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#1 Hot Seat – Jimbo Fisher – Texas A&M


Welcome Back to Giving Hot Seat Coaches Hell in the 2023 College Football Season Johnny! We Love You Son!

Thanks Mr. Cash!

#1 Hot Seat – Jimbo Fisher – Texas A&M

Jimbo Fisher is entering his 6 th season coaching at Texas A&M and is sitting on records of…

Overall:  39 – 21
SEC:  23 – 18

…and after 6 seasons is when Kevin Sumlin got run out of College Station with records of..

Overall:  51 – 26
SEC:  25 – 23

…and those 2 Coaches Winning % now at >

Fisher = .650
Sumlin = .662

What then lies ahead in Year 6 for Jimbo in Aggieland….

Will it be Jimbo’s Alamo which with a repeat of another Disaster by the Aggies lead to Jimbo and everyone else involved in giving him that Totally Absurd contract see their asses get run right out of College Station?

Let’s go to the Aggies 2023 schedule to find out!

New Mexico
At Miami
La. Monroe
Arkansas in Dallas
At Tennessee
South Carolina
At Ole Miss
Mississippi State
Abilene Christian

Well…right off the bat we know for Damn sure that Jim Bowie who didn’t play or coach a down of football in his life before he met his fate at the Alamo in March 1836 would…

Win 6 Games Coaching the Aggies in 2023

….so how many games will Jimbo post with Bobby Boy calling the offensive plays…or maybe not calling the plays?

Our guess is the Aggies are sitting on 7 Wins when they head to Baton Rouge on November 25 to play LSU who will be really fired-up to avenge that loss in College Station last season and can Jimbo Fisher survive going…

7 – 5

…in his 6 th year at Texas A&M sitting on an Overall Record in 6 seasons coaching the Aggies of…

46 – 26 .639

Well now…it would cost the Aggies $77M Large to send Jimbo’s ass packing and if your ass willing to accept a .650 winning percentage what’s a .639 winning percentage to worry about…

It’s Texas A&M = Where Our Asses Are Average As Hell And Proud of It and We Give Out Total Dumbass Contracts Too!  Howdy!

Let’s Play Football!