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Post Week 9 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings – Give These Hot Seat Coaches Hell Johnny! – Thank You Mr. Cash!

Post Week 9 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

Give These Hot Seat Coaches Hell Johnny!

Thank You Mr. Cash!

Post Week 9 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

1. Jeff Scott, South Florida > In Jeff Scott’s 29 th game as the Head Coach at South Florida his Bulls lost to Houston by the score of 43 – 27 and that puts Scott’s records at >

Overall > 4 – 25
AAC > 1 – 18

That is all! What more can we say exactly?

2.  Bryan Harsin, Auburn > If only Bryan Harsin called us a couple of years ago when he first heard from Auburn and asked us what we thought we told Bryan then >

If you go to Auburn you are going to get your ass run in a couple of years, but you will make a pot piss full of money so that decision is really up to you Son!

With Harsin scheduled to get something around an $18M buyout when Auburn fires him in a few weeks what can one say but >

Great Work Son!

Auburn does have an interesting game on November 12 at home on The Plains against Texas A&M and if Jimbo Fisher and the Aggies lost this game to a Head Coach all but fired already and Auburn team in disarray one of those Oil Boys in Texas have to right that check for $86M Large…Right?

3.  Jimbo Fisher, Texas A&M > In Jimbo Fisher’s 56 th game at Texas A&M the Aggies lost at home to Ole Miss and most interesting thing about the Aggies losing this game?

Not one person with a 2+ IQ was surprised the Aggies lost this game!

Let’s be honest here >

Texas A&M Football is a Damn Mess and in a Bigger Mess than even the late Dennis Franchione years which were a Helluva Big Mess and with the Aggies now at 3 – 5 on the season and these games left >

At Auburn

If the Aggies don’t get to 6 wins Jimbo’s ass has gotta be run no matter the buyout…Right?

6 Wins is now the Standard of Excellence at Texas A&M!

“If we can only get to 6 wins everything will be A-OK!”

What A Damn Mess!

4.  Patty Boy Fitzgerald, Northwestern >The Losses keep coming for Patty Boy Fitzgerald and the Candy Ass Non-Fighting Wildcats with a loss to Iowa by the score of 33 – 13 on Saturday and you gotta wonder this about Ole Patty Boy >

Do you take 2 lumps of sugar with your high tea or just one Patty Boy?

We are thinking Ole Patty Boy take 4 lumps of sugar in his high tea and he takes his high tea sitting on a big pile of goose down feather pillows!

Ole Patty Boy and the Candy Ass Non-Fighting Wildcats are now 1 – 7 and have left to play this season >

Ohio State
At Minnesota
At Purdue

Got 1 – 11 Patty Boy?

Your Candy Ass is about to have it Son!

5.  Butch Jones, Arkansas State > We don’t have Any Damn Idea why Arkansas State hired Butch Jones 2 years ago save a Fat Boy in Memphis convinced these Damn Morons in Jonesboro it would be a good idea and anyone listening to the Fat Boy in Memphis on who to hire as your next Head Football Coach >

Way beyond a Damn Moron and not qualified to run a lemonade stand which about 95% of ADs in America right now!

Butch Jones records in 2 seasons at Arkansas State >

Overall > 4 – 17

Sun Belt > 2 – 12

That is all and what in Hell more could we say exactly?

Well Arkansas State has left in 2022 >

At Texas State

Hell Arkansas State should win at least 2 of these remaining 3 games…Right?

6. David Shaw, Stanford > A couple of Coaches Hot Seat Members were in Los Angeles last week on business and decided to hang around for the Stanford at UCLA football game at the Rose Bowl and both being Stanford alums we were interested to hear their report from the game and here it is and this is of course their humble opinions >

“It was beyond disgraceful how UCLA, F-ing UCLA, pushed around Stanford the entire game and sitting behind the Cardinal bench as soon as it became clear the game was over the Stanford players could have really cared less about playing in the game or even paying attention on the sideline. David Shaw has long ago lost this team and entire Stanford football program and all because he fully embraced Candy Ass Football based upon absolute Horseshit being fed to him by Worthless Academics at Stanford that wouldn’t know how to play in a football game or coach a football team on the best day of their lives. Stanford Football is now Weaker, Most Disorganized, Less Caring, and More Pitiful than it was before Jim Harbaugh arrived on The Farm and we cannot understand how David Shaw can look at himself in the mirror and take a penny from Stanford since he is a Total Disgrace to the Athletic Department and the University as a whole and if he was failing like this anywhere else on the Stanford campus his ass would have been fired long ago!”

Can we get an Amen! Make that a Zillion Amens!

The Truth is the UCLA Powder Blue Bruins just flat-out whipped Stanford on Saturday night because David Shaw is a Candy Ass that hasn’t coached football in 3 years now and will if allowed turn Stanford Football into a collection of the Biggest Damn Candy Asses on the face of the Earth!

Hell Stanford Football is already that > The Biggest Damn Candy Asses on the face of the Earth!

It’s just a Damn Disgrace to not only Stanford University but to America and to the game of football in America because this isn’t football being played at Stanford and if Bill Walsh was alive today he would throttle Shaw’s Candy Ass right off The Farm in a Damn Nanosecond!

In our humble opinion that is!

Stanford is now 3 – 5 with games left against >

Washington State
At Utah
At Cal

Who knows on Washington State, at Utah is gonna be a Loss, and the Big Game will be a Hot Seat vs Hot Seat Coaches Game with Cal Football being a Damn Disaster as well and BYU is being turned into a bunch of Damn Candy Asses by Kalani Sitake so maybe Stanford will have a chance in that game if the Cougars keep moving towards Total Candy Ass!

7.  Justin Wilcox, California > In 6 seasons at California Justin Wilcox is sitting on 2 Winning Seasons and records of >

Overall > 29 – 33

Pac-12 > 16 – 29

Pitiful is a word that comes to mind and after the loss to Oregon on Saturday the Cal Bears are now 3 – 5 on the season with games left against >

At Oregon State

Maybe 4 – 8 in his 6 th season at Cal? Maybe!

8.  Danny Gonzales, New Mexico > New Mexico had a bye in Week 9 so what we wrote last week on Gonzales still stands and for the record Danny’s records at UNM are >

Overall > 7 – 20

MWC > 3 – 16

Pitiful. Just Pitiful

9.  Steve Sarkisian, Texas > In 2 seasons at Texas Ole Steve Sarkisian now sitting on a record of >

10 – 10

And 5 – 3 in 2022 and the Longhorns have left in 2022 >

At Kansas State
At Kansas

Damn, the way that Kansas State and TCU playing that looks like 2 losses and Kansas could easily be a loss and Baylor to end the season ain’t gonna be easy so Sark could again go 5 – 7 this season like last year and for the record Tom Herman who got his ass run out of Austin >

Didn’t Have ANY Losing Seasons at Texas!

We would recommend Sark find a way to get to 6 Wins in 2022!

Just Saying!

10.  Jedd Fisch, Arizona > Ole Jedd a nice enough of a guy and he’s working hard to get things going at Arizona but in 2 seasons in Tucson Jedd’s records now stand at >

Overall > 4 – 16

Pac-12 > 2 – 12

After the loss to USC the Wildcats now at 3 – 5 on the season and have left in 2022 >

At Utah
Washington State
Arizona State

Maybe if the Wildcats can win 2 their last 4 games that would be an improvement….Hell it would be an improvement so get off your ass and get it done Son!