#4 Hot Seat – Mario Cristobal – Miami


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#4 Hot Seat – Mario Cristobal – Miami

If you look at the 4 Head Coaches of the Miami Hurricanes that preceded Mario Cristobal in Coral Gables that either got fired or left because they didn’t like how things were being run at the school, you quickly see why Mario Cristobal better get the Good Ship Canes righted and quick because that 5 – 7 record that Mario put up in Year 1 wasn’t not only tolerated in the past….

ALL of those 4 Miami Head Coaches had Winning Records and are gone from the school!

Randy Shannon:  28 – 22
Al Golden:  32 – 25
Mark Richt:  26 – 12
Manny Diaz:  21 – 15

Mario Cristobal:  5 – 7

Oh Mario your ass better get things moving and QUICK Son or you are going to get your ass run right out of Miami and that brings us to the Canes 2023 schedule >

Miami (OH)
Texas A&M
At Temple
Georgia Tech
At North Carolina
At NC State
At Florida State
At Boston College

Well…right off the bat we see that Bozo the Clown would win 7 Games Minimum coaching Miami in 2023 but how many games will Mario Win?

Well, he better Damn Win 8+ Games for starters but if we had to put $$$ down on the barrel-top on how many games that Miami will Win in 2023 we go with…

7 or 8

It Better Damn Be 8+ Wins Mario!

Let’s Play Football

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