#10 Hot Seat – Mike Bloomgren – Rice


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#10 Hot Seat – Mike Bloomgren – Rice

Mike Blooomgren has now been the Head Coach at Rice for 5 seasons posting records of…

2018:  2 – 11
2019:  3 – 9
2020:  2 – 3
2021:  4 – 8
2022:  5 – 8

…which shows improvement but still Bloomgren’s Overall Records at Rice stand at >

Overall:  16 – 39
Conference:  12 – 25

Hardly inspiring and now going into his 6 th season and Rice entering the American Athletic Conference this is going to be a challenging year indeed for the Owls with this schedule >

At Texas
Texas Southern
At South Florida
East Carolina
At Tulsa
At Charlotte
Florida Atlantic

That looks like 4 Wins to us and the real question here is >

Can Mike Bloomgren survive another losing season which would make 6 for 6 losing seasons at Rice?

We haven’t a clue if Bloomgren can survive that or not because we haven’t a clue what Rice’s goals are with its football program!

Just Existence?
Nothing Really?

No idea but…

Let’s Play Football!

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