#5 Hot Seat – Neal Brown – West Virginia


We are looking for the Great Johnny Cash to step right up and sing us some of his Ring of Fire!

Thanks Johnny!

#5 Hot Seat – Neal Brown – West Virginia

West Virginia isn’t an easy coaching gig being in the Big 12 Conference and having to travel so much to play football games but by our reckoning a Head Coach at WVU should average…

7.5 Wins A Season

…or be considered for the Hot Seat and in 4 years at West Virginia Neal Brown has won…

22 Games

….with Records of…

Overall:  22 – 25
Big 12:  14 – 21

Got Roaring Hot Seat for Neal Brown?

The Good Folks of West Virginia are only going to tolerate Mediocre Football for “X” amount of time and “X” happens to be Year 5 in Neal Brown’s case so either Neal performs in 2023 or they will be looking for a new Head Coach in Morgantown which brings us to the Mountaineers 2023 schedule >

At Penn State
Texas Tech
At Houston
Oklahoma State
At Oklahoma
At Baylor

Goodness that’s a TOUGH schedule and with Neal Brown needing 8 Wins Minimum to hang onto his job how in the world is West Virginia gonna Win 8 Games in 2023?

Our guess is WVU is sitting on 5 Wins when they travel to play at Baylor on November 25 and that ain’t gonna be a fun trip at all if that’s the case!

Let’s Play Football!

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