#12 Hot Seat – Greg Schiano – Rutgers


Let’s bring in the Great Johnny Cash to get Coaches Hot Seat rolling in 2023!

Thanks Johnny!

#12 Hot Seat – Greg Schiano – Rutgers

Greg Schiano is entering his 15 th season as the Head Coach at Rutgers in 2023 and in…

5 of the past 14 seasons Rutgers has had a .500 or Better Record

….and Schiano’s Overall Records at Rutgers now sit at >

Overall:  80 – 89

Big East + Big Ten:  34 – 68

This will be Schiano’s 4 th season coaching Rutgers in the Big Ten and his record in Big Ten play is >

6 – 20

Not Good comes to mind immediately and thus why Schiano enters the 2023 season sitting on the #12 Hot Seat and looking over Rutgers schedule this year we are wondering how the Scarlett Knights are going to get to a .500 record this season?

Virginia Tech
At Michigan
At Wisconsin
Michigan State
At Indiana
Ohio State
At Iowa
At Penn State

Maybe Rutgers can start 3 – 0 with Northwestern which is Total Chaos after the former #1 Hot Seat Coach Pat Fitzgerald got his ass run for what appears to be Lots of Outrageous Damn Nonsense in Evanston and then beat Temple and Virginia Tech at home and we’ll give Rutgers a Win over Wagner in Week 5 so that’s 4 Wins….

Can Rutgers win 2 of their 8 remaining Big Ten Games in 2023?

We would sure the Hell hope so!

Really now….if Greg Schiano can’t get Rutgers to 6 Wins in his 4 th season at Rutgers coaching in the Big Ten when exactly is his ass going to do that?


7 Wins = Pretty, Pretty Good and Some Progress for Schiano….Finally!
6 Wins = OK….Keep the Job for another season
5 Wins or Less = Turn Out the Lights because This Party Should Be Over!

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