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Forget the Coaches, Your Agent Calls the Shots in the NIL Era

NIL was supposed to be about the athlete, right? Well, surprise, surprise – those agents you used to just see sniffing around pro prospects now hold all the cards in college sports. It’s their world, and the rest of us are just living in it.

Think about it. Before, agents were hunting for that big payday down the road – the NFL contract. Now? They can make bank the second a kid steps on campus. Top recruits aren’t looking at coaching staff or fancy facilities anymore. They’re listening to the agent whispering about six-figure brand deals and local sponsorships. Universities can’t play that game; their hands are tied.

This is where it gets messy. See, it’s not just about snagging deals anymore. With no NCAA babysitting the NIL world, agents are the ones telling kids where to sign. They’re greasing the wheels with boosters, making sure those NIL opportunities are juicy enough to steer a recruit their way. Is it fair? Hell no. Is it smart? You bet.

Universities are scrambling, trying to talk about “tradition” and “academics.” Please. Kids are smarter than that. Forget the NCAA – they’re irrelevant now. What matters is if a school’s got a clear path to cash for the athlete.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about athletes getting paid. But if universities and those booster collectives want to stay in the game, they need to figure out how to play by the agents’ rules. And for the love of God, someone needs to educate these athletes. They need to know how this NIL stuff works, and how to pick a good agent instead of some sleazeball promising the world.

The NIL era is here, and it’s a Wild West show. Agents are running rampant, universities are lost, and only the athletes who know how to navigate this mess will actually win.

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