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2019 Post Week 4 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings – A Pathetic Performance By Stanford Football….And A Total Disaster Ahead On The Farm – Give These Coaches Hell Johnny Cash!

Hard to believe we are already 4 weeks into the 2019 college football season but it is moving fast as usual and what a fascinating week of college football and we had a lot of movement with the Hot Seat coaches…with some moving off the Hot Seat and some finding their rear-ends Heating Up!

Just a quick note on the pathetic performance of Stanford Football against Oregon on Saturday. Before the season a former Stanford football player from decades ago actually predicted a 1 – 3 opening to the 2019 season based upon what he called…

“A pathetic Fall camp and an unacceptable offseason conditioning program.”

We will not go into how that former Stanford football player came to have the above opinion but let’s just say he has “eyes” on what’s going on at Stanford right now and there’s Helluva lot more trouble ahead with this schedule still to be played >

At Oregon State
At Colorado
At Washington State
Notre Dame

There’s a serious chance that Stanford will not win another game in 2019 and if the Cardinal plays the rest of their games like they did against USC, UCF, and Oregon they will finish with a record of…

4 – 8…at best!

It’s just our humble opinion here at Coaches Hot Seat based upon few dozen trips to Stanford campus since early August that David Shaw is basically working at about 50% capacity at what he has worked at in the past and since the head coach doesn’t seem to give a Damn whether Stanford wins any football games or not it’s not surprising to see a…

Dead Football Team
Dead Stanford Stadium
Dead Stanford Football Program

The Cardinal is Just Dead now and we would put the chances that Stanford loses to Oregon State next Saturday in Corvallis at >


We will keep an eye on things on The Farm and if Stanford does lose to Oregon State rest assured with Cardinal at 1 – 4 and a Total Disaster ahead David Shaw will find his ass on the Hot Seat at a place where anything short of Full Effort + High Excellence = Your Ass Getting Run!

In our opinion David Shaw is coaching like his agent is talking to NFL teams about their head coaching jobs and that was our opinion of Brian Kelly a few years ago when Notre Dame tanked and those NFL teams which had so much interest in Kelly tuned him out after thinks went South for the Irish and that may just happen to David Shaw as well!

Let’s bring out the Great Johnny Cash to give these Hot Seat Coaches Hell!

Thank You Johnny!

2019 Post Week 4 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

1.  Jeremy Pruitt, Tennessee – The most interesting thing to us watching Florida destroy Tennessee on Saturday is that looked to us that the Vols players really don’t have much interest in playing for Jeremy Pruitt and that’s the same feeling we got watching the Georgia State game earlier this season.

We have an opinion on why the Vols players might not want to play hard for Jeremy Pruitt and that opinion is that Pruitt is from the…

Rush Propst I am an Animal not a member of the Human Race School of Coaching

….which we got to see in person many years ago on the practice fields at Hoover High School just outside Birmingham, Alabama.

From our observation of that practice, watching Pruitt coach at Alabama, FSU, and Georgia, and talking to people that played for Jeremy Pruitt who have lots of different opinions on Pruitt it’s our opinion that >

Jeremy Pruitt doesn’t treat his players as young men put in his charge to learn how to play football, get an education, and learn how to get yourself prepared for life during college which in our opinion are the main jobs of a head football coach but rather…

Jeremy Pruitt treats his players like Total Shit and blames them when things go wrong and takes credit when things go right!

We would not play for Jeremy Pruitt and in our opinion only a Very Damn Foolish Parent would send their kids to Tennessee to play for Jeremy Pruitt…that is if you cared about and loved your kids!

When Coaches Hot Seat was started in January 2007 one of the things we observed as looked through the 100+ college head football coaches we counted around 30 coaches that were really Sorry Damn Excuses for Human Beings + Sub-Average Coaches and the coach the best exemplified that was then Notre Dame Head Coach Charlie Weis.

Charlie Weis is EVERYTHING that is wrong with Football Coaches in America…

A Sorry Damn Pompous Arrogant Ass Jerk who believes he is God’s Gift to the Earth and we were more than happy to help run Charlie Weis’ Sorry Ass out of Notre Dame and then Kansas and it’s our opinion that Jeremy Pruitt is EVERYTHING if not more than what Charlie Weis was and as long as Pruitt is the head football coach at Tennessee he in our opinion…

Poses A Clear and Present Danger to the Future Success of Tennessee Football.

And this being our humble opinion we will like with Charlie Weis do whatever we can to get Jeremy Pruitt’s Sorry Damn Ass run out of Knoxville!

Oh…in 2007 by our count there were about 30 head coaches that were really Sorry Damn Excuses for Human Beings + Sub-Average Coaches in college football and today there are…just a handful….between 5 and 10 and we keep a close eye on all them because all of them also…

Pose A Clear and Present Danger to the football programs they now coach and to the game of college football overall as well.

The Vols are now 1 – 3 on the season and still have left to play in 2019 >

Mississippi State
At Alabama
South Carolina
At Kentucky
At Missouri

Our guess is that the Vols will finish with a 2 – 10 or 3 – 9 record in 2019 and we haven’t a clue nor care if Tennessee fires Jeremy Pruitt if he posts one of those records since the Damn Morons in Knoxville put themselves in this hole and as far as we are concerned they can just keep digging that hole deeper which will happen until the fans of Tennessee rise-up and toss all the Worthless Bastards to the curb that have put Vols football in it’s current pitiful Damn state and to the curb tossed #1 should be AD Phil Fulmer!

2.  Lovie Smith, Illinois – Illinois played a great game against Nebraska but come now Nebraska may not be much of a team and is likely to blown out of Lincoln come next Saturday by Ohio State which brings us back to Lovie Smith and his records in 4 years coaching the Illini:

Overall:  11 – 29

Big Ten:  4 – 24

Now we are talking about Illinois Football here so 4 Big Ten Conference wins in 4 seasons isn’t all that bad….this is Illinois Football we are talking about here…but let’s assume for a moment that you were an Illinois fan with a 2+ IQ that actually gave a Damn about the football program would you accept the above records posted by Lovie Smith?

Of course not and that brings us to the rest of the Illini’s 2019 schedule >

At Minnesota
At Purdue
At Michigan State
At Iowa

Now the Little Sisters of the Poor could beat Purdue, Rutgers, and Northwestern so maybe the Illini can win 3 more games to finish with a 5 – 7 record but would a 5 – 7 record be acceptable at Illinois in Lovie’s 4th year on the job or an even worse record?

Who knows…this is Illinois Football we are talking about here where last year Lovie Smith posted a 4 – 8 record and…wait for it…got a contract extension which from where we come from = You are doing a great job!

Laughing Out Loud Forever and Ever!

3.  Will Muschamp, South Carolina – After the loss to Mizzou on Saturday Will Muschamp’s records at South Carolina now stand at…

Overall:  23 – 20

SEC:  12 – 14

…which we would call About Average for South Carolina but in your 4th year on the job you should at least be able to post a 6 – 6 record and with a 1 – 3 record now and these games left…

At Georgia
At Tennessee
Appalachian State
At Texas A&M

…there’s not a Chance in Hell South Carolina can win 5 of their last 8 games and in our opinion the Gamecocks would be lucky to win 4 games in 2019!

4.  Chad Morris, Arkansas – We still don’t have a clue how Chad Morris got hired at Arkansas before the 2018 season after posting a record of…

14 – 22

…in 3 years at SMU but if you are lucky enough to land an SEC Head Coaching Job you would think your ass would actually Do Your Damn Job but clearly when you let a Beyond Damn Pitiful San Jose State football team come into Fayetteville and beat your ass on your home field…

You do not deserve to continue as the head coach of the Arkansas football program…PERIOD!

Chad Morris said after the game that Arkansas got out-coached and outplayed but in our opinion…

No One Is Now Coaching the Arkansas Football Team

…based upon what we saw in that disgraceful performance against SJSU!

Chad Morris is now sitting on records at Arkansas of…

Overall:  4 – 12

SEC:  0 – 9

….and we would love to know why any Arkansas fan thinks that in Chad Morris’ 16th game at Arkansas that he cannot get his team up to play…forget about beat…but just show up and play with minimal effort against San Jose State that he will be able to do anything at all in the future?

Now at 2 – 2 on the season Arkansas has left to play in 2019…

Texas A&M – Dallas
At Kentucky
At Alabama
Mississippi State
Western Kentucky

….and there’s a really Damn good chance that the Hogs don’t win another game in 2019….a Really Damn Good Chance!

Can you go 2 – 10 in your first two seasons at Arkansas and keep your job?

If you can the Arkansas Football Program no longer exists in the Real World….it’s just a place where coaches go to get paid Millions of Dollars to Not Do A Damn Thing At All!

5.  Justin Fuente, Virginia Tech – The Hokies had a bye in Week 4 and now at 2 – 1 on the season with wins over Old Dominion and Furman and a loss to Boston College, which lost to Kansas, the rest of the 2019 schedule looks like this >

At Miami
Rhode Island
North Carolina
At Notre Dame
Wake Forest
At Georgia Tech
At Virginia

If Virginia Tech plays the rest of their schedule like they played their first 3 games they will be Damn Lucky to get to 6 wins in 2019 and does anyone really care that the Hokies will struggle to get to 6 wins in Fuente’s 4th year on the job in Blacksburg?

Not really…and there’s the problem with Virginia Tech Football…the standards have shrunk to such a Pitiful Damn Level that just winning 6 games and making a bowl game = Winning!

That’s not America….that’s a Damn Disgrace!

6.  Jim Harbaugh, Michigan – We have poked around as much as we can with folks we know in Ann Arbor to tell us what is wrong with Jim Harbaugh and we mean what is wrong with Jim personally not what is wrong with the Michigan Football program and we say that because the Jim Harbaugh we watch from afar now is not the Jim Harbaugh that showed-up in Palo Alto to coach Stanford in 2007. We have a member of Coaches Hot Seat who is a doctor and he watching Harbaugh thinks that Jim doesn’t look right physically and/or mentally but hasn’t a clue if anything is wrong, but for Damn sure this doctor who met and talked to Jim dozens of times just as many of us did when Jim is at Stanford sees the same thing we do…

Something’s not right about Jim and we haven’t a clue what it is.

As for Michigan Football after barely beating Army and getting ripped to shreds by Wisconsin the Blue Offense is such a Damn disgrace now we wonder if anyone is actually coaching the offense and if someone is just drawing plays out of a hat to call on Saturdays because to us it looks like the biggest Damn mess we have ever seen with the Blue Offense not having an Identity, a Clue, or Having Anything At All for that matter!

Michigan does have a chance to get on a roll in the next 3 games against…

At Illinois

…before a trip to play Penn State on October 19 and there’s no reason Michigan doesn’t win their next 3 games…but if they play like they did against Army and Wisconsin….they could very well lose all 3 including to Rutgers this coming Saturday!

Come on Jimmy….football is supposed to be fun Son and you need to start having fun again and if there is some reason you cannot have fun go ahead and tell the world what it is because….something’s just not right here….in our humble opinion.

7.  Chip Kelly, UCLA – We are not sure what we watched in the UCLA – Washington State game late on Saturday night but it sure was entertaining to watch and now the Bruins under Chip Kelly have a chance to get something going IF they keep scoring points because we don’t see that UCLA defense slowing down anyone anytime soon.

Now at 1 – 3 on the season the Bruins have left in 2019…

At Arizona
Oregon State
At Stanford
Arizona State
At Utah

..and if UCLA can score 42+ points in all of the above games they can post probably post a 6 – 6 record in 2019 but you gotta score a Helluva Lot of points to make that happen Chip!

8.  Willie Taggart, Florida State – FSU beat Louisville at home on Saturday which has a first year head coach so that’s not much when you are Florida State but now things get tough for the 2 – 2 Seminoles with these games left on the schedule >

NC State
At Clemson
At Wake Forest
At Boston College
Alabama State
At Florida

We see no reason at all that Florida State doesn’t win at least 4 of its remaining 8 games and if FSU does fall short of a 6 – 6 record in 2019 it’s our opinion that they will be looking for a new head football coach in Tallahassee in early December so get after it Willie!

9.  Dana Holgorsen, Houston – We are not quite sure what Houston Super Booster Tilman Fertitta thought he was getting by hiring Dana Holgorsen to be the head coach at Houston but we can guess he didn’t think Ole Dana be off to a 1 – 3 start in H-Town with one of those losses coming against Tulane!

If you look at Dana Holgorsen’s records at West Virginia…

Overall:  61 – 41

Big 12:  38 – 32

…if you take out the last year that WVU was in the Big East Conference and just look at the Big 12 years then Dana’s records in Morgantown were…

Overall:  51 – 38

Big 12:  33 – 30

Now are the above records something so impressive we would give the person who posted them a 5 year $20 million dollar contract?

Of course not but then does anyone think Tilman knows his ass from the side of a barn when it comes to the game of football?

Of course not and one of the reasons that Tilman said that Houston did hire Dana Holgorsen was that he would be committed to the school for the long-term and not be looking to take a Power 5 job like Tom Herman did which makes us wonder…

Just how long you going to be committed to Holgo there Tilman especially when the President of the University of Houston said publicly a couple of years ago we don’t so “less than 10 wins a season” at Houston?

Houston is now 1 – 3 and has left to play in 2019….

At North Texas
At UConn
At Tulsa

…and the Cougars should be able to beat UConn, Tulsa, and Navy but the rest of those games now….Hell, Houston might not win 6 games in 2019 and we remind you Tilman that Houston just fired Major Applewhite who in his two full seasons at the school posted records of…

7 – 5
8 – 5

Surely if Houston doesn’t get to 6 wins in 2019 Ole Dana Holgorsen will get run right out of Houston $15M left on his contract or not?

Right Tilman?

Oh…get us some rolls for our table Tilman and make it quick Son!

10.  Chris Ash, Rutgers – We are not quite sure why Chris Ash is still the head football coach at Rutgers with records on the board of…

Overall:  8 – 31

Big Ten:  3 – 25

…but what the Hell we will play along and with Rutgers now 1 – 2 on the season after the loss to Boston College on Saturday and these games left to be played…

At Michigan
At Indiana
At Illinois
Ohio State
Michigan State
At Penn State

…we be STUNNED if Rutgers won another game in 2019 and would Chris Ash be fired at Rutgers if he posted a 1 – 11 record in his 4th year at Rutgers?

Who Knows and Who Cares?

No One!

And that’s the problem!