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Post Week 1 Coaches Hot Seat Rankings – Give These Hot Seat Coaches Hell Johnny Cash – Let’s Play Football!


Week 1 is now in the books and with an Epic Week 2 of College Football os looming so let’s take a look at the Coaches feeling the heat as we really get this 2023 CFB Season underway.

Please come on out and give these Coaches Hell Johnny Cash!

Thanks Johnny!

1.  Danny Gonzales, New Mexico – With the opening season loss to Texas A&M Danny Gonzales is now sitting on records of…

Overa ll:  7 – 25
MWC: 3 – 20

…which ain’t gonna get things done in Albuquerque and the next 3 games against…

Tennessee Tech
New Mexico State
At UMass

…is an opportunity for the Lobos to get some wins on the board.

Recommend you win these next 3 games Son before the trip to Wyoming on September 30!

2.  Butch Jones, Arkansas State – With the opening season destruction of Arkansas State by Oklahoma Butch Jones is now sitting on records of…

Overall:  5 – 20
Sun Belt:  2 – 14

…and those are the kind of records will get you fired from Every Football Job in America and either Butch Jones will start winning some football games or he will be back in Tuscaloosa cleaning out closets for Nick!

Arkansas State’s next 3 games…

Stony Brook
Southern Miss

You need to win ALL 3 of these games at home Son!

3.  Jimbo Fisher, Texas A&M – We got a Humdinger of a Hot Seat vs. Hot Seat match-up in Week 2 with Jimbo Fisher vs Mario Cristobal and the Loser moving on up and the Winner loving life because the heat will be turned down…a bit…and really now this is a game that Jimbo Fisher in his 6 th season in Aggieland against a Very Average Miami team has…

Got To Damn Win!

Jimbo Fisher is now sitting on records with Aggies of…

Overall:  40 – 21
SEC:  23 – 18

…which is borderline what Drunk Bozo the Clown could do with all the resources given to a Coach in College Station and if the Aggies did lose this game to Miami look at what the Aggies have left in 2023 >

La. Monroe
Arkansas in Dallas
At Alabama
South Carolina
At Ole Miss
Mississippi State
Abilene Christian

This is Texas A&M so in his 6 th season Jimbo Fisher should have the Aggies rolling with 10+ Wins so there better Damn be 10 Wins on the board after the LSU game in late November but come on now…

Aggies have proved in recent years they will accept Total Mediocrity and Yell Out…

Howdy and Be Happy!

Texas A&M Football = We Are Damn Mediocre and will pay a Coach $10M A Year and Be Happy!

Got Worthless Candy Asses haven’t a Damn Clue what America is all about?

Yep…that’s the Aggies now!

4.  Jeff Hafley, Boston College – In his 4 th season at Boston College Jeff Hafley is sitting on records of…

Overall:  15 – 21
ACC:  9 – 17

…and after an opening season home loss to Northern Illinois 6 Wins is Mandatory to hang onto this BC job with these games left on the schedule >

Holy Cross
Florida State
At Louisville
At Army
At Georgia Tech
At Syracuse
Virgina Tech
At Pitt

How in the Hell does BC win 6 games against those teams when they cannot beat Northern Illinois at home in Week 1?

No Clue!

5.  Neal Brown, West Virginia – With an opening season loss to Penn State things are getting darker in West Virginia for Neal Brown now sitting on records of…

Overall:  22 – 26
Big 12:  14 – 21

….and that ain’t gonna get it done at WVU and the Mountaineers have a Helluva Tough Schedule left to play in 2023 >

Texas Tech
At Houston
Oklahoma State
At Oklahoma
At Baylor

West Virginia will have a tough time getting to 6 Wins with that schedule and even just 6 Wins would probably be Turn Out the Lights on the Brown era in Morgantown.

6.  Mario Cristobal, Miami – Mario Cristobal is being paid $10M+ a year to Win Football Games at Miami and there are…

No Damn Excuses for Mario

…making that kind of $$$ who in Year 2 is now sitting on records of…

Overall:  6 – 7
ACC:  3 – 5

…with a schedule in 2023 that the Canes should win 10 Games Minimum…

Miami (OH)
Texas A&M
At Temple
Georgia Tech
At North Carolina
At NC State
At Boston College

If Miami is going to Win 10 Games in 2023 then they gotta beat Texas A&M at home so don’t lose this game at home to the Aggies Mario!

7.  Brent Venables, Oklahoma – Oklahoma is Oklahoma and Lincoln Riley didn’t have a problem winning immediately at OU and Brent Venables took over a Rolling Sooners Football Program and is now sitting on records of…

Overall:  7 – 7
Big 12:  3 – 6

…and with the SEC looming in 2024 Brent Venables better get this whole thing figured out this season because it will only get tougher in the next and now at 1 – 0 after a Cupcake Game in Week 1 the Sooners have left to play >

At Tulsa
At Cincinnati
Iowa State
Texas – Dallas
At Kansas
At Oklahoma State
West Virginia

If Venables cannot Win 10 Games with that schedule his ass WILL HAVE NO DAMN CHANCE when the Sooners get the SEC!

8.  Billy Napier, Florida – A couple of us at Coaches Hot Seat were at Steve Spurrier’s 1 st game at Florida in 1990 and HBC didn’t exactly take over a great situation in Gainesville but he got the Gators rolling early and that’s what Billy Napier is gonna have to do too or this…

Billy Boy building a monument to his ideas and ego in Gainesville

…gonna be over before it ever gets out of the gate!

There is NO TIME to hire up a Zillion People and build something that might be good 5 years from now because what Deion Sanders has proved…

Your Ass Can Win Year 1

…and right now sitting on records of…

Overall:  6 – 8
SEC:  3 – 5

….this is quickly turning into a Raging Dumpster Fire in Gainesville that better be put out and quick or the entire Florida Athletics Building that was involved in hiring Billy Boy gonna find themselves out of a job!

After the opening season loss to Utah which was Totally Expected by us the Gators have left in 2023…

At Kentucky
At South Carolina
Georgia in Jacksonville
At Missouri
Florida State

Damn…can the Gators even get 6 Wins in 2023?

You think that Vols game in Gainesville on September 16 is big to the future of Billy Napier at Florida?


9.  Mel Tucker, Michigan State – Mel Tucker is making $9M+ a season coaching Michigan State so his ass…

Better Damn Be Performing at a High Level

…and records of….

Overall:  19 – 14
Big Ten:  12 – 13

…are Sub Bozo the Clown in the same position numbers and that’s why Mel better perform in 2023 or the Michigan State folks gonna have to choose between….

Writing A Big Check to end this Damn Mediocrity or Letting the Damn Mediocrity continue!

Now at 1 – 0 the Spartans have left in 2023…

At Iowa
At Rutgers
At Minnesota
At Ohio State
At Indiana
Penn State

…is 7 Wins even on the table in 2023?

It should be 8 Wins EASY so let’s see what the $9M+ Coach can do because…

Your Ass Is Getting Paid Big Time So Damn Perform at a Level above Bozo the Clown Son!

10.  Dave Aranda, Baylor – The Stanford folks at Coaches Hot Seat have seen the movie now unfolding in Waco, Texas before with David Shaw at Stanford >

A Nice Guy who won some football games who refused to see the world as it is and thus…

Totally Destroyed A Football Program at Stanford!

Dave Aranda is following the same path as David Shaw sitting on his Lazy Ass expecting what he did in the past to work in the future and it was No Surprise to see Aranda bewildered after Baylor’s opening season loss to Texas State at home because you see now…

Dave Aranda Lives in a Total Fantasyworld!

The Real Question for the folks at Baylor is are they going to let Dave Aranda be a Total Lazy Ass and…

Totally Destroy Baylor Football

…like David Shaw did at Stanford or is someone going to call Dave into their office and say…

Get Off Your Lazy Ass Dave and Get To Work Son and if you don’t we are going to run your ass right out of Waco before you Destroy this Football Program!

Since winning the Big 12 in 2021 Dave Aranda’s record is…

6 – 8

…but it’s even worse than that because in his last 10 games Aranda’s record is…

3 – 7

…and here’s what the Bears have coming right at them in 2023 >

Long Island University
Texas Tech
At Cincinnati
Iowa State
At Kansas State
West Virginia

If things continue along as they now going with Baylor Football they will NOT win 6 Games this season so…

Memo to Dave Aranda:  Get off your Damn Lazy Ass Son and Don’t Destroy Baylor Football and if you do you will deserve to be run right out of Waco and NEVER be a Head Coach again!

11.  Mike Bloomgren, Rice – In 6 Seasons at Rice Mike Bloomgren’s records stand at…

Overall:  16 – 40
Conference:  12 – 25

After an opening game loss to Texas the Houston Cougs are up next so that’s 0 – 2 and that’s enough said on the situation at Rice!

12.  Tom Allen, Indiana – The Hoosiers looked pretty decent in their opening season loss to Ohio State and 0 – 1 Indiana has left in 2023 >

Indiana State
Louisville in Indianapolis
At Maryland
At Michigan
At Penn State
At Illinois
Michigan State
At Purdue

6 Wins is Very Doable for Indiana in 2023 and it’s Really Doable if the Hoosiers can win their next 3 games including a Big Game against Louisville in Indianapolis!

Let’s Play Football!

#8 Hot Seat – Mel Tucker – Michigan State


Hey, Hey, Hey Johnny Cash where have you gone? There you are with Ring of Fire!

Thanks Johnny!

#8 Hot Seat – Mel Tucker – Michigan State

The Thing about Mel Tucker is that no one really knows what Mel Tucker is all about as a Coach and that’s saying something since Mel has now been a Head Coach on the FBS level for…

4 Seasons now at Colorado and Michigan State

…and is sitting on Win/Loss Records of >

Overall:  23 – 21
Conference:  15 – 19

Also in 3 of those 4 seasons Tucker has put-up a Sub .500 records which ain’t a good sign at all which makes the 2023 season at Michigan State beyond Damn critical because another losing season and the folks in East Lansing will be looking at 8 Seasons remaining on Tucker’s fully-guaranteed contract at $9.5M A Season =

$76 Million Dollars Large!

So let’s get this straight now and remember that we have lots of experience with the Pac-12 Conference which been run by Damn Morons for 10+ years now so we Know Damn Idiocy when we see it >

Michigan State gave Mel Tucker a Fully Guaranteed Contract based upon 1 Good Season and he’s now sitting on a Career Winning % of….


….and if posts another Sub .500 Record in 2023 the folks in East Lansing would owe Tucker…


…if they wanted to make a change?

That’s close to the Damn Idiocy in the Pac-12 and might even match it…exceed it nope since Larry and George Totally Destroyed a 108 Year Old Conference with Damn Idiocy not matched in the History of Humans on the Earth but what’s going on at Michigan State comes close now…it comes mighty Damn close to both the Pac-12 and Charlie Weis Damn Idiocy at Notre Dame and Kansas territory now!

Let’s go to Michigan State’s 2023 schedule to see what could unfold this Fall…

Central Michigan
At Iowa
At Rutgers
At Minnesota
At Ohio State
At Indiana
Penn State

Well….Bozo the Clown would Win 6 Games coaching the Spartans in 2023 but how many games will Tucker Win?

A 4 – 0 start should be a real possibility for a coach in his 4 th season at Michigan State with 4 Home Games to start things off so 6 Wins should be a Total Layup but what will the Spartans record be this season?

We’ll go…

5, 6, or 7 Wins

Only 5 Wins and $76M Large or not Mel Tucker has to be fired even if bankrupts Michigan State University in its entirety just to prove what Total Damn Idiots are now running US Universities all across America such as the Pac-12 University Presidents who hired these 2 Damn Morons and let them Totally Destroy a 108 Year Old Conference!

Let’s Play Football and Come on Folks….Quit Hiring Damn Morons!

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