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Post Week 4 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings – Give These Hot Seat Coaches Hell Johnny!

The 2022 College Football Season is chaotic as ever and rolling along nicely now with 3 Head Coaches already shown the door and many more to come…many, many, many more!

We were told by a Birdie to hold off on the Post Week 4 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings analysis for a few days since another shoe almost dropped after Geoff Collins got run at Georgia Tech at another school to not be named here but that shoe is still hanging…for at least another week or so!

Let’s bring out the Great Johnny Cash to give these Hot Seat Coaches Hell!

Thanks Johnny!

Post Week 4 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

1.  Jeff Scott, South Florida – Things keep on rolling along for Jeff Scott at South Florida and not in a good way with a 41 – 3 loss to Louisville who also has a Head Coach on the Hot Seat in Scott Satterfield and now the 1 – 3 Bulls have East Carolina coming to town in a

Must Win Game for Jeff Scott!

Lose in this spot with these games left

At Cincinnati
At Houston
At Temple
At Tulsa

the Bulls might not win another game in 2022!

Dandy Don is just off stage….Stage Left!

2.  David Shaw, Stanford – We had a very unique occurrence last week in that a few of us were in Palo Alto and in tow with us was a guy that played football for Paul “Bear” Bryant at Alabama in the 1970s so we brought him along to watch a portion of a Stanford football practice as the Cardinal got ready for Washington and here was his comment over dinner at Jeffrey’s Hamburgers after watching that practice >

“Just what in the Hell was that because that ain’t football?”

Can we get an Amen? Make that 12 Amens which is the Number that Paul Bryant wore at Alabama!

We are not sure what David Shaw thinks he has doing with Stanford Fooball over the last few years but if his goal is to

Totally Destroy Stanford Football he is Achieving His Goal!

Stanford now at 1 – 2 after getting Totally Destroyed by Washington, which has a first year Head Coach by the way and was in total chaos when he got to Seattle, the Cardinal has left in 2022

At Oregon
Oregon State
At Notre Dame
Arizona State
Washington State
At Utah
At California

Our guess….Stanford wins 1 or 2 more games, maybe 3 more games, to finish at 4 – 8 on the season at best and if you watch Stanford Football practice guess what they look and practice like?

A 4 win football team at best!

Beyond Damn Pitiful!

3.  Karl Dorrell, Colorado – Only that happened to Colorado Football on Saturday was UCLA came into Boulder and whipped the Buffs 45 – 17 and made it look very easy indeed and Karl Dorrell’s records at CU now stand at

Overall:  8 – 14
Pac-12:  6 – 8

The Buffs now at 0 – 4 have left in 2022

At Arizona
At Oregon State
Arizona State
At Washington

Don’t think the Buffs gonna win a game in Dorrell’s 3 rd year in Boulder!

4.  Butch Jones, Arkansas State – With the loss to Old Dominion on Saturday to drop Arkansas State record to 1 – 3 in 2022 Butch Jones in Year 2 at ASU’s records now stand at

Overall:  3 – 13
Sun Belt:  1 – 8

With these games left

La. Monroe
James Madison
At Southern Miss
At Louisiana
South Alabama
At Texas State

The Red Wolves gonna have a tough time getting to 6 wins in Butch Jones 2 nd year at ASU and they will run your ass Jonesboro for that kind of record, even in Year 2!

5.  Pat Fitzgerald, Northwestern – The same disease that is now inflicting Stanford Football

Total Powder Puff Candy Ass Syndrome

has taken over the Northwestern Football program as well with Head Coach Pat Fitzgerald turning the Wildcats into the

Biggest Candy Asses East of the Mississippi River

and to what end we don’t know exactly why but back-to-back losses to Southern Illinois and Miami of Ohio has Northwestern looking a lot like Stanford >

Such Big Candy Asses that the Northwestern Chess Club could whip the Wildcats and make em like it!

Now at 1 – 3 on the season with a lone win over Nebraska which Every Grandma Knitting Club in America could whip like a red-headed stepchild and make em like it the Wildcats have left in 2022

At Penn State
At Maryland
At Iowa
Ohio State
At Minnesota
At Purdue

Will the Softer than the Pillsbury Dough Boy Wildcats win another game in 2022?

Is the Pillsbury Dough Boy Soft as Hell?

Yep the Wildcats lone win in 2022 will be over a team that the Over 50 Years Old Only Ladies Coffee Klatch Club of Evanston could whip and make em like it = Nebraska!

Be Proud Pat Fitzgerald!

We didn’t think it was possible to field a team SOFTER than Stanford but you have done it and that’s something Son!

6.  Tim Albin, Ohio – Ole Tim Albin took over a pretty good Ohio Football Program from Frank Solich and has posted record of

Overall:  5 – 11
MAC:  3 – 5

and now at 2 – 2 on the 2022 season after a Big Big Win over Fordham on Saturday the Bobcats have left in 2022

At Kent State
At Western Michigan
Northern Illinois
At Miami (OH)
At Ball State
Bowling Green

After going 3 – 9 in Year 1 at Ohio we would recommend that Tim Albin find a way to get to 6 wins in 2022 or it’s Dandy Don time!

7.  Steve Sarkisian, Texas – With the loss to Texas Tech which no Texas team should EVER lose to Steve Sarkisian records at Texas now stand at

Overall:  7 – 9
Big 12:  3 – 7

and if this kind of losing continues then Arch Manning, if he decided ultimately to attend Texas, will be playing for a new Head Coach in 2023 in Austin!

The Longhorns are now 2 – 2 on the season and have left in 2022

West Virginia
Iowa State
At Oklahoma State
At Kansas State
At Kansas

Can the Horns win 4 of their remaining 8 games?

Maybe or Maybe Not but consider this

Tom Herman got his ass run at Texas posting records of

7 – 6
10 – 4
8 – 5
7 – 3

Does anyone think Steve Sarkisian could survive posting 2 losing seasons in his first 2 years at Texas?

Not A Chance In Hell!

8.  Mike Bloomgren, Rice – In 4 seasons at Rice Mike Bloomgren has posted records of

Overall:  13 – 33
CUSA:  9 – 20

and sooner or later someone in Houston is gonna say >

That ain’t very good Son!

With the loss to Houston and now 2 – 2 on the season Rice has left in 2022

At La. Tech
At Western Kentucky
At North Texas

We would recommend that Mike Bloomgren win the next 2 Very Damn Winnable Games or you can turn out the lights in Houston for Ole Mike!

9.  Ken Niumatalolo, Navy – In a miracle of sorts Navy was able to best East Carolina in double overtime on Saturday to get their first win of the season and now the 1 – 2 Sailors at the US Naval Academy have left in 2022

At Air Force
At Cincinnati
Notre Dame

Geez…will Navy win more than 3 games in 2022?

Not Likely!

10.  Scot Loeffler, Bowling Green – In 4 seasons at Bowling Green Scot Loeffler’s records now stand at

Overall:  8 – 24
MAC:  4 – 7

Enough said on Scot Loeffler at Bowling Green!