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NFL Week 17 MUST WIN Games for Head Coaches and Teams – Joy to the World the Hot Seat is Fun!

NFL Week 17 MUST WIN Games for Head Coaches and Teams


Mike Smith, Atlanta Falcons vs. Carolina Panthers – We can only imagine what is running through the head of Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank right now when he thinks about his Atlanta football team….like…

“So we (the Falcons football team) can almost beat one of the best team in the NFL in the San Francisco 49ers in the last game in Candlestick Park and my team is only 4 – 11 on the 2013 season? How the Hell can anyone explain that?”

Yes, the Atlanta Falcons have had their share of injuries in 2013 but there really is no explaining the Falcons fall from only a few minutes from playing in the Super Bowl in 2012 to being one of the worst teams in the NFL in 2013 and either Atlanta head coach Mike Smith will fix this mess in 2014 or he will be out of a job…..PERIOD.

Atlanta plays Carolina at home in the last game of the regular season and with the Panthers only playing for slightly better Playoff seeding this is a very winnable game for the Falcons and if you can almost beat the 49ers on the road then for Damn sure you can beat the Panthers at home and we can assure Mike Smith that the hyper-competitive Arthur Blank will rightly see that…

5 – 11

…..is a Helluva lot better record than…

4 – 12

Coach Hard Mike Smith!



Mike Munchak, Tennessee Titans vs. Houston Texans – A lot of smart people before the season thought both the Tennessee Titans and Houston Texans would more than likely be in the Playoffs in 2013 and in what has been nothing short of a….

Complete Freaking Disaster

….for both football teams the Titans and Texans meet in the last game of the season that means…

Absolutely Freaking Nothing!

Oh, but this game does mean something for Titans head coach Mike Munchak because it seems the folks in the Titans’ front-office are none to happy with their head coach….

Does Munchak have support of Titans GM?, Marc Sessler, NFL.com

….but for Damn sure a loss to the…

2 – 13

….Texans in the last game of the season at home would put an end to all doubt about Munchak’s future in Nashville.

One interesting tidbit from the above NFL.com story about the Titans under Mike Munchak is this….

“An ESPN report also has Munchak potentially linked to the Penn State job if Bill O’Brien is lured away by the NFL. Smith has promised to take a deep look both at the organization and a coach who’s gone just 2-20 against winning teams during his tenure.”

What the Hell?

Mike Munchak’s record against winning teams is only…

2 – 20?

Oh, that is an incredibly bad win/loss record against good NFL teams and may indeed be the thing that seals Munchak’s future with the Titans meaning his long and Pro Football Hall of Fame career with the Titans may be about to come to an end.

YES…..the Houston Texans is a MUST WIN Game for Mike Munchak and the Tennessee Titans!



Rex Ryan, New York Jets vs. Miami Dolphins – A few Coaches Hot Seat members were fortunate enough to work in New York City during their lives and we write “fortunate enough” because New York City is still the greatest city in the world and one of the reasons New York City is the greatest cities in the world is its very enlightening, very informative and very Damn entertaining media which has had a field day with Rex Ryan the last five years and it seem are having some pains about letting the very quotable Rex Ryan go…

If Rex is on the outs, why did Woody keep him for 2013?, Brian Costello, New York Post

Hey, Woody, it’s time to pull Rex’s feet from the fire, Steve Serby, New York Post

….which is funny as Hell to us here at Coaches Hot Seat because the New York City media are no doubt worried that the next Jets head coach won’t be as quotable as Rex which is a reasonable thing worry about when you have to sell newspapers to make a living!


What are the FACTS as Sergeant Joe Friday used to say about Rex Ryan at the Jets?

Well, since that January 2011 AFC Championship Game loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers Rex Ryan the Jets have put up a win/loss record over the past three seasons of…

21 – 26

…..and are going to miss the Playoffs for the third straight year.

Is that win/loss record and lack of making the Playoffs good enough to keep your job in the NFL?

Well, maybe if you are a NFL team that values Mediocrity and NOT Winning Championships and all of us are going to find out in the next few games if the New York Jets are a football team that….

Celebrates Mediocrity and NOT Winning Championships which means keeping Rex Ryan


If the New York Jets have an owner and general manager that wake-up everyday of their trying to figure out how they are going to be holding up this….


….at the end of the next season.

The New York Jets play at the Miami Dolphins in the last game of the season with the Dolphins needing a win to secure the last AFC Wild Card spot in the Playoffs and with the Jets at 7 – 8 on the season a win by New York would mean a .500 record if nothing else which certainly makes this a…

MUST WIN Game for Rex Ryan and the Jets

…..and of course this is a MUST WIN Game for…



Joe Philbin, Miami Dolphins vs. New York Jets – After the Dolphins recent three-straight wins over…

New York Jets
Pittsburgh Steelers
New England Patriots

….to put Miami squarely in the hunt for a Playoff spot this season we and everyone else….including the owner of the Miami Dolphins Stephen Ross….must be thinking something like this right now:

What the Hell was that 19 – 0 loss to the Buffalo Bills in Week 16?

There is NO explaining that loss and shutout to the Bills but for Damn sure there will be NO explaining a last Sunday of the season loss to the New York Jets if Joe Philbin and the Dolphins don’t show up and beat the Jets in this MUST WIN Game that will say a lot about the current state of the Dolphins and more importantly….

Joe Philbin’s ability to get his team ready to win a BIG GAME.

Lose to the New York Jets on Sunday and Joe Philbin will be right back on the Hot Seat and in his two seasons with the Dolphins he will have…

No Winning Seasons

….and more than likely….

No Playoff Appearances

….and when you are talking about the Miami Dolphins which is one of the Iconic franchises in NFL history…

No Winning Seasons

No Playoff Appearances

….in a head coach’s first two years on the job is nothing short of a….

Complete Freaking Disaster!

YES….the New York Jets is a MUST WIN Game for Joe Philbin and the Miami Dolphins!


JimSchwartz7  vs.   LeslieFrazier67

Jim Schwartz, Detroit Lions VS. Leslie Frazier, Minnesota Vikings – In this Hot Seat Coach vs. Hot Seat Coach game it probably doesn’t matter who wins this contest between the Lions and the Vikings since both…

Jim Schwartz


Leslie Frazier

…..are probably only days from getting fired from their head coaching jobs but since both Schwartz and Frazier are NFL coaches and thus must be Very Damn competitive people they both would love to win what is more than likely their…..

Last Game as a NFL Head Coach

….barring one of the working like Hell for a few seasons and getting another shot at a head coaching job down the line with a NFL Team, Owner and General Manager that willing to give them another shot!

Coach Hard Jim Schwartz and Leslie Frazier!

Coach Very Damn Hard!



Mike Shanahan, Washington Redskins vs. New York Giants – Head Coach Mike Shanahan and the Washington Redskins play the last game of the season on Sunday against the New York Giants and one has to wonder…

Does it matter if the Redskins beat the Giants on Sunday?

Not really since the New York Giants are a pitiful football team and beating a pitiful football team is NEVER a big deal to anyone with a working brain BUT a loss in this spot would drop the Redskins in 2013 to…

3 – 13

….on the season and Mike Shanahan’s overall win/loss record in Washington to…

24 – 40

….which is a very Damn ugly record for a future slam-dunk member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

As we apt to do here at Coaches Hot Seat we have been having some discussions over the last few weeks about whether we would bring Mike Shanahan back for another season IF we were the owner of the Washington Redskins and a CHS Member who ran into Shanahan several times when Mike was the head coach of the Oakland Raiders and offensive coordinator with the San Francisco 49ers in the 1990s made this very good point about Shanahan:

“Mike Shanahan is a very competitive and prideful man and if he did come back to coach the Redskins next season I think he would really like to go out a winner after coaching Washington to three losing seasons in four years.”

YES….a good point and a decent argument on why we might let Mike Shanahan come back to coach the Redskins in 2014 to fulfill the last year of his contract and if Washington doesn’t make the Playoffs next season then…

The Mike Shanahan-Era in Washington would be over…..PERIOD.



Tom Coughlin, New York Giants vs. Washington Redskins – Does it matter that Giants head coach Tom Coughlin is about to post his…

Second Straight Season of Missing the Playoffs

….or that the Giants have MISSED the Playoffs now in…

Four of the Last Five Seasons?

Not really because let’s just face the TRUTH:

The New York Giants ownership and team executives….in our opinion of course…

Don’t Really Give A Damn About Winning Games and Championships

….and that is TRUE in out minds because if one looks at the New York Giants roster one finds….

Very Damn Few Top NFL Players and the Very Damn Few Top NFL Players the Giants do have on their team look like they are…

Hardly Trying and Don’t Really Give a Damn about this season!

With a loss to the Washington Redskins on Sunday the Giants would drop to…

6 – 10

…on the season which not ironically is the record that Coughlin put up as the head coach in his first year with the Giants in 2004 which completes the circle for Coughlin and the Giants…..

The New York Giants were MEDIOCRE when Tom Coughlin took them over in 2004 and the…

New York Giants are MEDIOCRE in 2013!

How proud Tom Coughlin and the owners/top executives of the New York Giants must be!

The REAL SUCKERS:  Any MORON that buys season tickets to the New York Giants in 2014 because in our opinion the Giants ownership/top executives don’t give a Damn about Giants’ fans and the Giants roster right now proves that TRUTH beyond any shadow of a doubt…..in our humble opinion of course!



Mike Tomlin, Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cleveland Browns – Mike Tomlin and the Pittsburgh Steelers have recovered nicely after starting the season with…

4 Straight Losses


Losing 6 of their first 8 Games

…..by winning…

5 of their last 7 Games

….but now sitting at 7 – 8 on the season a loss in this spot to the 4 – 11 and hapless Cleveland Browns would be nothing short of a…

Complete Freaking Disaster

….which would send Mike Tomlin rocketing up the NFL Coaches Hot Seat Rankings and onto the Hot Seat which is a place Mike Tomlin does not want to be entering the 2014 NFL season.

YES….the Cleveland Browns is a MUST WIN Game for Mike Tomlin and the Pittsburgh Steelers!



Dennis Allen, Oakland Raiders vs. Denver Broncos – If the Denver Broncos show-up to play in this formerly EPIC AFC West division match-up between the….

Denver Broncos and Oakland Raiders

….then the Broncos will win by THREE touchdowns plus so we don’t give head coach Dennis Allen and the Raiders ANY chance to win this game and a loss in this spot would drop Allen’s two-year record in Oakland to….

8 – 24

….and if 8 – 24 over two seasons is good enough to keep you employed with the Oakland Raiders then the Oakland Raiders are what we thought they were…

A Two-Bit and Joke of a NFL Franchise….PERIOD.

What would we do if we here at Coaches Hot Seat were the owner of the Oakland Raiders right now?

Well…like Al Davis we LOVE TO WIN whether it be 8-Ball or Flag Football so of course we would….

Fire Dennis Allen

….because if you can’t even sniff a .500 record then for Damn sure you are NEVER going to take a team to the Playoffs and if you aren’t in the NFL Playoffs each season….

Then what in the Hell is the point in owning a NFL franchise?

Good Point!

Will the Oakland Raiders fire Dennis Allen after the season is over….

We don’t have a Freaking Clue to the answer to that question and frankly don’t give a Damn either.



Greg Schiano, Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. New Orleans Saints – With the New Orleans Saints needing a win over the Bucs in the final game of the season to secure a spot in the Playoffs we give Greg Schiano and the Bucs very little chance to win this game….HELL….

We give Greg Schiano and the Tampa Bay Bucs NO DAMN CHANCE to win this game!

….which means Greg Schiano’s two-year win/loss record with the Bucs will be….

11 – 21  (.344)

….and Schiano replaced Raheem Morris in Tampa who in three seasons with the Bucs put up a win/loss record of…

17 – 31  (.354)

….which means the Bucs are….

Just as Damn Sorry of a Football Team Now as they were when Schiano took them over TWO seasons ago

Will Greg Schiano be back to coach the Tampa Bay Bucs in 2014?

Well, the owners of the Tampa Bay Bucs would owe Schiano for the last three years of his contract which is…

$9 Million Dollars

….because of course like most other NFL owners the Glazers who own the Bucs don’t have the…

Basic Common Sense

….to include a sensible buyout clause in their head coach’s contract which would have been a maximum of….

$3 Million Dollars

…..after the 2013 season if Coaches Hot Seat was sitting in the General Manager’s chair of the Tampa Bay Bucs when Schiano’s contract was negotiated which would do what a buyout clause is supposed to do…

Motivate the Employee to Perform and Give the Owners of the Company Leverage over the Employee

…..but we are talking about a NFL franchise here which are some of the…

Worst Run Companies in the American Republic!

More than likely the Glazers have told Greg Schiano that if wants to go back to the college game then GO FOR IT and if Schiano can’t find a college job he likely can come back and coach the Bucs in 2014 which makes sense since the….

Tampa Bay Bucs like MOST NFL Franchise are NOT about Winning Games and Championships

….but are really about…

Feeding the Massive Egos of the Owners of NFL Franchises

…..and for Damn sure everyone here at Coaches Hot Seat is thrilled beyond belief that the….

Candy Ass Pussies

….that own NFL franchises were NOT the examples of the kind of men that lived in America in the early 1940s and had to get into boats like this one….


….to fight and win World War II because if that was the case then right now the world would be a Very Dark and Evil Place in the wake of Fascist Germany and Japan winning that war…..in our opinion of course!

The Tampa Bay Bucs are a MEDIOCRE AT BEST NFL Franchise and we don’t see that changing anytime soon!



Jason Garrett, Dallas Cowboys vs. Philadelphia Eagles – Forget about the Tony Romo soap opera of whether….

Tony Romo will play against the Philadelphia Eagles

…or not and focus on this FACT for a moment…

The Dallas Cowboys have WON a ONE Playoff Game (2009-10) since the 1997 NFL season and if the Dallas Cowboys do NOT WIN a Playoff Game in this 2013-14 season that will make it…

ONE Playoff Game WIN in the Last 17 NFL Seasons for the Dallas Cowboys!

Oh, and over those past 16 NFL Seasons the Dallas Cowboys have qualified for the Playoffs only….

6 Times

…..which is a “Success Rate” in the NFL with “Success” being defined as “Making It Into the Playoffs” of…


…..and if that is good enough for Dallas Cowboys Owner/General Manager Jerry Jones then everyone should say a prayer before they go to bed each night that…

Jerry Jones is NOT like most business owners in America

….because if that was the case then….

The American Republic would have been finished LONG AGO!


Yes….Jerry “Mr. .375” Jones thinks he is a GREAT General Manager and there is a clinical term for people that have such delusions of grandeur…..in our opinion of course….and that term is…

Mentally Freaking Insane!

Here’s the REAL problem though:

Jerry Jones like most NFL owners is surrounded by Ass-Kissers and Sycophants that do nothing but butter-up Jerry Jones’ Precious-Ass all day and night long as was the case with Howard Hughes when he was holed-up in his Las Vegas Hilton penthouse suite and thus NO ONE has told Jerry Jones the TRUTH but the TRUTH will set you free Jerry so we here at Coaches Hot Seat will have to reveal the TRUTH to you Jerry:

You are a LOSER as an Owner and General Manager of the Dallas Cowboys Jerry Jones…..PERIOD!

That’s seems clear enough to us but will Jerry Jones be allowed to read and hear the TRUTH when there are so many Ass Kissers and Sycophants surrounding him that have…

Never Done An Honest Day’s Work In Their Lives on This Earth

…..with most of them lucky to be able to get themselves dressed in the morning forget about running a NFL franchise?

Probably not because Jerry Jones is in our opinion just like the Caesars’ that oversaw Decline of the Roman Empire…..


….who didn’t want to hear the TRUTH and for Damn sure were NOT going to be told the TRUTH because when you tell a Mentally Freaking Insane Egomaniac the TRUTH you would in the days of the Roman Empire…

Lose Your Life!

….and in the days of the Dallas Cowboys of the early 21 st Century…

Lose Your Job!

…..in our opinion of course Jerry!

Can the Dallas Cowboys beat the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday in Dallas to win the NFC East and make it into the Playoffs with or without Tony Romo?

We don’t have a Freaking Clue but for Damn sure the offseason will be a Helluva lot of fun if the Dallas Cowboys lose to the Eagles and Jason Garrett is either FIRED or sitting on the HOTTEST SEAT in the NFL heading into the 2014 season!

Oh, it doesn’t get much better than this when it comes to the Hot Seat and the NFL and could only be beaten by on thing on this Earth for the about of joy it would bring us…..

Stanford Football WINNING the National Championship!


One thing for Damn sure…

If Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly beats the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday and takes his Eagles football team to the Playoffs in his first year on the job there are going to be a Helluva lot of people in Dallas trying to explain the unexplainable….

How Jason Garrett HAS NOT taken the Dallas Cowboys in THREE full seasons on the job

…which would make it…

4 NFL Seasons since the Dallas Cowboys as a team made the Playoffs!

Oh, these are good times to be writing about some of the most Clueless Damn People in America….

Owners of NFL Football Teams!

Joy to the World the Hot Seat is Fun!

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