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#3 Hot Seat – Butch Jones – Arkansas State


We love you Johnny Cash and we would love to hear some Ring of Fire!

Thanks Johnny!

#3 Hot Seat – Butch Jones – Arkansas State

After the 2016 college football season Butch Jones was coming off his 2 nd straight 9 Win season at Tennessee and although 9 Wins at Tennessee isn’t Great it’s Not Too Bad of Football, but since 2016 Ole Butch has seen his career go downhill in a Helluva hurry with a 4 – 6 record in 2017, a few years on Nick Saban’s staff at Alabama, and now 2 seasons at Arkansas State where he has posted records of…

2 – 10 and 3 – 9

The folks at Arkansas State aren’t going to tolerate another 2 or 3 win season and really not going to tolerate Butch being around in 2024 unless he takes the Red Wolves to a bowl game this year and with that in mind let’s take a look at Arkansas State’s 2023 schedule >

At Oklahoma
Stony Brook
Southern Miss
At UMass
At Troy
Coastal Carolina
At La. Monroe
At South Alabama
Texas State
At Marshall

Really now….if Butch Jones can’t Win 6 Games with that schedule in Year 3 on the job at Arkansas State….

#6 Hot Seat – Jeff Hafley – Boston College


Give Em Hell Johnny Cash!

Thanks Johnny!

#6 Hot Seat – Jeff Hafley – Boston College

When you get right down to it Expectations and Not Meeting Expectations is what leads to College Head Coaches ending up on the Hot Seat and our Expectations for a Head Coach at Boston College aren’t high….not high at all…and if you are taking the Eagles to a bowl game every season you might end up on the Edge of the Hot Seat even if you are doing mediocre work but if you drop below .500 your ass will end up on the Hot Seat and that’s where Jeff Hafley is now!

In 3 seasons as the Head Coach at Boston Jeff Hafley has posted records of…

2020:  6 – 5
2021:  6 – 6
2022:  3 – 9

Overall:  15 – 20
ACC:  9 – 17

…and that’s some Mediocre Football alright and Hafley better right the Good Ship BC and do it in 2023!

Let’s go BC’s 2023 schedule >

Northern Illinois
Holy Cross
Florida State
At Louisville
At Army
At Georgia Tech
At Syracuse
Virginia Tech
At Pitt

Boston College getting to 6 Wins in 2023 ain’t gonna be easy unless they really up their game and BC better be no worse than 3 – 2 when they head to play Army at West Point on October 7 on what should be a Beautiful Day on the Hudson River in Upstate New York!

Let’s Play Football!

#10 Hot Seat – Mike Bloomgren – Rice


We never tire of hearing from the Great Johnny Cash!

Thank You Johnny!

#10 Hot Seat – Mike Bloomgren – Rice

Mike Blooomgren has now been the Head Coach at Rice for 5 seasons posting records of…

2018:  2 – 11
2019:  3 – 9
2020:  2 – 3
2021:  4 – 8
2022:  5 – 8

…which shows improvement but still Bloomgren’s Overall Records at Rice stand at >

Overall:  16 – 39
Conference:  12 – 25

Hardly inspiring and now going into his 6 th season and Rice entering the American Athletic Conference this is going to be a challenging year indeed for the Owls with this schedule >

At Texas
Texas Southern
At South Florida
East Carolina
At Tulsa
At Charlotte
Florida Atlantic

That looks like 4 Wins to us and the real question here is >

Can Mike Bloomgren survive another losing season which would make 6 for 6 losing seasons at Rice?

We haven’t a clue if Bloomgren can survive that or not because we haven’t a clue what Rice’s goals are with its football program!

Just Existence?
Nothing Really?

No idea but…

Let’s Play Football!

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