#8 Hot Seat – Mel Tucker – Michigan State


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#8 Hot Seat – Mel Tucker – Michigan State

The Thing about Mel Tucker is that no one really knows what Mel Tucker is all about as a Coach and that’s saying something since Mel has now been a Head Coach on the FBS level for…

4 Seasons now at Colorado and Michigan State

…and is sitting on Win/Loss Records of >

Overall:  23 – 21
Conference:  15 – 19

Also in 3 of those 4 seasons Tucker has put-up a Sub .500 records which ain’t a good sign at all which makes the 2023 season at Michigan State beyond Damn critical because another losing season and the folks in East Lansing will be looking at 8 Seasons remaining on Tucker’s fully-guaranteed contract at $9.5M A Season =

$76 Million Dollars Large!

So let’s get this straight now and remember that we have lots of experience with the Pac-12 Conference which been run by Damn Morons for 10+ years now so we Know Damn Idiocy when we see it >

Michigan State gave Mel Tucker a Fully Guaranteed Contract based upon 1 Good Season and he’s now sitting on a Career Winning % of….


….and if posts another Sub .500 Record in 2023 the folks in East Lansing would owe Tucker…


…if they wanted to make a change?

That’s close to the Damn Idiocy in the Pac-12 and might even match it…exceed it nope since Larry and George Totally Destroyed a 108 Year Old Conference with Damn Idiocy not matched in the History of Humans on the Earth but what’s going on at Michigan State comes close now…it comes mighty Damn close to both the Pac-12 and Charlie Weis Damn Idiocy at Notre Dame and Kansas territory now!

Let’s go to Michigan State’s 2023 schedule to see what could unfold this Fall…

Central Michigan
At Iowa
At Rutgers
At Minnesota
At Ohio State
At Indiana
Penn State

Well….Bozo the Clown would Win 6 Games coaching the Spartans in 2023 but how many games will Tucker Win?

A 4 – 0 start should be a real possibility for a coach in his 4 th season at Michigan State with 4 Home Games to start things off so 6 Wins should be a Total Layup but what will the Spartans record be this season?

We’ll go…

5, 6, or 7 Wins

Only 5 Wins and $76M Large or not Mel Tucker has to be fired even if bankrupts Michigan State University in its entirety just to prove what Total Damn Idiots are now running US Universities all across America such as the Pac-12 University Presidents who hired these 2 Damn Morons and let them Totally Destroy a 108 Year Old Conference!

Let’s Play Football and Come on Folks….Quit Hiring Damn Morons!

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