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Post Week Zero Coaches Hot Seat Rankings – Give Em Hell Johnny!

Week Zero came and went without any changes to the Preseason Coaches Hot Seat Rankings with 6 Head Coaches playing games…

Scott Frost, Nebraska – Loss

Marcus Arroyo, UNLV – Win

Pat Fitzgerald, Northwestern – Win

Clark Lea, Vanderbilt – Win

Mike Norvell, Florida State – Win

Willie Taggart, FAU – Win

….and although we did consider for a bit moving Clark Lea down a bit in the Coaches Hot Seat Rankings with Vandy’s big win over Hawaii in Honolulu…we thought better of it realizing the Rainbow Warriors will be lucky to win 4 games in 2022 under new Head Coach Timmy Chang!

Post Week Zero Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

Give Scott Frost and rest these Hot Seat Coaches Hell Johnny!

The only Head Coach we care to comment on after Week Zero and a Coach we have written a Helluva Lot about here at Coaches Hot Seat the last few years is…

#1 Hot Seat Coach by a Good Country Mile —-> Scott Frost, Nebraska

Geez Scott…how in the Hell Son can you be in the 5 th season of coaching Nebraska and your football team is…

Out of Shape and Getting Its Ass Whipped in the 4 th Quarter by….wait for it…Northwestern…in the First Damn Game of the season?

It’s hard to know what exactly is going on at Nebraska under Scott Frost but we hear things from our buddies who live in Nebraska who hear things out of Lincoln and one of the things we heard a few weeks ago that we dismissed because it couldn’t possibly be True….

This Nebraska Football isn’t in great physical condition entering the season!

No way that’s True we said when buddy and Nebraska alum lives in Omaha told us that 2 weeks ago but alas…

It Be True!

With the loss to Northwestern to start the season at 0 – 1 the Cornhuskers have left..

North Dakota – A Pretty Good FCS team that only lost 16 – 10 to North Dakota State in 2021!

Georgia Southern
At Rutgers
At Purdue
At Michigan
At Iowa

Geez…Nebraska plays the way they did against Northwestern and is really out-of-shape as they looked in the 2 nd half of Saturday’s game…

The Cornhuskers will be Damn Lucky to Win 5 Games in 2022!

Well…whatever the Hell is going to happen at Nebraska is going to happen and although we would love to see Scott Frost be a Big Success with the Cornhuskers we have to face facts and the Fact is…

It’s time for Week 1 of the 2022 College Football Season!

Let’s Play Football!