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Post Week 6 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings – Give these Hot Seat Coaches Hell Johnny Cash!

Post Week 6 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

Give these Hot Seat Coaches Hell Johnny Cash!

Thanks Johnny!

Post Week 6 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

1.  Jeff Scott, South Florida – The Losing Train continues at South Florida under Jeff Scott and maybe the train is starting to get some competitive fire in it with the Bulls keeping the game against Cincinnati close but >

Another Loss is Another Loss!

Scott’s records at USF now stand at >

Overall: 4 – 23
AAC: 1 – 16

South Florida has left in 2022 >

At Houston
At Temple
At Tulsa

If South Florida is becoming a better football team

You should win 3 of these last 6 games Son!

2.  David Shaw, Stanford – The Great Lesson for Everyone in the Game of Football with what has happened to Stanford Football the last 4 years is >

When your ass Stops Practicing Football You are Going To Lose A Helluva Lot of Football Games!

David Shaw’s Win/Loss Record at Stanford the Last 4 Seasons >

12 – 23

Oh only 4 of those 12 Wins were over Teams with .500+ Records!

The Fall of Stanford Football has been

On Purpose
Done With Happiness


Pure Damn Total Candy Ass Damn Idiocy!

If your ass Practices like Total Damn Candy Asses guess how you Play Football?

Like Total Damn Candy Asses!

We could take a dozen members of Coaches Hot Seat all in their 50s down to Stanford today and >

Whip the Living Hell out of the Total Damn Candy Asses on the Stanford Football Team who are NOT

Real Men Nor Real Stanford Students who are TOUGH!

Cut this Worthless Damn Horseshit before it spreads to other Stanford Sports Teams and the rest of the University!

3.  Brent Venables, Oklahoma – We have had what we will call a Very Good Contact within Oklahoma Athletics for a long time now and we have been interested in what this VGC has been telling us about Brent Venables tenure at Oklahoma and last Friday night before the Texas game the OU VGC said to a Coaches Hot Seat Member >

I am still waiting on Brent to start being the Head Coach at Oklahoma. Maybe he will get around to it soon!

That’s the Problem >

Brent Venables isn’t a Head Football Coach

He’s A Damn Cheerleader!

Memo to Brent Venables > Start Coaching Football Son or you are going to keep Losing and your ass is going to get run out of your dream job!

After the Total Disaster against Texas the Sooners are now 3 – 3 and have left in 2022 >

Iowa State
At Oklahoma State
At Kansas State
At Kansas

Will the Sooners win another game in 2022?

Not if Brent Venables gonna be a Damn Cheerleader instead of a Head Football Coach at Oklahoma!

4.  Pat Fitzgerald, Northwestern – The Biggest Candy Ass in the Midwestern USA = Pat Fitzgerald keeps on proving he’s the

Biggest Candy Ass in the Midwestern USA

with a 42 – 7 home loss to Wisconsin which just fired it’s Head Coach and the Wildcats now at 1 – 5 and these games left

At Maryland
At Iowa
Ohio State
At Minnesota
At Purdue

will Northwestern win another game in 2022?

Better question for Patty Boy >

Are those Goose Down Feather Pillows your Candy Ass team uses at practices Patty Boy?

5.  Bryan Harsin, Auburn – With the loss to Georgia on Saturday that drops Bryan Harsin’s record at Auburn below the Mendoza Line at >

9 – 10

and the Damn Idiocy Train continues to roll on Auburn with >

Damn Idiots on All Sides Hiring Football Coaches and we cannot wait to see who Auburn hires to follow Harsin…Guaranteed to be Hilarious!

6.  Jimbo Fisher, Texas A&M – If your ass can play Alabama tough in Tuscaloosa you would think that

Your ass could beat Appy State at Kyle Field!


Oh Appy State lost to Texas State on Saturday!

There’s a Helluva Lot of Talent in College Station but there’s >

NO Football Team

and as long as Jimbo Fisher focuses on Coaching Players instead of Building A Football Team this Total Disaster will keep unraveling unless things change in the Bye Week because the 3 – 3 Aggies have left

At South Carolina
Ole Miss
At Auburn

Can the Aggies win 3 of their last 6 games to even get to a .500 record in Jimbo’s 5 the season in Aggieland?

If the Aggies lose at South Carolina NOT LIKELY because these Aggies will probably Flat Out Quit on Jimbo and Everyone Else they lose another game!

What happens when your ass is being paid $8M+ a year and you post a Losing Record in Year 5?

Your Ass Gets Run out of Aggieland and out of the Republic of Texas On A Rail!

7.  Mario Cristobal, Miami – We are not quite sure what Mario Cristobal has been doing at Miami in the last 9 months but whatever the Hell it is Mario….

Do Something Different Son!

Lots of folks in College Football been whispering to us for a few years now that…

Mario Cristobal can recruit but he’s not much of a Practice or Gameday Coach


Hell…based upon the way that Miami has looked so far in Mario’s Year 1…they may be right!

The 2 – 3 Hurricanes with only wins over Southern Miss and Bethune Cookman have left in 2022 >

At Virginia Tech
At Virginia
Florida State
At Georgia Tech
At Clemson

Hell…Miami not get to 6 Wins in 2022 and Manny Diaz NEVER had a losing season in 3 years coaching the Canes!

Get off your Damn Ass Mario…and quick Son!   

8.  Scot Loeffler, Bowling Green – In 4 seasons at Bowling Green Scot Loeffler’s records >

Overall: 9 – 26
MAC: 5 – 8


9.  Tim Albin, Ohio – Tim Albin 2 season at Ohio >

Overall: 6 – 12
MAC: 4 – 6

The Bobcats now at 3 – 3 have left this season

At Western Michigan
Northern Illinois
At Miami (OH)
At Ball State
Bowling Green

Ohio should win at least 3 of their remaining games but we have no idea if they can or will!

10.  Ken Niumatalolo, Navy – Finally Navy Football is getting a Little Tiny Amount of Fight with a Tough Game against Air Force and a Big Win over Tulsa and now we are interested to see if Navy can keep playing like this or

Will they turn back into the Total Candy Asses they were a few weeks ago?

Now at 2 – 3 on the year Navy has left >

At Cincinnati
Notre Dame

Geez…Navy better be a Lot Tougher Football Team or Kenny Boy will post his 3 rd straight losing season at Navy!

Come on Kenny

You are representing the entire US Navy Son and Your Ass and Your Team Needs to be Toughen the Hell Up even MORE!