big Ten and Pac-12 Conferences who created their own networks, and in a joint venture between the Walt Disney Company (80% ownership) and the Hearst Corporation (remaining 20% interest) it was announced in 2013 that ESPN would own and run the SEC Network via the above joint-venture between Disney and Hearst in partnership with the SEC Conference.

The deal for the SEC Network and ESPN is a 20-year agreement between ESPN and the SEC Conference through 2034 which was launched in August 2014 right before the kick-off of the 2014 college football season, and if one now flashes-forward to 2016 the 20-year deal that then SEC Commish Mike Slive hammered out with ESPN seems incredibly far-sighted because ESPN has pulled-back in many ways from paying a lot for programming which would make the same deal between ESPN and the SEC a very hard thing to get done today, if not downright impossible.

Mike Slive, unlike Pac-12 Commish Larry Scott, was in our minds doing something that Leaders MUST Do which is to look forward and to anticipate as best as possible what might be coming around the bend, and then put into place policies and actions that can stave off future problems before they happen or in this case with Mike Slive cut a deal with ESPN to create the SEC Network in 2014….seizing an opportunity for the SEC Conference before the window was shut and before the pull-back by ESPN in the amount of money it is now willing to spend on sports programming.

The point of the above two stories is this…

Leaders MUST Lead and both the Commanding Officer of the US Navy ship that Coaches Hot Seat members were serving on and Mike Slive as Commissioner of the SEC Conference were pointedly…some might say aggressively…looking into the future anticipating what might very well happen and eventually did happen…and then reacting in today’s world to something that they believe was going to happen a few months or few years down the road.

A couple of months ago the Great Andy Grove passed away and for those that don’t know who Andy Grove is, Andy was a Silicon Valley legend and one of the founders and longtime CEO + Chairman of the Intel Corporation. A few lucky souls at Coaches Hot Seat got to work with Andy Grove at Intel, and learned the lessons of his great book, Only The Paranoid Survive….


…and in that book Andy Grove wrote the following which Leaders should read, understand, and act on if they hope to remain a successful Leader of their organization into the future.

“You need to try to do the impossible, to anticipate the unexpected. And when the unexpected happens, you should double the efforts to make order from the disorder it creates in your life. The motto I’m advocating is — Let chaos reign, then rein chaos. Does that mean that you shouldn’t plan? Not at all. You need to plan the way a fire department plans. It cannot anticipate fires, so it has to shape a flexible organization that is capable of responding to unpredictable events.”

Leaders MUST Lead…PERIOD.

No…we here at Coaches Hot Seat do not feel sorry for Art Briles or any of the other Sorry Excuses for Human Beings that allowed the Baylor Football program to become “Out-of-Control” and we include Ken Starr among that group since after all…

Ken Starr was the Freaking President of Baylor University

…but we for Damn sure feel sorry for the young women at Baylor University and around Waco, Texas that were subjected to a direct attack on their lives in the name of winning football games….Oh we feel terrible about that…as would any Real Human Being that has a Soul.

A few years ago at a dinner at the house of one of our college physics professors there was a visiting physics professor from an Ivy League school who was studying on the West Coast for the Summer term who joined us for dinner and conversation one night. After dinner the discussion turned to…as it usually does when we get together with this particular physics professor….to the unanswerable questions about the universe and our lives on this Earth…and while discussing a potential after-life and consciousness of the human mind the visiting Ivy League professor said a very interesting if not startling thing…paraphrased since it was a few years ago:

“Just as one goes about creating his or her life on this Earth…all be it not in control of many things that humans experience in their daily lives….there is an argument to be made that the human mind…or rather the soul within the mind’s consciousness…creates the potential after-life they imagine in their mind as well.”

Coaches Hot Seat member: “What do you mean by that?”

Visiting Ivy League Professor: “Einstein once said…”Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one”…and if reality…all that is around us..all that we experience…is just an illusion created by our very powerful brains that we use only a tiny sliver of…then maybe our minds creates the after-life that we imagine as well. In other words….maybe in the end….the after-life we end up getting is the one we have imagined and created in our minds while we are still alive.”

Damn…and if the above is true and if Art Briles has been sincere about his faith in his life on this Earth then we have some news for Art Briles:

You will answer for your actions Art Briles….and appropriately so in a manner consistent with the faith that your profess to follow.


Ken Starr Out At Baylor University? It Was No Surprise To Anyone At Coaches Hot Seat That Baylor University Is A Complete Freaking Disaster Under Ken Starr Because Starr…In Our Humble Opinion…Is A Sorry Damn Excuse For A Human Being – Ken Starr’s Whitewater Idiocy and Why It Predicted What Is Now Happening At Baylor – Ken Starr and Art Briles Should BOTH Be Fired….Their Continued Employment At Baylor University Is Now The Responsibility of the Trustees, Alumni, Students and Supporters of Baylor University – Live Up To Your Damn Mission Statement Baylor University…or Strike It Down Now!


There is a Helluva lot that we could write about the incredible Damn mess going on at Baylor University right now and we have already written a good bit in recent weeks on the issue…

After the Latest Bullshit Story Out of Waco, Texas It’s Time…It’s Past Time…For Either Art Briles To Clean-Up HIS Baylor Football Program OR Art Briles Ass Will Be Sent Packing Down the Road and HIS Head Coaching Career ANYWHERE Will Be OVER! – In the Middle of This Damn Mess In Waco, Texas Is That Sorry Bastard and President of Baylor University Ken Starr – Memo To Art Briles…Clean It Up NOW Son Or It’s OVER! – The Great Tom Clancy Surprises Us Again!, Coaches Hot Seat Blog, May 2016

….BUT with reports out of Texas that Baylor president Ken Starr is about to have his Sorry Ass sent packing it’s worth a few moments of everyone’s time to understand just what a…

Sorry Excuse for a Human Being that Ken Starr Really Is

…and why we here at Coaches Hot Seat are not surprised at all that Baylor University….in our opinion mind you..has become a dangerous place for young women to be attending school….that is if they and their parents care about their safety and security.


Let’s go back to the 1990s and remind everyone how Ken Starr made a name for himself and with his actions plunged the American Republic into a tailspin that it’s still spinning downwards from with no end in sight for the….

Complete Damn Idiocy that is Washington DC…”Our”…or rather “We the People’s” Capital!

Ken Starr is another in a long line of Republican “leaders” who was of age in to serve in the US Military the late 1960s…think George W Bush, Mitt Romney, Donald Trump and of course Bill Clinton in Democratic Party…but found a way to get his precious ass out of Vietnam draft (Starr had psoriasis!) and then found his way to Washington DC during the Reagan Administration in the 1980s becoming a member of the US Court of Appeals in 1983 after being nominated by President Reagan. Starr then for some reason left the US Federal bench and became the Solicitor General, the lawyer that argues before the US Supreme Court for the US Gov’t, under George H W Bush, and of course was later named as head of the Whitewater investigation in 1994 looking into a shady real estate deal and a sexual harassment case involving then President Bill Clinton.


Now, let us say this up-front, Bill and Hillary Clinton are…

Two of the Shadiest Damn People to hold elective office in the history of the American Republic

…and we have no doubt that there is all kinds of nefarious Horseshit in both their backgrounds that disqualifies them from holding high elective office in America, but in the 1990s there were a Helluva lot of people in the Republican Pary…including Ken Starr in our opinion…that were willing to do anything to take down Bill Clinton, and Ken Starr on some of the most Bullshit trumped-up charges in US history almost did just that with his Damn Idiocy.

What was it exactly that got the President Bill Clinton impeached by the US House and tried before the US Senate exactly you ask with Ken Starr as the lead investigator causing the whole Damn mess as head of the Whitewater investigation?

It’s all rather Simple and Stupid really….but a quick recap:


Linda Tripp, a friend of Monica Lewinsky and also a co-worker with Lewinsky at the Defense Department, taped conversations between her and Lewinsky which included Monica talking about a sexual relationship she had with then President Bill Clinton, and Linda Tripp then delivered those tapes to Ken Starr head of the Whitewater investigation looking into Clinton. Why did Linda Tripp tape her personal conversations with Monica Lewinsky and then deliver those tapes to Ken Starr who was investigating Bill Clinton? Our opinion…Linda Tripp was just another Total Moron whose pitiful life on this Earth revolved around taking down people in the opposing political party which is MOST of Washington DC today and if you are thinking….

Washington DC is full of LOTS of Sorry Excuses for Human Beings

….you would be right!

What did Ken Starr do with those tapes when he was basically at a dead end looking into Bill Clinton on the Whitewater real estate deal after learning that Clinton was having a sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky?

Well, a normal adult would have said something like…

“Why in the Hell would I give a Damn about Horn Dog Bill Clinton having a consensual affair with a young ADULT woman in the White House?”

….BUT Ken Starr took Linda Tripp’s information on the Clinton + Lewinsky affair and set-up what we called then a “perjury trap” with Clinton being called to a question and answer session with Clinton being asked about he having “sexual relations” with Lewinsky. In that Q&A session Bill Clinton did of course lie about his affair with Lewinsky which most men would have done and that led to Clinton being charged with obstruction of justice and perjury and Ken Starr referring the case to the US Congress to impeach and convict the President of the United States for…

Lying about having sexual relations with a woman!


Yes…Bill Clinton is one of the Biggest Horn Dogs to EVER live on Planet Earth, but the entire Monica Lewinsky case and Ken Starr’s involvement in referring Clinton’s lies to the US Congress for impeachment and conviction is our opinion….

A Stupid Move comparable to the Complete and Total Damn Idiocy of the 2003 Iraq War instigated by Trust Fund Boy and Draft Dodger George W Bush and BOTH incidents are to us here at Coaches Hot Seat as folks that worked for Ronald Reagan in the early 1980s in Washington DC…

A Total Damn Embarrassment that did Great Damage to the Republican Party

….and are two pieces of Total Idiocy that have led America down a very bad path over the last couple of decades which now has the GOP nominating for President…

Yet another Trust Fund Boy Draft Dodger in Donald Trump!


OK….you should understand by now that we here at Coaches Hot Seat think that…

Ken Starr is a Complete Freaking Idiot

…who has done Great Damage to the American Republic during his pitiful life on this Earth and of course we wouldn’t hire Ken Starr to Shovel Shit in West Texas, and that brings us to the news on Tuesday that Ken Starr was to be fired from his job as president of Baylor University which the Houston Chronicle ably summarize in an editorial this morning:

Baylor’s Fumble, A sex scandal at the largest Southern Baptist university in the world reflects loss of focus, Houston Chronicle

YES…that’s right…Baylor University is the…

Largest Southern Baptist University in the World

…and yet right now in our opinion here at Coaches Hot Seat:

Baylor University because of an out-of-control Baylor Football Program Poses A Clear and Present Danger to ANY Woman That Lives with 500 Miles of Waco, Texas

….in our humble opinion of course.

Considering the below for a moment which is the Baylor University Mission Statement:

“The mission of Baylor University is to educate men and women for worldwide leadership and service by integrating academic excellence and Christian commitment within a caring community.”

Really? Not quite Ken Starr and Baylor head football coach Art Briles who in our opinion here at Coaches Hot Seat…

Art Briles does NOT Give A Damn About ANYTHING beyond winning football games…PERIOD!

…and that is a Helluva problem for not only the students, alumni, and fans of Baylor football but even more importantly to ANY woman that finds herself in and around the Waco, Texas area, and might come into contact with a member of the Baylor University football team which according to another part of the Baylor Mission Statement supposed to be following this creed:

“Baylor is founded on the belief that God’s nature is made known through both revealed and discovered truth. Thus, the University derives its understanding of God, humanity and nature from many sources: the person and work of Jesus Christ, the biblical record, and Christian history and tradition, as well as scholarly and artistic endeavors. In its service to the Church, Baylor’s pursuit of knowledge is strengthened by the conviction that truth has its ultimate source in God and by a Baptist heritage that champions religious liberty and freedom of conscience. Without imposing religious conformity, Baylor expects the members of its community to support its mission. Affirming the value of intellectually informed faith and religiously informed education, the University seeks to provide an environment that fosters spiritual maturity, strength of character and moral virtue.”


Please….just as Abraham Lincoln said during the Lincoln – Douglas debates of 1858 that…paraphrased….

“If America is going to tolerate into perpetuity a nation divided between half slave and half free then the very words of the Declaration of Independence declaring that All Men Are Created Equal should be struck from the record.”

…the above words in the Mission Statement at Baylor should be removed TODAY if Ken Starr and Art Briles are going to remain employed at Baylor University….PERIOD!

That is our opinion as Americans that unlike Ken Starr and Art Briles didn’t miss military service and who for Damn Sure haven’t gone around during our lives telling people about our “faith”…


…and then turn around in our opinion not only be Complete and Total Hypocrites but a Damn Embarrassment to themselves and Baylor University as well!

We have called for the firing of less than 5 college football head coaches in the 9 college football seasons that Coaches Hot Seat has been existence, but Art Briles is in our opinion….

Running A Rogue and Out-of-Control Football Program at Baylor University

…and it will be the trustees, alumni, faculty, and students of Baylor that will ultimately be held responsible for what has gone on at Baylor in recent years and into the future if Art Briles is allowed to remain the head football coach at Baylor and with that in mind how could anyone connected Baylor sleep at night with Ken Starr and Art Briles still in leadership positions at the school?

We have No Damn Clue to the answer to the above question.


Memo to Baylor University:  If you are going to keep Ken Starr and Art Briles employed at Baylor University you better Damn strike down your Mission Statement because it is no longer applicable and is a only a cruel joke to the women that have been attacked and might be attacked in the future by the predators on Art Briles Baylor football team.

After the Latest Bullshit Story Out of Waco, Texas It’s Time…It’s Past Time…For Either Art Briles To Clean-Up HIS Baylor Football Program OR Art Briles Ass Will Be Sent Packing Down the Road and HIS Head Coaching Career ANYWHERE Will Be OVER! – In the Middle of This Damn Mess In Waco, Texas Is That Sorry Bastard and President of Baylor University Ken Starr – Memo To Art Briles…Clean It Up NOW Son Or It’s OVER! – The Great Tom Clancy Surprises Us Again!


After the latest Bullshit story out Waco, Texas….

Waco police arrest former Baylor football player Oakman on sexual assault charge, Waco Tribune

…. which is home to the Baylor football program and which is quickly becoming…

The Most Out-of-Control College Football Program in the Last 25 Years


….we are FED UP and we have some news for Bears head coach Art Briles from a few Baylor alumni we have talked to in the last week:

You are VERY DAMN CLOSE to losing your head coaching job

…and you either will LAY DOWN THE LAW with YOUR Baylor football players since after all you have been the head coach at Baylor since…

2008 or EIGHT seasons now

….or your Ass Art Briles…

Will Be Run Out of Waco on a Rail!

NCAA FOOTBALL: OCT 30 Baylor at Texas

The good folks at Reddit.com College Football did what we have been trying to do for the last week or so which is to compile a laundry list of sorts to show just what a…

Completely Out-of-Control Football Program Art Briles is running at Baylor

…and here is that list….YES….this is what Art Briles has created and wrought on the good folks in Waco and students at Baylor University:


For the Love of God…just what in the Hell kind of football program are you running at Baylor Art Briles?


Uhhhh…we have some news for Art Briles…not only is your Ass now on the Hot Seat at Coaches Hot Seat…but you have some influential Baylor-alum folks undivided attention and we are talking about….

Top Executives at BIG Companies
A Surgeon
An Oil Executive

….and that’s just the folks that we have talked to who tell us the “Baylor alums are none too happy what is going on in Waco and if there is ONE more incident then not only will Art Briles be gone but Ken Starr will be sent packing down the road as well!”


Speaker of Baylor University President Ken Starr, there are several members of Coaches Hot Seat that worked in the President Reagan’s Administration in the 1980s and a couple of them met Ken Starr either when he was Solicitor General of the United States between 1989 – 1993 or during the early years of President Bill Clinton’s Administration, and their judgment then on Ken Starr, their opinion during the Idiocy of the Whitewater Investigation which led to the Monica Lewinsky – Brother Bill Clinton Affair which led to the Moronic Republicans impeaching Horn Dog Clinton over something 90% plus of those Bastards in Washington DC do on a regular basis, and their opinion today of Ken Starr is….

Ken Starr is a Sorry Bastard they would not hire to Shovel Shit or run a University in West Texas

….which means they have no more Damn confidence in Ken Starr to do the right thing than they have in Art Briles to do the right thing and in FACT it is now the unanimous opinion of the 147 members of Coaches Hot Seat that…

Art Briles would do ANYTHING to win football games

…and that also in our opinion puts Baylor University and its students along with the population of Waco, Texas in great danger….very Damn great danger!

Oh…we are very Damn serious about this and in FACT it’s also our opinion that at this moment in time…

Art Briles football program at Baylor Poses A Clear and Present Danger to the Women that live within a 1 Hour Drive of the Baylor University campus



Memo to Art Briles:  Either read YOUR football team the RIOT ACT today and tell them that the bad behavior is OVER or your head coaching career will not only be OVER at Baylor it will DONE FOREVER at any school…PERIOD.

Is that clear Art Briles?

It better Damn be Son because your career and reputation are now hanging on a knife’s edge and if ONE more bad thing happens involving YOUR football players at Baylor….


Now Art Briles if you are not MAN enough to tell your players that bad behavior will no longer be accepted by members of the Baylor football team there are some former veterans of the US Military at Coaches Hot Seat that will be more than happy to come to Waco and deliver a message to YOUR players that will put the Freaking Fear of God in them!

We recommend you do that Art Briles…like TODAY….or it may indeed be over for you Son TOMORROW.


Speaking of the Great Tom Clancy who we lost in October 2013, several Coaches Hot Seat members were serving in the US Navy in the late 1980s when the Berlin Wall was still up and the U.S. was still in a Cold War with the Soviet Union, which was the time when Tom Clancy was working on and had his first book published, The Hunt for Red October, which was turned into a big screen movie in 1990. Many of us went to see The Hunt for Red October while still in the US Navy, and we marveled at how accurate the movie was in relation to the never-ending battle the U.S. waged against the Soviet Navy at sea, but we also saw genius in both Tom Clancy’s book and with the folks that turned that book into a big screen hit.


Many of those now former US Navy sailors have a copy of the original run of books for The Hunt for Red October and one of us was reading it earlier this year and noticed the following in the first chapter of the book that none of us had ever noticed before:

“So, my Captain, again we go to sea to serve and protect the Rodina!” Captain Second Rank Ivan Yurievich Putin poked his head through the hatch – without permission, as usual – and clambered up the ladder with the awkwardness of a landsman. The tiny control station was already crowded enough with the captain, the navigator, and a mute lookout. Putin was the ship’s zampolit (political officer). Everything he did was to serve the Rodina (Motherland), a word that had mystical connotations to a Russian and, along with V. I. Lenin, was the Communist party’s substitute for godhead.”

Captain Second Rank Ivan Yurievich Putin!

Think about this for a second….Tom Clancy….who was amazing at not only telling fictional stories, which those of us that served in the US Navy know were TRUE AS HELL to what it was like to take on the Soviet Navy around the world, in his first book being written in the early 1980s named the Red October’s zampolit or political officer….



In the early 1980s Vladimir Putin current President of Russia who is commonly referred to at Coaches Hot Seat as…

Fascist Thug Vladimir Putin

…was working for the KGB in East Germany helping one of the most corrupt and evil regimes in the world, East Germany, terrorize their own people which thankfully came to an end in the Fall of 1989 when the Berlin Wall came down with Putin burning KGB files in Berlin to make sure the Absolute Terror that he and his KGB Bastard friends inflicted on the people of East Germany did not make it into the public domain.


Tom Clancy was a Helluva writer and storyteller who had more FACTS in his books than most non-fiction books have that now sit in libraries and bookstores across our country, but more than that Tom Clancy was a visionary who had a razor sharp mind and left behind an amazing amount of great work that like with this “Putin” thing never ceases to surprise us!

If you have the time this appearance by Tom Clancy on C-Span’s Book TV in 2002 is a fascinating listen and reveals all of Tom Clancy’s genius, flaws, and sense of humor in one program: