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#3 Hot Seat – Butch Jones – Arkansas State


We love you Johnny Cash and we would love to hear some Ring of Fire!

Thanks Johnny!

#3 Hot Seat – Butch Jones – Arkansas State

After the 2016 college football season Butch Jones was coming off his 2 nd straight 9 Win season at Tennessee and although 9 Wins at Tennessee isn’t Great it’s Not Too Bad of Football, but since 2016 Ole Butch has seen his career go downhill in a Helluva hurry with a 4 – 6 record in 2017, a few years on Nick Saban’s staff at Alabama, and now 2 seasons at Arkansas State where he has posted records of…

2 – 10 and 3 – 9

The folks at Arkansas State aren’t going to tolerate another 2 or 3 win season and really not going to tolerate Butch being around in 2024 unless he takes the Red Wolves to a bowl game this year and with that in mind let’s take a look at Arkansas State’s 2023 schedule >

At Oklahoma
Stony Brook
Southern Miss
At UMass
At Troy
Coastal Carolina
At La. Monroe
At South Alabama
Texas State
At Marshall

Really now….if Butch Jones can’t Win 6 Games with that schedule in Year 3 on the job at Arkansas State….

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