#7 Hot Seat – Brent Venables – Oklahoma


Oh how we miss you Johnny Cash so what about some Ring of Fire?

Thank You Mr. Cash!

#7 Hot Seat – Brent Venables – Oklahoma

Hey now we would love to see Brent Venables Thrive, Grow, and win BIG at Oklahoma but having watched Brent closely going back to his days as Bob Stoops DC at OU we always has reservations about Brent’s ability to be a Head Coach on the FBS level especially at a place like Oklahoma which ain’t exactly the kind of place where you can make lots of mistakes and get away with them because…

It’s Freaking Oklahoma!

There’s just No Damn Reason for Brent Venables or Anyone Else to not win BIG at Oklahoma and Lincoln Riley in 5 seasons in Norman posted an Overall Record of…

55 – 10

…and we all know what Big Game Bob Stoops did at OU and if you have forgotten in 18 seasons at Oklahoma Bob posted an Overall Record of…

191 – 48

In Brent Venables first season at OU he posted a record of…

6 – 7

Nope…that’s not gonna get it done and in this last year in the Big 12 Conference before the Sooners head to Big, Bad, Tough SEC Conference Land Venables better Damn get things right at Oklahoma or this entire shindig could spiral into a Total Damn Disaster and in a Helluva hurry!

Let’s go to Oklahoma’s 2023 schedule to see where this train is going >

Arkansas State
At Tulsa
At Cincinnati
Iowa State
Texas in Dallas
At Kansas
At Oklahoma State
West Virginia

Well…it goes without saying that OU better start 3 – 0 and if the Sooners lose one of those first 3 games you can Turn Out the Lights because this thing is OVER for Venables in Norma but if the Sooners do start 3 – 0 then 5 – 0 is a real possibility heading into Dallas to play Texas on October 7.

With Oklahoma’s roster they SHOULD Win…

10 Games in 2023

…and how many games will the Sooners actually Win….

7…maybe 8 Games in 2023

If the Sooners only Win 7 Games in their last year in the Big 12 they will be Damn Lucky to Win 7 Games in their first year in the SEC come 2024!

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