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The Total and Complete Disaster That Is the Pac-12 Conference Continues To Roll Down the Track with Larry Scott at the Wheel – How Long Will The Total and Complete Disaster Continue for the Pac-12? – Who the Hell Knows! – Steve Addazio of Boston College Squarely on the Hot Seat – Missing Our Friend Huell Howser


With the analysis of the first FIVE College Football Coaches on the Hot Seat in the books…

#1 – Kevin Sumlin, Texas A&M

#2 – Will Muschamp, South Carolina

#3 – Gus Malzahn, Auburn

#4 – Art Briles, Baylor

#5 – Darrell Hazell, Purdue

….let us now turn our attention to one…

#6 – Steve Addazio, Boston College

But hold it a second….before we get to Steve Addazio’s Hot Seat status there were a couple of stories in recent weeks on the “situation” that Pac-12 Commish Larry Scott now faces which we call here at Coaches Hot Seat nothing short of a…

Complete Freaking Disaster for the Pac-12 Conference

….which starts with the Pac-12 Network CANNOT be seen across America and in today’s world…

If you CANNOT be seen….you do not Freaking Exist!


Here are those two stories by two fine folks in Jon Wilner and Andy Staples who both know a Helluva lot about college football…

Pac-12: Commissioner Larry Scott’s future, the Guerrero incident and changing dynamics with the CEOs, Jon Wilner, College Hotline


Larry Scott, Pac-12 Schools Make Amends; Now Can They Solve Their Network Problems and Increase Revenue?, Andy Staples, SI

….but FRANKLY, we could care the Hell less about the future of Larry Scott BUT we do care a Helluva lot about the lack of distribution across America of the Pac-12 Network which is something akin to someone tolling long hours to do a great thing BUT who then finds that since no one told the world about his or her great work one cannot help but wonder…

Did that great work even happen?

So is the question that must be asked about the Pac-12 Network…

Does the Pac-12 Network even exist if so few in America can even watch it?


Not really which brings to mind a story about General George Patton getting to Heaven with the Lord Almighty taking Patton by the arm and ushering him into a room where the Greatest Military Minds in Human History are all gathered and Patton looks around the room and says to The Lord:

“This is great…there’s Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Oliver Cromwell, Napoleon, Sun Tzu, Genghis Khan, Hannibal, William T. Sherman, Saladin, Robert E. Lee, Frederick the Great, Erwin Rommel, and even King David of Israel…but Lord…who the Hell is that fellow sitting over there in the corner?”

The Lord: “Oh, that’s Bob the Cobbler, he lived during a time when there were no wars, but he’s the best Damn military mind of them all!”

Patton: “Son of a Bitch!”

And so goes the Pac-12 Network which is a Decent..if not Great product right now…..which is seen by a Helluva lot less Americans than the SEC and Big Ten Networks which brings us to this paragraph in Andy Staples story from above on the Pac-12 Network:

“The bigger issue with the Pac-12 Network is the money it generates. Washington State athletic director Bill Moos revealed in a March letter to boosters that the school received only $1.4 million from the network. That puts the Pac-12 far behind the Big Ten and SEC, which have cable networks that should bring in between $8 million and $10 million per school this academic year. In that letter to boosters, Moos wrote his school had projected $5 million or $6 million a year from the network.”

Sorry…but many here at Coaches Hot Seat are old enough to remember the…

Pac-8 Conference and Pac-10 Conference from the 1970s and 1980s


….and thus we know the immense Pac-10 assets that Larry Scott was handed in 2010 which became the Pac-12 in 2011 and the TRUTH is the Pac-12 Conference is now getting around…

$100 Million Dollars LESS in the Marketplace ANNUALLY than it’s worth

….precisely because of the ham-handed and foolish…and also in our opinion…Totally Damn Ivy League Arrogant….decisions that Larry Scott has made in the last five years and by our calculations Larry Scott has already cost the Pac-12 Conference and its 12 member schools….

$300 Million Plus Dollars in Revenue

….which will increase by $100 Million Dollars MORE in 2016!

The Pac-12 Conference’s assets which are mainly the 12 member schools in the Conference are…

Worth A Helluva Lot More Money in the Marketplace

…than Larry Scott and his team of Buffoons in Walnut Creek are now getting for those assets and the TRUTH is the longer that Larry Scott is allowed to hang around and run the Pac-12 Conference the further the conference falls behind the Big Ten and SEC Conferences….PERIOD!


Now just how Damn long are the so-called “CEOs” or rather the Presidents and Chancellors of the Pac-12 Conference schools…..

Arizona State: Michael Crow
Oregon State: Ed Ray
UCLA: Gene Block
Colorado: Bruce Benson
USC: Max Nikias
Arizona: Ann Weaver Hart
Utah: David Pershing
Cal: Nickolas Dirks
Oregon: Michael Schill
Washington: Ana Mari Cauce
Washington State: Kirk Schulz
Stanford: Marc Tessier-Lavigne

….going to tolerate this Bullshit of the Pac-12 Conference falling further and further behind with Larry Scott running the show and in our minds bogging the Pac-12 Conference down in the mud while the Big Ten and SEC race ahead?

What’s the old saying that if you sit down at a table to play cards and you can’t pick out the MARK then guess what….you are the MARK!


These are now the MARKS in Pac-12 Country….

Arizona State: Michael Crow
Oregon State: Ed Ray
UCLA: Gene Block
Colorado: Bruce Benson
USC: Max Nikias
Arizona: Ann Weaver Hart
Utah: David Pershing
Cal: Nickolas Dirks
Oregon: Michael Schill
Washington: Ana Mari Cauce
Washington State: Kirk Schulz
Stanford: Marc Tessier-Lavigne

…and they are being played for CHUMPS by Larry Scott and it is now our opinion here at Coaches Hot Seat that…

Larry Scott Poses A Clear and Present Danger to the Future Success of the Pac-12 Conference

…precisely because the Pac-12 now has NO ONE that can command a room to leverage the immense assets of the Pac-12 Conference…PERIOD!

Oh…but then what the Hell do we here at Coaches Hot Seat know? Oh..we know what the executives at the Networks and Cable News Companies are saying behind closed doors from our work in the world of advertising about the Pac-12 and Larry Scott which in our opinion boils down to…

“The Pac-12 Conference leadership is WEAK!”

Fix that Damn problem “CEOs” of the Pac-12 and fix it Damn Soon or you folks will wake-up 5 years from now miles and miles and miles behind the Big Ten and SEC Conference with No Damn Chance to EVER catch-up!

Now let’s get to Boston College Head Coach Steve Addazio….

Steve Addazio, Boston College Head Football Coach


4 th season at Boston College

Overall Head Coaching Record (Temple + BC):  30 – 32

Boston College Overall Record:  17 – 21

ACC Conference Record:  8 – 16

Someone who we trust in the Boston area has told us Steve Addazio would like to break Coaches Hot Seat in half and we have No Damn Clue if that is true or not BUT if it is true we can only say to Steve Addazio…

When you were the head coach at Cheshire High School in Connecticut in the 1980s Son many at Coaches Hot Seat were serving in the US Navy at the height of the Cold War against the Soviets and were involved in Desert Storm in the Persian Gulf in 1991


….so please save us the tough talk and coach your Damn football team Addazio which brings us to the TOUGH TALK about what Steve Addazio is now facing at BC which is nothing less than a…

Make or Break Year at Boston College in 2016

….after nothing less than a Complete Freaking Disaster at BC in 2015 of…

3 – 8 Overall


0 – 8 in ACC play!

We don’t have real HUGE standards for Boston College football and if you can keep BC above .500 overall and roughly .500 in ACC play as the head football coach at Boston College each season your ass will more than likely stay off the Hot Seat BUT…

3 – 8 Overall and 0 -8 in ACC play

…your ass will be firmly on the Hot Seat and that is where Steve Addazio finds his ass in May 2016!

Let’s go to Boston College’s 2016 football schedule to see if Steve Addazio has a shot to right this ship at BC and save his Damn job in the process:

Georgia Tech
At UMass
At Virginia Tech
At NC State
At Florida State
At Wake Forest


OK….Bozo the Clown or ANY Damn Clown you can think of could win…

4 Football Games

….coaching Boston College in 2016 and we see No Damn Reason at all why Steve Addazio and his Boston College football team not win at least…

6 Games in 2016

…with a schedule that a coach in his FOURTH year at BC should win at least…

7 Games

….without much trouble at all.

What will happen if Steve Addazio and his Boston College football team don’t win at least 6 games in 2016?

Steve Addazio will be fired come December at Boston College…PERIOD!


Many Coaches Hot Seat members are headed to Florida this week for The Players Championship in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida near Jacksonville and every time we travel to Florida to get together we remember a little over three years ago when we were in South Florida for the Total Destruction of Notre Dame football by Alabama in the Bogus BCS Title Game and we also remember at the same losing our friend Huell Howser who died in Palm Springs while we were in Florida.

Long ago someone wise once said…”As long as your name is whispered on the Earth you are immortal.”


We miss you Huell Howser!