Welcome to the 17th Season of Coaches Hot Seat in 2023! – The Utter and Total Destruction of the Pac-12 Conference….by Damn Morons!


Hello and Welcome to the 17 th season of Coaches Hot Seat covering the great game of College Football!

Whoa Nellie! Little did we think when we cranked-up Coaches Hot Seat in January 2007 that we still be throwing in our comments from the peanut gallery on Coaches on the Hot Seat and All Other Things we care to talk about in this Crazy World still in the year 2023 and yet here we are so let’s…

Keep This Baby Rolling!

There’s a Helluva Lot we have said on Twitter about the Total Destruction of the Pac-12 Conference the last 14 years under Larry Scott and George Kliavkoff, but really what that Destruction came down to is this >

2 Totally Clueless Pac-12 Commissioners hired by Dozens of Pac-12 School Presidents over a decade-plus led to the only place it could lead…

The Utter and Total Destruction of the Pac-12!

We warned in this very place on the Coaches Hot Seat Blog within 90 days of Larry Scott being hired as the Pac-12 Commissioner in 2009 that Larry…

Posed A Clear and Present Danger to the Future Success and Existence of the Pac-12 Conference

…and within 180 days of George Kliavkoff being hired as the Pac-12 Commissioner in 2021 we said the same thing but also added…

George Kliavkoff is Dumber than Larry Scott and Poses an Even Greater Threat to the Pac-12 than Larry and Yep as we predicted over and over again on Twitter going back to the Fall of 2021….

The Pac-12 has been Utterly and Totally Destroyed by Very Damn Stupid People who really have no business Shoveling Shit for a Living forget about running a Billion $$$ Enterprise like the Pac-12….which is No More and it was No Surprise to anyone at Coaches Hot Seat!

It was a Great 108 Year Run and we have 400+ Pac-12 Alums who are Members at Coaches Hot Seat who are really bummed about the end of this once Great Conference of Champions but again…

When you hire Total Damn Morons expect Total Damn Destruction!

Save the above we are Ready, Rested, Tanned, and Fired-Up for the 2023 College Football Season so away we go and as ALWAYS….

Let’s Play Football!

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