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The Overlooked Competitive Edge That Could Take Your Team to the Next Level

I’ve always been fascinated by mental toughness. It’s the difference-maker. That’s why my ears perked up during Shane Parrish’s interview with performance psychologist Dr. Jim Loehr on The Knowledge Project Podcast.

See, we think it’s the talent, the training, the raw grit. And those all matter. But the real power lies in the stories we tell ourselves. Change those, and you change the game entirely.

Athletes: This Is For You

You already know the drill: positive self-talk is key. It’s that “belief boost” when nothing seems to go your way. But Dr. Loehr takes it deeper.

Do you think you’re limited by what your body can do? Nope. You’re limited by the story you tell yourself about what your body can do. The same applies to relationships, performance under pressure, and heck, every single part of your life.

How Do We Change The Story?

We need to be uncomfortably honest. Your inner monologue is full of hidden traps: “I’m not good enough,” “I’m afraid to fail,” “I’ll never be like them…”

The answer isn’t slapping on a bunch of fake positivity. It’s actively working to transform those destructive narratives. Journal, meditate or talk to someone who sees your potential more clearly than you do. Build a practice around re-wiring those stories.

The Power of Mental Toughness

It’s not just about the feel-good stuff. True mental toughness—that bulldog-like determination to keep going—comes from the way you talk to yourself.

And hey, this isn’t some secret sauce for solo athletes. Those narratives have ripple effects. Coaches and veterans on the team set the tone for the rising stars. Positive talk isn’t a weakness; it creates a breeding ground for champions.

This Hits Me On Another Level

The thing is, I’m never just writing about sports or coaches. I’m writing about how we operate in this world. Whether you’re on the field, in the office, or struggling through a creative block, those inner voices are running the show.

So, the next time you aim for a goal, don’t just train the body. Train the mind. Because the strongest weapon you’ll ever have is the story you tell yourself.

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